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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Haikyuu!! 35

Formidable Opponents

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 7, 2013 04:38 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 35

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

@_@ phew, this chapter was really text-heavy.



Diving right into new developments!!!
Box: --Mid May

Box: Tokonami High School--
Boy: The list
Boy: of high school matchups is out~
(kanji on jacket) Tokonami
Boy: Ooh!
Boy: It's here!
Box: --First Gymnasium

Boy: Hey! Who're we against in the first match?!
Boy: Uhh...
Boy: Tori... Torino??
Boy: Torino?
Boy: From England?

Boy: The reading's "Karasuno", stupid.
Boy: And Torino's in Italy.
Tokonami High School 3rd year
Volleyball club
Ikejiri Hayato
Boy: Ah! I've heard of them before!
Boy: Err... I'm pretty sure they're...

Boy: "The fallen champions,
Boy: the flightless crows."


Boy: Cool!! What is that, their nickname or something??
Boy: It's not cool at all, with that "fallen" and "flightless" stuff in there.
(sfx) Munch munch
Jiri: It's because they were strong in the past. Probably even went to the nationals once, too.
Boy: I've heard that they're no big deal these days, though.

Boy: ! Could that mean...?!
Boy: They're slackers?!

Boy: We could end up beating a formerly nationals-level team?!
Boy: Guys like us, who always lose in the first round!!
Boy: But first we've got to practice.
Boy: Geh, it's the captain.
(sfx) Munch...

Captain: Alright, do some laps!!
Players: Kaaaay...

Jiri: There's a guy I went to junior high with who's at Karasuno.
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
Boy: Huh! Then you'll be seeing him for the first time in a while?! Since you haven't faced him until now.
sfx bubble: Squeak

Jiri: He...
Jiri: said that the Karasuno he saw on TV at the "spring high school volleyball competition" was something he'd never forget.
Jiri: Well, evidently he lived near the school anyway, so...

Jiri: ...I wonder how you're doing these days...
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak


Jiri: Sawamura.
(right) Training hard!!!
It's super popular thanks to all of you!! Volume 3 is getting a reprint!!
Chapter 35: Formidable Opponents
Furudate Haruichi

Tanaka: Daichi-san, nice receive!
Yama: Nice one!

Ukai: Make sure your block follow-ups stay in bounds! Don't let your eyes wander!


Ukai: "This is the final ball!"
Ukai: Think that at all times, and go after it!!
Ukai: If you don't,

Ukai: then in the match, you'll regret
Ukai: the one ball you chose to ignore during practice!!

Takeda: Everyone,
Takeda: you did a great job in today's match against Nekoma.

Takeda: --and this may be sudden, but
Takeda: the Interhigh preliminaries are next month, starting June 2nd.


Ukai: Miyagi doesn't have district preliminaries, so we go straight to the prefectural ones.
Ukai: Of the 60 or so teams that enter, only one
Ukai: will advance to the nationals.
Ukai: If you lose a match, your journey to the nationals is over.
(spiked bubble) Victorious team
(left) Finals
Ukai: If we're gonna get revenge against Nekoma, first we've got to become number 1 in Miyagi Prefecture.
Ukai: Being number 2 just won't cut it.

Ukai: Well, they've gotta get in as one of Tokyo's representatives, too.
Asahi: Tokyo has a lot of schools, so they choose 2 teams as representatives, right?
Suga: I think so.

Tanaka: That's not gonna be a problem
Tanaka: for those guys!
Noya: Yeah!
Noya: They were strong!

Asahi: That's true.

(Shou): One more match

(Shou): with Nekoma.


(Shou): One more...!!

Shou: Fugya!
Tanaka: Nice one, Hinata!

???: Cover it!
???: In front!

???: Good work today!
???: You tooo.

Asahi: Uooh.
Tanaka: You're right, that's amazing! The picture's huge!

Shou: What is?! What're you guys doing?!


Tanaka: Here, look.

Shou: "High school players to watch"...?

Tanaka: Among this year's nationally notable players are 3 who have become "especially noteworthy!", and
Tanaka: Shiratorizawa's "Ushiwaka" is one of them.

Shou: Shiratorizawa's that school Kageyama couldn't get into!!
Tobio: SHUT UP!!!
(above Kei) Pfft
(left of Yama) Shishishi

Shou: ...so... who's this "Ushiwaka"...?
Tanaka: The heck, you don't know?
Suga: Hinata's all about the "small giant", after all.

???: Ushiwaka is, without a doubt, the current number 1 ace in the prefecture...


(white box) His aim is to win the nationals, of course!!
(left) Overwhelming power and height!! The super high school ace!!
???: Ushijima Wakatoshi.
(black circle) Miyagi
(box, white part) Shiratorizawa High School
(box, gray part) 3rd year Ushijima Wakatoshi

Daichi: Hrmm.
Daichi: He's really got that whole "ace!" feeling to him.

Asahi: Hey, why are you looking over here!

Suga: So Kageyama was planning to go to a school that had a guy like that.
Tanaka: And then he'd end up saying something like
Tanaka: "move faster, you clumsy bastard!!" to the super high school ace, right??
Tobio: No I would not!

Shou: ...we'll have to beat him
Shou: if we want to compete against Nekoma...


Ukai: Hey, hold on.
Ukai: Shiratorizawa's not the only opponent you've gotta watch out for.
Shou: Coach.

Suga: There's also... last year's best 4, right...?
Ukai: Of course you've got the 4 strongest, but... this year's got other formidable opponents, too.
(sfx) Rummage

Ukai: Let's see... first off, there's

Ukai: "Wakutaniminami",
Ukai: who excel in defense and teamwork.
Ukai: They don't have much in the way of height, but
Ukai: they keep the ball in play through their skillful receives.

Ukai: Since last year, their key player Nakashima Takeru has become a 3rd year, and the team's overall performance has grown stronger.

Ukai: --Then there's...
Ukai: a team whose strong defense is of a different type than that of "Wakunan", who I just spoke about...


Ukai: "Datekougyou",
Ukai: known as the "impregnable fortress".

Ukai: Their team boasts blockers taller than anywhere else.

Ukai: If I remember right, you lost to them in the prefecture tournament
Ukai: this past March, at 2-0.


(Tobio): The match in March... "impregnable" blockers...

Suga: In that match, Asahi's spikes were utterly and completely stopped...
(Tobio): Was the match against Datekougyou
(Tobio): the one Sugawara-san told us about prior to Azumane-san's return...?

Ukai: Datekou is essentially a team at the level of the best 4, but
Ukai: last year, they faced the eventual winners, Shitatorizawa, in the 3rd round, and finished in the best 16.
Ukai: That's why this year, they're not considered a top competitor... in other words,

Ukai: Depending on the matchups, we could even face them in the first round.
Ukai: It's been set up so that the block Dateko's in contains 2 powerhouse schools.
Ukai: It'll be some fierce competition there, no doubt about it.

Ukai: Next is...
Ukai: Oh, right... you've played these guys before, huh.
(sfx) Flip

Ukai: ...even though he's a setter, he's got the most offensive ability of his entire team.
Ukai: Of course, he's excellent as a setter, too.
Ukai: He just might be the prefecture's top offensive player...


Ukai: Oikawa Tooru, the head of
Ukai: Aobajousai.

(Shou): The "grand king"...!

Ukai: They finished in the best 4 last year.

(left of Tanaka) Tch.

Ukai: --And
Ukai: it goes without saying that there's...


Ukai: the reigning champion Shiratorizawa,
Ukai: and their super ace Ushijima Wakatoshi.

Ukai: --That's the gist of it, but you'll learn more soon enough.
(left of Daichi) Ooh...
(Daichi/Suga): Even though Ukai-san seems lazy and sloppy, he really did his research...!

(Daichi/Suga): Even though he seems lazy...
Ukai: You guys just thought something damn rude just now, didn't ya.

Asahi: Come to think of it, you guys won against Aobajousai before Nishinoya and I came back, right?


Suga: That's because their key player "Oikawa Tooru" was almost entirely absent.
Daichi: As soon as he joined in, we were immediately backed into a corner.

Ukai: --And there you go.
Ukai: That's
Ukai: "my pick for this year's 4 strongest."

Ukai: --though I say that, if you only pay attention to what's "above",
Ukai: you'll get tripped up from below.

Ukai: There is not a single team
Ukai: who comes out to a tournament to lose.
Ukai: Everyone comes to win.

Ukai: While we've been frantically training,
Ukai: it's only natural that everyone else has been doing the same.
Ukai: Whether they're weaklings or champions,
Ukai: they're all aiming for victory.


Ukai: Don't forget that.
Daichi: Osu.

Ukai: --and

Ukai: don't let any of them
Ukai: call us
Ukai: "flightless crows" any longer.

Players: Osu!!

Noya: --what Ukai-san said make sense,

(Ukai): If you only pay attention to what's "above", you'll get tripped up from below.
Noya: But

Noya: I have no intention of losing.
Noya: I'm only thinking of victory.

Asahi: Yeah.

Noya: Winning and continuing onward
Noya: means facing Datekou again.


Noya: Guh!!

Asahi: Yeah, it does.

Takeda: Are you all still here?!
(sfx) Wham!!

Takeda: Sorry I'm late! The meeting ended up dragging on...
Takeda: Anyway,

Takeda: It's out!!
Takeda: The Interhigh preliminary matchups!!!


(top panel) Tokonami 4 | Karasuno 5 | Datekou 6 | Sakurashita 7

(right panel)
Senkawakita 2
Oomisaki 3
Tokonami 4
Karasuno 5
Datekou 6
Sakurashita 7
Niigawa 8
Okuwa 9
(left side, top) A-Block
(left side, bottom) H-Blo

Noya: If we win our first match...

Noya: and Datekou
Noya: wins theirs and advances, we'll face them in the 2nd match.
(left) Tokonami 4 | Karasuno 5 | Datekou 6

Kei: That's not all, though.


Kei: There's a top competitor in our block.
(center) Aobajousai 1 | Senkawakita 2 | Oomisaki 3 | Tokonami 4 | Karasuno 5 | Datekou 6
Kei: Aobajousai.

Tanaka: Geh.
Tanaka: No kidding...

(Ukai): "Datekougyou", known as the "impregnable fortress."
(Ukai): Oikawa Tooru, the head of "Aobajousai."

Ukai: Oi.

Ukai: Don't forget what I told you earlier.

Daichi: --We know.

(left) Tokonami 4 | Karasuno 5


Jiri: Sawamura, where're you going for high school?
Daichi: Karasuno.
Jiri: Where??
Daichi: The school that played in the spring competition.
Jiri: Ohh!
Daichi: How about you, Ikejiri?

Jiri: I'm going to Tokonami~
Jiri: Guess we'll be going our separate ways, huh.
Daichi: Guess so.

Jiri: So... if I continue to play volleyball in high school too,
Daichi: Keep playing.
Jiri: our schools will probably end up competing.
Jiri: Well, when that happens,

Jiri: I'll make ya taste utter defeat!
Daichi: I'd like to see you try!

Boy: Ikejiri, let's go home already~

Daichi: We'll definitely win
Daichi: this first match in front of us.
(left) The battle heads to the Interhigh preliminaries!! Next time, we have center color!!!

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