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Assassination Classroom 31

Having a Rough Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 17, 2013 20:50 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Volume 3 goes on sale 3/4 (Mon)!!
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 31: Having a Rough Time
Matsui Yuusei
(left, star) An extraordinary battle of tentacles...!!

(Shiro sfx) Smirk


sfx bubble: Whoosh

Mimura: Wo...
Mimura: Woah...

Mura: Is he dead?!
Tera: ...No.

Tera: Look up.


(right of Korosen) Haah haah
(on Korosen's head, sfx) Fizzle

Shiro: Molting, hm...
Shiro: Come to think of it, you did have such a trick at your disposal.

Box: Korosensei's hidden escape technique!!

Box: To think he'd be forced to use it so quickly...!!
(sfx) Yank


Shiro: Even so, Korosensei,
Shiro: we are well aware that your molting has a weakness, as well.

Korosen: Nyuuaa!


Korosensei's weaknesses 16
The time right after molting

Shiro: It consumes more energy than it would seem.
Shiro: As a result, that speed you pride yourself on decreases immediately after molting.

Korosen: Urgh!
Shiro: From an ordinary person's perspective, your incredible speed wouldn't look any different, but
Shiro: it has a huge impact on such a fight between tentacles.

Korosensei's weaknesses 17
The time right after regeneration

Shiro: In addition,
Shiro: I see you have restored the arm you lost in Itona's initial surprise attack.
Shiro: That restoration also takes a considerable amount of stamina.

Shiro: By my calculations, your physical performance, which has decreased twofold,
Shiro: is now roughly equal to Itona's.


Shiro: Also,
Shiro: how well you utilize your tentacles is greatly influenced by your mental state.

(Korosen bubble): Wait a...
(gray box)
Korosensei's weaknesses, #2
He is surprisingly quick to panic

Shiro: Unrest at the damage taken from those unexpected tentacles,
Shiro: and a confined ring which doesn't allow you time to collect your thoughts.

Shiro: It must be painfully clear, even to your students,
Shiro: which of you is currently the stronger.


Isogai: H-hey...
Student: He's not really gonna be killed like this, is he?

Shiro: Moreover,
Shiro: he has support from a devoted guardian.

Korosensei's weaknesses 18
His body goes rigid when bathed in a special beam of light

Korosen: Urgh...


Shiro: Fufufu.
Shiro: Now you must regenerate your legs, as well.
Shiro: Your strength will drop even further, and it will become that much easier to kill you.

Itona: ...Be at ease.

Itona: I am
Itona: stronger than you, brother.

Box: Korosensei is being driven into a corner!!
Box: Just a little bit more...
Box: if he can pull this off, the earth will be saved!!


(sfx) Grip

Box: ...and yet
Box: why does it bother me so much?

Box: It's just like waiting for your opponent's move before deciding on rock, paper, or scissors...
Box: They keep revealing Korosensei's weaknesses one after another.

Box: In truth, we wanted
Box: to discover them in this classroom.
(on notebook)
• Prefers bamboo shoot-shaped chocolate snacks
• Prefers azuki beans boiled with sugar
• Prefers to eat strawberries last


Box: We of Class E...
Box: wanted to kill him!!

Shiro: It appears you have finished regenerating your legs.
Shiro: Now, then...
Shiro: will you be able to withstand the next rush of attacks?


Korosen: ...this is the first time I have ever been driven into a corner.

Korosen: At first glance, this would appear to be an honest assassination bout, but...
Korosen: in actuality, it is meticulously calculated.

Korosen: There are many things I wish to ask you two, but...
Korosen: it seems that
Korosen: I must win this match if I am to get any answers out of you.
(sfx) Crack crack

Shiro: ...You still believe you can win?
Shiro: That is quite a big mouth for someone who is undeniably losing.

Korosen: ...Shiro-san,
Korosen: you must have been the one to scheme up this assassination method, but...
Korosen: there is one thing you forgot to incorporate into your calculations.


Shiro: Absolutely not.
Shiro: My calculations are perfect.

Shiro: Finish it, Itona.


Korosen: Oh dear,
Korosen: you seem to have trampled the item I dropped.

Box: There's an...
Box: anti-sensei knife in the floorboards?!!


Nagisa: Eh?
Nagisa: Ah!

(Nagisa): Just when did he...!!
(above Korosen) Poker face

Korosen: If your tentacles are the same as mine...
Korosen: then anti-sensei knives would be just as effective against you.
Korosen: The unrest at losing a tentacle would be the same, too.

Korosen: But you see,
Korosen: sensei is just a little bit more cunning.


Korosen: I wrapped you up in the skin I'd molted, so you likely didn't take any damage.

Korosen: However,
Korosen: your feet have left the confines of the ring.

Korosen: It's my win.
Korosen: According to the rules, it's the death penalty for you.
Korosen: You won't be able to try and kill me a second time.


Korosen: If you wish your life to be restored,
Korosen: then please come and study alongside everyone in this class.

Korosen: There are some things that can't be so easily calculated.
Korosen: That's the difference in our levels of experience.

Korosen: I have lived just a little longer than you...
Korosen: and have just a little more knowledge.
Korosen: I became a teacher
Korosen: because I want to impart that experience to all of you.

Korosen: In this classroom, you need to make time to learn from sensei's experiences...
Korosen: or you won't be able to win against me.


Box: ...This is bad.
Box: Itona has an intense hatred of studying.

Itona: Can't win...
Itona: I am
Itona: weak...?

Box: Compared to children who merely dislike studying, if he is lectured,

Box: he'll cause genocidal destruction throughout the school.
(right, star) Is what awaits them even more of an awakening... or something else...?!



[page 10]
Why does it bother me so much - The word used here, 悔しい (kuyashii) implies being vexed over failing to do something or the feeling of loss after completing something/leaving it undone.

[page 12]
That is quite a big mouth for someone who is undeniably losing - The phrase Shiro is playing with, 負け犬の遠吠え (makeinu no tooboe), would literally translate to something like "a losing dog's cries", but he replaces "dog" with "octopus." The end result has the same meaning (basically, that losers tend to talk big), but there's that bit of tongue and cheek in the Japanese that doesn't carry over.

[page 19]
He'll cause genocidal destruction throughout the school - The reading given here is "genocide", but the kanji used, 校内暴力 (kounai bouryoku), mean "school violence".

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