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Assassination Classroom 29

Transfer Student Time, 2nd period

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 3, 2013 14:33 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

We had a 2-day power outage last week, or I'd have finished this a bit sooner.



The "second student" draws near!! Center color as we jump right in to new developments!!
Assassination Classroom
(right) There's a killer greeting inside that present!!
(bottom right) Matsui Yuusei
(bottom left)
Chapter 29: Transfer Student Time, 2nd period
Be sure to check out the "Koro Newspaper Dispatch Edition" on the opposite page!!

[p002 (aka dear god why)]

(right side)
Koro Newspaper
Dispatch Edition
Class 3-E's official newspaper publication

(right, large print) Anti-sensei weapons special feature
Karasuma: I would like you to strike if the opportunity presents itself.
Karasuma: We will provide all of you with bullets and knives which are effective against him but harmless to you.
(beneath panel) At the start of this year, we were supplied with anti-sensei weaponry. Let's deepen our understanding of these weapons even further and put that knowledge to use in assassinations from here on out.
(center, outlined text) They use special materials

(black box) Special anti-sensei bullets
(right, overlay text) Items indispensible to assassination!!
Korosen: They are special bullets developed by this country for use against me.
(right of panel) They look like mere BB pellets, but the instant one hits Korosensei, it can break his cells apart like tofu. They are made of special materials. Information on said materials and the manufacturing process have yet to be revealed...
Korosen: Embedding a ball with my weakness, the anti-sensei BB pellets, was a good idea.

(black box) Anti-sensei knives
Karma: ...Hey,
Karma: is this rubbery knife really gonna work?
Woman: Yes.
Woman: It is harmless to humans, but I guarantee it will be effective against him.
(left, insert text) Even if you cut them up and paste them on, they're still effective!!
Karma: These knives really do work against you.
Karma: I tried cutting one into small pieces and sticking them to my hand, but...
(right, insert text) Creativity is important.
(left, outlined text) They are indispensible for close-range assassination
(left of Korosen) Knives made of the same material as the special anti-sensei bullets. Their strength is that of ordinary rubber, but Karma's attack proved their ability to injure and kill sensei.

(black box) The effectiveness of normal weapons...?!
(right, outlined text) Are there other methods?
(right of image) Using normal weapons against Korosensei, huh... anyone would be curious about it, but we learned the other day that shooting has no effect. Results are unknown for weapons other than bullets, but at present, we must rely on anti-sensei weaponry as the only method that can kill him.
Korosen: Lead bullets don't work against me.
(above panel) Lead bullets have zero effectiveness!!
White Box: Live ammunition and real guns!!
Korosen: They all end up dissolving inside my body.

(bottom box, left) Announcements
(bottom box, right)
✰Volume 3 goes on sale 3/4 (Mon)!!
✰The official "Assassination Classroom" twitter is -> @ansatsu_k
✰Volumes 3 & 4 of the "Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro" paperback edition go on sale 2/19 (Tue), and volume 8 of the remix edition goes on sale 2/8 (Fri)!!


(e-mail, top) Subject: Notification from mission headquarters
(e-mail, body)
June 15
The second "transfer student" will be placed in the class.

(e-mail) This long-awaited insertion is "the most likely to be successful".

(sfx) Click

There is no need to work out the minute details beforehand.
Follow all of the attendant's wishes.

(Karasuma): Understood.
(left, star) The "projected victor" is coming...!!


(top right) Good morning~
Korosen: Good morning.

Korosen: Karasuma-sensei has told all of you that there's a transfer student coming, right?
Maehara: Oh, yeah.
Maehara: Well, it's really just an assassin, though.

Korosen: When Ritsu-san first came, I underestimated her a bit and had a dreadful experience, so
Korosen: this time, I'll be on my guard.

Korosen: In any case,
Korosen: I'm truly happy that your number of comrades-in-arms is increasing.


Hara: Come to think of it,
Hara: do you know anything about them, Ritsu?
Hara: As a fellow assassin transfer student, I mean.

Ritsu: Yes,
Ritsu: a little.

Ritsu: In my initial orders...
Ritsu: "he" and I were scheduled to enter this class simultaneously.
Ritsu: By combining my long-range shooting with his close-quarters combat,
Ritsu: we would drive Korosensei into a corner.

Ritsu: However...
Ritsu: those orders were cancelled for 2 reasons.

Student: Heeh...
Student: What were they?
Ritsu: Firstly, his adjustments took longer than had been expected.


Ritsu: And secondly,
Ritsu: I was an overwhelmingly inferior assassin compared to him.

(Okuda sfx) Gulp...

Ritsu: My abilities...
Ritsu: are insufficient to serve as his support.

Ritsu: And so,
Ritsu: I learned that we would each commence an assassination separately,
Ritsu: and I, who was significantly inferior, was shipped off first.


Box: For Ritsu, who blew off Korosensei's finger, to be given such treatment...
Box: Just what sort of monster is heading our way?


(hand sfx) Shift...
(students sfx) Twitch

(bird sfx) Poof!
(students sfx) SHOCK


???: Sorry, I must have frightened you.
???: I, however, am not the transfer student.

???: I am his guardian.
???: ...well, I'm dressed entirely in white,
???: so just call me "Shiro."
(note: shiro = white)

Kayano: If someone suddenly comes in wearing white clothes and does slight of hand, it's pretty startling.
Nagisa: Yeah.
Nagisa: Anyone but Korosensei would be...

Student: Why the hell are you so scared, Korosensei!!
Student: And enough to use your secret liquefication skill!!
Korosen: W-well...
Korosen: what Ritsu-san said was frightening, so...
Korosensei's Weaknesses 15
He gets taken in by rumors


Korosen: Nice to meet you, Shiro-san.
Korosen: And what of the transfer student himself?

Shiro: It is a pleasure, Korosensei.
(right of package) Here, a present.
(on package) Yokan
(note: a type of bean paste dessert)
Shiro: Since there are quite a number of peculiarities to his personality,
Shiro: I intend to introduce him myself, if I may.

Box: You wouldn't think it by looking at him, but
Box: he's really a slippery sort.


Korosen: Is something wrong?

Shiro: No.
Shiro: You all seem to be good children.
Shiro: Thus,
Shiro: it appears you will have an easy time befriending that boy, as well.

Shiro: That seat over there is fine, right, Korosensei?

Korosen: Yes, it's free, but...

Shiro: Then I shall introduce him.
Shiro: Heeey, Itona!!
Shiro: Come on in!!

(sfx) Badump

(sfx) Badump


(Students): Use the damn door!!!

Itona: I...
Itona: am victorious.
Itona: I have proven myself to be stronger than this classroom's walls.

Itona: That alone is enough...
Itona: That alone is enough...


(Students): Another real pain in the ass has turned up!!

(Students): Korosensei's reaction is troublesome, too!!
(Students): He's not smiling or being serious...
(Students): What the heck is with that half-assed face!!

Shiro: This is Horibe Itona.
Shiro: Please call him by name.

Shiro: Oh, and
Shiro: I've spoiled him a bit, so
Shiro: for the time being, please allow me to watch over him.


Box: A guardian clad in white and a transfer student whose words make no sense.
Box: They've probably had more than their fair share of problems.

Karma: Hey, Itona-kun,
Karma: it's kinda been bugging me, but

Karma: you weren't carrying anything when you came in just now, right?

Karma: So why aren't you even the slightest bit wet...
Karma: when it's pouring outside?


(sfx) Glance

(sfx) Glance

Itona: ...You
(sfx) Clatter

Itona: are probably the strongest one in this class.

Itona: But don't worry.

Itona: You're weaker than me, so...
Itona: I won't kill you.
(sfx) Rub rub


Itona: I think I only want to kill
Itona: those who might be stronger than me.

Itona: In this classroom,
Itona: that means only you, Korosensei.

Korosen: Does that talk of "strong" and "weak" refer to fighting, Itona-kun?
Korosen: In a contest of strength, you wouldn't even be able to stand in the same dimension as me, though.

Itona: I can.


Itona: Because we
Itona: are brothers related by blood.

(on Korosen's face) Br...


Students: Br...

Students: Br...
(nameplate) Korono

Students: Br...

Students: Br...
(kanji on shirt) Kill

Students: Brothers?!

Itona: Whoever loses will die,
(right, star) A sudden deathmatch between blood(ied) relations...?!
Itona: brother.



[page 1]
Killer greeting - Here, the third character in ご挨拶 (go-aisatsu, which refers to a greeting at its most basic) has been replaced with the standard 殺. I considered using "killutations" (kill + salutations), but this works a bit better.

Koro Newspaper - I'm fairly certain this is meant as a bit of a pun. Newspaper is 新聞 (shinbun), so when you stick "koro" in front of it, you get koroshi, which means "murder".

[page 19]
A sudden deathmatch between blood(ied) relations - This is by far the most complex wordplay in the series to date, so bear with me. Here, Matsui's playing off the word "kyoudai genka", which means "a quarrel between siblings" (or "brothers", in this case). However, the characters used for the "kyoudai" portion are "競DIE". The first, 競, can be read as "kyou" and by itself means "contest/competition/rivalry". The second half is the English word "die", which is pronounced the same way as the "dai" in "kyoudai".

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