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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Haikyuu!! 37

Into the Fray

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 15, 2013 05:37 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 37

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(bird sfx) Chirp chirp

Suga/Dai/Asahi: Ah.

(left) The day of the tournament, and the morning of the battle...!!

Suga/Dai/Asahi: Osu.
(bottom right)
Chapter 37: Into the Fray
Furudate Haruichi
(bottom left)
Volumes 1-3 are on sale with rave reviews!!

Asahi: ...so,
Asahi: it's finally here, our la-
Suga/Daichi: Stop talking.

Asahi: Whaa?!


Daichi: You're definitely planning to say something sentimental.

Suga: Like "It's finally here, our last Interhigh tournament..."
Suga: or something.

Asahi: ...Urk.
Box: Bull's-eye.
(Asahi): It's finally here, our last Interhigh tournament...
(Daichi/Suga): Yeah.
(left sfx) Heartfelt
(center) ※ Azumane Simulation
Asahi: We've been through a lot since our days as 1st years.
Box: The rest is omitted.

Suga: That sort of conversation is like a death flag, so it's prohibited!
Asahi: !? Why! What's wrong with it!

Asahi: I'd even thought that yesterday, on the day before our last Interhigh competition, we 3rd years would
Asahi: boost our morale with a quiet chat while stargazing, but we only ended up going home instead!

Daichi: Shimizu's surprise already boosted morale to 120%.
(on banner) Take to the skies
Asahi: Well...
Asahi: Yeah, I guess that's true.

Daichi: We're going to win our first and second matches today and continue on to the second day of the competition, so
Daichi: there's no need to have a serious heart-to-heart talk right now.

Suga: That being said, there aren't going to be any heart-to-hearts tomorrow, either.
Suga: Because we'll win then, too.


Daichi: We're gonna win every match that comes our way!
Daichi: That's the only thing on our minds now!

Asahi: ...right!

Daichi: We'll be counting on you, ace!!

Asahi: Right...!

Asahi: It's kinda scary to see Daichi being nice.
(sfx) Whisper
Asahi: Almost like hell's frozen over!

(white sfx) Turn
Daichi: Then maybe I should be strict after all.

(bicycle sfx) Clang

(Shou): Gonna get there first~!


Shou: Uwah!

Shou: Gyaa!

sfx bubble: Wheeze
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Wheeze
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Urgh

Tobio: Wheeze
Tobio: With this,
Tobio: Haah I have
Tobio: Cough
Tobio: 31 wins, 30 losses, and 1 tie.
Tobio: Cough cough
Shou: Urghhhh

Shou: ...you're wrong.

Tobio: Like hell I am!!
Tobio: It's my come-from-behind win!!


Shou: ...I have
Shou: 30 wins...
Shou: and 32 losses.

Shou: I lost to you last year...
Shou: right around this time.

Shou: It was a crushing defeat.


Shou: "If you're the reigning king of the court, then
Shou: I'll overthrow that title
Shou: and be the one who stands on the court the longest."

Shou: I will definitely
Shou: be the one to defeat you!!

Shou: Whether it's 10 years from now, or 20,
Shou: however long it takes!!


Tobio: ...in other words, you mean you'll stand on the same stage as me in the future?

Shou: Th-
Shou: That's right.

Tobio: Whether it's at the top of Japan,
Tobio: or the top of the "world"...?

(Shou): The world...!!

Shou: Of
Shou: Of course!!

Tobio: And quit calling me "king", dammit.
Shou: Gyaaa!
Shou: I get it, I get it alreadyyyy!!

Suga: Ooh~ the world, huh~ you really think big~

(white sfx) Osu
Daichi: Before all of that, though,
Daichi: we have to win
Daichi: the first match
Daichi: in the first prefectural preliminaries
Daichi: of the 6 Tohoku prefectures of Japan, y'know~?
Shou/Tobio: Mooorning!


(above Noya/Tanaka) Heeey!!
Daichi: I'm looking forward to seeing the oddball combo in action again!!
Shou/Tobio: Osu!!!

(Shou/Tobio): Oddball?

Takeda: Okaay! Do you guys have everything?! We're leaving!
Daichi: Thank you for taking us!
Players: Thanks!

Tanaka: Hinata!
Shou: ! Yes!

Tanaka: I'm fully prepared today!
(on bag) Vomit bag
(left of Tanaka) Go on and puke to your heart's content!

(above panel) In cooperation with the Sendai City Gymnasium


Interhigh Volleyball Boys' Competition
Miyagi Prefecture Preliminaries
Game venue for
Blocks A & B, as well as the finals

Boy: I wonder what those Karasuno guys are like... I hope they don't have many tall players...
Boy: Don't worry! Remember that conversation about how they're no big deal these days!

???: Shiratorizawa's already bound to win, huh.

Boy: Nah, Aobajousai seems like it'll be a real contender this year.
Boy: I hear that since Oikawa became a 3rd year, he's taken full control.
Boy: Seijou's really grown a lot in a year.
Boy: Yeaah, but still, do you think they can win when they're in Datekou's block?
Boy: Why're we in this block... seriously, gimme a break...

Boy: Let's see, who else is in Block A...


Boy: ...Tori... Torino??
Boy: ...It's read "Karasuno", isn't it?
Boy: Karasuno? Who're they??

Boy: They're a school that used to be strong, right?

Boy: Used to be, yeah.

Boy: Now they've kinda got this lameass nickname, y'know?

Boy: Ah.
Boy: Ehh? What is it?

Boy: I'm pretty sure it was...


Boy: "The fallen champions,
Boy: the flightless crows."

Boy: Oi, wait a... oh crap.
Boy: Huh?

Boy: There they are...! It's Karasuno...!
Tanaka: Flightless? What was that you were saying??
(small text) Hmm?

Daichi: Hey, let's go! ...Sorry about that.
Boy: Ah...
Boy: that's okay.

Daichi: Don't pick fights as soon as we arrive!

Jiri: Ah...

???: They're kinda dark...
???: Isn't there a guy mixed in who doesn't look like a high schooler at all?

Boy: Th...! That's...!
Boy: No way...!?


Boy: Karasuno's...
Boy: "Azumane"...!!

Boy: Huh? Wait, who?

(Boy): Apparently he had his underlings beat up a guy from Kitakou...
Asahi: C'mon, you do it too.

Box: ※ What actually happened
(left of Asahi) It's a fight! L-let's call the police!

(Boy): Sold some dangerous stuff on the street...
Asahi: How about 50,000 yen for it?
(50,000 yen = about $550)

Box: ※ What actually happened
???: Ah, excuse me.
Asahi: You dropped this.

Boy: And they say he repeated a year twice...
Boy: Ehhh?! Then he's actually an adult!

Azumane Asahi
A healthy 17 year old
(with a glass heart)

Suga: There, there. That's what always happens~
Daichi: It's all because you've got that sort of look to you.


Asahi: But I...
Asahi: wanted to give off that "wild" feeling, even if only in appearance...
Suga/Daichi: Geez, anyone who says something like that isn't wild at all.
Asahi: ...Urk.

Noya: As long as you think you're cool,
Noya: who cares how others see you!
(left of Noya) Wahaha!!

Daichi/Suga: This is what you'd call "wild".

???: Hey, look over there.
???: She's cute.

Boy: Cyuuute!
Boy: Why don'tcha call out to her?
(Noya, white sfx) HISSS
(Tanaka, white sfx) GRRR GRRR


Shimizu: Stop
Shimizu: that.
Boy: Hey,

(around Noya): Kiyoko-san hit mee~
Boy: isn't that short guy...

Boy: Chidoriyama's Nishinoya...?
Boy: He received an award as the best libero in the Intermiddle competition...
(left of Noya) I can do my best today, too.
Boy: Whaa!! Really?!

Boy: And that's not all...

Boy: Oi, that's who I think it is, right...
Boy: The genius setter rumored to be

Boy: Kitagawa Daiichi's
Boy: "king of the court"...?!


Boy: Yeep?!
(white sfx) Pffft

Boy: Why's he at Karasuno?
Boy: Who knows...
Boy: But he didn't have such a great reputation in junior high...

Boy: Then how about
Boy: him?!

Boy: Is that short one over there some kinda amazing guy too?!
Boy: Judging by his height, he's gotta be a libero, right?!

Boy: Erm... I've really got...
Boy: no idea about him.

Shou: Uoooh...!

Shou: There are tons of people here...!!

Shou: The gymnasium's huge...!

Shou: Aaand
(sfx) Sniff sniff


Shou: It smells like Air Salonpas...!

Tobio: What the heck are you saying.
sfx bubble: Sniff sniff
Shou: This smell really gives it that "tournament" feeling.
Noya: Doesn't it!

Boy: Uwaah, the guys from "that" school just got here, too.
Boy: Geh, they're huge!

(kanji on shirt) Datekougyou

???: It's Datekougyou...!

(left) An explosive situation right from the get-go!!

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