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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 33

Time for a Ball Game

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 5, 2013 15:59 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Had a busy weekend, so this ended up taking a little longer.



???: The rainy season's finally over~
(top) [Assassination Classroom]

Sugino: This's a real season for the outdoors.
Sugino: Why don't we go play in the open air somewhere?
Nagisa: Sure.
Nagisa: What do you wanna do?

Karma: How about we go fishing?
Nagisa: Ooh, nice.
Nagisa: What can we catch at this time of year?

(right, star) Fisherman "Nefar"ma's devilish scheme...!!
Karma: Summertime's the best season to fish for yankees.
Karma: They'll be lured in by the prospect of extorting our bait, Nagisa-kun, but we'll take their money instead.
Nagisa: Is there really such a thing as a yankee season?

(sfx) Shoom
(sfx) Shoom

(sfx) Shoom
(sfx) Crack!


(character on hat/shirt): Kunugi
(left, star) A standard left pitch, exactly what the baseball boy longs for!!
(bottom right)
✰With a pink Korosensei on the cover, volume 3 is out!! Hurry on over to the bookstore at mach 20 speed!!
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(bottom left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 33: Time for a Ball Game
Matsui Yuusei

Player: Nice pitch, captain!!

(on hat) Kunugi
Kunugigaoka Junior High Baseball Club Captain
Shindou Kazutaka
(above girls) Shindou-kun~♡

Shin: Hrm?


Shin: Hey,
Shin: If it isn't Sugino!
Shin: Been a while, hasn't it.

Sugino: Yeah.

Players: Ooh, it's Sugino~
Players: Geez, show your face around here now and then, willya?
Sugino: Haha, you guys're kinda embarrassing me.

Character Introduction
Travels at mach 20, aka 153.85 times faster than the best standard right pitch of Ishii Kazuhisa's career.

Player: You're gonna pitch in next week's ball game, right?
Sugino: Oh?
Sugino: Come to think of it, I haven't decided yet. But I definitely want to.
Player: We're looking forward to it.

Player: ...but man, Sugino. You've sure got it good.


Player: You're in Class E, so you can just fool around all the time, right?
Player: We've got studying and club activities to do, so we're really worn out.

Player: Drop it. You'll make him feel bad.

Shin: He isn't one who's been chosen,
Shin: so there's no need to balance academics with club activities.
進学校での部活との両立 選ばれた人間じゃないならしなくてよい事なんだ

Karma: Hmm~ amazing.

Karma: You act as if you lot were the chosen ones.


Shin: Yup.
Shin: That's right.

Shin: Don't like it?
Shin: Then this year, at next week's ball game, we'll teach you

Shin: the huge gap that's opened
Shin: between the chosen ones,
Shin: who stand above humankind, and everyone else.


Korosen: The inter-class ball game tournament... hm.
Korosen: Cultivating healthy minds and bodies through sports, how splendid!
(on chalkboard, partially cut off) Ball game tournament members

Korosen: ...Still,
Korosen: why isn't Class E listed on the tournament table?
(paper, top)
Ball game tournament, 3rd year boys' baseball
Location: Main building baseball grounds
(paper, small rectangles)
Starts 1 PM
Starts 11 AM
Starts 10 AM
(paper, bottom right) Management Committee
(paper, bottom left)
> Games will last until the top of the 3rd inning
> Extra innings will run until the 5th

Mimura: Class E's not allowed to enter the main tournament.
Mimura: Having an odd number of teams is the perfect excuse.

Mimura: Instead...
Mimura: we've gotta participate in an exhibition at the end.
(on paper)
Exhibition Match
Class E vs.
Korosen: Exhibition?

Student: Basically, it's a show.


Student: With the entire student body watching,
Student: we're forced to battle against selected members of the baseball club, for the boys, and the basketball club, for the girls.

Student: It's a tournament geared toward the average student, so not everyone in the clubs can participate in the main battles.
Student: That's why this...
Student: was established as a place where everyone can show their strength.

Student: The classes who lost in the tournament
Student: can end on a high note, watching Class E being beaten so badly,

Student: and it also serves as a warning of the embarrassment you'll experience if you land in Class E.

Korosen: I see. So this is a usual occurrence?
Kataoka: Yup.


(right, star) He customizes his Korosensei plushies to match the seasons!! You can only read Matsui Yuusei-sensei's manga in Shounen Jump!!

Kataoka: But don't worry, Korosensei.
Kataoka: We've gotten stronger through our assassination attempts,

Kataoka: so we'll have a good match and knock the entire study body down a peg.
Kataoka: Right, everyone?
(above class) Yeah!

Ritsu: Leave it to me, Kataoka-san.
Ritsu: I manufactured a ball shooting mechanism that has a score rate of 100%.
Kataoka: Um... that's okay.
Kataoka: I think the court would be a little crowded with you out there...

Box: Sports aren't just about winning.
Box: Having a plan for when you lose is also important, but

Box: Kataoka-san has a sense of responsibility and outstanding leadership qualities.
Box: The girls' team can be well provisioned, even with this adversity.


Tera: We've had enough of sitting in the stocks for everyone's amusement.
Tera: You guys can just go do whatever you want.

Student: Terasaka!
Student: ...geez.

Maehara: If it's baseball we're talking about, Sugino's the only one we can rely on, but
Maehara: have we got any sort of secret plan to win?

Sugino: ...it's impossible.
Sugino: We have practically no experience, and...
Sugino: against those guys, who've been playing baseball for 3 years,
Sugino: never mind winning, we don't even stand a chance.


Sugino: Not to mention
Sugino: that our baseball club's pretty strong.

Sugino: Especially Shindou, the current captain.
Sugino: He's been getting attention from high schools for his radio ball.

Sugino: ...well, he's the guy who snatched away my role as ace, after all.

Sugino: He's first-class in both studying and sports, too.
Sugino: Man, life is sure unfair.

Sugino: But...
Sugino: Korosensei,


Sugino: Despite that, I still want to win.
Sugino: I don't just want to put up a good fight, I want to win.

Sugino: I don't want to lose in the game of baseball that I love so much.

Sugino: Getting expelled from the baseball club and coming to Class E...
Sugino: that feeling has only become stronger.

Sugino: ...I want to form a team with these guys and win!!

Sugino: ...but, well,
Sugino: I guess it really is impossible, Korosensei.


(Korosen sfx) Excited

Sugino: R.........right.
Sugino: You've definitely made it clear that you want to play baseball, too.
Korosen: ...Nurufufufufu.

Korosen: I've wanted to play the part of the hot-blooded coach you find in sports series, if only just once.
Korosen: Since I can't hit you or anything like that, I'll flip over a table instead.
Students: You're way too prepared for this!!


Korosen: Lately, all of you have begun clearly stating your desire to accomplish things.
Korosen: Wanting to kill,
Korosen: wanting to win.
Korosen: In response to that spirit, which doesn't waver

Korosen: no matter how difficult the objective you face,
Korosen: I, Coach Koro, shall train you and give you a winning strategy!!


Announcer: The match has ended!!
Announcer: 3 to 1!
Announcer: Class A is the overall winner of the 3rd years' baseball tournament!!

Girl: Congrats~!!

Girl: You were so cool out there, Tanaka-kun!!

Girl: Actually, for a while now, I've li...
Girl: KWAH!!

Boy: Aww,
Boy: we lost.


Boy: Even though we're no match for Class A when it comes to grades...
Boy: losing to them in athletics too really sucks.
Boy: Don't say it!
Boy: Let's just watch that and forget about it.

Boy: Let's watch those guys who've got it worse than us...
Boy: experience something even more embarrassing.

Announcer: And now, we will hold the final event...
Announcer: an exhibition match between Class E and the baseball club's selected players.


Boy: ...Oi, oi,
Boy: why're they so fired up over this.
Sugino: It's a chance for the baseball club to show the entire study body a good show.

Sugino: On top of that,
Sugino: it's a given that the game'll have a mercy rule ending, with us as the opponent,
Sugino: since an overwhelming victory is the least that's expected of them.
Sugino: Be that as it may, they're going to come at us seriously and without mercy.


Crowd: Baseball club~
Crowd: Don't make'em cry~
(above crowd) Ahahaha

Shin: Only the elite, who have both academic skill and physical ability...
Shin: can stand above humankind as chosen ones.

Shin: That is what it means to excel at both literary and military arts, Sugino.
Shin: You, who never had either, are not a chosen one.

Shin: For those who are not chosen to remain on these grounds is unforgivable.
Shin: You and the rest of Class E won't be able to show yourselves in public a second time after this match.


Sugaya: By the way, where's Coach Koro?
Sugaya: Isn't he gonna supervise us?
Nagisa: Over there.
Nagisa: Karasuma-sensei told him to be inconspicuous.

(on cap) Kill

(small Korosen sfx) Fwoop

Nagisa: From this perspective, he'll be mistaken for a ball.
Nagisa: He said he'll use the color of his face, among other things, to give us signals.
(Korosen sfx) Shoop
Sugaya: ...I see.


(Korosen sfx) Graah!

Sugino: What the heck?
(on book) Sign List
Nagisa: Let's see,
Nagisa: That was Turquoise → purple → ochre, so...

Nagisa: He's saying "make a killing with this win."

Boy: We definitely
Boy: have a much larger target, after all.
Boy: If we can't win against guys of their level, we'll never be able to kill sensei.

Boy: Alright, let's do this!!
(center, star) Put your whole heart into the ball and slaughter them!!
Team: Yeah!!
(bottom right) Next issue, with the cover and lead color, this dreaded game of assassination baseball finally begins. Play ball!!



[page 1]
Fisherman "Nefar"ma - There's some cute wordplay here. In Japanese, Karma's name is written "karuma". Here, however, the first two characters have been replaced with "waru", meaning "bad/evil". In an attempt to keep that wordplay, I opted to use the word "nefarious". Another quick thing to note is that the word I've translated as fisherman (釣り師, tsurishi) can also be used as a slang term for an internet troll.

[page 9]
We've had enough of sitting in the stocks for everyone's amusement - I took some liberties here to get the point across. The word Terasaka uses, さらし者 (sarashimono), refers to a criminal put on public display or exposed to public scorn and ridicule.

[page 19]
Put your whole heart into the ball and slaughter them - This is more of the usual wordplay. The word Matsui's playing with here is 入魂 (nyuukon), which means "putting your heart and soul into something". The second character has been changed to 殺 (koro), which also effectively turns the word into a verb in the imperative form.

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