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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Assassination Classroom 28

Movie Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 27, 2013 16:21 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(sfx) School bell
(left, star) In high spirits!
(bottom right) Assassination Classroom
(magazine back cover) Movie Plaza

Isogai: You're certainly in a good mood, Korosensei.
Isogai: Do you have something planned after school?
(sfx) Bang
Korosen: Yep.

Korosen: I'm going to Hawaii to see a movie.
Korosen: It was only released in America a short while ago, so I'm looking forward to it.

If they can't kill their teacher within 1 year, he'll blow up the earth!! The target is the mysterious super creature "Korosensei", who destroyed 70% of the moon and became Class 3-E's teacher. With the end of the rainy season, the time limit is moving ever closer, but...!?

Naka: No way. That's not fair, sensei.
Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: Mach 20 speed is utterly perfect for times like these.


(magazine cover) ovie Plaza
???: "Sonic Ninja"?

Students: Oooh, it's that superhero flick.
Students: Tell us what you thought about it tomorrow.
(magazine, right side) Finally hits theaters across the US!!
(magazine, box) Won't be shown in Japan for another 3 months

(right, star) What's this? It's got them pretty interested!!
(magazine cover) Movie Plaza

(center) Assassination Classroom
(bottom right) VOL. 28 Movie Time
(bottom left) Matsui Yuusei


(sfx) Bend bend
Korosen: Well, then.
Korosen: It's about time I got going.

???: Korosensei, please
???: take us with you, too.

Nagisa: We were just talking about wanting to see that movie.

Korosen: Oh?
Korosen: You like that sort of thing?
Nagisa: I love it!
Nagisa: I've been waiting forever for the sequel to come out.

Korosen: You liking superhero movies is rather unexpected, Karma-kun.
Karma: I like the director.
Karma: It's unusual for him to work on a film based in American comics.


Ritsu: I would like to go as well, Nagisa-san.

(on sign) Excuse the intrusion

Nagisa: Ritsu...
Nagisa: Why are you in my phone?
Ritsu: This is to facilitate sharing information with everyone.

Ritsu: I have downloaded my terminal into everyone's cell phones.
Ritsu: Please call me "Mobile Ritsu".
(Nagisa): Basically anything goes for her, too.

Ritsu: I would like to experience
Ritsu: Korosensei's mach-speed takeoff once more.
Ritsu: The camera image might become assassination reference material.


Korosen: Very well.
Korosen: I will let you all...
Korosen: experience the movie, as well as my speed.

Nagisa: ...Karma-kun,
Nagisa: I didn't put much thought into it when I asked, but
Nagisa: aren't we kinda doing something unbelievable?
Karma: Guess so~
Karma: We didn't think as far as our own safety.


Korosen: Don't worry,
Korosen: I'll accelerate slowly to prevent it from taxing your bodies.


Nagisa: S-so fast!!
Karma: Ahahaha!!
Karma: Awesome, I can already see the Pacific Ocean!!


Nagisa: Huh?
Nagisa: I don't really feel or hear the wind, Korosensei.
Nagisa: Your head is repelling almost all of it.

Korosen: That's a good eye you have, Nagisa-kun.
Korosen: The secret lies in sensei's skin.

Korosen: My head is usually soft, but
Korosen: it solidifies under high pressure.
Korosen: As such, I won't even succumb to mach-speed wind pressure.

Korosen: Flying at supersonic speeds involves advanced laws of physics that you don't know yet, but
(on wrapper) Potato starch
Korosen: there is something much more familiar to you that works off a principle similar to sensei's skin.


Korosen: Let's have a little lesson on that "dilitancy phenomenon."
Korosen: First, we'll mix potato starch with water...

(Nagisa): He's started teaching us in mid-flight!!

Ritsu: Aren't you going to assassinate him, Karma-kun?
Ritsu: Right now, when you are in such close contact, would appear to be your chance to do so...

Karma: Don't talk nonsense, Ritsu.
Karma: Even if I were able to kill him now, we'd still drop into the Pacific Ocean at mach speed.

Karma: We are completely at his mercy.
Karma: All we can do is sit back and listen to his lesson.


Entertainment Center

Korosen: ...and there you have it.
Korosen: The latest sort of bulletproof vests also make use of this technology.

Korosen: Now you've learned something new,
Korosen: and the movie theater is just below us.

Box: .........while he was
Box: giving us a quick lesson, we traveled all the way to Hawaii!!


???: Woah, it's freezing!!
???: The air conditioning's on way too high, isn't it?!

Korosen: In Hawaii, they turn the air conditioning up a fair amount indoors.
Korosen: All of you, please properly equip yourself against the cold.
Korosen: Here you go.

Ritsu: How exciting!
Ritsu: I've never been in a movie theater before.

Nagisa: But...
Nagisa: This is America, so there won't be any Japanese subtitles, right?
Nagisa: I wonder if we'll be able to understand the plot...

Korosen: Don't worry about it.
Korosen: You two are doing very well in English.
Korosen: Hasn't Irina-sensei been drilling it into your heads?


Korosen: Also, put sensei's tentacle in your ear.

Korosen: It will explain any vocabulary used that you haven't learned yet.
Korosen: Let's enjoy the film while doing our best to follow the dialogue.
Korosen: Here, have some soda and popcorn.

Nagisa: Oh man.

Nagisa: This is making me really happy...!!


Box: A solitary hero who saves the world amidst his own worries.
Box: It's the sort of character everyone our age admires, but

Box: does Korosensei think the same way?

Korosen: ...G...
Korosen: No, they're definitely H.

(Nagisa): He's only focused on the heroine.


Woman: Brother...!!?

Nagisa: That was fun~
Nagisa: Now that it's reached this point, I've been drawn in and am really anxious for the next installment.
Kunugigaoka Junior High School


Karma: But y'know,
Karma: The last boss being the heroine's brother was pretty cliched.
Nagisa: Eh.
Nagisa: Y-yeah...

Ritsu: Through analysis of 1,000 Hollywood movies, I can make an accurate prediction of developments in the final film.
Rotsu: Shall I do so?
Nagisa: ...No, that's okay.
Nagisa: You're both such killjoys...

Korosen: A brother and sister separated their whole lives!!
Korosen: What a cruel fate!!
Korosensei's Weaknesses 14
Hackneyed plot developments make him cry
(sfx) Waaaah! Sob sob sob
Karma: ...on the other hand, what sort of adult would have that reaction.
Ritsu: He's been crying since we left Hawaii.

Nagisa: Thanks for today, Korosensei.
Nagisa: Goodbye!
Korosen: Goodbye.
Korosen: It's dark out, so be careful!


Korosen: Please write up your impressions of the movie in English and hand it in by tomorrow.
Nagisa: Ehhh? You're giving us homework on it...?
Korosen: You were able to go to Hawaii for free, so it's a cheap form of compensation.

Nagisa: Haah...
Karma: What's up, Nagisa?

Nagisa: This is a first for me.
Nagisa: Over the course of five hours, I went to Hawaii while taking a lesson, saw a movie, then came back here.
Karma: ...Yeaah, you've got that right~

Ritsu: On top of that,
Ritsu: so as not to tax your bodies, he looked after you with the utmost care and attention.
Ritsu: I was able to confirm the utilization of his tentacles in warding off wind pressure, dust, dirt, and the like.


Nagisa: The scenery today...
Nagisa: is what Korosensei views all the time.

???: I have a feeling that
???: the more we know about sensei, the more the meaning of his existence will fade from our minds.
知れば知るほど 先生の命が視界から遠のいていく気がするよ

Korosen: ...Well then, It's about time I got going too.
Korosen: I promised I'd give Mimura-kun a supplementary math lesson at home after this.


Cloak: ...How about it?
Cloak: Were your eyes able to follow him?

(sfx) Nod

Cloak: Excellent.
Cloak: You should be able to kill him.


Boy: Bro...
Boy: ther...?

Cloak: That's right, he's your brother.
Cloak: And starting tomorrow, he'll be your teacher.

Cloak: Now, then.
Cloak: Let's go make him pay for what he did to the moon.
(right, star) What is the true meaning behind those words...? The "second student" draws near...!!

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