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Haikyuu!! 49

VS the "Grand King", Take 2

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 20, 2013 16:49 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 49

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

This took a liiiittle longer because I'm a dork and translated the extra two pages at the end about the character popularity poll. But at least that means all you readers can submit votes! :3


[p000 (cover)]

(right, white text) Over 1 year of serialization!!
(left, red text) Lead color!!
(left, yellow/red text) Haikyuu!!
(bottom, orange text) Keep on flapping, crows!!


(top) With lead color!! [Haikyuu!!]
Shimada: Karasuno's made it to day 2 without incident.
Shimada: They won't be getting a breather for a while...
Taki: Neither will I.
(green sfx) Bam (x8)
Crowd (half-hidden): Let's get fired up! Let's get fired up! Let's score, Senzeki! Let's score, Senzeki!
Crowd: Push'em back!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back,
Crowd: Seijou!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!
(on blue banner) Masters of the court.

Daichi: Let's have a good game.
Crowd: Alright!
Crowd: Go go!
Oikawa: Let's have a good ooone~
Crowd (half-hidden) Alright!

(left) Congrats!! 1 year of serialization!!

Shimada: Datekou also had a lot of support from the stands, but

(yellow text) Oikawa-kun, good luuuck~♥
Taki: Seijou's got stuff like this...

Tanaka: Like hell I'll stand to lose to them! Let's do this!!!


(right, green text) Fly, far past that which would bind you!!
(top, white text) Congratulations for 1 year of serialization!!
(bottom right)
Congrats!! We've got lead color, a year's worth of serialization, & the first character popularity poll!!
Chapter 49: VS the "Grand King", Take 2 | Furudate Haruichi
(left, green text) The battle against Aobajousai begins!!!
(bottom, blue) We're overwhelmed with gratitude over this 1 year anniversary!! Get this color image as a super limited-edition cellphone and smart phone wallpaper, free of charge!! Access it with the QR code or the URL below!!
(bottom left, orange)
We're holding the 1st "Haikyuu!!" character popularity poll!!
Full entry details are on page 42!!
100 names out of all who vote will be picked by lottery to receive an "original Karasuno High School uniform cushion"!!
(bottom left, spiked bubble) To commemorate 1 year of serialization!!
(below uniform) A reproduction of Hinata's uniform!!
(left of uniform) About 30cm. long!!
(bottom, white text) The manga continues on page 25!!


(top) The story still has much farther to soar!!

(left of Tobio) Everything about youth
(center) Haikyuu!! 1st Anniversary
(right of Shou) is dramatic.

(bottom, pink text) All of their blood is boiling!! The 1 year anniversary of the straightforward, kingly sports manga that's a breakaway hit!!
(bottom, white text) Fervor! Youth! The energy this volleyball story has had since its inception has brought it through to its 1 year anniversary!! Unique comrades who must meet by chance, the sweat they really have to let flow, and "the view from the top", which they aim toward!! To those who have been reading all this time and those who are just starting now, I'm sure that this series' hot-blooded drama will enrapture everyone!!
(bottom left) "Haikyuu!!" began its serialization in 2012's issue #12!! That was the starting point for everything!!


Crowd (half-hidden): Seijou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, Seijou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Go get'em, Seijou!
Suga: Louder!
Suga: Right now, it's as if Aobajousai are the only ones on the court!!
Team: Ossu!!
(right) Tension rising!!
Daichi: We'll be serving first.
Ukai: Got it.

sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
Box: Start of the official warmup

Girl: One, two...
Girls (half-hidden): Oikawa-senpai, good luuuck!
Daichi: Karasuno,
Daichi: Fight!!!

Asahi: Osu!
Daichi: Fight!

Tanaka: Doryaaa!!
Daichi: Fight!
Noya: Soooorya!!

Daichi: Fight!
Shou: Ossu!!


Shimada: They've definitely got plenty of spirit.
Player: Serve~
Taki: Yup. Oh, come to think of it, did your "disciple" master that serve?

Shimada: What's with that "disciple" business...
Yama: Could you teach me...
Yama: the jump float serve?
Shimada: It only lasted a week, you know?

Shimada: He had some lucky breaks, but
Shimada: he's still got a ways to go before he can hit it without any rotation.

Box: Court drills: Relay
コート練習 交替

Oikawa: Nice going, Makki!
Oikawa: Right on target~

Oikawa: Sorry, Kindaichi. That toss was a big high just now.
Kin: Ah, no!
Kin: It's fine.

Oikawa: Iwa-chan, aren't you trying too hard?

Oikawa: You don't need to show off, you know!
Oikawa: There aren't any girls who'd watch you, after all!

Takeda: Oikawa-kun really watches the other players closely...
Takeda: I don't know much about the technical aspects, but
Takeda: somehow, I can tell that there's a pretty good atmosphere between team members.


(left of Oikawa) Ahaha
(right of Iwai) Iwaizumi-san, calm down!
Shimizu: ...Really?

(white sfx) Tweeet
Box: End of the official warmup
Daichi: Line up!!

Taki: Ooh, it's starting!

(white sfx) TWEEEET!
Teams: Let's have a good game!
Box: Round 3: Karasuno High School vs. Aobajousai High School

Crowd: I wonder which'll win.
Crowd: It's bound to be Aobajousai.

Oikawa: Hey there, Tobio-chan.

Oikawa: I came here today looking forward to defeating the "genius setter",
Oikawa: so do your best and try to put up a fight.


Tobio (half-hidden): We're going to win this.
Shou: We won't lose!!!

Tobio: Don't just come over here and cut me off, you damn idiot!

Tobio: We won't lose

Tobio/Shou: this time, either!!

Takeda: You guys have already won against Aobajousai once.
Takeda: Even if your opponents weren't at their best then,

Takeda: I think you should take the reality of that win
Takeda: as a reason to have confidence in yourselves.
Takeda: Confidence,
Takeda: not conceit.

Team: Right!!

Daichi: Karasuno, fight!
Team: Ossu!


Irihata: --So #10 doesn't end up leading you around by the nose,

Irihata: control the ball's course and stop whatever is stoppable.
Irihata: Keep everything else in the air.
Team: Right!!

Oikawa: Oookay, let's do this!
Oikawa: Well, then, I'll be

Oikawa: counting on all of you today, as well.

Taki: I kinda get the feeling
Taki: that

Taki: the atmosphere around Aobajousai just changed.


(Irihata): The words he always says before a match...
(Irihata): Coming from him, they could be a mere pleasantry or a threat,
コイツが言うと ただの冗談の様であるいは脅迫の様でもあって
(Irihata): but the rest of the team knows that this is the only time his words hold no double meaning, so
だが こればかりは何の裏もない言葉だと 皆知っているから

(Irihata): they will also give their all once again, and place their trust in him.
Oikawa: Here we go.

Team: Osu!!!

(top, right to left)
3rd year S
184 cm.

2nd year Li
171 cm.

1st year MB
189 cm.

1st year WS
182 cm.

3rd year WS
184 cm.

3rd year MB
187 cm.

3rd year WS
179 cm.

Box (top right):
Hanamaki | Kunimi | Kindaichi (Watari)
Matsukawa | Oikawa | Iwaizumi
Box (top left): Aobajousai High School
Box (bottom right):
Hinata | Tanaka | Kageyama
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
Box (bottom left): Karasuno High School

(bottom, right to left)
1st year MB
162 cm.

1st year MB
188 cm.

2nd year Li
159 cm.

3rd year WS
176 cm.

3rd year WS
184 cm.

2nd year WS
177 cm.

1st year S
180 cm.

Player: Tsukishima, nice serve!
(white sfx) Tweeet
Box: Match start

Player: Kunimi!
Kunimi: Got it.
Iwai: Nice receive.

Shimada: Two in the vanguard are both rushing forward.
Taki: Who'll they use?!

(Tobio): It's been a long time since I last saw Oikawa-san's setup this close.


Shimada: Woah.

Crowd: It's...


Crowd: It's a sudden dump shot!!

Crowd (half-hidden): Way to go, Tooru!
Ukai: Dammit...
Crowd: Push'em back, Tooru!
Takeda: It's another incredible dump shot...

Oikawa: Come on, now. I'm going to do the same thing next time, too, you know~
Oikawa: Don't space out and stay vigilant, okay?

(white sfx) PISSED

Shou: D-does he really mean it when he says he's gonna do it again?!
Shou: But there's no way he would, right...?
Tanaka: If you think like that, he might just dare to do it twice in a row...
Shou: Ah! I see! Tanaka-san, you're amazing!

Daichi: Agonizing over it won't do you any good.
Daichi: It's the same as trying to figure out whether your opponent will put out rock, paper or scissors.
Daichi: Don't overthink it.
Tanaka/Shou: Right!

Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!
Crowd: Go! Go!
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno


Box: Matsukawa (MB)'s serve
Box: Watari (Li) out
Box: Kindaichi (MB) in

Player: Daichi-san, nice receive!
Daichi: Alright!

Tanaka: B Quick!
Shou: Send it on over!!

Crowd: Ooh, is it gonna go to #10?
Crowd: Are they gonna do it?!

Crowd: There it is!
Crowd: The super quick strike!!


Shimada: Agh!
Shimada: Right to the libero, huh.
Taki: !! Whaa?!

Taki: Oi, is Seijou's setter

Taki: planning to hit another dump shot?!

Taki: He's being way more obvious about it this time!

Tanaka: Don't underestimate us!!


Ukai: --A set done while in the motion

Ukai: of a spike.


Iwai: Oi, that was a little low.
Oikawa: Really? Sorry.
Oikawa: But you can generally get there to hit it anyway, Iwa-chan.

Crowd: Wow...
Crowd: It's kinda irritating, but amazing...

Girls: You're so coooool,
(sfx) Blubbering
Girls: Oikawa-senpaaaaiii.

Crowd: Keep it up, Hajime!
Crowd: Go go, Hajime!
Crowd: One more!
Tanaka: Dammit.

Daichi: Hey, c'mon now.
Daichi: You already knew going into this that "Oikawa's amazing".

Daichi: And
Daichi: our side isn't about to lose to them
Daichi: when it comes to the setter's skill and the flashiness of our attacks!


Tanaka/Shou: Osu!!

Player: Matsukawa, one more time. Nice serve!

Player: Nishinoya!
Noya: Got it.
Player: Nice receive!!

Shou: Bring it on!!

(Iwai): It's going to #5, huh.

Shimada: --or
Shimada: so it would seem, right?


(Iwai): It's a Pipe...!!


(white sfx) Gyaaa!
Crowd: He fired a dump shot right back at'em!

Tsuki: He really does hate to lose, doesn't he.
(left of Suga) Do that more often~

Tobio: --Next time,
Tobio: I'll do the same thing, so

Tobio: please do be vigilant.
(left) Sparks fly right from the start!!!

Oikawa: ...you damn brat.


Shou: Read the rules of entry over carefully, okay!!
(top, left box) In commemoration of 1 year in serialization!!
It's the 1st "Haikyuu!!" character popularity poll!!
Determine who'll take the top spot with your vote! Choose your 3 most favorite characters and include them on a postcard to vote!

(black arrow, large text) Karasuno High School
(black arrow, small text) Not like it needs to be said, but we're Karasuno High School! Will all the club members of the "flightless crows" who have begun to flap their wings in official matches be able to do the same in the popularity contest?!
(character rows: 1-15)
Hinata Shouyou | Kageyama Tobio | Tsukishima Kei | Yamaguchi Tadashi | Tanaka Ryunosuke
Nishinoya Yuu | Ennoshita Chikara | Kinoshita Hisashi | Narita Kazuhito | Sawamura Daichi
Sugawara Koushi | Azumane Asahi | Ukai Keishin | Takeda Ittetsu | Shimizu Kiyoko

(left black arrow, large text) Karasuno Neighborhood Association
(left black arrow, small text) The spirited adults who keep a close eye on Karasuno High School. Will their business thrive in the popularity contest, too?!
(character row: 16-19)
Shimada Mart | Takinoue Electronics | Uchizawa Cleaning | Mori Yukinari

(right black arrow, large text) Yukigaoka Junior High
(right black arrow, small text) Comrades who supported Hinata during his junior high days!
(character rows: 25-29)
Sekimukai Kouji | Izumi Yukitaka | Mori
Kawashima | Suzuki

(bottom left black arrow, large text) People Connected with Karasuno High School
(bottom left black arrow, small text) Other characters with ties to Karasuno!
(character row: 20-22)
Michimiya Yui | Head Coach Ukai | Vice-principal

(bottom right black arrow, large text) Champion Schools
(bottom right black arrow, small text) Champions who are expected to put up a fierce fight in the future!
(character row: 23-24)
Nakashima Takeru | Ushijima Wakatoshi

Tobio: Choose 3 to put on your postcard!!


(left black arrow, large text) Aobajousai High School
(left black arrow, small text) One of the best veteran schools in the prefecture! Oikawa's a contender you've got to keep an eye on!
(character rows: 30-39)
Oikawa Tooru | Iwaizumi Hajime | Kindaichi Yuutaro
Matsukawa | Hanamaki | Watari
Yahaba | Kunimi | Irihata Nobuteru | Mizoguchi

(right black arrow, large text) Nekoma High School
(right black arrow, small text) Karasuno's fated rival! Will the cats show their strength in the popularity contest, as well?!
(character rows: 40-49)
Kuroo Tetsuro | Kozume Kenma | Yamamoto Taketora
Inuoka Sou | Yaku Morisuke | Kai Nobuyuki
Fukunaga Shouhei | Shibayama Yuuki | Nekomata Yasufumi | Naoi Manabu

(left black arrow, large text) Datekougyou High School
(left black arrow, small text) Will the strength of the "iron wall" turn up in the popularity contest?!
(character rows: 50-57)
Aone | Futakuchi | Moniwa | Kamasaki
Sasaya | Obara | Sakunami | Oiwake

(right black arrow, large text) Tokonami High School
(right black arrow, small text) Tokonami, attended by Sawamura's friend Ikejiri. They're earnestly aiming for the top spots?!
(character rows: 58-64)
Ikejiri | Tamagawa | Chaya | Sakurai
Komaki | Shibuya | Haga

Noya: I ain't gonna lose!!

(bottom, black box) Entry Rules
(bottom, main box)
Write all of this entry info on the back of the postcard, okay!
1. The numbers of your 3 favorite characters
(if they aren't on the list above, please write in their names on your entry)
(if you write the same number more than once on the postcard, the vote will become invalid)
2. Your address
3. Your full name
4. Your age (or year in school)
5. Your phone number
(bottom, gray box)
Send your entry to:
Weekly Shounen Jump "Haikyuu!!" Character Popularity Poll
2-5-10 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-8050 JAPAN
Deadline: Must be postmarked by March 4, 2013 (Mon)



[page 14]
Dump shot - The term used in Japanese is ツーアタック(two attack). I had to do a little digging to find the English equivalent. Anyway, it's when a setter will pretend that he's going to set the ball, but instead attacks with a spike or feint. It can only be done when the setter is in the vanguard.

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Tauros, missingsin

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#1. by missingsin ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2013
Thank you so much lynxian especially for translating the names of the characters. Sending you hugs and thanks.

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