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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Assassination Classroom 27

Time to Overcome

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 21, 2013 18:52 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

C-c-c-combo breaker!



(Karasuma): If I can avoid this pair's assassination attempts for the entirety of today...

Assassination Classroom
Chapter 27: Time to Overcome
Matsui Yuusei
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(Karasuma): as a reward, you'll fulfill your promise to remain motionless in front of me for 1 second, right.

Karasuma: I'm looking forward to it.
(Karasuma): In 1 second, my knife will pierce you 5 times over.

(center, star) ✰Wriggling into a cold sweat...


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Lovro: ...Feh.

Lovro: I misjudged my opponent's fighting strength and this is the result.
Lovro: Growing old is truly a terrible thing.

Irina: Master...
Irina: Your hand...

Lovro: I won't be able...
Lovro: to kill that man today with my hand like this.
Korosen: Nyuuaa?!

Korosen: Don't give up like that, Lovro-san!!
Korosen: There will still be plenty of opportunities before the day is through!!


Lovro: As an example, Korosensei,
Lovro: even with you sticking so close to me like this, I still wouldn't be able to kill you.
(on Korosen's hat) Koro
(note: the "korose" on his shirt means "kill him")

Lovro: That is something I understand from experience.
Lovro: Ascertaining the difference in fighting strength...
Lovro: and gracefully withdrawing is also the sign of an excellent assassin.

Lovro: The same goes for Irina.
Lovro: Before trying it, understand this.
Lovro: Killing that man is impossible.
(above Beardrina) Irina Jelavic
(center box)
Yes No
(above Karasuma) Karasuma Tadaomi
(white boxes below pictures)
(gray box below Beardrina)
Excels at seduction techniques
(gray box below Karasuma)

Lovro: It seems this contest is a draw.

(Irina): It's just as master says.
(Irina): And for some reason, Karasuma is incredibly motivated.


Korosen: ...I see.
Korosen: I understand why you would give up.

Korosen: However, before projecting the result...
Korosen: please watch Irina-sensei's efforts to the very end.

Korosen: Whether they have experience or no,
Korosen: ultimately, the ability to kill is what makes an excellent assassin.

Lovro: Hmph...
Lovro: Do as you please.


Irina: ...do you
Irina: honestly believe
Irina: that I could hit Karasuma with a knife?

Korosen: Of course.

Korosen: I don't know what you learned under your master's tutelage,
Koroen: But...
Korosen: I know full well of all your hard work since coming here.

Korosen: For example, mail ordering this underwear yesterday.
Korosen: You're doing such a wonderful job.
Irina: AHHHH! You pervy octopus!!


Korosen: Let them see your strength.
Korosen: Karasuma-sensei,
Korosen: Your master,
Korosen: And most of all, the students.

Irina: ...Hmph!!
(sfx) Grab

Karma: Hey,
Karma: look at that, Nagisa-kun.

Kayano: ...Ah.
Kayano: Karasuma-sensei often eats lunch over there.


Karma: There's a lone woman approaching him.

Karma: Bitch-sensei's sure got commitment.

Irina: Could I have a moment of your time, Karasuma?

Karasuma: ...What is it.
Karasuma: Fake assassination or no, any further and I won't go easy on you.


Korosen: She has the knife with her.
Lovro: So she intends to make a full-frontal assault... what a fool.

Lovro: For starters, I never taught her advanced combat techniques.

Lovro: Rather, the movements she practiced only made her targets wary.
Lovro: It's pointless to use a woman for that type of assassination style.

Lovro: As she is such a novice in that area, I'm sure that
Lovro: he can't see how she could possibly kill him straight-on.

Lovro: After all, in the end...


Irina: Heey,
Irina: this should be fine, right, Karasuma?

Lovro: The only thing she can rely on is her skills of seduction.
Lovro: Hmph.
Lovro: This is just utter buffoonery, the same as before.

Irina: You know that I want to stay here
Irina: no matter what, right?
Irina: If I could just tap you with this knife, that would be the end of it.

Irina: I'll give you something good in exchange.
Irina: A first-rate service you haven't received before.


Box: ...This is her level, after all.
Box: Just a swing of the knife and it'll be over.

Karasuma: ...Fine,
Karasuma: do it.
Karasuma: Hit me wherever.

Irina: Ufu~
Irina: I'm so happy.

Korosen: ...Lovro-san,
Korosen: Have you listened to any of Irina-sensei's classes?

Korosen: It is her style to begin by overcoming the students' difficulty with pronunciation.
Korosen: Actually, her Japanese fluency is also surprising.


Korosen: Learning a foreign language is a cycle of overcoming challenges,
Korosen: and she, who mastered ten languages...
Korosen: overcame the challenges of this teaching job without hesitation, despite being inexperienced.

Korosen: Do you really think that such an expert in conquering challenges...
Korosen: would have done nothing since coming here?

Lovro: ...This is!!

Irina: Well, then...
Irina: Here I come~


Box: ...This is!!

(Karasuma): A wire trap!!


Box: She came up with a plan using her clothes and the tree and then camouflaged it through her seductive techniques.
(diagram labels, top to bottom)
Box: It's a combined technique that I never taught her.

Karasuma: Kuh!

Students: Uoooh! She got the drop on Karasuma-sensei!!
Students: Way to go, Bitch-sensei!!


(sfx) Haah haah haah
Korosen: All on her own,
Korosen: she comes up with the techniques she needs in order to kill me.
Korosen: Just as with foreign languages, it's a matter of overcoming challenges.

Korosen: Just from looking at this bag...
Korosen: you can visualize the effort she went through, even if you weren't there to see it.

(Irina): I got him!!


Karasuma: ...Kuh...
Karasuma: ...that was close.

Box: ...Dammit!!
Box: I can't do a thing if it becomes a battle of physical strength!!

Box: How am I supposed to deal with this...

Irina: ...Karasuma,


Irina: you don't
Irina: want me to...?

Karasuma: Like there's really any assassin who would cling to a guy who's letting her kill him!
Karasuma: I can't just give up now!!

(Karasuma sfx) Sigh...


Karasuma: Whatever.
sfx bubble: Broing
Karasuma: Like you'd really be able to deal with the sort who won't quit today or any other day!!

Students: She got'im!!
Students: Awesome!!
Students: That's how determined she is to stay here!!

Box: It was only a verbal agreement, after all.
Box: I definitely can't see him as the sort who'd sit back and let himself get killed over such a trivial gamble.


Korosen: If the students learn to challenge themselves by watching her
Korosen: earnestly overcome even the most difficult of tasks,
Korosen: then it will be reflected in the increase of their skill as assassins.

Korosen: That's why,
Korosen: if they are to kill me, her presence here is a necessity.

Irina: Master...

Lovro: What a troublesome student.


Lovro: I couldn't have done it better myself.
Lovro: Make sure you kill him, Irina.

Irina: I definitely will, master!!

(left of Irina) I did it! Hohohoho~
Box: Lewd and arrogant, but honest,
Box: Bitch-sensei is our class' English teacher.

Karasuma: ...Oi.
Karasuma: What the hell's with that armor set.
(center, star) ✰Armored Koro!!
Korosen: Nyuaa...
Korosen: I prepared it on the off chance that I had to stay still for 1 second...



The word used in the chapter's title and frequently throughout, 克服する (kokufuku suru), can be translated as overcome/conquer/master. So when those verbs appear in the chapter, it's the same word in the original Japanese.

[page 2]
Whether awake or asleep, it's a Koro-rin world!! I'll let you assassinate me~ - This is a play-off pop idol Kashiwagi Yuki (of AKB48)'s catchphrase, which is 寝ても覚めてもゆきりんワールド、夢中にさせちゃうぞ (netemo sametemo yukirin waarudo, muchuu ni sasechau zo). Here, Yuki's name has been replaced with 殺 (koro) - ie. the first character to Korosensei's name (the "-rin" bit is a cutesy name suffix similar to "-chan"), and the "muchuu ni saseru" (roughly "I'll make your head spin") part has been changed to "ansatsu saseru" (I'll let you assassinate me).

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