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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Haikyuu!! 47

Aces and Heroes

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 11, 2013 04:31 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 47

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(Asahi): --No matter
(Asahi): how many times I slam into that wall, I'll keep

Player: Nice block, Moniwa-san!

(Asahi): hitting
???: It's back in the air!

Asahi: One more time!!
(Asahi): the ball

(right) Just "1 point" away from victory!!!
(Asahi): as long as it's tossed to me!!!
All volumes are getting reprints!!
Chapter 47: Aces and Heroes
Furudate Haruichi


Michi: His foot...!
Crowd: With his foooot!!

Ukai: What a guy...
(Ukai): It's as if his body moved of its own accord before his brain was aware of it...
(Ukai): A true "reflex".

Player: Nishinoya, nice follow-up!

Michi: What a quick recovery...


sfx bubble: Haah
(Asahi): Move back
(Asahi): Immediately move back
sfx bubble: Haah

(Asahi): enough of a running distance that
(Asahi): I can jump with all I've got
(Asahi): no matter
(Asahi): how many
(Asahi): times it takes!!!

(Asahi): Don't stop thinking.
(Asahi): Don't stop moving your feet.

(Asahi): If you lose that mindset,
(Asahi): the ball will fall.

Player: Kageyama, cover it!
Tobio: Right!
Shimada: Who's he going to toss it to next?!

Taki: It's hard for one person to keep hitting it in rapid succession, so...



Suga: One more time!!!

Daichi: "Until we finish this"!!

(Suga): "Asahi's specialty is a high toss..."

Tobio: "a bit away from the net."


Takeda: Huh...?
(Takeda): I figured Kageyama-kun would use a toss that's more...

Ukai: It's fine.
Takeda: Eh?

Ukai: This is the best choice right now,
Ukai: sensei.

Suga: Go for it!
Suga: Asahi!!
Suga: Go!!!

Daichi: Knock it down, Asahi!!


(white sfx) Tweet

(white sfx) TWEEEET
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Datekou


Asahi: AAAAL

Box: --End of the match
Set count
(numbers go here)

Box: Winner: Karasuno High School

Moniwa: Line up quickly!

sfx bubble: Tweet


Players: Thank you for the game!

Takeda: Um... Ukai-kun...


Takeda: About that last toss...
Takeda: When you said "this is the best choice right now"...
Takeda: what did you mean...?

Ukai: When your receives have been thrown into disarray so you can't attack as you'd like to,
Ukai: the final hit will revolve around the lefthand ace position, no matter what.

Ukai: In the
Ukai: "final stronghold" of that attack, so to speak,
Ukai: you want to have felt that "you wrenched a point away from the wall of blockers with your own hand."
Takeda: I see... so the next play is connected to your self-confidence...

Ukai: Particularly for Azumane, who seems to have suffered a real blow from Datekou before.

Ukai: But it's alright now.
Ukai: Even lacking a decoy, he was able to fight against the opponents' "iron wall" without hesitation.
Ukai: Also,

Ukai: having a ball tossed especially for you
Ukai: is a mark of pride for a spiker.
Ukai: For someone who is still working to achieve absolute trust with the setter,
Ukai: that is the best evidence of their progress.

(Suga): "One more time!!"
Ukai: Both setters entrusted him with that toss, so
Ukai: there's no way he'd lack self-confidence.


Noya: You really did it, Asahi-san!!

Shou: Asahi-san!!
Shou: Datekou blocked
Shou: like KABOOM and (note to typesetter/editor: symbols go here)
Tsuki: Speak Japanese.

Asahi: ...I
Asahi: may be an ace, but

Asahi: you guys are heroes.

Shou: Uooooh, heroes...!
(left of Shou) Wooow

Noya: That ain't bad at all!!


(on ball bag) Datekou

Moniwa: ...you did a good job against the opponents' outrageous quick strike.
Moniwa: This was...

Aone: Spring tournament!!!

Kuchi: That's right, Moniwa-san! Let's get our revenge in the spring tournament preliminaries!

Kuchi: The preliminaries are in September, right? We'll head home right now,come up with a counter-plan,
Kuchi: and in the spring tournament preliminaries, we'll face Karasuno and
Kuchi: next time, for sure, we'll-

Moniwa: I won't be around for the spring tournament.


Kuchi: Why! Is it because we're a pain in the ass?!
Moniwa: Whaa?! What are you saying, that's just how things are.
Moniwa: I told you already! 3rd years only have until the Interhigh competition.

Kuchi: But-
Moniwa: You guys are strong.

Moniwa: ...we are basically considered a powerhouse, but
Moniwa: For us 3rd years, there was a time when our team was called a "failure"
Moniwa: and "fruitless."

Moniwa: Thanks to you guys, I was able to
Moniwa: be part of a team that lived up to its name as the "iron wall."
Moniwa: So

Moniwa: when you're 3rd years, stick it out through the spring tournament.
Moniwa: Bring in huge numbers with the new team you'll create from here on, and, even if you don't win the preliminaries this year, next year...
Moniwa: quash Aobajousai, Shiratorizawa and Karasuno
Moniwa: and head to the nationals!!

Kuchi: But-

Moniwa: Got it?!


Kuchi: ...yeah.

Kama: I didn't catch that, Futakuchi~

Kuchi/Aone: OSU!!!

Moniwa: Alright. Let's line up, then.

Moniwa: Thank you for supporting us!

(on banner) Date's iron wall
Team: Thank you!
Box: Datekougyou High School

Box: Eliminated in the 2nd round of the Interhigh Preliminaries


Shimada: Datekou's blockers were seriously scary...
Shimada: I wouldn't wanna compete against them...
Taki: Got that right.

Taki: At any rate,
Taki: how do you think Karasuno decided when to use the 1st year combo's outrageous quick strike
Taki: versus the normal quick strike?

Taki: With that outrageous quick strike, the little guy doesn't see the toss, so
Taki: they can't use it if they don't decide on it beforehand.

Shimada: ...but they didn't signal or anything during the rallies, did they??

Shimada: Hrmmm...?

Shou: --The opponents didn't notice our signals, huh!
Tobio: Nope.
Tobio: It looks like this will be effective for now.

Tsuki: Even though you're both muscle-brains, nice job thinking that up~
(white sfx) Irritated

Shou: W...we're not the ones who came up with it...
Tsuki: Oh, so you weren't after all?
(left of Tobio, half-hidden) Hey, the brain's a muscle, isn't it!
(note: it isn't. :P)
Tsuki: So who thought of it??


Shou: Sugawara-san!

Suga: ...This is great.
Daichi: Yeah.
Suga: We were able to get revenge.
Daichi: ...yeah.

Suga: ...but
Suga: in the end,

Suga: I think it would have been better if we'd won it
Suga: with my toss.


Suga: S-
Suga: Sorry.
Suga: Just keep that bit between us-
(left of Suga) And we'd finally won, too.
Daichi: I'm glad that you

Daichi: still intend to fight.

Daichi: There's a match tomorrow, too.
Daichi: We're gonna win and stay in this.

Suga: Right.

Crowd: Kyaaaa~♡

Crowd: Do it, do it, Seijou! Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!!
Crowd: One more!
(below crowd bubble) Oikawa-saaan!!
(right of player) One more!!


Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Oomisaki

Suga: ...Aobajousai's
Suga: first match, huh.

Oikawa: ...we'll devour

Oikawa: both "champions"
Oikawa: and "dark horses",

Oikawa: and we'll be the ones going to the nationals.
(left) What awaits them is an "old enemy"!!!

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