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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 42

The Iron Wall

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 23, 2013 06:27 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 42

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(black sfx) Tweet
Box: 2nd round

Players: Let's have a good game!!
(top left)
✰The issue of "Jump NEXT!" which goes on sale 12/28 includes an extra story & a set of stickers specially drawn by Furudate-sensei!! Check page 368 for details!!
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(right side) The fierce battle begins!!!
Box: Karasuno High School vs. Datekougyou High School
✰Volume 4, the newest from Jump Comics, finally goes on sale 1/4!!
Chapter 42: The Iron Wall
Furudate Haruichi

???: Karasuno #10's Quick was undeniably startling.
(on ball) Datekou
???: However, that was only because of his height!

Datekougyou High School
Head Coach Oiwake
Oiwake: His jump is amazingly intense, but all they're doing is a normal Quick.
Oiwake: Don't be taken in by appearances!

Oiwake: Stop him as completely
Oiwake: as you stop their ace!

Team: Osu!!


Crowd: Datekou!
???: --Based on what I saw in the first round,
???: they'll likely use a powerful serve in the first play.
Crowd: Datekou!
(on bag) Karasuno

Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Datekou!
Suga: Datekou's opening pattern is all about rattling their opponent with serves
Suga: and breaking their spirit with steady blocks. That hasn't changed since March.
伊達工の立上りのパターンぽい そこは3月と変わってない

Ukai: For the first play, keep your receives high!
Team: Osu!

Ukai: The other side's wall is definitely strong.
Ukai: But as long as you're able to overcome it, you'll have a chance to win.
Ukai: There aren't many teams like Nekoma out there, who'll keep the ball in play
Ukai: off anything and everything you throw at them.

Ukai: Well,
Ukai: you understand, right? Kageyama.

Tobio: Yes.

Ukai: Smash through
Ukai: that "iron wall"!
Ukai: Karasuno, fight!
Team: OSSU!


(top, right to left)
3rd year S
176 cm.

2nd year WS
184 cm.
Kuchi: Huh? They're starting with their ace in the rear guard?

2nd year WS
186 cm.

3rd year WS
174 cm.

3rd year MB
188 cm.

1st year Li
164 cm.

2nd year MB
191 cm.

(Box, top right)
Kamasaki (Sakunami) | Obara | Moniwa
Sasaya | Futakuchi | Aone
(Box, top left) Datekougyou High School
(Box, bottom right)
Hinata | Tanaka | Kageyama
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
(Box, bottom left) Karasuno High School

(bottom, right to left)
3rd year WS
Azumane 184 cm.

2nd year Li
Nishinoya 159 cm.

2nd year WS
177 cm.

1st year MB
162 cm.

3rd year WS
176 cm.

1st year MB
188 cm.

1st year S
Kageyama 180 cm.

Irihata: I guess Karasuno's starting with their strongest receive-oriented formation?

(white sfx) Tweet!
Player: Alright, bring it!!
Player: One hit!


Noya: Daichi-san!
Daichi: Got it!

Tobio: Nice receive!

Ukai: Yess!!
Suga: Nice receive!!


(Oiwake): ...what perfect form.
(Oiwake): You can't easily read where he'll send the ball,
(Oiwake): but...

(Irihata): Did they manage to shake that #7 middle blocker...?


Shou: Hurgh!
sfx bubble: Bounce


Tanaka: Nice course, Hinata!
(Tobio): Alright...
(Tobio): We can avoid him in the air one way or another...

Takeda: Whaa! But I thought the blocker had a one-step delay!

Takeda: Is that what "lead blocking" means...?
Takeda: Jumping after seeing where the toss goes...
Ukai: Yup.

Ukai: The schools we've faced until now used a lot of "commit blocking", where they "jumped on a prediction of where the toss would go", but
Ukai: Datekou is all about lead blocking.
Ukai: Jumping after seeing where the toss will go
Ukai: means that they won't get caught by our decoy so easily.

Ukai: With that, the blockers are a bit delayed, but #7 closes that gap in an instant... he's fast, on top of being huge.
その分一歩出遅れるって事だけどあの7番それを一気に詰めてきやがる... でかい上に早い
Takeda: Th-that's frightening...

???: Kageyama, nice serve.
???: Nice serve!
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Shou: Give'em the killer serve!!

sfx bubble: Flip


Irihata: That serve's as intense as ever.

Tobio: Tch!

(Tobio): I ended up hitting it right to the libero!!
Player: Nice receive!

Irihata: --Once he masters controlling it, that serve will be scary...
Mizo: Definitely.


Boy: Ooh, he kept it in!
Boy: Wow.

Noya: Sorry, cover it! It's all yours, Ryu!!
Tanaka: Gotcha!

Asahi: Back!!

Tanaka: Asahi-san!!

(Oiwake): A back attack... it was a rare occurrence in March's match.


Noya: Dammit...!

Ukai: No helping it now! Keep going!

Noya: I'm sorry, Asahi-san! I'll get the next one!

Asahi: I'll leave that to you,
Asahi: but I'm going to score with the next one!!

Kuchi: Huh? C'mooon~ get more disheartened over it~

Moniwa: Don't say mean stuff like that, Futakuchi!
Kuchi: Ouch!


sfx bubble: Squeak squeak!
sfx bubble: Squeak
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Daichi: Asahi!
???: Nice receive!

sfx bubble: Float

sfx bubble: Tap

(below panel) ※ If a player's hands, arms, etc. touch the white band along the top of the net, it's a foul.

sfx bubble: TWEET!

sfx bubble: Shift

Crowd: So Datekou had a net touch* just now, huh. That was a close call for Karasuno.
Crowd: Wow... even a fast attack can't shake those two blockers...
(left of Moniwa) It's alright, don't worry about it!


Player: In front!
Player: Nice receive!
Player: Futakuchi!!

Tanaka: Fugyaa!
Player: Nice job, Tanaka!

Tanaka: Sorry! Cover it!!
Asahi: I'm open!!
Daichi: Asahi!!

sfx bubble: BAM

sfx bubble: Tweet

Takeda: Ah, a block out! Th... thank goodness...
(block out = a ball knocked out of bounds by a block)
Ukai: Nice one, Azumane!

???: ...Karasuno has a small lead, point-wise...
???: But


Mizo: the other team's really keeping them on their toes...
Mizo: It feels like they're narrowly dodging a shut-out...

Irihata: ...If they start getting repeatedly caught by the blocks
Irihata: they've just barely been escaping thus far...

Irihata: The flow of the game will instantly shift in Datekou's favor.
Player: Futakuchi!

Player: Nice one touch, Hinata!
sfx bubble: Float
sfx bubble: No way...
Noya: Free baaaall!!

Oiwake: --The point our opponent assumed they would score
Oiwake: becomes ours instantaneously.


sfx bubble: Float
Oiwake: Breaking the opponent's spirit
Oiwake: while at the same time boosting your allies' morale...

sfx bubble: Glance

Oiwake: The strongest offense and the strongest defense
Oiwake: is

Oiwake: "a block."


Crowd: Nice block!!!
(left of Crowd) UOOOH HELL YEAAAH!!

???: One more point, Aone!!
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

Moniwa: Nice job, Aone!
(above Moniwa) Up high!

(sfx) Smack!
Moniwa: Guwa!

Moniwa: ...urg.

Irihata: --A wall
Irihata: that's high,
Irihata: quick,
Irihata: and vast.

Irihata: It really is
Irihata: an "impregnable fortress."


Shou: Dammitttt...
Tobio: Don't worry about it! We'll get the next one!

Tobio: Next time,
Tobio: we will definitely score.

Shou: Right.

Boy: What's the matter?

Oiwake: ...what I expect is their new weapon,
Oiwake: #10's quick strike, has been completely blocked.
Oiwake: But even so,

Oiwake: why aren't they all that broken up about it...?

???: When we played against Nekoma,
???: why do you think they were able to block the "oddball quick strike"?


Shou: Because Inuoka was awesome!!
Ukai: Okay... well, yeah, that's a major factor, but...

Tobio: Because Nekoma's middle blocker got used to Hinata's movements.

Ukai: Bingo.
Ukai: The key is experience.

Ukai: Well, I think Nekoma had someone extremely shrewd in their ranks.
Ukai: Probably that setter with the pudding hair.
Shou: Kenma!
Box: Meanwhile, in Tokyo
Kenma: Achoo!
Innu: Kenma-san caught a cold!
Kenma: Be quiet, I did not.

Ukai: Frankly, I hadn't thought they would set up a countermeasure so quickly, but
Ukai: whatever the team, sooner or later they'll become accustomed to the "oddball quick strike".

Ukai: Your quick strike is an extremely powerful weapon, but it's not invincible.
Ukai: What's most important is--

Tobio: ...where to use it...
Ukai: Bingo.


Shou: Does "next time, we will definitely score"
Shou: mean we're gonna do that?!
Shou: The "gyun!!" thing!!
Shou: Are we doing it?!

Tobio: It hasn't been all that long. Don't get so excited.

Tobio: --Jump with all your power,
Tobio: at your top speed,

Tobio: and I

Tobio: will get the ball
Tobio: to you.
(left) Hit'em hard!!! Next issue, we have center color!!!

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