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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Haikyuu!! 34

We'll Surely Have a Rematch

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 2, 2013 03:02 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 34

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Daichi/Kuro: Gather up!!

(left) The aftermath!!!

(under panel) [Haikyuu!!]

Daichi/Kuro: Please give us guidance!
Players: Please!!
(above Taki) Good job, guys!!
(below Shimada/Taki) We're worn out too...

Nekomata: --Frankly,

Nekomata: you're more capable than I'd expected.

Nekomata: Especially in offense.
Nekomata: There probably won't be many people
Nekomata: who can stop #9 and #10's quick strike.
Nekomata: I think the 2 lefthand spikers' strength is also a powerful weapon.
Nekomata: All that's left...

Nekomata: is to figure out how to connect it all together,
Nekomata: I guess.
Players: Yes!!!


Nekomata: --Anyway, you're all still rough around the edges and lack training as a team,

Nekomata: But

Nekomata: you have an overwhelming amount of potential.

Nekomata: You'll become much stronger through practice.

Nekomata: Let's meet again at the nationals.

Players: Thank you!!
Players: Thanks!!

(right) Fight!!! Over and over again!!!
Volumes 1-3 are selling like crazy!!
Furudate Haruichi | Chapter 34: We'll Surely Have a Rematch


(sign) Supply Room

Tora: ---Oi.

Tanaka: Haah?
Tanaka: What the hell.
Tanaka: You wanna go again? Huuh?

Tora: Errr... y-
Tora: Your
Tora: ma... um
Tora: fe... mana...

Tora: What would your manager's name happen to be.
(below bubble) ※ Talking fast in a quiet voice

(above Shimizu) Achoo!


Tanaka: Bastaaard!!
Tanaka: You trying to make a pass at our precious Kiyo... manager?!
Tanaka: HAAAAH?!!
Tanaka: I'll rough up that bushy part've your head!
Tanaka: ORYAAAA!!

Tora: No,
Tora: I don't have the courage to talk to her.

Tanaka: ...Kiyoko-san...
Tanaka: It's Shimizu... Kiyoko-san.

Tora: What a...!

Tora: That name fits her perfectly...!
Tanaka: It does, it really does!
Tanaka: I thought that a lot until I first spoke to her, so I know how you feel!
Tanaka: But, y'know...


Tanaka: Getting completely ignored when I talk to her
Tanaka: isn't so bad, either.

Tora: ...No...! That's still too high a hurdle for me...

Tanaka: Wahaha!
Tanaka: The heck, you're a pretty decent guy!

Tora: ...same to you.
Tora: ...I'm Yamamoto Taketora.

Tanaka: Tanaka Ryunosuke!!

Tanaka/Tora: Next time, let's meet in the nationals.


(Shou): Our setter is a guy that gives off more of a "GRRRR" feeling!
(above Shou) GRRR!!
(Kenma): So that's what he meant...

Inu: That was amazing, Shouyou!
Inu: You were like gyun!
Inu: And buwaa!
Inu: Oh, I'm Inuoka! A 1st year!

Shou: Even though you're so tall,
Shou: you were like
Shou: zubaa!

Shou (center bubble): and

(Kei): What are they even talking about...

Kuro: That's not the sort of conversation you'd get from high schoolers.


Kuro: Still, you'd seem more like a high schooler if you were a bit rowdier.

Kei: I dislike that sort of behavior.
Kuro: ...Hmm...

Kuro: ...you're sure a "youngster", huh.

Boy: Yeep?!

Boy: P-please forgive me!
Asahi: Ah?!
Asahi: Sorry!

Asahi: How about we both carry that...?
Boy: I-I'm sorry I'm so slow!
Asahi: Ehh?!
Asahi: Sorry... that's not what I...
Daichi: That damn green-beard*...
(bottom) ※ Bearded greenhorn

Daichi: Why can't he see that that first year's scared of him...!
Kai: Ah...


Kai: Looking at them from over here, they seem like a father and son.
Daichi: All I can see is a guy trolling for reactions.

Yaku: Umm... It feels like someone's boring a hole through my back...
Suga: Sorry...
Suga: I think you'll be alright if you don't meet his eyes...

Noya: #3-san, your receives were amazing.
(Suga/Yaku): He's right behind us...!!

Noya: That was the first time I'd ever seen someone who could keep the ball in play like that off our ace's spike.
Noya: I thought that the ability of a libero
Noya: on a team where everyone is so good at receives

Noya: must really be incredible.

Noya: I won't lose, either! Excuse me!
Suga: Hey, hold on! Let him say something back...


Suga: S... sorry about that, he's kinda...
Yaku: ...Oh man.
Suga: Eh?

Yaku: His skills as a libero are at such a high level, and yet
Yaku: far from being conceited, he just looks intently forward...

Yaku: That's pretty frightening.

Takeda: Nekomata-sensei,
Takeda: Thank you for coming all the way out here today!

Nekomata: No, you have my thanks as well.

Nekomata: Setting up a practice match when you have no personal connections must have been tough.

(Takeda): "Since retiring, Coach Ukai has gradually become estranged from other schools,"
(Takeda): "and this year, with a novice like me who is seemingly filling the empty space, I haven't really been able to set up practice matches. It's frustrating."


Nekomata: Having heard that Ukai's gramps collapsed right after returning,
Nekomata: I'd honestly thought that a revival was no longer possible for Karasuno.

Nekomata: But after getting all those calls from you, I told them "I'll go see for myself".
Takeda: S-sorry for the trouble...
(left of Nekomata) Shishishi

Nekomata: And then, while watching today's match,
Nekomata: I thought

Nekomata: "Ahh, Karasuno is still
Nekomata: just fine."

Nekomata: Your enthusiasm will be returned in kind.

Nekomata: If you try hard despite your awkwardness,
Nekomata: the students will follow your lead.

Nekomata: Good luck.


Takeda: Th-thank you very much!

Nekomata: And you need to do a better job, Keishin.

Nekomata: What, you couldn't even win 1 set during those 3 matches?
Nekomata: And that novice sensei is trying so hard, too.
Takeda: U-Ukai-kun only joined us a little while ago!

Ukai: You just watch. Next time, we'll definitely win every set.
Nekomata: Is that so?!
Nekomata: You're not just all talk, are you??
(Naoi): They're at it again...

Naoi: Sensei, don't go picking fights like that...
Nekomata: It's this guy's fault for looking exactly like his gramps!!
Naoi: That's just childish!!


Takeda: U-Ukai-kun, I thought you said you would only coach through today's match against Nekoma...

Ukai: You think I can just sit back after being told all that?!

Ukai: I'll definitely get my revenge
Ukai: on that grand stage...!

Takeda: We'll be in your care, then!!

Tora/Tanaka: Let's meet again, dear friend!!!


Kenma: What are they doing?
Kuro: No clue. Just don't look at them.

Shou: Kenma!

Shou: Umm... when I met you in the street,
Shou: you said you didn't particularly like volleyball, right?
Kenma: ...Oh. Yeah...

Shou: How about now?? What did you
Shou: think... about winning today?

Kenma: ...Hmm...
Kenma: ...nothing
Kenma: in particular...
Kenma: I guess.

Shou: Is that fun?
Kenma: Erm... not really... it's just a way to kill time...
sfx bubble: Beep boop ♪


Shou: ...Next time...

Shou: we'll definitely...
Shou: make you fight tooth and nail,
Shou: and when we win,
Shou: I'll...

Shou: make you say "it was frustrating" or "it was fun" or anything
Shou: except "not really"!!!

Kenma: ......okay.
Kenma: I'll look forward to it.

(Kuro/Daichi sfx) Smile smile smile


Daichi: Next time, we won't lose!
(sfx) Griiiiiiiiiip
Kuro: Next time, we still won't lose!
Suga/Yaku: You're scary, you're way too scary!

Ukai: Next time we do this, it won't end like today.
(sfx) Cleeeench
Naoi: Uh huh. And if it does, it'll be because you need to practice more.
ああ そうしてくれないと練習になんないからな
Suga: Over here, too!
Yaku: They're being childish!!

???: Say your farewells!!
???: Thanks for the gaaame!!!


Tobio: --If today were a regular game,

Tobio: The instant we lost
Tobio: the 1st match,
Tobio: it would all
Tobio: be over.


Junior high athle
volleyball (boys) r
(black strip) Kousen Academy Junior High School advances to
(white box) Unfortunately, Kitagawa Daiichi is also beaten.

Shou: I know.

Ukai: --Yeah, you get it, don'tcha.
Ukai: And we've got an official game... the Interhigh preliminaries... right around the corner.

Ukai: Let's hurry up and get back.
Ukai: We'll reflect on and analyze today's practice match
Ukai: and then get down to work.

Players: Osu!!!
(left) Onward, to a battle on the next court!!!

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