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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 41

Full Throttle Into the Second Round

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 19, 2013 07:07 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 41

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right) I am
✰The wait is over!! Volume 4, the newest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 1/4!!!
Chapter 41: Full Throttle Into the Second Round | Furudate Haruichi
(bottom left) the guardian deity!!
(bottom right)
✰There's a special "Haikyuu!!" project at Jump Festa 2013!! Find our head editor puttering around at the venue and get a specially-made card!! Go check the official website for details!!
✰The issue of "Jump NEXT!" which goes on sale 12/28 includes a set of stickers specially drawn by Furudate-sensei!! Details on page 324!!


Boy: Karasuno's #10 player was amazing, wasn't he?
Boy: Scoring so many times with quick strikes...
Boy: I know, right?
Boy: Even though he's so short!!

(right) In the aftermath of their first round breakthrough...?!

Kuchi: ...that #10 wasn't around back in March, so he must be a 1st year.
Moniwa: Probably, yeah.
Moniwa: We should keep a close eye on him...


Boy: Man, Karasuno was awesome.

Boy: That #10 shorty surprised me the most!
Boy: Oh, definitely!

Boy: I mean, those quicks took some real skill.

(above Shou) Ah!

Shou: Wh-
Shou: What!
Shou: There's nothing wrong with being happy about it, okay!
Shou: Nobody's ever said that sorta stuff about me before!

(Tobio sfx) Smirk


Tobio: I didn't say anything.
Tobio: It's good that you're getting noticed, after all.

Tobio: Opponents will keep their eyes on you,
Tobio: and the warier they are,

Tobio: the more you'll come into your own.

Shou: Ooh...! I don't really get it, but
Shou: either way, your smile's scary.

(sfx) Yank
Ukai: Yup, you got it.

Shou: Coach!

Ukai: For now,
Ukai: we'll create an atmosphere of "that short #10 is amazing!!"
Ukai: The greater it gets,


Ukai: the more Hinata shines,
Ukai: and the more it will blind the opposing blockers.

Ukai: --As for
Ukai: the starting lineup for the second round,

Ukai: we'll go with the same we used in the first.


Daichi: The next match starts at 1:30, so don't relax just yet!
Ukai: In the meantime, eat lightly.
Ukai: Don't go filling your stomach, got it?
(above Shou) Osu

Shou: The next match
Shou: is against that guy with no eyebrows and his "impregnable fortress" school!
Tobio: It's Datekougyou.
Shou: I know!

Tobio: ...that game

Tobio: in March, where they lost to Datekou,
Tobio: was probably the reason Azumane-san stopped coming to club activities.
Shou: The reason Asahi-san stopped...?!


(Suga): "In that match, Asahi's spikes were utterly and completely stopped..."

Shou: Blocks capable of
Shou: completely stopping Asahi-san...!

Suga: Hinata,
Suga: Kageyama,

Suga: do you have a minute?

Shou/Tobio: Sure.


Irihata: In that first round...
Irihata: Datekougyou's blocks were as splendid as always.
Boy: Yes...
Aobajousai High School
Head Coach Irihata
(left) Coach Mizoguchi

Mizo: That lead blocker seems like a real tough customer.
Mizo: I wonder how Karasuno will handle him??

Irihata: Karasuno has yet to reveal their "trump card" in this tournament, though...

(left column)

Irihata: Geez, Karasuno and Datekou are sure troublesome...
Mizo: Wait a... please don't be so laid back about it, sensei!


Suga: I'm
Suga: counting on you.

Suga: Datekougyou is a formidable enemy.
Suga: Three months ago, we were wholly defeated by their "iron wall" of blockers.

Suga: But now, we have the "strongest decoy".

Suga: ...just as you clear the wall in front of Hinata,


(Tobio): "Clearing the wall in front of a spiker is what the setter is for."

Suga: Please...

Suga: clear the one in front of Asahi - in front of the ace - as well...!


Daichi: ...Asahi,

Daichi: it's about time we got going.

Asahi: Right.

Players: Nice, nice!
sfx bubble: Tweet
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
Players: Fight!
Players: Yeah!
Players: Okay!

Shou: Alriiight!! We're gonna win in the second round toooo!!

Shou: Ooo...?!


(on shirt) Datekougyou

Shou: Yeek!

Tanaka: Huh?

Crowd: Go, go, let's go! Let's go Datekou!

Crowd: Go, go, let's go! Let's go Datekou!!
(crowd sign) Date's Iron Wall
Shou: Uooooh?!
Tanaka: You're sure active, even though you're scared~

Tanaka: Having a lot of members sure makes a team seem strong.
Tanaka: All those people lined up like that and cheering honestly makes me jealous.
Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd: Datekou!

Moniwa: Datekou...


Moniwa: fight!!!
Players: Yeaaah!!

Players: Time for laps!
Players: One, two!
Players: One, two!
Players: Keep it up!!
Players: I can't hear you!!
Players: One, two!

Boy: Man, Datekou's scary...
Boy: You really get overwhelmed being on the same court as them.
(all white sfx) Datekou!
Players: Keep it up!
Players: One, two!

Boy: Those spikers on the team they faced in the first round really had my sympathy.

Boy: Datekou literally "didn't allow them to do anything", and you could feel it.


(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!!
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!!

Crowd: Datekou!
Ref: Captains!
Crowd: Datekou!

(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!!
Takeda: It feels like...
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!!
(left of Daichi) Let's have a good game.
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!!

Takeda: The entire court
Takeda: is filled with a "Datekou atmosphere"...
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd: Datekou!
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!
(white sfx) Boom boom
Crowd: Datekou!

Daichi: We'll be receiving first,
Daichi: and we're on this side of the court.
Ukai: Got it.

(white sfx) Tweet!
Box: Start of the official warmup

(Ukai): It's only been 3 months since the straight-set loss to Datekou...
Daichi: We're doing receives!!
Players: Osu!!
(white sfx) Roll roll roll


(above Asahi) Nice receive!
(Ukai): Even though the team has definitely evolved,
(Ukai): the 2nd and 3rd years are probably still carrying the "image of losing" in their minds.

Crowd: Datekou!
(Ukai): Anyway, we've gotta do something or we'll be swallowed up by this atmosphere...
Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd: Datekou!

Noya: Hrmm
Noya: Rolling

Noya: Thunderrrrr



Tanaka: Noya-san, nice receive! Ya gotta admit that's amazing.
Tanaka: Except for the name.
Noya: The name's amazing too, dammit!!
Yama/Tsuki: Pfft
Shou: Teach me that "Again" toooo!!!
Tobio: Was that any different from the last time?
Daichi/Suga: It's Nishinoya again...
(small text) That was a regular dig just now, wasn't it!
Asahi: Hey wait hold on, Nishinoya! You'll make Daichi angry again...!

Noya: Aaaalright!!

Noya: There's nothing to worry about!!
Noya: You guys just keep looking straight ahead!!


Noya: I will

Noya: protect your backs.


(Shou/Tanaka/Tobio): So...

(Shou/Tanaka/Tobio): So cooool!!!

(above Kuchi) Neat.
(left of Moniwa) Wow.

Takeda: How cool is that...!
Takeda: The atmosphere around them has returned to normal...!
Ukai: Yup.

(Ukai): That small body's brimming with reliability.
(Ukai): It's not just about defense. The libero's principal job
Shou: I wanna say that sorta thing too!
Noya: You're 3 years too early for that.
(Ukai): involves energizing his team from the back of the court.

Ukai: He really is an excellent libero...


sfx bubble: Bam
Players: Nice one!
Players: Keep it up.
sfx bubble: Bam

(white sfx) Tweet!
Box: End of the official warmup

Daichi: Line up!!
Box: 3 minutes left...

(left) Heading right into the fated 2nd round!!!

Box: until the match begins

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