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Haikyuu!! 43

Removal of the "Oddball Quick Strike" Ban

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 28, 2013 01:26 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 43

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right) Smash
(left) the "iron wall"!!!
✰Thanks for supporting us this year as well!!
Center color for the fierce match vs. Datekou!!
Chapter 43: Removal of the "Oddball Quick Strike" Ban| Furudate Haruichi
(right of tankobon) Hone in on this cover!!
(left of tankobon) Volume 4, the newest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 1/4!!
Box: ✰The issue of "Jump NEXT!" which goes on sale 12/28 includes an extra story & a special set of stickers!! Details on page 404!!


(right) Hinata vs. Aone!!!

Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Box, top half:
Futakuchi | Sasaya | Kamasaki (Sakunami)
Aone | Moniwa | Obara
Center Box: Net
Box, bottom half:
Azumane | Sawamura | Hinata
Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama | Tanaka
(below box) ※ Current rotation

(on button) Coach
(Oiwake): ...Karasuno's fastest attacker is likely #10...
(Oiwake): That quick strike is within the boundaries of our "wall", so...
(Oiwake): What will they do...?

Boy: I guess Karasuno's next attack is gonna be #10's quick again...

Boy: It's like a hamster caught in a bear's clutches... poor guy...
Boy: What's with that analogy.

Player: Futakuchi, nice serve!
Player: Nice!!


Tanaka: Alright!
Daichi: Tanaka!

Player: Nice receive!

(Tobio): No matter how much you sharpen your senses,

(Tobio): read blocking


(Tobio): can't catch this!!

(on banner) Date's iron wall

Oiwake: ...wh-



sfx bubble: Tweet

Shou: Alriiiight!!!
Tobio: Yess!!!

Iwai: There it is, that "monster quick."
Crowd: Woah, it's Aobajousai.
Oikawa: Geniuses
Oikawa: reaaaally tick me off.
Mizo: It sure is intense~!
Irihata: How scary~ Nooo~

Boy: What an absurd toss...!
Boy: In order to forcibly shake off Aone, they'd use such a crude toss...?!

Oiwake: ...and yet the spiker was able to hit it perfectly...


Boy: But to be able to hit a toss like that by chance...
Oiwake: ...do you know anything about #10?
Boy: No... I don't even remember seeing him at the junior high tournament...

(Oiwake): ...was it a fluke,

Player: Hinata, your serve!
(Oiwake): ...or intentional?
Player: Nice serve~

Box: Hinata's serve
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Tsukishima IN

Tsuki: I'd like a toss a bit further from the net, your highness.
Tsuki: I don't want to get caught by the blockers.

Tobio (teeny tiny font): ...............grumble...
Tsuki: Haah?

Tobio: I said I got it, okay!!
Tsuki: No, it's very obvious you didn't say that at all.
Tsuki: You don't want to receive orders from the commonfolk, is that it? I see.

Tanaka: Quit it, you guys! You never learn, do ya!


Mizo: Kageyama finally used that quick strike...
Irihata: It's probably thrown Datekou into confusion...
Irihata: Even if you searched the world over, you'd likely never find a quick like that anywhere, after all.
Irihata: It truly is formidable...

Shou: Ah!
sfx bubble: Paff

Shou: I-I'm sorry!
Player: Don't worry about it!
Irihata: They're still a work in progress in other respects, though.
Player: Aone, your serve!

Player: In front!
Player: Nice receive!

sfx bubble: Float

Player: Nice course, Tsukishima!
Kuchi: This time, it was a normal toss.
(sfx) Nod
Moniwa: So the one earlier was a fluke after all... and on top of that, #10 must be the only one who can use it...

Box: Aone (MB) OUT
Box: Sakunami (Li) IN


Player: Daichi-san, nice serve!
(above box) ※ Current rotation
Box, top half:
Aone (Sakunami) | Futakuchi | Sasaya
Moniwa | Obara | Kamasaki
Center Box: Net
Box, bottom half:
Kageyama | Tsukishima | Azumane
Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura

Player: Nice receive!

Kama: If a point's taken from us, we'll just take it back!!
Player: Nice, Kamasaki!
Player: Just what you'd expect from Kamachi!
Datekougyou 3rd year

sfx bubble: Flip


Box, right side: Datekou
Box, left side: Karasuno

Box, right side: Datekou
Box, left side: Karasuno

(above Noya) It's out!

Daichi: Good call, Nishinoya!
Boy: The point difference really isn't budging, huh.
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Boy: You mean how it keeps going back and forth?

Boy: Yeah. No, wait.
Boy: Look.
Boy: With this rotation...

Box: Hinata IN
Boy: Karasuno's #10
Boy: has circled back into the vanguard...!
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Tsukishima's serve

(Oiwake): So #10's moved up to the vanguard, huh...
(sfx) Woosh woosh!


Boy: Kageyama hasn't used that
Boy: super fast toss even once since the last time.

Boy: Come to think of it, when I saw Kitagawa Daiichi's games during his time in junior high...

Boy: I recall a toss like that one
Boy: repeatedly leaving spikers in the lurch, so to speak...
Yuu: Kuh!

Oiwake: ...the instant I saw that toss earlier, I certainly did think that his "bad habit" from junior high had resurfaced... but

Oiwake: #10 hit it
Oiwake: as if that were the most natural thing in the world.

Player: Tsukishima, nice serve!

sfx bubble: Bump
Moniwa: Nice receive!


Player: Nice one, Futakuchi!
Boy: Datekou's keeping the score close, too...

Boy: Ooh. With the return of Karasuno's #10 to the vanguard,
Boy: now...

Box: Aone IN
Boy: Datekou's amazing blocker, #7,
Boy: is back in the vanguard, too...!!
Box: Sakunami OUT
Box: Kamasaki's serve

Boy: It's the iron wall vs. the super quick strike...!


(Ukai): They probably think that single "oddball quick" from before was just a fluke...

Tobio: We're doing it one more time.
Shou: Got it!!

Player: Nice serve, Kamachi!

sfx bubble: Tap

Player: Net in!
Player: In front!
Noya: Urgh!

Tobio: Nice receive!
Noya: Cover it!
Tobio: Alright!

Crowd: The ball's up! But
Crowd: a Quick from over there is impossible. Who's he going to toss--


Crowd: It's that toss again...!
Crowd: Moreoever, this time it was from a spot that far from the net...!
Player: Nice toss, Kageyama!

Oiwake: So it wasn't...
Oiwake: a fluke?

(white sfx) Tweeet!
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
1st Time Out


Oiwake: ...If #10's quick strike is the real deal, then you probably won't be able to catch him with read blocking.

Oiwake: That being said, if we leave things be, they'll continue to thrash us without resistance.

Oiwake: At times when the attack might come from #10,
Oiwake: we'll mark him, rather than the toss.
Oiwake: Predict the toss to an extent, and jump.

Oiwake: I just can't be certain yet if that attack is a fluke or not.
Oiwake: Keep organized and adapt to the situation.
Players: Right!

Oiwake: In addition, go after their serves aggressively.
Oiwake: If you destroy their serves so they can't get the ball back to the setter, there won't be any quick strikes to worry about.
Players: Right!

Crowd: Karasuno's #10 is amazing...
Crowd: You wouldn't normally be able to hit a toss like that...

Iwai: Technically, what's more amazing is the setter perfectly matching his toss
Iwai: to the spiker's movements...
Oikawa: Feh.
Boy: You wouldn't realize it's a superhuman feat like that, if you're seeing it for the first time.
Boy: We didn't realize it either, at first.


Sasaya: That's the first time I've seen a Quick like that.
Moniwa: I guess #10's the only one who can use it?
Moniwa: So then, if it's not a fluke, that means he's a real monster...
Kama: That Quick was definitely startling, but
Kama: if we get lax toward the normal quick they've been using since the beginning, they'll be able to dodge us.
Kuchi: Well, for now, you're saying we should stop #10.

Kama: You take everything too lightly.
Kuchi: It's better than taking it so seriously.
Moniwa: Stop them, Aone!

(white sfx) Shove

Moniwa: Anyway, we're going to stop #10!
Players: Osu!

Boy: ...So basically,
Boy: they should just stop #10, right?
Boy: He's the only one who stands out, after all,
Boy: and it seems like the others can't beat Datekou's blocks.
Boy: Sure looks like it.

(Oiwake): We absolutely must stop #10.


(Oiwake): Stop him.

(Players): Stop him.

(Players): Stop #10.

Ukai: For now,
Ukai: we'll create an atmosphere of "that short #10 is amazing!!"
Ukai: The greater it gets,


(Ukai): "the more Hinata shines,

(Ukai): and the more it will blind the opposing blockers."
(left) Those lying in wait are the "aces"!!!

(bottom right)
Next issue, there's a surprise collaboration with "Nisekoi"!!
"Nisekyuu!!" makes it a double feature!!

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