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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Haikyuu!! Special : Nisekyuu!!

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 31, 2012 06:10 | Go to Haikyuu!!

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

This is a hilarious collaboration between Nisekoi and Haikyuu!!, but since I translate the latter more regularly, I put it under the "Haikyuu!!" category. For reference's sake, you don't need to know what's been going on in the recent chapters to understand any of this one. It's just pure fun. And laughs. So so so many laughs.



A collaboration wonder between 2 super popular works!!
In a match of fierce athletics vs. love comedy,
what will happen!? How will it end!? 15 pages with center color!!
Haikyuu!! X Nisekoi =

Awe-inspiring swimsuits!
The glow of youth!!
A midsummer upheaval that's completely out of season!!

(bottom right)
Rivals clash!! Karasuno vs. Nekoma!!
Now, it's the "battle of the trash heap"!!
Furudate Haruichi

(bottom center)
The latest from Jump Comics
"Nisekoi" vol. 5 & "Haikyuu!!" vol. 4
both go on sale 1/4!!
Huge developments in the NPG Campaign!!
Go check pages 32 & 34 for details!!

(bottom left)
Staying the night?! A festival?! And... the ocean?!
Raku heads toward a decisive moment at the beach!!
Komi Naoshi


(right) The start of a surprising collaboration!!

Tanaka: Guuuuh.
Tanaka: We've finally taken a trip outside the prefecture, but why are we the only ones doing roadwork...
Tobio: Because you and Nishinoya-san picked a fight with guys from another school.
Tobio: Still, why are we being punished too?
(small text) We were only standing nearby...
Noya: Be proud that we protected Kiyoko-san from those guys trying to pick her up, Ryu!!
(above Shou) The oceaaan!

Shou: Ooh.
Shou: They're playing volleyball over there!!
(above Tanaka) You've got that right, Noya-san!
(above Noya) Of course!


???: ...Oho~

(sign, top)
Volley at the beach
Beach volleyball tournament
(sign, spiked bubble) Sign up in teams to participate!!
(sign, bottom) Open to all!!
???: "Beach volleyball tournament"...

Noya: It says anyone can enter.
Shou: Ehh? I want to, I definitely want to! I wanna give beach volleyball a try!
(Tobio): Beach... I've never played that way before, either...

Tanaka: Oi, y'know there's no way we can, right!?
Tanaka: We'll be in huge trouble if Daichi-san finds out!!
(above Tobio/Shou): Aww...
Noya: Hrm... the prize is a year's worth of protein supplements...
(small text) With that, even I could become macho...
(left) Kyaa~ kyaa~
Noya: Ooh?

Tanaka: Let's hurry and get back to runni--
Noya: Ryu.

Tanaka: What is it, Noya-san?
(Noya sfx) Point

Tanaka: Wh--
(left of girl) No waay~
(between girls) Kyaa~ ufufu~

(Tanaka sfx) Gooong
(Shou sfx) Surprise

(Tanaka): Let's do this, you bastards.
(left of Shou): Yesss!


???: Heey, look at that!
???: It says there's gonna be a beach volleyball tournament!

Raku: ...the prize is a year's worth of protein supplements...?
Raku: If... you ended up any stronger, I don't know what I'd do...
Chitoge: Not that!
Chitoge: I meant the bonus prize...!

(right of bubble) swimsuit loan
Raku: Let's see... the bonus prize is
Raku: an all-you-can-eat yakiniku feast from the local yakiniku shop...
(left of bubble) Bonus Prize: Yakiniku shop all-you-ca
(far left)
and girls, any age
even if you don't have
don't worry about it!!

Raku: ...but you eat meat all the time...
(left of Onodera) That sounds tasty...
Chitoge: I don't get to have yakiniku much, though.
Chitoge: I want to eat yakiniku!
Tsugumi: You got that?! Ojou says she wants to eat it!!

(right) With me and Tsugumi playing, it'll be an easy victory!!
(left) You can count on me, ojou...!!
(Raku): ...Geez, guess I've got no choice in the matter.


Announcer: --And now we'll begin the next match~
Announcer: All players, please gather over here~

Tanaka: Thanks for havin' us!!!
Boys: Thaaaanks!!!

Raku: ...a good game.
(Raku): They're really fired up...
Girls: Let's have a good gaaaame!!


Noya: Nuo!

Noya: Oi,
Noya: The other team's all girls!
(above Nisekoi group) Kyaa kyaa!
(Shou): So cute...!

Marika: ...it would be terrible were Raku-sama to be injured.
Marika: Allow me to tape you up...
(left of Marika) Ufufu
Raku: It's fine, I really don't need it...

Tanaka: There's a guy over there surrounded by beautiful girls, Noya-san.
Noya: That seems to be the case, Ryu.

(Raku): What the...?
(Raku): It feels like I'm getting a really strange look from the other side of the net...

Announcer: ...the match will begin shortly!
Announcer: The official tournament rules are the standard for beach volleyball, except that you'll do a member change each time a point is scored,
Announcer: so please take it easy, everyone!!
Announcer: Er... who was I just talking to?


Chitoge: Here we go, Tsugumi!
Tsugumi: Yes!

1st Play
Chitoge & Tsugumi
Tanaka & Hinata

Tanaka: Quit grinning like that, Hinata, you bastard~
Shou: Uhyaaaa!
Shou: There are pretty girls on the other side of the net!
(white sfx) Tweeet!
Noya: Oi, the serve's coming your way! Don't moon over them, dammit!
(below Noya) Lovestruck

(Shou): But
(Shou): if our opponents are girls, how should I go about this...
(right of Shou) Alright!
Tanaka: Nice receive!

(Shou): Toward the corner, so they won't be able to hit it!
(Shou): I'm such a gentleman!

Tsugumi: Now, Ojou!!
Chitoge: Nice one, Tsugumi!

Chitoge: Sooooo
Chitoge: ryaaaaa...


Chitoge: Take that!

Shou: Eh?

Shou: Guo?!


Chitoge: Kyaaaaaa! Yay! 1 point, get!
(sfx) Slap!!
Tsugumi: Nice spike, ojou!!

Tanaka: Hinataaaa!
Noya: Shouyouuuu!
(white sfx, below Noya/Tanaka) YEEEK!
(white sfx, above onlookers) GYAAA!

Tanaka: T-
Tanaka: TIME OUT!!!

Tanaka: Oi, what the heck kind of spike was that? It can send a person flying!
Tobio: That's the first time I've seen the ball launch a person into the air.
Shou: My arms hurt... how could a "pretty girl" be so strong...
Noya: That's no ordinary person...! If you don't play like you mean it,
Noya: you'll be killed...!


Chitoge: ...C'mon,
Chitoge: can't you try not to get underfoot?
Marika: Fufu... don't worry...

2nd Play
Chitoge & Marika
Kageyama & Nishinoya

(Tobio): It's insanely hard to move on sand...!
(above Tobio) Uoooh!
(Tobio): If I trained here, wouldn't my strength increase!?
(Tobio): Sand...! Oh man...!!
Noya: Oi, he's stirring up the sand over here?!
Shou: Kageyama! If you make that sorta face at the beach, everyone will think you're a pervert!

Chitoge: There!
Shou: GYAAA! There's that amazing serve again!

Shou: Noya-san's been pushed back!
Shou: But it's still in play! As expected of the guardian deity!

(Noya): The other side is a superhuman army...! I'll go at this with all I've got...!
Tobio: Nishinoya-san.

Noya: Take this!
Noya: Small Big Thunder!!
Tanaka: Small or big, which is it!?


Marika: Kyaaa!!

Marika: Ahh... what shall I do, Raku-sama.
Marika: The wind pressure from that spike has left me unable to stand.
Marika: Could you please carry me on your back?
Chitoge/Raku: HEY WAIT HOLD ON!

(Noya): I...
Noya: Pl-
(Noya): I've done something awful to a pretty girl...!!
Noya: Please forgive me...

(Noya sfx) Thud
Shou: Noya-san's fainted from shock!!

(left of Chitoge) Darling, enough is enough...
(above Raku) You're blaming me?!
(above Shou) Noya-san, hang in there!

Tanaka: Why is he only surrounded by beautiful girls?
Tanaka: Isn't that unfair?
Tobio: OWW!!


Tanaka: This isn't the time to feel depressed, Noya-san!! Our opponent is the enemy of mankind, a "ladies' man"!!
Noya: What... did you say...?
Noya: Heheh... then this isn't the time for me to be dying at all...

3rd Play
Tanaka & Nishinoya
Onodera & Raku

Onodera: Let's do our best, Ichijou-kun.
(above Marika) Good luck, Raku-sama!
Raku: Yeah...
(Raku): Ladies' man...?

(Raku): ...I'm paired with Onodera, huh?
(Raku): Okay, I've gotta show her my good side...


Tanaka: AAA!
(right of Noya) Roll!
(left of Noya) Rolling Thunderrrr
(Raku sfx) BAM!!


Onodera: Ichijou-kun?!

(above Tanaka) WAHAHAHAHAHA
Tanaka: How'd you like that!!!
Tanaka: Were you able to take that serve made up of the blood, sweat and tears
Tanaka: of an envious guy who has spent his youth infatuated with girls!!?
Shou: Tanaka-san's crying!
Tobio: I don't really get what he's saying, but I feel bad for him.

Tanaka: Even I'd like a girl to wrap athletic tape for me,
Tanaka: to worry about me, to cheer for me...
Tanaka: But I'm not...
Tanaka: I'm not really thinking about it at all...
Tanaka: I'm not jealous or anything at all...
Tobio: You just said you were, though.
Shou: Stop that, Kageyama!

Tanaka: You're the only one
Tanaka: I refuse to lose to!!!
(above Noya) UOOOOOOH!!

Raku: Dammit...!
Raku: I'm telling you, I've got no idea what you mean!!
(Raku): How dare you make me look so lame in front of Onodera...!!


???: Take this! My vanishing-type miracle ball!!
Noya: Rolling thunder!
???: Too weak!!
???: Like I'd really get taken in by a ball like that!!
Noya: Rolling
???: Ow?!
???: Bastard! You've done it now... take this!!
Noya: Thun
???: Bugyaa?!
???: Damn youuu...!!
(right of Shou) Kageyama!
(left of Shou) A famous player is teaching over there!
(left of Tobio) What'd you say?!

Tanaka: Heheh...
Tanaka: Even though you're a ladies' man, you've sure got some guts...
Raku: Same to you...
Raku: I wish our guys had spirit like that.
(Raku sfx) Pant...

Tanaka: ...But man, you have it good, being surrounded by all those pretty girls.
Tanaka: I bet you've got tons of girls' e-mail addresses, too.
Raku: Don't be stupid.
Raku: Even though I have a girl's e-mail, it took me three years to ask for it...
(small text) Onodera's...


Noya: What the heck, you're one of us after all! You've had it rough, too!
Raku: Uwaah?! Why're you clinging to me?
Tanaka: But getting completely ignored isn't bad either, right?!
Raku: I can't sympathize with that at all!!

Tanaka: Huh?
Tanaka: Come to think of it, where'd everybody go...?
Raku: Eh...?

Marika: Well ♡
Marika: I'll just go give this to Raku-sama...
Box: Mixture of protein supplement and yakiniku sauce
Tsugumi: B...better not...
Tobio: What sort of training do you do on a regular basis?
Chitoge: ?? What do you mean, training?
Onodera: Um! Here's some meat...
Shou: Th!!
Shou: Thh!!!
(white sfx) Frozen stiff!!
(left) Please keep reading Nisekoi and Haikyuu!! next year as well!!
(bottom) Nisekyuu!! ... end

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