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Assassination Classroom 24

Retaliation Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 19, 2012 07:10 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 24

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right)
A wriggly-squishy strap super feature with center color!!
Chapter 24: Retaliation Time

(chopsticks wrapper, left) Kill
(chopsticks wrapper, center) Assassination Classroom
(chopsticks wrapper, right) Matsui Yuusei

(left) A familiar sight, and the... aesthetics of everyone's favorite teacher are right there...

(bottom, left box) Menu
◙ Volume 2 from Jump Comics goes on sale 12/28 (Fri)!!!
◙ Jump NEXT!, which includes a special interchangeable "Assassination Classroom" Jump Comic cover, goes on sale 12/28 (Fri)!!
◙ The official twitter is --> @ansatsu_k
◙ Korosensei has been made into a cellphone strap. Details on page 20.


(under Irina)
Single-Subject Teacher
Irina Jelavic
(under Karasuma)
Assistant Teacher
Karasuma Tadaomi
Top box: Kunugigaoka Junior High
Left box:
Korosensei's class
Seating chart

(left of Korosen) Teacher's desk
Box: Teacher: Korosensei

(for reference's sake, I've put a "/" in front of the names whose full readings are still unconfirmed.)
/Box: Kimura Masayoshi
Box: Kurahashi Hinano
Box: Isogai Yuuma
Box: Okano Hinata
Box: Maehara Hiroto
Box: Kataoka Megu

Box: Takebayashi Koutaro
Box: Yada Touka
Box: Mimura Kouki
Box: Nakamura Rio
Box: Shiota Nagisa
Box: Kayano Kaede

/Box: Yoshida Taiji
Box: Kanzaki Yukiko
/Box: Okajima Taiga
Box: Hayami Rinka
Box: Sugino Tomohito
Box: Fuwa Yuzuki

/Box: Muramatsu Takuya
/Box: Hazama Kirara
Box: Chiba Ryunosuke
Box: Okuda Manami
Box: Sugaya Sousuke
/Box: Hara Sumire

Box: Terasaka Ryoma
Box: Akabane Karma
Box: Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery


Seo: Huh.
Seo: You know some pretty good shops, Kaho.
(left, star) The familiar pair, facing each other with a smile...
Kaho: Their coffee is delicious, after all.

Kaho: This place is managed by one of daddy's friends,
Kaho: and is a real treasure for me.

Seo: Talking about it like that...
Seo: You ever come here with that Maehara guy from before?
Kaho: Th-
Kaho: There's no way I would!!
Kaho: Seo-kun's the f-first one I've brought here!!

Kaho: I'm sorry you ended up having to see my old boyfriend behaving so shamefully yesterday.
Kaho: I never knew he was such an ugly person.
Seo: Yeah, well,
Seo: don't hang out with the sort of guys who'd drop into Class E.


Seo: Still, sitting at an open-air café in the rain is nice.
Seo: Being in the only area that won't get wet gives you a real sense of superiority, doesn't it?

Seo: Not like that guy who got soaked yesterday, hahahahaha!
Kaho: Kyahahaha! That's awwwful!!

(sfx) Hahahahaha
???: Pardon me...
???: Could we get through here?

Man: We would like to sit further in, so...
Woman: If you would pull your leg back just a bit...

Seo: Haah?


Seo: I'll move it out of the way if you're coming through, sir.
Seo: You don't need to be so disagreeable about it.
Seo: There.

Man: Th-thank you...
(sfx) Trudge trudge

Seo: What the heck.
Seo: Senile old farts shouldn't come to a shop like this.
Kaho: Stooop, they can hear youu~

???: By the way,
???: about our future trips...

???: ......Amazing.
???: Is that really Nagisa and Kayano?


Sugaya: They're disguised using party masks.
Sugaya: I revamped them a bit, and that's the result.
In charge of disguises
Sugaya Sousuke
Sugino: Wow...
Sugino: I was right to call you, Sugaya.
Lookout in charge of relaying information
Sugino Tomohito

Sugaya: I still have a long way to go before I can fool Korosensei, though.

Sugino: Well, this much is enough to fool those two.
Sugino: After all, they...
Sugino: have no interest in people who appear to be weak.

Sugaya: But man, it's great that we were able to get ahold of this private housing
Sugaya: that's right across the way from them.
Sugino: Yeah.
Sugino: Yada and Kurahashi are keeping the landlord occupied.


Sugino: It's easy for them, seeing as they learned
Sugino: how to entertain guests from Bitch-sensei.
(right of Yada) You're so young, ojisan!
(left of Kura) Can we call you oniisan~?
In charge of negotiations
Kurahashi Hinano, Yada Touka

Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: It appears that all the preparations were successful.

Korosen: Now then,
Korosen: let's commence the operation.


Korosen: Okuda-san,
Korosen: do you have the custom bullets I requested?
Okuda: Y-yes.
Okuda: I whipped them up as quickly as I could.

Okuda: I had a hard time getting them into the shape of BB pellets, though.
In charge of chemistry
Okuda Manami

Best marksmanship, boys' side
Chiba Ryunosuke
Best marksmanship, girls' side
Hayami Rinka

(phone sfx) Vrrrr

(phone screen):
Sender: Sugino Tomohito
To: Shiota Nagisa
(no subject)
All set
We'll match the timing to your end

In charge of creating a distraction
Kayano Kaede, Shiota Nagisa


Kayano: Dear,
Kayano: do you think there is a restroom around here?
Kayano: Well, there was a convenience store 100 meters back...

Nagisa: Oi, oi, just use the one over there.
Nagisa: Even if we're seated outside, we are still customers, you know.
Kayano: Of course, of course.
Kayano: I'll be just a minute, then.

Kaho: Senility's so awful.
Kaho: I definitely don't want us to turn out like that.
Seo: Heheh.

Nagisa: Ah
Nagisa: Oh no...
(sfx) Crash

(sfx) Clatter


(gun sfx) BANG

(tea sfx) Plop plop

Chiba: Direct hit!!
Hayami: Compared to hitting a target moving at mach 20, this is easy.
Sugino: Nice!!


Kaho: Enough already!!
Seo: Quit it with all that racket, you senile old fart!!
Nagisa: Ah...
Nagisa: Oh dear...

Nagisa: My apologies...
Nagisa: As soon as my companion returns from the restroom, we'll leave.

Seo: Sheesh...
Seo: They've sure got some low-grade customers today.
(sfx) Gulp
Kaho: Sorry about that.
Kaho: Usually it's a pretty smart crowd around here.
(sfx) Gulp

Korosen: Nurufufufufufufufufufufu.
(sfx) Nom nom
Korosen: The rest is all up to everyone on the ground.


Kaho: M...
Kaho: My stomach kinda hurts...
(sfx) Guuuuuurgle
Seo: Urk...
Seo: M-
Seo: Mine too.

Seo: Is there...
Seo: something wrong with the coffee here?
Kaho: D-
Kaho: don't say such an idiotic thing about my favorite place!!

???: I mixed these using Magnesium as the main ingredient.
???: It causes bowel irritation much stronger than that from over-the-counter drugs.

(Okuda sfx) Ufufufu.
Okuda: In short, it's a powerful laxative.
Okuda: I call it "Victoria Falls".


Seo: I-I'm going to the toilet!!
Kaho: No fair!!
Kaho: Me first!!

(on door) In Use

Seo: Wait a-
Seo: Why won't it open!!
(sfx) Bam! Bam!
(above Kayano) Maybe I'll fold a thousand~
(on book) Origami
Kaho: AHH! It must be that hag from before!!

Kaho/Seo: Hey, manager!!
Kaho/Seo: Don't you have any other bathrooms?!
Man: Er.
Man: Aside from ours, there's...
Man: one more in the area...

(Kayano): The convenience store about 100 meters from here...
(sfx) Gasp


Kaho: Wait a second!

???: Why are we going together, dammit!!
Kaho: You're a boy, so just do it wherever!!
Seo: Like hell!!

???: Ooh.
???: Here they come,
???: right on time.

???: They've got a lot of pride, after all~
???: They'd never even think about asking to use the bathroom in one of these private houses.

???: Well then, shall we...
???: knock that pride down a few pegs?


Box (top): Knifework
Box (right side):
Second best, boys' side
Maehara Hiroto
Box (center):
Best, boys' side
Isogai Yuuma
Box (left side):
Best, girls' side
Okano Hinata

(sfx) Pant pant


(sfx) Rustle snap crack
Kaho: GYAA!!

Kaho: No way, I'm utterly soaked!!
Seo: Who would do such a...
Seo: Urgh
Seo: Crap, gotta get to a toilet!!


Okano: Haha
Okano: They really don't have any time to figure out the situation.

Woman: Thanks so much for cutting those troublesome branches for me.
Woman: You children are so skilled and agile~
Isogai: It was nothing.
Isogai: It's all because we do special ambu... um, tree climbing training.

Korosen: Well then...
Korosen: that was quite refreshing, wouldn't you say?

(sign on door) Washroom
Korosen: Making a mad rush to the bathroom while looking dishevelled
Korosen: will be extremely humiliating for those two.


Maehara: ...Erm.
Maehara: How to put this...

Maehara: Thanks
Maehara: for doing all of this for me.

Korosen: What's the matter, Maehara-kun?

Korosen: Do you still...
Korosen: believe that you are the sort of person who would calmly torment the weak?

Maehara: ......No...
Maehara: Watching everyone just now, I realized it would be impossible for me.

Maehara: At first glance, you guys don't seem strong, but
Maehara: everyone possesses a hidden, weapon they can rely on.
Maehara: A ton of weapons that I don't have...


Korosen: That's how things are.
Korosen: Strength and weakness can't be determined by sight alone.

Korosen: That's why you, who study while attempting assassinations in this class...
Korosen: will likely find it difficult to look down on the weak in the future.

Maehara: ...Yeah.
Maehara: I think you're right, Korosensei.

Maehara: Crap.
Maehara: I've got a dinner date with a girl from another school.
Maehara: Later, guys. Thanks again, and see you tomorrow!!

(left, star) Enough is enough!!



[page 7]
Ojisan / Oniisan - "Ojisan" is used to refer to older men, whereas "oniisan" is used to refer to younger men. There isn't an equivalent in English, but the girls are basically flattering him.

[page 12]
Victoria Falls - Judging by the katakana used, this is likely referring to a town in Zimbabwe called Victoria Falls. It is located at one end of the Victoria Falls waterfall (which use slightly different katakana in Japanese). The waterfall's indigenous name means "smoke/cloud that thunders", and it is claimed to be the largest singular waterfall in the world.

[page 13]
Maybe I'll fold a thousand - In Japan, there's a legend known as senbazuru (千羽鶴, lit. "a thousand paper cranes") which states that anyone who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish.

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