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Assassination Classroom 32

A Time of Connections

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 28, 2013 02:03 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Assassination Classroom
Chapter 32: A Time of Connections
Matsui Yuusei
(left, star) His killing intent roars!! His tentacles writhe!!

Student: Black tentacles?!
Student: Holy shit, he's losing it!!


Itona: I'm
Itona: strong.
Itona: No one
Itona: is stronger than me, with these tentacles.
Itona: No one.

Itona: GRAAA!


sfx bubble: Pierce


(right side)
Character Introduction
Moves at Mach 20, aka 15.18 times faster than the initial velocity of a shot from a .44 magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29.

Shiro: My apologies, Korosensei.
Shiro: It would seem that this boy...
Shiro: still had such a mindset which would prevent him from attending school.

(sfx) Clatter

Shiro: Though this is his first day after transferring...
Shiro: he will be taking a brief leave of absence.


Korosen: Hold on a moment!
Korosen: As his homeroom teacher, I cannot simply let that student leave.
Korosen: Once he joins this class, he will be in my care until he graduates.

Korosen: That aside, Shiro-san,
Korosen: There is also a multitude of things I'd like to ask you.

Shiro: No way.
Shiro: We're leaving.
Shiro: Do you intend to try stopping me by force?


Shiro: Anti-sensei fabric.
Shiro: You won't be able to lay so much as a single tentacle on me.

Shiro: Have no fear, he will be allowed to return to school soon enough.
Shiro: March is right around the corner, after all.

Shiro: I will take it upon myself...
Shiro: to serve as his home tutor until then.


Shiro: Itona is still right in the middle of his growth period,
Shiro: so there is no need to rush his readjustment.

Shiro: With that guy's personality...
Shiro: he won't flee from that school until the earth's destruction.

Shiro: Still, that class...
Shiro: Fufu.
Shiro: How interesting.

Shiro: A classroom as erratic
Shiro: as today's weather.


(right of Korosen) So embarrassing...

Kataoka: What are you doing, Korosensei?
Student: Well...
Student: He's been like that for a while now.

Korosen: It's so embarrassing, being involved in serious developments.
Korosen: I'm more of a gag character, if anything!
(left of Korosen) How embarrassing...
Students: You're being self-conscious!!

Hazama: You were pretty cool when you got angry~
Hazama: "Where did you get those!!"
Hazama: "Those tentacles!!"
Korosen: Nooooo! Please don't say those lines, Hazama-san!!
Korosen: If I hear them again, I'll want to run away!!


Korosen: Even though being the vague, elusive type was my selling point...
Korosen: letting you see a serious face like that ruins my character!
Korosensei's weaknesses 19
When he returns to normal after a serious situation, he gets embarrassed
Student: You evaluating your own character is kinda pissing me off.

Irina: ...But that was a real surprise.

Irina: To think that that Itona kid
Irina: would whip out a bunch of tentacles...

Student: ...Hey, Korosensei,
Student: give us an explanation.
Okajima: What's your relationship with those two?

(left, star) Volume 3, the latest from Jump Comics, comes out next week, on Monday 3/4!! Korosensei is on the cover in complacent pink!!


Sugino: You've always evaded telling us the truth about you, but...
Sugino: after seeing that, you're not getting out of here without giving us some answers.

Student: That's right. We're students, you know?
Student: I think we have a right to know about you, sensei.

(sfx) Clatter
Korosen: It's really unavoidable.
Korosen: There's no choice but to tell you all the truth.

Korosen: ...the thing is,
Korosen: The thing is, I'm...

(sfx) Gulp...


Korosen: The thing is, I'm actually...
Korosen: an artificially-created creature!!

Student: Well, duh.
Student: And?
Korosen: Nyuaa! What a weak reaction!!
Korosen: That was a pretty shocking thing to confess, wasn't it?!

Okajima: ...but y'know,
Okajima: there aren't any mach 20 octopodes or anything like that in nature.
Hara: If you're not an alien, then that'd be about the only other possibility.

Student: So, since Itona-kun said he was your younger brother...
Student: we figure he must have been created after you.
(Korosen): They're way too sharp!!
(Korosen): What frightening children!!


Nagisa: What we're interested in is what came before that, Korosensei.

Nagisa: Why did you get angry earlier,
Nagisa: when you saw Itona-kun's tentacles?

Nagisa: Why were you born...
Nagisa: and what you were thinking that led you to come to our class?


Korosen: Unfortunately, talking about that at this time would be meaningless.

Korosen: After all, if I blow up the earth,
Korosen: everything you wish to know will be reduced to dust.

Korosen: On the other hand, if you can save the earth...
Korosen: afterward, you will all have the chance to learn as much of the truth as you'd like.
(gray bubble): In other words, Korosensei's true form was...
(note to editor: the next gray bubble will have to stay blank, since the main speech bubbles are intended to block the intended answer)

Korosen: You should already understand.
Korosen: If you want to know, you have only one course of action open to you.


Korosen: Try to kill me.
Korosen: Assassin and target.
Korosen: That should be the relationship binding yourselves and I.

Korosen: If you are seeking the crucial answers that I hold...
Korosen: all you can do is askassinate me.


Korosen: If there are no further questions, we'll end class here for today.
Korosen: Until tomorrow!

(Korosen sfx) Pause

(right of Korosen) So embarrassing!

Box: We are hitmen.
Box: We seek answers through guns and knives.
(sfx) Rattle rattle shut

Box: Sensei is our target.
Box: It is his life which takes our questions.


Student: Karasuma-sensei!

Karasuma: ...so it's you lot.
Karasuma: What's the matter? Coming in such a large group...

Isogai: Um...
Isogai: Would you teach us more
Isogai: assassination techniques?

Karasuma: More than what you already know?


Yada: Until now,
Yada: we'd figured that "eventually, someone's bound to kill him" as if it didn't involve us, but...
Maehara: Yeah.
Maehara: Watching Itona this time, we realized that

Maehara: we want it to be
Maehara: by our hands, and not someone else's.

Mimura: In the future, if we're beaten to the punch by a strong hitman,
Mimura: we won't understand why we've been trying so hard.

Kataoka: That's why
Kataoka: we want to try and kill him in the short amount of time we have.

Student: We want to kill


Isogai: our homeroom teacher
Isogai: with our own hands and find some answers.

Box: They've become single-minded toward the same goal.
Box: That's an excellent look in their eyes.

Karasuma: ...Alright.
Karasuma: In that case, I'll hold supplementary training after school for those interested.
Karasuma: It's going to be even harsher than usual, though.
Students: Right!!


Karasuma: Well, then, without further delay, you'll be climbing up and down these vertical 20m. ropes we just set up.
Karasuma: Begin!
Students: That's harsh!!

Box: Kunugigaoka Junior High School Class 3-E is an assassination classroom.
Box: The rain will stop,
Box: and the morning bell ring, tomorrow as well.

(left) Shiro and Itona have disappeared... all that remains are an ever-deepening "enigma" and a single unification of purpose...



[page 1]
His killing intent roars/ his tentacles writhe - The original Japanese uses two similar-sounding verbs here, so I tried to do the same. うなる (unaru), the first verb, means to roar/howl/growl/groan etc. うねる (uneru), the second verb, means either to twist/wind or to surge/undulate/swell.

[page 14]
All you can do is askassinate me - Wordplay time! The original verb being used here, 暗殺できる (ansatsu dekiru), means "able to assassinate", but the "ki" of "dekiru" has been replaced with the "ki" of 聞く (kiku, meaning to ask or listen).

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