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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 6

Hot-blooded Dodgeball! (part 1)


-> RTS Page for Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 6

Translation reserved for Dark Murmur Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Box: Physical education.
Student: Next is gym, huh~
Student: How dull...
Box: It is by far my worst class.

(beneath panel) A greater response than expected!!

Boy: Wanna run for a bit?
Box: I can play sports well enough.
Boy: Sure thing.

Box: I think I could probably even compete in the Olympics at any of them.
Box: Without any change of citizenship, of course.
(note: Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship)

(beneath panel) [The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki]

Box: But that's all the more reason.

(sfx) Heft
Box: What's most problematic

Box: is matching the level of ordinary people.
Students: I heard an incredible sound just now!!
Students: Wh...what happened here?!
Students: No way!! Did a meteorite hit it?!


(top, star) It's already a phantomlike item!! If the store doesn't have "The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki volume 0", ask them to order it!!

(right) "Whoops, steady there. Use PSI power to keep balanced." This week's PSI slogan model: Saiki Kusuo-san (16)

(bottom) The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki
(bottom left) Chi 6: Hot-blooded Dodgeball! (part 1)
(bottom right) Always getting presents of meat | Asou Shuuichi


???: Alright, for today's P.E. class...

Teacher: let's go with dodgeball!
Students: EHH?!

Boy: Playing dodgeball in high school...?
Boy: There's gotta be other options...
Teacher: There's no helping it. Baseball* and soccer** were done already,
(below panel) *refer to volume 0 | **refer to the Jump NEXT! 2010 summer issue

Teacher: and basketball, kendo and volleyball are already being played...
Students: By who?!
Box: Continuing in the same vein as last week's love manga, this time the subject is sports manga, huh.
Box: We're not even remotely consistent.

Boy: But still, going with dodgeball...
Boy: Hey, don't complain!!

Boy: Sensei said we're playing dodgeball!!
Boy: Let's do it!! Give it everything we've got!!

Boy: Acting like kids is fine!! Let's regain the innocence of youth!!
Student: Hairo...
Hairo: Come, let's sweat it out together!!


Hairo: How about it!!

Boy: Well...
Boy: if Hairo says all that, then... why not?
Boy: Heheh...
Boy: Yeah...
Boy: We've gotta get serious 'bout it!

Students: Hell yeaaah! Let's do this!!
Students: I'm kinda getting really motivated!!
Students: I ain't gonna lose!
Students: We haven't picked sides yet.
Box: Our class representative Hairo Kineshi.
Box: I can only think of him as a rowdy hot-blooded guy, but...

Box: he seems to have a fair amount of popularity.
Hairo: Okay!! Anyone who wants to be on my team, stand here!!
Boys: Ah! I do!
Boys: Me, me!
Teacher: Uh, we're deciding teams with rock and paper, so...

???: Alright, everyone's divided up...

Hairo: We'll definitely winnnn!!
Team Paper
Hairo Kineshi
Team Paper
Saiki Kusuo
Box: and more!!
Extras: YEAAAAH!!
Box: The random extras get treated way too cruelly.


Box: Still, to end up on his team...
Boys: Huddle up, huddle!!
Box: Well... nothing I can do about it now.

Box: It's better than being on that team, anyway.
Taka: Tch. The same team as Nendou.
Shun: Kukuku... who'd have thought you and I would end up going at it...
Nendou: Ooh, so you're on that team, huh, partner?
Team Rock
Kaidou Shun
Team Rock
Nendou Riki
Team Rock
Box: and more!!
Box: No, Takahashi should go in that "and more" category, too.

Teacher: We'll start it with a jump ball.
Teacher: Here we go!!

Box: And thus...

(left of panel)
Summary of last chapter
A person like the sun.

Hairo: UOOOOOH!!!
Box: the game commences!!
Boys: Alright, Hairo won the jump toss!!

Hairo: MUOOHH!!!


Hairo: FUNNYAAA!!!

Taka: Ah!

Hairo: YESSSSS!!!
Boys: Alright!! First hit!!
Box: They're far too into this.

Box: They've only defeated one person, so what's with that reaction...
Boys: Yeah!! Yeaah!! YEAAAAH!!
Boys: We can do this!
Box: And on top of that, it was Takahashi, you know? They're far too into this...

Box: Also, it's way too early for you to be sweating like that.
Hairo: Okay! Let's stay on guard!
Boys: Right!!
Box: The heart of an athlete, huh.

Boy: Tch... Man, Takahashi's useless.
Team Rock | Team Paper
Remaining members | Remaining members
7 | 8
Boy: This time, it's our turn...!


Students: We'll get you back for that attack just now!
Students: We'll definitely get you!!
Students: Yeah!!
Students: Right...

Boy: Alright!! Saiki!! We'll start with you!!
Boy: Here it comes!!
Box: Well! Going for me all of a sudden, huh.

Box: I'll just let it hit me, then.

Box: Phew. With this, I guess I'm out.
Boy: Ooh... you okay?
Box: Sorry, but I have no intention of getting serious about P.E.

Box: After all, just one throw would be enough to reveal that I'm not an ordinary person.
Boys: Hell yeaah!! The score's tied!!
???: Hold on, Saiki-kun.


Hairo: Did you purposefully get hit by the ball just now?
Box: !

Box: Oops... so it really did look forced after all...
Hairo: Am I right? ...Well, whatever.

Box: But if I go to the outfield, the ball will be all yours.
Hairo: That aside, where're you going?
Hairo: You're not out, y'know.

Hairo: You're safe if it hits you in the head!
Teammates: Throw it, Saiki!
Other team: Dammit... I forgot!
Other team: We'll definitely catch it!!

Box: To think that such a rule existed...
Student: Show'em what you've got!
Box: And on top of that, it's my turn to throw... I'm done for...

Box: I am positively the worst at controlling the power of my tosses.

Box: And doing it here, where everyone can see...
Hairo: Saiki-kun! Throw it with everything you've got!!

Box: ...everything I've got?
Box: That's certainly easy for you to say, but...


Box: Do you truly understand the meaning of those words?
Box: People will die, you know?

Box: If I throw at full power, a headshot wouldn't be safe at all, you know?
Box: It'd be out. The head, that is.
Box: Do you want to see what a real-life Anpa*man would look like?

Students: Hurry up and throw it, Saiki!
Box: Sheesh. I've got not choice but to throw it...
Box: Well, if I take it easy, there shouldn't be any deaths.

Nendou: Oh.
Box: For now, just to be sure...

Box: I'll aim at Nendou!
Hairo: Goooooo!!

Box: Ah.

Nendou: Oh?


Box: That was far too weak...
Hairo: What are you dooooing!!!

Hairo: What were you trying to do with the ball just now?!
Hairo: This is a serious match, y'know!!
Hairo: Where's your motivation!!
Box: I know already, so calm down.

Nendou: Partner... I'm happy you feel that way, but...
Nendou: right now, we're enemies, y'know? Hehe... geez.
Hairo: You went easy on him because you're friends?!
Box: Give me the ball back and I'll show you just how wrong you are.

Hairo: Anyway, if you do that again next time, I won't forgive you!!
Hairo: That really makes my blood boil!!!
Box: Sheesh... that really made him upset.

Boy: Okay! Now it's our turn!! Go for it, Nendou!!
Nendou: Got it!

Nendou: Take that!!!
Boy: Urg!!!
Team: Uoooh!!

Team: You're good at this, Nendou!!
Nendou: Heh. They call me "Dodgeball Nen-chan".
Team Rock, remaining members | Team Paper, remaining members
7 - 7


Hairo: Kuh... what amazing power!!
Box: Come to think of it, that guy's only good at athletics.

Nendou: It's not over yet! Here gooooes...

Nendou: Doryaa!!!
Boy: Hurg!!

Nendou: Nyuhaa!!
Boy: Augh!!

Nendou: Shyaa!!
Boy: Ergh!!

Hairo: Kuh... all outfielders still alive, move in!!
Boys: Got it!

Nendou: Fiiire!!!
Boy: Ergh!!
Boy: Hurk!!
Student: He got both at once!!

Student: Uoooh!! He defeated 6 people in an instant!!
Boy: Kuh...
Boy: Ow...
Boy: Ah... ahhh...
Team Rock, remaining members | Team Paper, remaining members
7 - 2
Student: Even if they're all random extras, that treatment is way too cruel!!


Student: Team Paper's only got 2 guys left!!
Hairo: Damn...!!
Student: We'll definitely end this in a single page!!

Nendou: I'll leave partner for last, so...
Nendou: you're next, captain...!

Hairo: Bring it...!!
(Hairo): Will I really be able... to catch it...

Nendou: Here it coooomes!!
(Hairo): No...
(Hairo): It's not "will I be able to"...

(Hairo): I'll catch it!!!

(Hairo): Matsuo...
(Hairo): Kashimura...
(Hairo): Yuasa...
(Hairo): Uno...
(Hairo): Zolbe...
(Hairo): Ukai...
(Hairo): For the sake of my fallen comrades, I'll...

(Hairo): catch it, even if it means my death!!!


Students: Sa...

Students: Saiki?!
Box: Sorry, but I'll be leaving first.
Box: Being the last one left seems like it would be a pain.

Box: Sorry I couldn't give it my all, Hairo, but I there are circumstances to consider.
Box: I can't let my secret be exposed.

Hairo: Don't give up!!!

Hairo: No, we can definitely do this!!!

Box: Eh?
Students: Uoooh!!!


Students: Uoooh!! Hey, look at that...
Students: Hairo... kept the ball from touching the ground!!

Students: Wait a sec... if there are no court boundaries, then that catch means...
Students: Saiki's safe!! That took some incredible guts!!
Box: You're kidding.

Students: You're incredible, Hairo!! For a guy like you
Students: to go so far to save Saiki is just amazing!!
Students: Huh? ...
Students: What the...?

Students: Oi, no way...
Students: Ahh!!

Students: H...he's injured!!
Hairo: Kuh...
Hairo: Ugh...
Students: He skinned his kneeee!!

Students: He won't be able to stay in the game like this... so...
Students: that means Saiki's the only one left, doesn't it!!
Box: You have to be kidding.


Box: Hey... give me a break. You can still fight, can't you?
Hairo: Kuh... Saiki... it seems- cough...
Hairo: It seems this is it for me...
Box: Don't give up!
Box: That definitely wasn't enough of an injury to make you vomit blood.

Hairo: I'll entrust... this to you...
Hairo: The ball which carries with it the spirit of everyone's blood, sweat and tears...!!
Box: The blood's just yours, though.

Hairo: Saiki-kun, I know...
Hairo: that you've been holding back this entire time.
Hairo: Why is that? I want to see you give it your all...!!

Hairo: I'm counting on you, Saiki-kun... you're the only one left. Please, show all of us...
Boy: Hairo...

(left side) It seems this battle still has a little ways left to go...!!

Boy: Saiki!!

Boy: We're also counting on you!!

Students: Win it for us, Saikiiiiii!!
Students: If you lose, we'll never forgive you!!
Box: You have got to be kidding...
Team Rock, remaining members | Team Paper, remaining members
7 - 1

The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki | ...Chi 6 / end | Next time, will we finally see Saiki get serious?!

[bonus page]

Zolbe: We are counteeng on you, Saiki-san...
Zolbe: I bahleeve in you. Pleeze win...
(note: Zolbe speaks using a lot of katakana - in other words, with a thick accent.)

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#1. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2013
Thank you for the translation :)

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