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Assassination Classroom 23

Humid Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 11, 2012 16:51 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 23

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 23: Humid Time
Matsui Yuusei
(right, star) On this rainy morning, they are once again unable to kill him...
(bottom right)
Jump NEXT!, which includes a special interchangeable "Assassination Classroom" Jump Comic cover, goes on sale 12/28 (Fri)!!
The official twitter is over this way ⇒ @ansatsu_k
Korosensei's been made into a cell phone strap?! Details on page 16!!
Box: The rainy season has arrived.

Box: It's June,
Box: and there are 9 months left in which to kill Korosensei!!


(right, star) Volume 2 goes on sale 12/28 (Fri)!!

(Girl): It's huge.
(Boy): It's seriously huge.

(Students): His head's gotten really big!

Ritsu: Korosensei,
Ritsu: please explain why your head has become 33% larger than usual.
Korosen: Ah.

Korosen: It absorbed moisture and swelled up,
Korosen: since the weather's so humid.
Korosensei's Weaknesses (12)
Getting wet
Students: That's just like uncooked rice!!


Korosen: I avoided all the raindrops on my way to school, but
Korosen: I can't do a thing about the humidity.
(face sfx) Squeeze
(bucket sfx) Blup blup

(bucket sfx) Ker-plop

Korosen: ...Well,
Korosen: with the state of our school building, there's really no helping it.

Korosen: I'm jealous of the main building and its perfect air-conditioned humidity.

Girl: Sensei, what happened to your hat?
Girl: It's a bit loose.

Korosen: How good of you to ask.
Korosen: That's because it's finally grown.


Korosen: My hair, that is.
Korosen: That's a mushroom!!

Korosen: Even the rainy reason has its benefits.
(sfx) Munch munch
Korosen: Let's spend these dreary, wet days in high spirits.

Box: --That's right.
Box: In the dreariness of the rainy season,

Box: people also feel somewhat dispirited.
Box: --That's the way things are lately.


Sugino: C'mon~
Sugino: Lemme have one of those strawberries on top.
Kayano: No way!!
Kayano: I always eat the most delicious thing last!!

Okano: Hey,
Okano: look at that.

???: Ah.
???: Isn't that Maehara?

Okano: I'm pretty sure the one with him is...
Okano: Tsuchiya Kaho from Class C.
Sugino: Oho~
Sugino: He's just as popular as always.

???: I see, I see.


Korosen: Maehara-kun, sharing an umbrella in front of the station...
(sfx) Scritch scritch

Sugino: Your love of gossip about your students is the same as always too, Korosensei.
Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: This is also a teacher's duty.

Korosen: I plan to release a non-fiction novel by the third semester of all the students' love stories.
Korosen: The first chapter is about Sugino-kun's feelings for Kanzaki-san, which can't reach her.
Sugino: ...Urgh...
Sugino: I've definitely got to kill you before that goes to press.
Korosensei's Weaknesses (13)
Juicy gossip

Nagisa: Maehara-kun's chapter will be pretty long, then.

Nagisa: He's popular with girls, so
Nagisa: the one he's with changes constantly.


Box: He's a good-looking guy who is active in a variety of sports.
Box: If he were in a normal school and had better grades,
Box: he would probably have been even more popular.

(girl sfx) Gasp
???: Hmm~?
???: If it isn't Kaho.
???: What're you up to?

Kaho: Ah!!
Kaho: S...Seo-kun!!

Kaho: Weren't you staying after for student council work...
Seo: Oh,
Seo: we finished up earlier than expected.
Seo: Hm? If I'm not mistaken, that guy is...


Kaho: Y...
Kaho: You've got it all wrong, Seo-kun...

Kaho: I didn't have an umbrella, and he just happened to come along and offer his...
Seo: You brought one with you this morning, though.
Kaho: I... I forgot it at school...

Maehara: Ah,
Maehara: so that's how it is.

Maehara: Lately, you've hardly ever answered the phone when I call,
Maehara: and you suddenly switched from bicycling to commuting by train,
Maehara: so,
Maehara: you figured you'd keep me around for when your new boyfriend's busy?


Seo: Kaho, you little...
Kaho: H-he's wrong!
Kaho: It's not like that at all!!

Kaho: It's not like that...

Kaho: Hey,
Kaho: don't you know that you're bad news?
Kaho: You didn't put in enough effort and ended up falling into Class E, the bottom of the pack, Maehara-kun.


Kaho: On top of that,
Kaho: the students of Class E don't advance to Kunugigaoka High School,
(right box) Kunugigaoka Junior High
(center top box) Enter without taking an exam
(center, middle box) Go elsewhere
(center, bottom box) Drop out
(left box, below D) Other
(left box) Kunugigaoka High School
Kaho: and sooner or later, we'd have lost touch anyway.

Kaho: I thought you might be in shock over falling into Class E,
Kaho: so I felt anxious and didn't clearly state that we'd broken up, but
Kaho: I wish you'd have noticed even without me saying it, though~

Seo: Hahahaha!
Seo: There's no way he'd figure it out with that Class E brain of his!

Maehara: ...that's
Maehara: like the pot calling the kettle black...


Seo: You really don't get
Seo: that we're not going to be in the same high school, do you.
Seo: Even if we do anything to you, you won't cause any trouble for us in the future.

Seo: Now
Seo: give Kaho a proper apology
Seo: for using the same umbrella.

Sugino: Those bastards...

???: Please stop.


Seo: Bo...
Seo: Board chairman!!

Asano: Violence isn't the answer.
Asano: You are...
Asano: allowing your hearts to become as wild as today's weather.

Boy: Y...
Boy: Yes...

Asano: Please use this to dry yourself.
Asano: I'm glad I stepped in before things took a turn for the worse.


Asano: You were getting very close to being removed
Asano: from this school.

Asano: Well then, everyone, take care on your way home.
Asano: Goodbye.
Kaho: W-we will!!
Kaho: Goodbye!!

Boy: The board chairman is a real upstanding guy.
Boy: Without even caring that his knee had gotten wet, he gave his handkerchief...

Seo: Out of respect for the board chairman, I'll overlook your adultery.
Boy: You better be grateful.

???: ...Getting jealous and picking a fight...


Kaho: I never would have thought you were such an awful person.
Kaho: Don't ever look at me again, kay?

(above students) Hahahaha!

Sugino: Maehara!!
Sugino: You alright?!
Maehara: ...you guys.
Maehara: You saw all that, huh.

Maehara: Man, that board chairman's good.
Maehara: Settling things without a fuss, yet with no change in the discrimination.
Maehara: He's got perfect control over the students.

Sugino: More importantly, that girl!!
Sugino: What a bitch!!


Sugino: No, wait...
Sugino: If it's a bitch we're talking about, our class has one too...
Nagisa: It's different.

Nagisa: Bitch-sensei is a professional, so...
Nagisa: we know the reason and focus for her bitchiness, but
(black box) See for yourself with this amazingly bitchy skin!
(left, smaller print) Acne care
(left, larger print) Pro Bitch
(bottom box)
Over 90% of people chose "bitch"
Pro Bitch

Nagisa: That girl isn't as sophisticated a bitch.

Maehara: ...Nah.
Maehara: I don't really care, even if she is a bitch.
Nagisa: You don't?!

Maehara: Who you like does change, and
Maehara: If your feelings for them have faded, you might as well find someone new.
Maehara: That's what I do, too.
Okano: What sort of philosophy is that for a junior high 3rd year.

Maehara: Even so...


Maehara: You saw how she was just now, right?
Maehara: In mere seconds, she entered a guilty "excuse mode".

Maehara: She then did an immediate about-face and shifted to "attack mode".

Maehara: "Come to think of it, this guy is from Class E."
Maehara: "So whatever I say or do, I'm in the right."
Maehara: That sort of thinking.

Maehara: Before long, it became a succession of unjustified anger and excuses.
Maehara: Shamelessly tossing around such cruel and ugly words...

Maehara: ...It's kinda
Maehara: sad, and frightening.


Maehara: Maybe all people are like that.
Maehara: I wonder if I...
Maehara: would also end up acting like that, if I was faced with a weak opponent.

Box: I've thought about that, too.
Box: If I weren't in Class E...
Box: how would I interact with everyone who was?


(sfx) Swell
Nagisa: UWAAH!!
Nagisa: Korosensei, your head's swelling!! It's completely swollen!!

Korosen: We'll retaliate.

Nagisa: Huh?

Korosen: For the unreasonable humiliation you received.
Korosen: The powerless would simply accept the situation, but...


Korosen: All of you are strong.
Korosen: You have an assassin's power of killing a target without being noticed
Korosen: or leaving proof.

Maehara: ...Haha.
Maehara: What are you scheming, Korosensei?

Korosen: An eye for an eye.
Korosen: Let's give them an even greater dose of humiliation.
(right, star) Even if you've been felled, it's not just a matter of getting back up!!



[page 10]
The students of Class E don't advance to Kunugigaoka High School - Their school has an elevator/escalator system. In Japan, students have to apply to and take entrance exams for junior high and high school (just like the college application process that is likely more familiar to English speakers). However, in an elevator system, students automatically move onto the next school connected to their current one without needing to take an entrance exam. Evidently Class E's students aren't allowed to continue on to the high school section.

[page 14]
An awful person - Kaho literally says Maehara has an "ugly heart". The phrase at its most general refers to a bad/wicked/nasty person, but apparently also connotes someone who takes advantage of and harasses others.

[page 16]
Unjustified anger and excuses - The two words used here are gyaku-gire (逆ギレ) and seitouka (正当化). Gyaku-gire is where you get angry at someone who has an actual reason to be angry at you. Probably the best example would be a girl getting angry at her boyfriend for finding out she was cheating. Seitouka has a wide variety of meanings, though it would usually be translated as "justification". Obviously, to avoid using the word twice in the same sentence, I opted for "excuses", which is another potential translation for the word and fits better in this context (other potential translations include: rationale, vindication, explanation).

[page 19]
Even if you've been felled, it's not just a matter of getting back up!! - Wordplay time! Here, the first character of 転ぶ (korobu, meaning "to fall down") has been changed to everyone's favorite 殺. "Being felled" is a more literary way of saying "killed", but it works to maintain that bit of wordplay in the original Japanese. Additionally, the phrase here is actually akin to one used a few chapters back (knocked down seven times, kill on the eighth).

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