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Haikyuu!! 48

"The Conductor"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 14, 2013 01:24 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 48

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Holy crap, I'm caught up! I FINALLY CAUGHT UP! And just in time, too. TuT



(left) The prefecture's #1 setter,

Volume 5, the newest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 3/4!!
Chapter 48: "The Conductor"
Furudate Haruichi

(left) Oikawa Tooru, takes the stage!!


Shou: Gah! Another one...!
Asahi: That makes 4 consecutive service aces...

Crowd: Way to go, Tooru!
Crowd: Push'em back, Tooru!
Crowd: One more!
Scoreboard, right side: Oomisaki
Scoreboard, left side: Aobajousai

Ukai: It goes without saying that he's got power, but
Ukai: his control's vicious, too...

Shou: Still,
Shou: if we can just do something about that serve, then...!

Suga: His serve is certainly frightening, but

Suga: we know absolutely nothing
Suga: of Oikawa's skill as a "setter."
Player (half-hidden): Nice serve! One more!


Ukai: What about your practice match against them?
Daichi: He only switched in as a pinch server at the tail end of the 3rd set.
Takeda: I heard from Coach Irihata that a 2nd year setter had been used in his place that time.

Player: Nice receive!
Player: Free ball!
Ukai: Y'know, I think a setter

Ukai: is like the "conductor" of an orchestra.

Ukai: Even if it's the same piece of music
Ukai: and the same muscians,

Ukai: if you switch "conductors",


Ukai: the "sound" will change.

Suga: ...What incredibly
Suga: smooth teamwork...

Crowd (half-hidden): Way to go, Hajime!
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, Hajime!
Crowd: One more!
Tobio: ...Oikawa-san and Iwaizumi-san - player #4 on the left - have apparently
Tobio: been together since their club team in elementary school.
Tobio: You could say they're perfectly in sync.

Ukai: I don't think it was a matter of the 2nd year setter's level being too low in the practice match.
Ukai: He's in Seijou, after all.
Ukai: It just feels like that Oikawa guy

Ukai: is so familiar with the "Seijou" team that he can draw out their power to its fullest extent,
Ukai: I guess...

Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back
Crowd: Seijou!
Crowd: Way to go, way to go,
Crowd: Seijou!!

Shou: The Grand King is so cool!!
Shou: I wanna have a match with him already!!


Noya: Yeah!
(sfx) Excited excited
Noya: Ya think he'll target me with his serves?!
Noya: I wanna receive one!!

Ukai: That's some confidence...
Shou: Noya-san's cool, too!
Noya: Ah! Look, Shouyou!
Noya: It's a TV camera!!

Shou: EHH?!
Shou: TV?!!

Man: C'mon now! You mid... elementary schoolers, I guess? Quiet down a bit.

Shou/Noya: Elem...
Shou/Noya: Sorry.
(above Suga/Asahi/Daichi) PFFFFT

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak


(white sfx) Tweet tweeeet
Scoreboard, right side: Oomisaki
Scoreboard, left side: Aobajousai
Box: End of the match

Set count
(numbers go here)
Box: Winner: Aobajousai High School

Daichi: We're heading back!

(white sfx) Vrooom

sfx bubble: Shoo...
sfx bubble: Zzzz...
sfx bubble: Snooore
sfx bubble: Zzz

Takeda: ...It's so quiet...
Ukai: They played 2 matches, after all.
Ukai: Well, both of them were straight-set wins, so it could've been worse.


Ukai: From tomorrow onward, if we win, the opponent for the 2nd match of the day will be even stronger than the first.
Ukai: We've got to keep giving it our all for each round.
毎回 気合入れ直さねぇとな
Takeda: Yeah...

Takeda: ...Well,
Takeda: we should probably wake everyone up soon...

(white sfx) Vrooom
Man: Ooh!
Man: The volleyball club's back.

Man: Takeda-senseeei!
Takeda: Hm?

Man: The volleyball club's on television~
Tanaka/Noya/Shou: ON TV?!

(sign) Faculty Office
Boys: Please excuse us!!!


Announcer: --Now then, next up is Block E, but we got off to a rocky start on our end.

???: Oooh! They're covering it! On TV!
Tsuki: It's just the local news, isn't it?
Tanaka/Noya: Shut up! TV is TV!
Announcer: Beating Niiyama Tech of last year's best 4, Wakuyaminami High School advances to the 3rd round...

Tanaka: Wakunan's one of the ones coach told us about...
Tanaka: So they won against a top-tier school, huh.

Announcer: --Meanwhile, the "champion" Shiratorizawa High School, with its "super ace" Ushijima Wakatoshi-kun,
Announcer: had its first match in Block H...
(on banner) Shiratorizawa High School

Announcer: With a 25-10 first set and 25-6 second set against Ougiminami High School,
Announcer: they easily set the pace of the entire game and, with the overwhelming difference in results,
Announcer: showed us the dignity of a champion.

Asahi: Did they say 25-6...?


Announcer: Will the champions guarantee themselves a ticket to the nationals this year as well,
Announcer: or
Announcer: will a team appear who can stop them!
Announcer: Keep your eyes open!

Announcer: Continuing on, we shift our attention to Block A.
Shou: That's the gymnasium we were in today!!
Announcer: Without a doubt, the most noteworthy

Announcer: is Oikawa Tooru-kun, captain of Aobajousai High School's team!

Announcer: With good looks and a ton of female fans,
(left of bubble) Oikawa-san!!
Announcer: he's a player with both popularity and skill.
Announcer: In today's match...


Announcer: --And tomorrow, the one who will be challenging Aobajousai
Announcer: and defeated Datekougyou, which seemed a shoe-in for the best 8, in a straight-set win,
Announcer: is the veteran Karasuno High School team.
(Tanaka/Noya/Shou): We're gonna be on TV...!!!

Announcer: We asked him his thoughts on Karasuno High School, who he'll be facing tomorrow in the 3rd round.

(right) Q: What do you think about Karasuno High School, your opponent in the 3rd round?
Oikawa: They're a good team!
Oikawa: I'd really like to face and break them with everything I have!


Announcer: We're expecting some fierce fighting tomorrow, as well!
Announcer: We'd like to wish you good luck!
Announcer: Now then, next is...
Man: Th...
Man: They showed a quick scene of your match in the beginning, though?! You all did a wonderful job!?

Daichi: Thank you, sensei.
Man: Ah, erm...
Daichi: Alright. Well then,

Daichi: let's do it.

Man: Do what?!
Takeda: We-
Takeda: We're just having a meeting!

Ukai: Today's match with Datekou

Ukai: was a "first gulp of beer",
Ukai: so to speak!

(Tobio/Shou sfx) Don't get it


Ukai: There's an incredible taste that you only get on the first gulp of beer!
(sfx) Buhaa!
Takeda: Ukai-kun, please use an explanation that minors can understand.

Ukai: Since the initial debut of the "oddball quick strike", we were able to surprise our opponents, but

Ukai: seeing as you've fought against Seijou before, they know our gameplan to a certain extent.
Ukai: Even so, your offensive ability is undeniably high.

Ukai: The first order of business is holding out against that serve of Oikawa's.
Ukai: Letting them use that serve to set the flow of the game is the last thing we want to do,
Ukai: and is likely how they do things.

Ukai: --So we'll go with a basic serve formation
Ukai: where "everyone except the setter handles receives", but
Ukai: this time...

Ukai: The middle blockers Hinata and Tsukishima won't do any serve receives,
Ukai: but will instead concentrate solely on attacking.
(diagram, top circle) Net
(diagram, arrow) Hinata or Tsukishima

Shou/Tsuki: Kay...
Ukai: Oi, don't get down, y'hear? This is "division of labor". Okay, get on the court.
Players: Osu!


Ukai: Ah, also,
Ukai: when you guys watched Aobajousai, you must've thought
Ukai: "crap, they're strong."
Ukai: But

Ukai: Take the Datekou match, for example. If you'd seen it from that same audience perspective,
Ukai: you'd lose heart, thinking "what the heck, that block's seriously scary. There's no way we can win."

Ukai: And yet, you competed against them
Ukai: and won.

Ukai: Tomorrow, you'll do the same.

Players: YEAAAH!!

Ukai: Alright, we're gonna do a quick check to make sure of the formation.
Players: Ossu.

Mori: Ukai-san!


Ukai: Yo, Mori!
Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team
MB Mori
(a college 3rd year)
Mori: Here's today's match.

Ukai: Ooh! Thanks!
Mori: I gave the camera back to Takinoue-san.
(on CD) Seijou vs Oomisaki
Ukai: Sorry for the trouble! You're a livesaver! Next time, drinks are on me!

Mori: Woohoo! Yay!
(above Mori) Later!

Takeda: Is that Aobajousai's match?
Ukai: Yup.

Ukai: I had him film the school we'd be facing tomorrow.

Ukai: Well, even if you watch this today, it's not like you'll suddenly be able to handle Oikawa's serve, but
Ukai: we'll all get fidgety if we sit back and do nothing.

Takeda: Ukai-kun, I'm definitely going to treat you to a drink...!
Ukai: Seriously?!

Ukai: Alright, make sure you guys aren't late tomorrow!
Players: Kaay.

Oikawa: I want to crush my uselessly adorable kouhai
Oikawa: in a regular game, fair and square, as a setter.


Daichi: Kageyama seems more wound up than usual...

Daichi: Ah,
Daichi: there he goes.

Shou: Oi, Kageyama!
Shou: If you act like that in your teens, you'll end up with wrinkles on your forehead!
Tobio: HAAH?!

Shou: Tomorrow, we're gonna beat the Grand King and...

(Tobio): "Beat"... if we don't defeat Oikawa-san,
(Tobio): then we can't continue forward.

Shou: We're gonna be on TV, so you should practice looking pleasant.
Tobio: Get off my back!

Tobio: We'll win the match.
Tobio: We have to win, or we can't continue onward!


(above Shou) Alright!
Daichi: They're sure confident.

Daichi: ...Suga,
Daichi: Asahi.

Daichi: We're gonna survive tomorrow's match, too.

Suga/Asahi: --Right.

Tanaka: Let's go to the nationals... alongside the 3rd years.
Players: Definitely.

Player: Oikawa-san, I'll be heading out early.
Oikawa: Kay. Bye-bye!
Aobajousai High School
Athletics Department, clubroom section


Oikawa: Hmm hmm~

Iwai: Oi.
Iwai: Quit staying up late all the time.

Oikawa: Are you my mother, Iwa-chan?

Iwai: What was that?
Oikawa: Sorry sorry sorry, you're not! Definitely not! It just really fit the situation!

Iwai: Don't say idiotic things like that, shithead Oikawa!!
Iwai: I'm closing up the clubroom, so move it already, Assikawa!
Oikawa: Please don't abbreviate your insults!
Iwai: Dumbass Oikawa!
Oikawa: You don't have to correct it!!

(white sfx) Tweet
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Bam squeak
Crowd: Way to go, Tooru!
Crowd: Push'em back, Tooru!
Crowd: One more!


Ukai: That guy... he's probably...

(center) --The next day, Day 2 of the Interhigh Preliminaries

Box: Commencement of the 3rd round: Karasuno High School vs. Aobajousai High School
(left) The battle against Seijou finally begins... and next time,
(left, large) we have opening color for the series' 1 year anniversary!!

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