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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Haikyuu!! 46


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 6, 2013 19:17 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 46

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right) Jump toward
(left) what lies beyond the "wall"!!!
The match against Datekou reaches its climax!! Volume 4 is an explosive hit and on sale now, plus we've got center color!!
Chapter 46: "Ace" | Furudate Haruichi
(right of tankobon) Team Nekoma, fully assembled!! Hone in on this red cover!!
(below tankobon) Volume 4, the newest from Jump Comics, is on sale with rave reviews!!


(right) The fierce battle reaches its climax!!!

Player: Daichi-san, nice receive!

Box, top half:
Futakuchi | Sasaya | Kamasaki (Sakunami)
Aone | Moniwa | Obara
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom half:
Kageyama | Tsukishima | Azumane
Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura
(below box) ※ Current rotation
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Datekou
Player: #3, it's #3!!

(Asahi): ...I won't

(Asahi): let myself be overwhelmed ever again!!!


Moniwa: One touch!!

Oiwake: Counter!!

Takeda: K...
Takeda: Karasuno has


Takeda: a "wall", too!!!

Crowd: They stopped the quick strike!
(above crowd) Ooooh

???: #3 and #11 are Karasuno's tallest players, after all~

Shimada: Yess, a block point!!
Taki: Alright! Now the next time Datekou scores a point,

Taki: that huge #7 will move into the rear guard...!
(above Kuchi) We'll get the next one!


Player: Tanaka, nice course!
Boy: Oho.
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Datekou
Boy: Ooh, there we go.
Boy: With this, Karasuno's #10

Boy: is back in the vanguard!
Box: Hinata IN
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Tsukishima's serve
Shou: Alriiight!

Taki: Just 6 more points...! Score'em while you're in the vanguard, little guy~!

(white sfx) Tweet


sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
Player: 1 blocker!!
Player: #12, it's #12!

???: It's in the air! Kageyama, cover it!
(left of Tanaka) Sorry!
Shou: Bring it ooon!!

Crowd: Man, that's amazing...
Crowd: Usually, you'd be most likely to depend on the lefthand player
Crowd: to carry out a quick strike...
(white sfx, crowd) Nice receive!


Player: Nice one, Kamachi!!
Kama: Don't be so full of yourself...!!

Crowd: Ooooh! They've got perfect quick strikes over here, too!
Crowd: Kamasaki!
Crowd: Kamasaki!
Player: Nice serve!
Player: Bring it!

Box, right: Karasuno
Box, left: Datekou

Box, right: Karasuno
Box, left: Datekou

Box, right: Karasuno
Box, left: Datekou

Taki: Hang in there... just take it slow...!
Player: Sasaya!

Tanaka: Asahi-san, nice one touch!!
Noya: Free baaaall!!!


(Kama): Crap...

Boy: Nice one!!
Suga: Do it again! Just one more and it'll be match point...!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Datekou

Crowd: One more point!
Crowd: One more to go...!
(left of Yama) Nice receive!


Shimada: Right now, Datekou's #7 is in the rear guard...
Shimada: The little guy is still in the vanguard... now's the chance to widen the lead...!

Kuchi: Kamasaki-san, aren't we being underestimated and stuck in Aone's shadow?
Kama: HAAH?!

Kama: Don't screw with me!!
Kama: All of us
Kama: make up the "iron wall"!!

Kama: We're an impregnable fortress!!!


Noya: Dammit...!

Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd: Datekou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Datekou!
Crod: Datekou!
(below Kama) HELL YEAAAH!

Daichi: We'll get the next one!
Asahi: Sorry!
(sfx) Smack

Takeda: Ah...!

Takeda: Now #7-kun is back in the vanguard...!
Box: Aone IN
Box: Kamasaki's serve
Box: Sakunami OUT

Ukai: Don't worry.
Ukai: The oddball quick strike will still work.
Player: Bring it!

(Ukai): ...but
Player: Nishinoya!
Player: Nice receive!


Shimada: A waterfall ball*, huh...
Taki: Up one more~
Taki: And now,
(bottom) ※ A miss where the ball drops between the net and the blocker's body during a block

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Datekou
Box: Karasuno High School, match point
Taki: it's the match point!!


Moniwa: We're still in this, Aone!

Moniwa: Don't
Moniwa: count us out just yet!!

Crowd: It's Karasuno's match point, but...

Crowd: now #10 has moved into the rear guard...!
Box: Tsukishima IN
Box: Hinata's serve
Box: Nishinoya OUT

(Crowd): On the other hand, now Datekou's in its strongest blocking formation...!

Player: Nice serve, Hinata!

Saku: It's out!
Player: Good call!

Shou: ...I'm


Shou: I'm really sorry! Forgive me...!
(above Daichi/Tanaka) It's okay!

Daichi: Don't worry about it!
(above Tobio) Stupid clumsy ass idiot Hinata!
(above Tanaka) Quit it, you moron.
Daichi: If you've reflected on it, then it shouldn't drag you down in the future!

Shou: R...
Shou: Right...!

Crowd: If Datekou can grab 2 more points, it'll be deuce...
Crowd: With the current rotation, they've got a good shot.
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Datekou
Crowd: If they end up in deuce without #10, won't Karasuno be in big trouble?

(above boy) Next time!
(above Yama) Don't worry about it!
Player: Bring it on!

Yama: Datekou's #7 is really incredible...
Shou: ...Yeah... I'd thought he'd definitely blocked my spike earlier.

Shou: But

Shou: right now,
Shou: Asahi-san is in the vanguard,
Shou: so it'll be fine.


Player: Tsukishima!

sfx bubble: Whoosh
Moniwa: Sakunami!
Saku: Got it!

Player: Nice receive!
Shimada: That's a good course, but they're already on guard against it...

Tanaka: Kuh!
Player: Cover it!

Tobio: Azumane-san!
Asahi: Right!!

(Asahi): What sort of "ace" am I if I can't even score
(Asahi): the final point we need!!

Moniwa: If we can't even stop a single spiker we've defeated once before,
Moniwa: then we can't call ourselves the "iron wall"!!


Moniwa: Hurg!

Player: Nice block, Moniwa-san!

(Daichi): Shit! There's hardly anyone back there...


Player: It's back in the air!
Noya: Covering it's up to you!

Asahi: Left!
Asahi: One more time!!

sfx bubble: Bump
Tobio: Azumane-san!
Noya: Nice cover!

Shimada: A toss practically coming from right behind him... hitting that will be insanely difficult...!
Shimada: And man does that libero recover quickly.
Taki: The toss's a bit too close to the net...!

Taki: They're crowding him...!
Taki: You can do it, long-haired niichan!!


(Noya): I won't

(Noya): reach it in time.


Michi: His foot...!

Crowd: With his foooot!!!

Ukai: What a guy...

Suga/Shou/Noya: ONE MORE TIME!!!

(left) Smash on through!!!



[page 11]
Waterfall ball - Evidently, the term Shimada uses, 吸い込み (suikomi), doesn't have an English equivalent and is generally just called a "miss". The closest I could find was "waterfall ball", which is a slang term referring to "when a player's hit goes inside the block of the opposing team and falls down on their side much like a waterfall" (from wikipedia).

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