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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 25

L and R Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 23, 2012 04:01 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 25

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Irina: Did you get all that?
(center, star) Assexination and the City!!
Irina: None of the vocabulary used in Samantha and Carrie's sex talk is difficult.
(right) Assassination Classroom

Irina: No matter the country, everyday conversation is like this.
Irina: You probably know someone who
Irina: uses phrases like "seriously awesome" or "seriously awful", right?

Irina: That "maji de" you use in Japanese is the English word "really", which you already know.
Irina: Kimura,
Irina: Try saying it.

Kimura: ...Li
Kimura: Liaree.
Irina: Aaand no.
Irina: You're getting the L and R all mixed up.

(left, star) It's the next hot thing!! Volume 2 of the shwooshing teacher-killing manga that's the talk of the town goes on sale 12/28 (Fri)!!


Irina: You need to learn the difference in pronunciation between L and R.
Irina: People like me will understand what you're saying, but it'll be awkward.

Irina: It's inevitable for mispronunciations to exist between languages.
Irina: Korean stars generally end up changing "itsumademo" into "ichumademo".
(itsumademo = always/forever)
Irina: Japanese speakers' pronunciation of "L" and "R" is the same sort of thing, as far as I'm concerned.

Irina: We are going to conquer your mispronunciation!!
Irina: From this point on, I'll constantly be checking your pronunciation, so

Irina: if you make a mistake between L and R...
Irina: you'll receive a deep kiss in front of the class as punishment.


Assassination Classroom
Chapter 25: L and R Time
Matsui Yuusei
(on Irina's arm) Assassination Classroom
(bottom, in panel)
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Student: Man, Bitch-sensei's lessons are raunchy.
Student: And there are so many dirty jokes, too.
Student: That's definitely not a show that junior high students should be watching.

Nagisa: Still, it makes things easier to understand.
Nagisa: Plus, I've heard that using foreign dramas is a good teaching method.

Student: Infiltration assassinations are her specialty, so she's also really good at languages,
(above student) He held me close and said: "You're damn attractive"
Student: and I'll never get tired of hearing about her past experiences, either.

Student: It's just...
Student: Just?

Nagisa: Whether you're right or wrong, she'll still kiss you deeply in front of the class.
(left of Irina) Here's your rewaaard.
Student: Yeaah...
Student: she's basically a female perv.


Korosen: Nurufufufu.

Korosen: She really is good at getting the students interested.
Korosen: It's quite splendid how she makes use of her experience to teach practical lessons.

Hara: Goodbye, Bitch-sensei~
Nakamura: You'll wear yourself out if all you do is fool around with guys.
Irina: You brats are real hard-asses!!
Korosen: I'm truly glad that she came here to kill me.

Irina: Augghhh geez
Irina: enough already!!
Irina: Lessons are such a pain in the ass!!

Karasuma: You seem to be unexpectedly popular with the students, though.


Irina: That's nothing to brag about.
Irina: I'm a professional killer, you know!!
Irina: I'm here to kill that octopus!!

(eye sfx) Glance

Irina: Speaking of which!!
Irina: That very octopus is oggling my breasts while gracefully drinking tea!!

Karasuma: Don't let him get to you.
Karasuma: That's just the sort of target he is.
Karasuma: You became a teacher to concentrate your power and wait for the right opportunity to strike, didn't you?

Irina: Fuck!
Irina: How long is that going to take!!


Korosen: ...She's certainly on edge.
Karasuma: Just whose fault do you think that is?

Box: I can't get stuck in a place like this.
Box: Even though I've made a name for myself and risen through the ranks of professional killers,

Box: I can't come up with any ideas.

Box: Just how am I supposed to kill a monster like that...


Irina: Ugh...


Box: ...A wire trap?!
Box: Why here?!

Box: Who did this?!
Box: Why did they target me...!!

Man: I had quite the surprise, Irina.
Man: Seeing you serving as a teacher,


Man: playing at lessons with children,
Man: and exchanging farewells with the students.

Man: It was as if...
Man: I were watching a comedic bit.

Irina: Master...


Karasuma: What are you doing?

Karasuma: Let her down.
Karasuma: That isn't a technique for stringing up women, now is it.

Man: ...Don't worry,
Man: she's been taught how to protect herself against wires.

Box: ...An Eastern-European accent.
Karasuma: Who are you?
Karasuma: Luckily for you, I, at least, know English, so...

Man: ...My apologies, Japanese is fine.
Man: I'm not anyone suspicious.


Man: I am the one who mediated between Irina Jelavic and this country's government.
Man: ...I expect you understand now.

Box: Lovro, the "hitman dealer"!!

Box: He was once known as a talented assassin, but is currently retired.
Box: Aside from training a new generation of hitmen,
Box: he is said to make a fortune through mediation.


Box: He's an invaluable contact for the Japanese government, which had no connections with the world of hitmen, but...
Box: Why is he here?

Lovro: By the way, where is this "Korosensei" right now?

Karasuma: He went over to Shanghai to eat almond jelly.
Karasuma: Seeing as he left half an hour ago, he should be back soon.

Lovro: Heh...
Lovro: He's quite the monster, just as I'd heard.

Lovro: It's a good thing I came.
Lovro: The answer is simple.


Lovro: Withdraw for today, Irina.
Lovro: This job is impossible for you.

Karasuma: That was certainly a quick decision.
Karasuma: You were the one who recommended her, weren't you?

Lovro: Now that I've seen things first-hand, the circumstances have changed significantly.
Lovro: She is already ill-qualified for this job.


Lovro: As an infiltration assassin who hides her true colors, her skill is second to none.
Lovro: However, if her cover is blown even once,
Lovro: her level as an assassin drastically decreases.

Lovro: So in the end, you disgrace yourself and stay here as a sham of a teacher.
Lovro: I didn't teach you so you could turn around and do something like this.

Irina: That's not...
Irina: I can definitely kill him, master!!
Irina: If I use my skills...

Lovro: Oho.
Lovro: Well then,


Irina: Gugh...
Lovro: can you pull off a move like this?

(Karasuma): ...He's fast!!

Lovro: There are plenty of other missions more suitable for you...
Lovro: Clinging to this job is a waste of time and money.


Lovro: Leave this kill to someone more qualified.

Lovro: The other of the two assassin transfer students...
Lovro: displayed astounding skill in combat tests,
Lovro: and it seems that preparations regarding their transfer are complete.

Lovro: Not everyone is best suited to the same things.
Lovro: Earlier, you were teaching about pronunciations, but

Lovro: as far as you're concerned, this classroom itself...
Lovro: is not one of "L"s and "R"s.


Korosen: You are half correct
Korosen: and half incorrect.

Karasuma: What are you doing here, Ultra Quiz.
Korosen: What a cruel nickname.
Korosen: Please just call me Korosensei already.

Korosen: As far as assassins go, she is certainly far from frightening.
Korosen: She's shit.
Irina: Who the hell are you calling shit!!


Korosen: Be that as it may,
Korosen: as an assassin, she is all the more suited for this classroom.

Korosen: If you try comparing kills, it will become clear
(right, star) You'll understand if you do it!!
Korosen: which of you is the superior assassin.



[page 1]
Assexination and the City - Wordplay right from the get-go. The line here is a play off of "Sex and the City", the name of the show Irina's using as a teaching tool. The Japanese reads 暗殺・アイツ・ヲ・シテェ (ansatsu, aitsu o shitee), with everything except "ansatsu" (assassination) written in katakana. The key factor here is the last word, which sounds an awful lot like the word "city" when spoken aloud. However, "city" would be written like this: シティ (shitei), so in actuality, the word used here is the command form of the verb "suru", or "to do"... so basically, the "aitsu o shite" here can be read as "kill him" or "have sex with him".

Seriously / really - The word used here, マジで (maji de), has quite a few potential translations in English. It's generally used as an interjection to mean "really/seriously/you're kidding/no way". It can also be used as an adjective of sorts, like in the two examples Irina provides of "seriously awesome" (マジすげぇ, maji sugee) and "seriously awful" (マジやべぇ, maji yabee). I opted to translate the examples using "seriously" because she equates "maji" with "really" in the next panel, and it would seem strange to English readers otherwise.

[page 3]
Merry Korosumas - Classic wordplay. Christmas is written thusly in Japanese: クリスマス (kurisumasu), but here the first two syllables have been replaced with 殺, turning it into "korosumasu".

[page 10]
Master - The reading given here is sensei (in katakana), whereas the kanji used are 師匠 (shishou). There's a subtle nuance between the two words, but it's hard to distinguish when put into English. "Shishou" tends to imply a longer-standing (and oftentimes closer) relationship, like that of a master and his disciple.

[page 18]
Ultra Quiz - This is a reference to an old Japanese game show named Trans America Ultra Quiz. "Ultra Quiz" or just "Ultra" were common abbreviations for it. The show gave contestants the chance to travel abroad (and, ultimately, to the US), but only after going through a series of challenges, quizzes, and punishment-heavy eliminations.

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