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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Assassination Classroom 26

Master's Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 1, 2013 04:51 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right, star) Hang in there, Takebayashi!!
(around the students)
One twooo three four
Fiiive six seven eight
(left) Assassination Classroom

(Korosen): Let's have Karasuma-sensei cooperate with us
(Korosen): in this contest between Irina-sensei and her master, designed to get him to acknowledge her.

Kurahashi: Sensei, over there...
Karasuma: Just ignore it.
Karasuma: Continue the exercise.

(Students): Something's up.

(Students): Something's definitely up.


(right, star) Flying kites, playing hanetsuki and fukuwarai and assassinating tentacles on New Year's... this is the best!! Volume 2 is on sale!!

(Students): They're totally targetting someone.
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 26: Master's Time
Matsui Yuusei
(right, star) Trying not to be seen only makes them more obvious!!
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(Irina sfx) Pant pant


Korosen: The rules are simple.
Korosen: Between Irina-sensei and Lovro-shi,
Korosen: the first to kill Karasuma-sensei wins!

Character Introduction
Can travel at mach 20, meaning it takes him about 3.48 seconds to get from Tsurumi Station to Totsuka Station.

Korosen: If Irina-sensei wins...
Korosen: please permit her to continue her assassination job here.

Karasuma: Hey, hold it!!
Karasuma: Why are you turning me into the victim!
Korosen: Because you'll be a fair and impartial target.


Korosen: If I were the target...
Korosen: it would probably work in Irina-sensei's favor, and
(card top) Assassination Exchange Rate
(card right) 1 stab
(card left) 1 pair of breasts

Korosen: first and foremost, nooooobody can kill me. Now isn't that right?
(Karasuma sfx) Kuh...

Korosen: You'll be using anti-sensei knives, which are harmless to humans.

(above Irina) Waaait~
(above Karasuma) Ahaha
(above Lovro) Take that~
Korosen: The contest will be tomorrow, for the entire day!
Korosen: Please hit Karasuma-sensei with one of these knives before your opponent.

Korosen: You are prohibited from obstructing each other's assassination attempts.
Korosen: If you interfere with the students' lessons, you will be disqualified.


Lovro: ...I see.
Lovro: In other words, it's a mock assassination.
(knife sfx) Broing

Lovro: Very well.
Lovro: This looks as if it will provide some interesting entertainment.

Karasuma: ...Tch.

Karasuma: Do whatever you want!!

Lovro: Fufufu.
Lovro: Korosensei,
Lovro: looks like he won't make this so easy.

Korosen: He was the one
Korosen: chosen to keep me under surveillance, after all.


Lovro: Hitting him with a blade is impossible for you,
Lovro: Irina.

Lovro: I'm the very one who taught you all the ins and outs of assassination.
Lovro: I know exactly which things are feasible
Lovro: and which are impossible for you.

Lovro: I'll make you realize that through this assassination game.
Lovro: Then, you will obediently step down from this job.

Lovro: And
Lovro: I will once again select
Lovro: an assassin suited to killing you,
Lovro: the so-called unkillable Korosensei, and send them to do just that.


Irina: Were you trying to protect me?

Irina: You must be
Irina: thinking that I'd be easier to deal with
Irina: than the tough new assassin master would choose.

Irina: As if I'll let that happen!!
Irina: I'll definitely be the one to kill both Karasuma and you!!

???: ......and that's the situation.


Karasuma: It's an irritating one, but it won't influence your class time.
Karasuma: Just continue like always.

(Nagisa): Karasuma-sensei's troubles are really neverending, huh.

Karasuma: We'll end today's P.E. class there.
Karasuma: Dismissed!!
(bottom) Thank you very muuuuch.

Irina: Karasuma-sensei~

Irina: Thanks for all your hard work~
Irina: You must be thirsty, riiight?
Irina: Here's a cold drink for you!!


Irina: C'mon, drink up! Drink up!!
Irina: It's delicious, you know~
(Students): There's something in it.
(Students): There's definitely something in it.

Karasuma: You're probably giving me something with a muscle relaxant.
Karasuma: Then you'll get me with a knife when I can't move.
(Irina sfx) Gulp

Karasuma: ...Frankly,
Karasuma: I wouldn't give you the chance to get close enough to attack in the first place.

Irina: Ah.
Irina: Wai- hold on,
Irina: then I'll just leave it here, and...

Irina: Ah!
(sfx) Slip


Irina: OWIEEEE!!
Irina: Karasuma, give me a piggyback riiiiiide!!
(right of Karasuma) Like hell I will.

Lovro: ...Heh.
Lovro: Such a disgraceful show, my foolish pupil.

Isogai: .........Bitch-sensei...
(sfx) Lift
Mimura: You should've expected that. I mean, it wouldn't even have fooled us.

Irina: Like I really have a choice!!
Irina: Using my charms on an acquaintance just ends up being unnatural, no matter how I do it!!

Irina: Even a cabaret girl would act awkwardly if she suddenly had her father as a customer, y'know?!
Irina: It's the same concept!!
(above woman) Would you like... a light, fath... sir?
(above man) Ah, yes. ...yeah.
(Students): Like hell we'd know about that!!


Box: This is bad.
Box: I have to kill him, even if only a moment sooner than the competition.

Box: Master is shrewd and resourceful.
Box: If I worry about that too much, he'll end up bringing down the target instantaneously.

Korosen: Well?
Korosen: It's fun to be on the "killed" side of things every once in a while, isn't it?
Karasuma: That's just ridiculous.

Karasuma: By the way,
Karasuma: what will happen if I am able to avoid all their attacks?
Karasuma: Shouldn't I have some kind of incentive to take this whole thing seriously?

Korosen: ...Hmm.
Korosen: Well, then,
Korosen: if that happens, I will give you an opportunity.


Korosen: For a single second, I will remain perfectly still in front of you and won't move no matter what happens.
Korosen: An assassination free-for-all.

Korosen: However, we'll keep this condition a secret from those two.
Korosen: There won't be any point if they conspire and cut corners, after all.

Karasuma: ......Fine, then.

(sign) Faculty Office

(Karasuma sfx) Tap taptap tap

(Karasuma sfx) Tap tap
(Karasuma sfx) Click

(sfx) Taptap tap


Box: Underhanded tricks are far from necessary
Box: when killing a vigilant expert.

Box: Rather, what you need
Box: is superbly precise skill and speed.

Box: In that regard,
Box: your assassination style is extremely lacking, Irina.

Box: Those aspects are essential for any assassin dispatched to take care of Korosensei.


Box: Master!!
Box: An attack from the front?!

Karasuma: Kuh!


Box: The crafting of the floorboards makes it difficult to pull back the chairs.

Box: A mere moment's delay in reaction time is all I need.
Box: In a battle between experts,

Box: that moment is fatal!!


(sfx) BAM


(knife sfx) Clatter


Karasuma: As an assassin who has grown old and retired, but is nevertheless skilled,

Karasuma: you must have thought it would be incredibly easy

Karasuma: to kill someone who part of an elite unit until just recently.

Box: He's strong...!!

Box: Even Master couldn't kill him...!!
Box: Can I really manage it in a single day?!


Karasuma: You get it now, right?
Karasuma: If neither of you can pull it off today...

(right, star) Shivering, trembling, and wriggling with fear...
(Irina/Korosen): E... EEEEEK!!

Irina: ...Why the hell are you scared?
Korosen: Don't lose, Irina-sensei! Do your best!!



[page 2]
Hanetsuki and fukuwarai - These are both games traditionally played during New Year's celebrations in Japan. Hanetsuki (羽根突き) is a lot like badminton and involves a pair of wooden paddles and a colorful shuttlecock. The game is generally played by hitting the shuttlecock back and forth, and if one person misses, their face is marked with ink (in shapes like black circles, Xs, etc.). Fukuwarai (福笑い) is similar to "pin the tail on the donkey", but the base image is a blank head and the items that players stick to it are parts of the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc).

[page 3]
Lovro-shi - The suffix "-shi" (氏) is somewhat formal and frequently used in regards to professionals in a field. It's not quite at the same level as "-sama", but it's more polite than the generic "-san".

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