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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 44

"The Strongest Decoy"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 30, 2013 04:52 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 44

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Phew. This chapter had some difficult lines to translate. @_@



Box: It's been 3 months since I was overwhelmed by a strong "wall".

(left side) Overcome it!!!

(Shou): "When the blockers in front of me disappear,
(Shou): I can see everything on the other side of the net stretching out below me."

Box: I'd likely also seen the same sort of thing up to now, but
Box: no matter what I did, I couldn't visualize the other side of the "iron wall".

Box: What does it look like,
Box: on the other side?
This week, the collaboration with "Nisekoi" makes it a double feature!! Check it out on page 113!!
Chapter 44: "The Strongest Decoy" | Furudate Haruichi | Volume 4, the newest from Jump Comics, is on sale now and super popular!! There are huge NPG Campaign developments at bookstores!! See page 34 for details!!


Tanaka: Taaaake

Tanaka: this!!

Suga: Yesss!!

Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Player: Nice serve!

Today, 100 g. of
boned pork ribs
is 98 yen at
Shimada Mart
Shimada: You're so slow! What're we gonna do if the match ended already!
Taki: But a customer came who hardly ever stops by!
Shimada: Hurry up, move it!
Takinoue Electronics
offers appliance
repair services

(right of Taki) Ooh, Karasuno girls.
Michi: Thank goodness the boys' 2nd round game is still going!
Girl: Wow, they're winning against Datekou...!
Player: Nishinoya!
Player: Nice receive!


Shou: Bring it oooon!!

Kuchi: Dammit, he's fast...!
Kuchi: But you were close, Aone!

Michi: Eh? What was that...?
Girl: A quick strike...?
Girl: He's a 1st year, isn't he...?
Girl: Didn't that little guy have an amazing jump...?
Taki: Fufu...
Shimada: There's no reason for you to look so smug.

Michi: Huh...?


sfx bubble: Tweet

(above Suga) Don't worry about it! It's just one point!
Michi: Sugawara isn't playing...

(white sfx) Tweeet

Daichi: Nishinoya!
Noya: Got it!
Player: Nice save!

Tanaka: B Quick!
Shou: Toss it here!

(Kuchi): 2 attackers...
(Moniwa): Which will it be...?!

(Kuchi): He's gonna jump...!!


sfx bubble: Squeeeeeaaak

(Kuchi): He's not jumping?!

Boy: This time, it was a normal quick...!!
Boy: I bet he didn't intend to go running up there so fast...


Boy: Don't you wonder how they decide... when to use that "zubaa" quick and when to use a normal one?
Boy: Before that, how the heck is he hitting that "zubaa" toss...

Sasaya: Dammit, what the hell is he...!!

???: Aaalright, alright!!
(sfx) Clap clap clap

Moniwa: Don't get overwhelmed!!

Moniwa: Our attacks are getting through, too!
Moniwa: It's true that #10 is startling, but

Moniwa: you guys have overpowered all sorts of spikes up to now! Including those of Karasuno's ace!
Moniwa: Let's stop this one, too!

Sasaya: Yeah!
Obara/Saku: Right!!

Kuchi: Please say we, not you guys.

Moniwa: Futakuchiii...!
(sfx) Touched
Moniwa: I'm sorry for having thought of you as an impertinent kouhai all this time...!
Kuchi: That's what you thought, huh.


Player: Asahi-san!
Player: Nice receive!

sfx bubble: Squeak


Aone: Aaaaal

Aone: riiight!
(above team) YEAAH!


Takeda: Uwaaah! He jumped twice...!
Takeda: Even with that frame and such a slight jump, his hands still ended up clearing the net...
Ukai: ...in addition to his height, those long arms and broad shoulders are also powerful weapons...

Ukai: But it's not just his physique.
Ukai: It's his composure, which prevents him from becoming shortsighted,
Ukai: and the tenacity to "definitely stop the opponent's attack".

Ukai: His blocks are like that because he possesses
Ukai: such a combination.
両方を併せ持ってるからこその ブロックだ

Crowd: Aone!!
Crowd: Aone!!
Crowd: Aone!!
(on banner) Date's iron wall

Boy: Man... they're both incredible...
Boy: Isn't this only the 2nd round...?

Taki: Woah wait hold on. Datekou's blocks are seriously bad news.
(left of Taki) Scary...
Shimada: Tensions were already running high, but now it's even worse...

Taki: A block like that would bring forth a "surge", after all...
Taki: If they can't break through it in the next play,


Taki: Datekou will end up riding that momentum...
Moniwa: We stopped'em again!!
Team: Yeah!

(right of Asahi): Keep calm and prevent them from scoring!!
???: Right!!

Suga/Daichi: Focus!
Box, top half:
Futakuchi | Sasaya | Kamasaki (Sakunami)
Aone | Moniwa | Obara
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom half:
Sawamura | Hinata | Tanaka
Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

Moniwa: Give it all you've got!
Kuchi: Yup.


Oiwake: Alright! We've broken their formation!!
Daichi: Sorry, cover it!
Noya: Ryu!
Tanaka: Alright!

Shou: Center!

Tanaka: It's up to you, Hinata!
Shou: Got it!!

Taki: It's a little too close to the net...!

Michi: Arg...!


(left of Suga) Gyaa!
Suga: Nishinoyaaaa!!

Crowd: #10's already moving back. He's fast!

Noya: Kageyama!!
Tobio: Got it!


Player: Which of Karasuno's 3 vanguard players
Player: will it be...?!

Shou: Right here!!

Obara/Aone: It's #10!!!


Suga: "Open the path...

(Suga): for the ace."

(Shou): The other side of the net
(Shou): stretches out below.

(Asahi): ...Ah.

(Asahi): There it is.


Tanaka/Daichi: Al
(black, Shimizu sfx) Clap clap clap

Shimada: That's...
Shimada: the "Pipe" that Nekoma used...!!

(below panel) ※ Pipe Attack: A back attack hit from behind the decoy of a vanguard quick strike.


Suga: Please clear the path in front of the ace, too.

Suga: ...yess...!!

Asahi: ...you guys are really amazing...

Asahi: Thanks.

Noya: What're you saying! You're the one who scored, right!
Noya: Real majestic-like!


Shou: ...even though
Shou: I wasn't the one who scored just now...

Shou: Even though
Shou: I didn't hit the spike...

Aone: It's #10!!

Shou: My spine was really tingling with excitement.

Tobio: That's because the "strongest decoy" is just as cool as any ace.


Shou: The strongest...
Shou: decoy...!

Ukai: Now...
Ukai: with this, we've shown all the weapons at our disposal.

(left) The ace makes a comeback!! It's heading toward all-out war against the "iron wall"!!

Ukai: From here on out, it's do or die.
Scoreboard, right side: Datekou
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

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