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Shiinake no Hitobito 17

What should I do...?

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 14, 2012 04:21 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 17

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

I numbered the pages for this one to correspond with the scans, since that should make it easier for the scanlators.



Shimo: Ah~ that's it, that one's the antidote.

Haruhiko: How to put this... there's an awful lot in here, isn't there?
(sfx) Slosh
Shimo: She'll be fine if she drinks about half of it.

Shimo: Be sure to shake it up well, and she has to drink it in one go or it won't work~
Haruhiko: R...right.

(below panel, star) This manga is fiction. The names appearing within it bear no relation to actual people, organizations, places, etc.


Haruhiko: Excuse me, Otoha-san... please open your mouth.
(sfx) Gluk gluk
(sfx) Cough!
Haruhiko: Uwaah?! S...sorry!!!

Naga: What the hell're you doing?! She said it's gotta be in one go, didn't she!!!
Haruhiko: B...but if we force her...
Naga: Are you saying you want anego to die?!
Haruhiko: I...I get it.
Haruhiko: This might be difficult, but please bear with it!!

(sfx) Gulp gulp
Haruhiko: If we lift her chin, it should go right down her throat.
Naga: Bastard, don't spill it!!

Haruhiko: Alright, that should do it!!

sfx bubble: Cough cough
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah

Haruhiko: Otoha-san!!
(small text) Thank god!
Naga: Anego!!
sfx bubble: Shink


(bottom) Chapter 17: What should I do...?


Otoha: It seems that the poison has completely disappeared.
(sfx) Caw caw

Otoha: ...now then, perhaps you can explain the current situation to me,
Otoha: Shiina-kun.

Otoha: First of all, what is that cat thing wafting the smoke of grilled fish at that person's face?
Haruhiko: Er....m...

Shiwasu: Hey there, Kyouko-chan.
(small text) Guess it's more like "nice to meet you"?
(kanji on fan) Love
Shiwasu: I'm Shiwasu of the Juunigesshuu.
Shiwasu: I am serving as the facilitator of this war.


Shiwasu: Right now I am erasing his memory, as he used to be a candidate.
Otoha: ...His memory?

Shiwasu: You could call it the fate of the vanquished, I guess...
Shiwasu: He might end up confused for a while, but he'll get his ordinary life back.

Shiwasu: Neatly settling affairs like this has to be done, in order for shinobi to continue on.

Shimo: I figured as much, but...


Shimo: If you had mobilized your subordinates normally and used my poison...
Shimo: we'd have won, wouldn't we~?
(sfx) Creak creak

Mina: Akira-dono, we will handle the re-

Mina: What are you doing...

Akira: What, you ask? I'm running away, you idiot!
Akira: Now that I've lost the chance to win, I'm going to reset and get my shit back together.
Akira: I'll leave whatever it is to you, so let me escape safely!! Got it?!

Mina: ...Hmph.
Mina: If all you do is speculate, this is the result.

Shimo: Results, huh...


Haruhiko: Yayoi-chan's group has beaten the blue ninjas, but... Minazuki is their superior, so...

???: Even though you've broken out and become free, your heart isn't steady at all,
???: Utsuki-chan.

Utsuki: ...Hazuki.


Hazuki: Sorry... my eyes can see the heart's true feelings.

Hazuki: A mindset where you follow and obey your master while suppressing your own feelings... well, I don't dislike
Hazuki: that sort of mentality.

Hazuki: But
Hazuki: that's a contradiction, isn't it?


Hazuki: To that idiot's belief in being true to yourself at all costs.

Hazuki: ...talking with him, I ended up letting slip my true intentions.
Hazuki: He's able to speak confidently, saying embarrassing things with a straight face. It's really unfair.

Hazuki: ...I know already.


Shiwasu: Hazuki...
Shiwasu: You've really done it this time.

Shiwasu: The full details of your punishment will be decided when we return to the village, but
Shiwasu: you went against your master, Kaneko Akira, and helped your enemy.
Shiwasu: Therefore, in accordance with our laws, you are dismissed from the Juunigesshuu!


Haruhiko: N...no way?! Hazuki-san didn't do anything!!
Shiwasu: Oi, oi, are you saying you didn't even notice?

Shiwasu: You and Utsuki were able to escape from that bear... from Tousha's clutches because Hazuki used his "Eyes of Beast Manipulation".

Shiwasu: Things can only go smoothly if there are laws governing shinobis' actions!
Shiwasu: There isn't any room for compassion toward those who violate them.


Hazuki: ...you really are a softie through and through.

Hazuki: It's fine.
Hazuki: I was already prepared for this.
Gray bubble: I'm just obeying the winner--
Gray bubble: and seeing things through to the end!!
Gray bubble: I'm asking how you feel!!
Gray bubble: Even ninjas
Gray bubble: have "hearts", don't they?!

Hazuki: Utsuki,
Hazuki: can I tell you one final thing?

Hazuki: I know that you're also suffering, but
Hazuki: if things continue the way they are now, you'll end up getting underfoot again.

Hazuki: I think that living a life where you're true to yourself
Hazuki: isn't all that bad, either.


(Utsuki): Hazuki...

(Utsuki): True to...
(Utsuki): Myself...

(Utsuki): To myself...


Box: I can't.

Box: Even if I were to be honest with myself,
Box: Haruhiko-sama has already forgotten that promise...

(Haruhiko): Don't worry...
(Haruhiko): I won't forget, no matter what happens.
(Haruhiko): I won't change.
(Haruhiko): So...
(Haruhiko): So believe in me, Utsuki-chan.


(Utsuki): I can't say it... after all...
(Utsuki): It's impossible, even if I want to...

(Utsuki): At this rate, Haruhiko-sama might just be happier
(Utsuki): having forgotten about it...

(Utsuki): But then, what

(Utsuki): should I do...?


Shiwasu: Well?
Shiwasu: What are you planning to do?!

Haruhiko: Huh?
Shiwasu: It's unprecedented, but
Shiwasu: we'll recognize that you two won by joining forces.
(small text) There's nothing about that sort of thing in our laws.

Shiwasu: But what about these spoils of battle?
Shiwasu: Well, we'll hold off on the "gyokuhachi" piece until the next Hazuki has been selected from among the Ram faction, but...

Shiwasu: As for the remaining two pieces... will you split them peacefully at one each?
Shiwasu: Or... will you two fight again and have the winner take all?


Haruhiko: ...Otoha-san.

Haruhiko: It's a bit selfish, but
Haruhiko: could you
Haruhiko: listen to my idea?


Haruhiko: Excuse me, could you hold onto this piece temporarily?


Utsuki: Ha...
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama?! Isn't this...
Haruhiko: I'm sorry, Utsuki-chan!!
Haruhiko: Just accept it for now.

Yayoi: What manner of foolishness is this, Shiina Haruhiko?
Yayoi: ...don't tell me you're planning to withdraw as a master candidate.

Haruhiko: I've made up my mind.

Haruhiko: Until now,
Haruhiko: I've just been carried along and have ended up here.


Haruhiko: But this battle... isn't something that should be done with half-baked feelings.
Haruhiko: I have to face the master dispute seriously...
Haruhiko: That is what I've realized.

Shiwasu: Hrm.
Shiwasu: That's a good attitude.
Shiwasu: So,
Shiwasu: what is your intention in handing over everyone's pieces?

Haruhiko: I would like all of you to decide once again.

???: ...Hm?

Haruhiko: I'm not fighting in order to increase my number of pieces.

Haruhiko: It isn't a matter of "my having won the match".


Haruhiko: If you
Haruhiko approve of me... of "Shiina Haruhiko" as a master, then please entrust me with your piece.

Shimo: Not... stealing away,
Shimo: but entrusting...

Mina: Bastard...
Mina: are you screwing with me?!

Utsuki: --Ah!!


Haruhiko: All of you are fighting in order to choose a master for Tsuki no Sato, right?!
Haruhiko: But if you end up losing,
Haruhiko: you have to abide by the rules even if you don't agree with them!!

Haruhiko: I don't want anyone to think "there's no helping it", like Hazuki-san did!!

Shiwasu: That decision... will only become a hindrance, you know.

Haruhiko: It's what I've decided!!
Haruhiko: Whatever happens, my feelings won't change.


(Haruhiko): No!
(Haruhiko): There's no way I'll think something like "there's no helping it"!!

(Haruhiko): Haven't you ever thought about other people?! Don't you ever think about wanting to help them?!
(Haruhiko): Whatever happens, my feelings won't change! I won't become like you!!

(Utsuki): It's the same.


(Utsuki): Not a single thing about him has changed...

(sfx) Mutter
Shiwasu: Just like back then, huh.

Haruhiko: Eh?
Shiwasu: Nevermind.

(Utsuki): I'm such
(Utsuki): a fool.


(Utsuki): I'm the one who had forgotten...

(Utsuki): I'm the one who changed...

(Haruhiko): Don't worry.
(Haruhiko): I won't forget, no matter what happens.
(Haruhiko): I won't change,
(Haruhiko): So

(Haruhiko): So...


(Utsuki): My deepest apologies, Haruhiko-sama...

(Utsuki): I believe in you...

(Utsuki): Please let me believe in you... one more time.
(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama.


Yayoi: ...Hmph.

Yayoi: It's too late for that.

Yayoi: Reach that sort of decision faster, dammit!!

Yayoi: If you'd returned my piece back when we first met, I'd have settled things with this woman right then and there.


Yayoi: ...What a shame.
(sfx) Hmph

Haruhiko: ...Yayoi-chan.
(sfx) Ow...

Mina: You're too soft!

Mina: So long as you're bound by that easy-going way of thinking, you'll be on the losing end your entire life.
Mina: I'll make you regret it!

(sfx) Shoom!


Shimo: As for meee...
Shimo: my mentality is "don't pick a fight with the big leagues"~~

Shimo: I mean, it's tons easier, isn't it~~?!
Shimo: You don't have to do much work, and you don't need to do any sort of heavy thinking, either~~

Shimo: That being said, I don't think you guys are "the big leagues" yet, sooo

Shimo: When you get stronger, gimme a call~~

(above Shimo) Streetch~

Shiwasu: ...And since Hazuki's opinion is on hold,


Shiwasu: In the end...
Shiwasu: it looks like nothing changed after all.

Shiwasu: Really, everything you do it just so unorthodox.
Shiwasu: Shouldn't you make a little more progress forward?
(sfx) Urgh...

Shiwasu: Well, I guess you'll let me see for myself...
Shiwasu: how far that will of yours takes you.

Haruhiko: ...Yes.

Haruhiko: Utsuki-chan,
Haruhiko: Yayoi-chan,
Haruhiko: Hanajima-san, everyone...


Haruhiko: Let's go home.

Utsuki: Yes, Haruhiko-sama!

Shiwasu: ...huh?
Shiwasu: Did I somehow end up by myself?!
(small text) Where did Kyouko-chan go?

Naga: Anego,
Naga: weren't you soft on him this time around?

Naga: You lost out on 3 pieces from helping him out all those times, y'know?

Otoha: My, my.
Otoha: I don't really intend to let them slip away, though.


Otoha: I had members of the Monkey faction secretly slip in among Minazuki, Shimotsuki and Shiwasu's forces.

Otoha: There's still time.
Otoha: If we grow stronger in one fell swoop, we would just become a good target, right?

Otoha: In war, what's most important is not fighting strength,
Otoha: but information.

(sfx) Gulp
(Naga): ...what a scary woman.

Otoha: More importantly, it seems that
Otoha: Shiina-kun still has no idea of what I meant by "something he lacks"...


Naga: What is it...
Naga: that he's lacking, anego?

Otoha: I believe the answer to that lies with Shiina-kun's ninja.


Utsuki: If Haruhiko-sama's memories return, then he will likely also remember about "that person"...
Utsuki: If that happens, judging by Haruhiko-sama's personality, he will definitely go to meet them.

(Utsuki): Now isn't the time to speak about it...

(Hazuki): I think that living a life where you're true to yourself
(Hazuki): isn't all that bad, either.

(Utsuki): I'm sorry, Hazuki...


(Utsuki): Living a life where I'm true to myself...

(Utsuki): doesn't seem possible just yet.


(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama...?!

Boy: ...Oww.
Utsuki: Urgh...

(Utsuki): Why is Haruhiko-sama here?!
sfx bubble: Cough
sfx bubble: Cough


Boy: A...
Boy: Are you alright?!

(Utsuki): No...

(Utsuki): That's not Haruhiko-sama!!


Boy: --U...tsuki?
Boy: Aren't you Utsuki?!

Man: Oi, what's goin' on!!
Man: Our precious materials are all messed up!!

Man: It's a person! Someone fell?!


Man: UOOH?!

Boy: How long was I asleep?!
Man: We just got here ourselves, so how would we know...

Boy: Wh... what about the girl?!
Boy: The girl with blue-tinted black hair... and a ponytail!!

Man: I didn't see anyone like that.
Man: You're the only one who fell.
(small text) You okay?

Man: Heey, there aren't any girls around here, either.
Man: Got it.
Man: Didja hit your head and get confused, kiddo?


Man: Ah. ♡

Boy: No!!
(small text) The feeling was different!!
Boy: I didn't just imagine it!!

Man: Oi!!
Man: Where do you think you're going after damaging our merchandise?!

Boy: If you have any complaints or problems or anything, call this number.
Boy: I'm in a hurry, so later!!


Man: Th...this says the Shido Financial Group...!!

Man: They're the largest company in town!!

(Utsuki): ...That man who looks like Haruhiko-sama...

(Utsuki): Didn't he...
(Utsuki): call me by name before?!


Boy: --Dammit!!

(Utsuki): Who is he?!

Haruhiko: Huh? Where's Utsuki-chan?
(left of Haruhiko) I finally got around to making meatballs...
Hanajima: Taking a dump?


(left) Man, I'm hopeless.

[page: coverc]

Y'know, I~
don't like doing work~
I don't wanna write a summary either~~
Thinking up one is a real pain, too~~
If you're still interested anyway, then
buy a copy and read through it, kay~~
...hm? The next master!?
Weeeell~~ if you become stronger, then
I'll~ tell~ you. (and then there's an emoticon face that I can't quite reproduce)

[page: covercb]

(right side) My, my. Having motivation is all well and good, but you don't quite understand yet, do you, Shiina-kun...

(left side)
sfx: Swoosh

sfx: Thunk
Sign: Target
Haruhiko: Ahh!! Sorry!

Utsuki: Um,
Utsuki: since the sideswipe is difficult, how about we start with a straight throw instead.
sfx: Fwoosh

sfx: Thunk thunk
Sign: Target

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