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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 36

Ready to Fly

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 13, 2013 04:58 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 36

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(left) A sweltering summer is on its way.
The first installment of the New Power Generation Campaign!! And center color as we head into the Interhigh prelims!!
Chapter 36: Ready to Fly
Furudate Haruichi
(orange bubble) The first installment of the New Power Generation Campaign!! Go to page 3 for a special "Haikyuu!!" poster!!


(right) The season approaches...
???: Sawamura-kun, Michimiya-san's calling for you~

Michi: Sawamura~
Karasuno High School 3rd year
Girls' Volleyball Club Captain
Michimiya Yui

Daichi: Yeah?
Michi: Here's the program for the sports clubs' pep rally. The volleyball clubs speak 5th.
Michi: Have you thought about what you'll say in your "captain's speech"~?
(right of Daichi) Thanks.
Daichi: Nope, not at all.

Daichi: It's finally here, huh.
Michi: Yep.

Michi: The boys' side has been really fired up lately.
Michi: And there're those guys the team used to have practice matches with a lot...
Daichi: Nekoma?
Michi: Yeah, them! You played against them again, right?


Daichi: How's the girls' side doing? They have us in separate gymnasiums, so...
※ The girls are generous
They and the basketball club each use half of the first gymnasium.
Entrance | Girls' Volleyball | Basketball | Stage
First Gymnasium
Michi: We're... well... y'know... alright...
Michi: Nobody really comes for morning practice, like always... I'm no good at being strict with them either, so...

Michi: Well,
Michi: We're bound to lose in the first round anyway!

(right of Michi) Ah!
(Michi): Oops.

Daichi: Michimiya, you always used to say "next time, we'll win for sure!", didn't you?
Daichi: ...Even if
Daichi: your opponent
Daichi: is so formidable that you definitely don't seem a match for them,

Daichi: If you don't go into it intending to win,
Daichi: you'll never be able to.

Daichi: Er, I'm-
Daichi: I'm not trying to preach to you or anything...

Michi: ...Come to think of it, you got mad and said the same sort of thing to me in junior high~
Michi: That time right before the tournament, when we were crushed in a practice match and I figured that the real thing would be hopeless too.

(Daichi): "Even if you don't have confidence that you can win,
(Daichi): even if everyone else tells you that [it's definitely impossible],
(Daichi): we..."


Michi: "As captains, we are the only ones
Michi: who can never say that."

Michi: Is what you said~

Michi: Sorry!
Michi: Losing my nerve before a tournament is a bad habit of miiiine!
(left of Michi) Uwaah!

(Daichi): "As captains, we are the only ones who can never say that."
(Daichi, bubble): Those were certainly my words...

Daichi: I know I'm the one who told you that, but...
Daichi: Well, just between us captains,

Daichi: I make a habit not to listen to what others tell me.

Michi: Nahaha! Geez, don't mollycoddle me!!
Daichi: Urgh!!

Michi: Hrm!!
(white sfx) Slap

sfx bubble: Stinging
Michi: Okay! We'll be fine!!


Michi: I feel
Michi: much better.
Michi: Thanks.

(bottom) --Two weeks until

(bottom) the Interhigh preliminaries

(juice label) Gungun Yogurt
(gungun = growing steadily)

Boy: Man, he's scary.
sfx bubble: Beep
sfx bubble: Clunk

(Tsuki): There's a top competitor in our block - Aobajousai.
(Oikawa): "Seeing as how I want to
(Oikawa): crush my uselessly adorable kouhai in a regular game, fair and square."
(Yuu): "Next time, we will definitely win!!"


Enno: What's with that sour face?

Tanaka: The tournament is coming up.
Enno: Yeah.
Tanaka: Stuff like that is kinda burning with this "to arms!" sorta feeling, y'know?
Enno: Yeah... well... okay...

Tanaka: And
Tanaka: if some
Tanaka: cute girls came and said something like
Tanaka: "do your best tomorrow...!!" (falsetto)
Tanaka: ...and gave us good luck charms or something, then
Tanaka: we'd be even more fired up...

Tanaka: is what I've been thinking.
Box: Completely serious

Enno: You're only saying that because you're a regular.

(Ukai): "Datekougyou, known as the [impregnable fortress]."
(Noya): "If we win our first match, and Datekou wins theirs and advances, we'll face them in the 2nd match."

Noya: Asahi-saaan!!!


Noya: Go
Noya: to club activities!!!
Boy: What's going on?
Boy: Dog training?

Asahi: Nishinoya...
Asahi: I told you it's alright, I'm not going to run away...

Asahi: I know that everyone has my back.

Asahi: This time, for sure, I'll hold my head high
Asahi: and say "I'm Karasuno's
Asahi: ace!"

(Ukai): "The 3 in front were a decoy... it's a back attack...!!"
(on apron) Sakanoshita

Woman: Keishin-chan, I'd like some mirin sake.
Ukai: UOOH?!!


Ukai: Ooh.
Ukai: Sorry 'bout that, ma'am!
Ukai: Mirin, right? I'll get it!

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
(sfx) Bam
???: Nice one!
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
(sfx) Bam

Ukai: Azumane.
Asahi: Yes!

Ukai: Are you
Ukai: good at doing back attacks?

(box label) Net

???: Good work today!
???: Thaaanks.
Box: One week left until the Interhigh preliminaries

(Ukai sfx) Yaaawn

Takeda: Thanks for all your hard work, Ukai-kun...
Takeda: Lately, you've been coming here everyday when club activities start, but
Takeda: what about your job?


Ukai: Up until now, I'd just handled the shop itself, but
ああ 俺今まで店專門だったけど
Ukai: since I've also been harvesting stuff in the early morning lately, I was told that the shop would be fine until evening.
最近は早朝に畑もやってるからその分 店は夕方までで良いって言ってくれんだ
AM 4:00
Harvesting fava beans
Ukai: Well, there's no point in being selfish and taking advantage of it being my folks' place...
まあ 実家だからって我儘ばっか言ってられないけど

Takeda: Thank you very much!
Takeda: I'll even bring some sake next time!
Ukai: Really?!

Takeda: Anyway...
Takeda: There are a lot of attack patterns here, huh.
Takeda: Are you planning to use all of them?

Ukai: ...It depends on how things go.

(Ukai): "If you only pay attention to what's [above], you'll get tripped up from below."

Ukai: Players need to concentrate on the match in front of them, or they'll be in trouble.
Ukai: But
Ukai: even we can't help but be overwhelmed by the games to come.


Suga: Nice, Hinata! That was incredible!
Shou: That toss just now had a really great feeling to it!

Ukai: Oho~ Hinata and Sugawara's quick strike is coming along nicely.
(above Takeda) Ooh!
Tanaka: Nice job!

Tobio: Azumane-san, how was that toss just now? Was it too high? Too low? What did you think?
Asahi: Ah... umm... er...

Asahi: It was fine...
Tobio: Tell me whatever it's lacking, no matter how trivial, and I'll fix it!!
Asahi: That's... umm....
Asahi: Then... I guess it could be a little higher,
Asahi: and a little further away from the net would be-
Tobio: Got it!!!

Daichi: Heey! We've already stayed behind long enough!!
(above players) Kaaay.

Suga: Ah.

Suga: Shimizu~
Suga: Daichi says he's going to treat us to nikuman. Would you like to come...?

Shimizu: Sorry...
Shimizu: I
Shimizu: have something to do...

Suga: Hmm.
Suga: Take care~
Shimizu: Take care.


Box: Shimada Mart

???: ...Um.
Shimada: Hm?

Yama: I'm Yamaguchi,
Yama: from Karasuno's volleyball club.

Shimada: Ahh! I thought you looked familiar!
Yama: Umm...

Yama: Could you teach me...
Yama: the jump float serve?
(left, top sign)
Soy Sauce
(left, bottom sign, spiked bubble) Sale

(Shimada): Ahh... that's right.
(Shimada): I used it during the game against those guys.

Shimada: ...But the Interhigh preliminaries are right around the corner, aren't they? You probably wouldn't be able to pull it off by then, right?

Yama: ...You might be right. I probably won't get to play this time, either... and with 3rd years around, it'd usually be impossible for 1st years to even get a spot...
Yama: But


Yama: I don't want
Yama: to be the only 1st year who never gets to play.

(nameplate) Tsukishima

(Yama): Sorry, Tsukki! I want to stop by somewhere, so...!
(Oikawa): The Interhigh preliminaries are coming up.
(Oikawa): Will you really be able to survive them?

Box: --And then,
Box: it was the day before
Box: the Interhigh preliminaries.

Ukai: --I've got nothing more to say.
Ukai: Rest up today.
Players: We will!!

Daichi: Okay! Then that's all for to-
Takeda: Ah, hold on a moment! I think there's still one more person who wants to say something?!


Takeda: Take it away, Shimizu-san!

Shimizu: ...I'm not...
Shimizu: all that good with...
Shimizu: words of encouragement, so...

(Shimizu sfx) Rummage rustle

Shimizu: Sensei, if you would.
Takeda: Leave it to me!!

Takeda: Almost
Takeda: there.
Shimizu: Sensei... I can carry it...
Takeda: I'm fine!

Noya: What's going on?

Takeda: One, two...


(on banner)
Take to the skies
Karasuno High School Boys' Volleyball Club Alumni Association

Suga: Who'd have thought we had such a thing...!

Shimizu: I found it while cleaning, so I fixed it up.

Tanaka: Uoooh! I'm getting all fired up now!!
Noya: Just what you'd expect of Kiyoko-san! Nice job!!

Tanaka: Alriiiight!! I can just feel the motivation co--
Daichi: Not yet.

Daichi: She's...

Daichi: probably not done yet.

Shimizu: ...but

(Shou): "But"?


Shimizu: Do your best.


Dai/Suga/Asahi: Shimizuuu...!!
(small text) That was a fiiirst.
(gray sfx) Sobbing
(Shou/Tobio): Even the captain...?!

Tanaka/Noya: ...uu...! Uu...!!
(Tsuki/Yama): These two are too shocked to even speak...
(Tsuki/Yama): And they're usually so loud, too...

???: UOOOOH!
Tsuki: What the heck, this is just getting out of hand now!

Boy: Dammit...
Boy: Damn you, volleyball club...!
(bottom) Boys from clubs that don't have a female manager

Players: YEAAAAH!!!


(center) --The next day.

Box: June 2nd

The National Interscholastic High School Athletic Meet
(Interhigh for short)

Box: Volleyball competition

Box: Miyagi Prefecture preliminaries,
sfx bubble: Tighten


Box: Day 1
(left) The fated "official game" commences...!!!

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