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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Haikyuu!! 38


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 15, 2013 05:37 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 38

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top) --A chance encounter between old enemies!!
Volumes 1-3 are a big hit and on sale now!!
Chapter 38: Warmup
Furudate Haruichi

(Shou): He has no eyebrows!


(white sfx) Point

Noya: What the hell, you ba-


???: Ho-
???: Hold it, hoold it! St...

???: Stop that!
Datekougyou High School 3rd year
Volleyball club captain
Moniwa Kaname

Moniwa: I'm really sorry! Really sorry!
Daichi: That's okay...

Moniwa: Hey, Futakuchi, help me out here!
Kuchi: Kaaay.


Kuchi: Sorry about that. This guy has a habit of "locking on" to you if he knows you're an ace...
(white sfx) Shove

Kuchi: So...

Kuchi: please be prepared for it this time as well.
Datekougyou High School 2nd year
Volleyball club
Futakuchi Kenji
Datekougyou High School 2nd year
Volleyball club
Aone Takanobu

Suga: Wow, that was a bit jarring...

Suga: Asahi,
Suga: you did a good job, not averting your ey...


Asahi: N-now I'm nervous...
Noya: Why're you so weak off the court?
Tanaka: Noya-san, have a little tact!!

(Shou sfx) Shiver shiver shiver

Tobio: Oi.
Tobio: You're not gonna say your stomach hurts again or any of that, right.

Shou: I'm...
Shou: sh...

Shou: shaving with
Shou: excrement!!!
Tobio: Wait, what?!

Suga: You meant to say "shaking with excitement", right?
(Shou sfx) Shake shake shake
Tanaka: Nope, it's just normal shivering!
Noya: Seeing those Datekou guys just now left ya scared, didn't it!


Shou: Th-there's no way I am n-not.
Tanaka: Which is it?

(Tobio): Dammit... he's getting overwhelmed again... we've gotta do something to reduce his anxiety,
Tanaka: Oof!
Shou: Oka.... aah!
Shou: Gah!
Box: Time Out
Daichi: One more time, let's calm down! Okay?!
(Tobio): or we'll just end up with a repeat of that time against Seijou...

Suga: But Asahi isn't all that nervous, even though he's just as timid...
Asahi: ...Timid...

Asahi: What you need is something to distract you from your anxiety.

Asahi: Think of the absolute scariest thing you've ever experienced.
Asahi: If that's at the top of the fear scale, then
Asahi: you can say "there's no way anything that happens from here on will be scarier than that,
Asahi: so I'll be fine!"

(Shou): The absolute
(Shou): scariest thing I've ever experienced...


(Tobio sfx) Whack!

Suga: Hinata?

Shou: Ah.
Shou: I'm alright now.
Suga: Oi, just what are you remembering!

Noya: If you know how to deal with it, then why'd you cave like that during the match with Datekou?
Asahi: Urgh...
Tanaka: Noya-san's pouring salt on the wound again!

Asahi: I didn't have a chance to imagine something like that...
Asahi: And imagining itself requires time and concentration and all sorts of other things!
Suga: What a pain.

Daichi: Alright, you guys ready?


Daichi: It's the first match.
Daichi: We'll be warming up soon.

Players: Osu.

(Shou): At last...
(Shou): an official game...!

Jiri: Sawamura.

Jiri: Long time no see.


Daichi: Sorry, you go on ahead.
(right of Suga) Kay.
Daichi: Ooh!
Daichi: Ikejiri~! It's been a while!

Jiri: ...you've...

Jiri: kinda grown, huh...
Daichi: You think so?
Daichi: I'm about the same height, though.

Jiri: That's not what I meant...
Daichi: At the waist?!
Jiri: Not that...

(Jiri): His body build is different.
(Jiri): His drive is different.
(Jiri): He probably practices more, too.

Jiri: I caught sight of you in the entranceway before, but it was so intense that I couldn't call out to you.
Daichi: What's that all about! Our group's got a lot of guys who look pretty intense, though, so I don't blame you.

Jiri: No... I mean, they seemed really strong...
Jiri: You included.
Daichi: Really?


Jiri: Well... we're a so-called "weakling school", so...

Daichi: Ikeji-
(white sfx) Halt
Daichi: What's the matter?

Jiri: Nothing...
Jiri: I was just

Jiri: thinking of when we were in junior high...

???: When you stand on either side of the net, things like rank, grade and class become irrelevant!
???: The opponents are in junior high just like us,
???: so it's not as if we have no chance of winning!


Box: As if by fluke, we won our opening match
Box: for the first time ever in our final game of junior high.
Box: But in our 2nd match, we were faced with a championship school we couldn't possibly defeat.
Box: When we all felt like completely giving up, this is what Sawamura said to us:

Daichi: If you don't go into it intending to win,
Daichi: you'll never be able to.

Jiri: You never get discouraged, huh, Sawamura!
Daichi: As if I would let that happen! This is our final competition!

Boy: Our opponents are in junior high, just like us! For sure!
Boy: And we even started off winning our 1st match, to boot!

Players: Alright! Let's have our first 2nd match win, too!

(Jiri): Still,

Box: it wasn't as if we could suddenly become stronger,
Box: and with such an obvious gap in ability,
Box: everyone lost their will to fight.


Box: Everyone except Sawamura.

Jiri: That time at our final competition,
Jiri: when we felt that we absolutely couldn't win against such a skilled opponent,
Jiri: even though we lost, we figured it was "just as we'd thought", and didn't feel all that bad about it.

Jiri: There was just a sense of relief that tomorrow,
Jiri: the grueling practice we'd gone through until then would be over.
Jiri: But

Jiri: you were the only one
Jiri: biting your lip in silence.


Jiri: Even though you looked to be the only one suffering,
Jiri: for some reason,

Jiri: I was a little jealous
Jiri: seeing you like that.

Jiri: So I take back what I said before!

Jiri: It doesn't matter if you're a weakling, a champion, or a former champion!
Jiri: When you stand on either side of the net...

Jiri: all that matters is beating down your opponent!

Daichi: Show me what you've got.


Shou: Uoooh!!
Shou: There's so much space!
Shou: It's huuuge!
Players: Keep it up!
Players: One, two!
Players: One, two!
Players: Time for laps!
Players: I can't hear you!
Players: Osu!!
sfx bubble: Bam
sfx bubble: Bam

Tobio: Oi, you better not be scared.
Shou: Nuoo?! You're the one who's scared!

Tobio: Any way you look at it, that's you!
Shou: Wh-
Shou: why're you getting so angry about it...

Players: One, two!
Players: One, two!
Players: Keep it up!
sfx bubble: Wham

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

???: You should get a good look at it one more time.


Irihata: That strong quick strike performed by Karasuno's 1st year combo.
Aobajousai High School
Volleyball club coach
Irihata Nobuteru
Boy: Right.

Aobajousai High School 3rd year
Volleyball club vice-captain
Iwaizumi Hajime

Aobajousai High School 1st year
Volleyball club
Kindaichi Yuutaro

Irihata: Where's Oikawa?
Boy: Geh.

Boy: Erm...
Boy: What is it?

Boy: Some...
Boy: girls from another school stopped him outside...

Irihata: ...Iwaizumi.
Iwai: On it.


Oikawa: Eh? You want to take a picture?
Oikawa: Sure! Of course y-
Aobajousai High School 3rd year
Volleyball club captain
Oikawa Tooru

Oikawa: -ou can.
(sfx) WHAM!!
Girls: Gyaaa!?
Girls: Oikawa-saan?!

Girls: Oikawa-saaan?!
Girls: Oikawa-san?!

Oikawa: That hurt!
(left of Oikawa) Even the coach has never thrown a ball at me!

Oikawa: ...Sorry.
Oikawa: We'll take a picture next time, okay~?
Girls: Awww...


Box: 25 minutes until the first match starts

Players: One, two!
Players: One, two!
sfx bubble: Bam
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak

Shou: AH!

Shou: It's shallot-head!!!

Yuu: What the heck does "shallot-head" mean?
Boy: You're the only one here who matches that description.
(above boy) Pffft
Yuu: WHA?!

Shou: ...and...
Oikawa: Hey there! Tobio-chan, shorty-chan!


Oikawa: How's the oddball combo doing~?
Shou: The Grand King...!

Boy: Oi, look over there.

Boy: It's Aobajousai.

(left) It's almost showtime...!!!



[page 5]
Shaving with exrement / shaking with excitement - Hinata is, in fact, trying to say "shaking with excitement", but he's shaking so much that he messes up. Shaking with excitement is 武者震い (mushaburui), but Hinata says むひゃうるい (muhyaurui).

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