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Haikyuu!! 51

The Real Strength of Those Called "Champions"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 7, 2013 04:43 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 51

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) The signals for their special technique have already been discovered...?!
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Crowd: Push'em back!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back!
Crowd: Seijou!
Player: "Bring" and
Player: "send"?

Oikawa: At first,
Oikawa: I thought the shorty was "just shouting something while he rushed forward~
Oikawa: since he doesn't seem that smart", but

Oikawa: during that "superhuman quick strike",
Oikawa: he seemed to be using the words "bring" or "give".
Oikawa: Like saying "give it here" or "bring it on".

Oikawa: --And
Oikawa: during a normal quick strike, he'd say things like "send it on over" or "send me the toss".

(below panel) [Haikyuu!!]

Iwai: Using the word "send", huh.


Oikawa: When they do the superhuman quick strike, shorty seems to hit the ball without looking at it, but

Oikawa: earlier,
Oikawa: when he said "send", he followed the ball with his eyes like normal and jumped.
Oikawa: That more or less convinced me I was right.

Suga: ...don't tell me he's
Tobio: Dammit, that was quick...!

Suga: already figured it out...?
(right, box) The serialized novelization is finally starting on the official homepage!! Head on over to "j-haikyu.com" right away!!
(center) The situation takes a sudden turn!!!
Volume 5 is on sale and insanely popular!!
Chapter 51: The Real Strength of Those Called "Champions"
Furudate Haruichi

Oikawa: But y'know,

Oikawa: shorty's weapon is consistently his role as a "decoy".
Oikawa: If we only watch him, then we'll be playing right into their hands.
Oikawa: So let's go with a simple course of action.


Oikawa: We'll have just one person mark shorty when he says "bring" for the supernatural quick strike.
Oikawa: When he says "send" for the normal quick strike, we'll watch where the toss goes and then jump.
Oikawa: OK?
Players: Osu!

Hana: --But #10's going to move to the rear guard with the next serve, you know.
Oikawa: I-
Oikawa: I knew that already!

Iwai: Still,
Iwai: calling time out this early in the game when everything's pretty static...
Iwai: won't they have realized that we've noticed their signals?

Oikawa: It's fine, don't worry about it!
Oikawa: Actually, it's better for us that they realize it.
Oikawa: If he knows that we've noticed their signals, then
Oikawa: I'm sure that Tobio

Oikawa: will lose his composure, even if just a little.

Noya: Heeeey! Don't make such a scary serious face!


Tanaka: But Noya-san, this guy's face generally looks like that all the time.
Tanaka: When he's drinking milk or trying to decide on a Yogul flavor, it's the same expression!
(Tanaka sfx) Pfft
Tobio: Th-
Tobio: Wait a-
Tobio: That's not true at all!!

Tanaka: Even if they've figured out our signals, Hinata's strongest weapon is his role as a "decoy."
Tanaka: With your setups, even Seijou's blocks will be a cinch~☆
Tanaka: y'know!!

Tanaka: Right, Hinata!
Shou: Ossu!

Tobio: Th...
Tobio: Thanks.

Box: Time Out Over
(white sfx) Tweeet
Player: Karasuno, fight!
Players: Osu!

Noya: --I received that serve before, back in junior high.
Noya: Seijou #1's serve, I mean.
(Noya, gray): Seriously?! They're champions, ain't they! No wonder you've got a serve like that!! When I was in junior high, we lost to'em 2-1!
(Tanaka, gray): Woah, really?!
(Noya, gray): Yeah! Back then, they had a guy with an amazing serve, too!
Tanaka: ? So that was the guy from Kitagawa Daiichi you said had an amazing serve.
Noya: Yep.

Tanaka: Damn bastard.
Tanaka: He's been amazing since junior high!

Noya: ...if it stayed in bounds, that was definitely an amazing serve, but
Noya: there were a fair number of misses and he didn't have that sort of control, either.


Noya: He must've practiced it like crazy.

Noya: --I don't think that having just "a guy with just one amazing serve"
Noya: or "a versatile setter"
Noya: would be
Noya: enough for them to always be among the 4 strongest schools.

Noya: If we slack off, they'll snatch the rug out from under us.
Noya: We'll go all-out.
Tanaka: You bet.

sfx bubble: Whoosh
Okayer: Hinata, nice serve!

sfx bubble: Bop!

(above Tanaka) Even if you miss, keep your chin up!!
(above Hinata) R-right!!

Box: Kindaichi's serve
Box: Watari OUT
Box: Matsukawa IN


Oikawa: Kindaichi, you know where to aim, right?
Kin: Yes!

(Oikawa): ...no matter how incredible the setup,
(left of Tobio) One more!
(Oikawa): it's only possible if the first receive is successful.

(white sfx) Tweeet!

(right of Asahi): Sorry, I'll get the next one!!
(left side) Don't worry about it!!
Crowd: Hmm?
Crowd: It didn't seem like that strong a serve, though...
Crowd: Well, it could've been a fluke, right?


Oikawa: Nice serve, Kindaichi! One more!

(Asahi): Receiving this is pretty hard...

(Asahi/Ukai): So they're

(Ukai): aiming for the spot the rear guard setter has just vacated, huh!

Girl: He's not hitting a serve like Oikawa-kun's,
Girl: so why can't the other side receive it??

Taki: AHEM!
Taki: Well, you see...


Taki: When the setter's in the rear guard,
Taki: he has to be even further forward than those in the vanguard the instant the serve has been hit.
(right, arrow)
MB (vanguard)
In order to shift into an immediate quick strike, he doesn't perform a serve receive.
(on white figure) Van
Box: Setter
(on gray figure) Rear
(on white figure) Van
(on white figure) Van
(left, arrow) Was behind the vanguard
(on white figure) Rear
(on white figure) Rear

Taki: So, it's imperative that the setter quickly move right up to the net at the same time as the opponent is hitting his serve.
Box: Hitting a serve
Box: Quicky moves right up to the net in order to toss the ball to others
Box: Vanguard

Taki: A receive in a spot that's "so muddled with people" is slightly delayed, so it's easy to miss.
Taki: I guess that's the sort of feeling you get, anyway.

Taki: But if you know where it'll be going,

Asahi: Alright!
Taki: it's not impossible to receive at all.

Tobio: Nice receive!

sfx bubble: Whoomp

Takeda: ...that was just as wild as Sawamura-kun's earlier receive, wasn't it...?
Ukai: Yeah, it was.


Player: Nice course, Daichi!
Girl: They sure think about all sorts of stuff while they're playing.
Player: Nice serve!

Girls: Thank you, ojisan!
Taki: Oji...
Taki: Ah.
Taki: Yeah.
(above Shimada) Heh.

Player: Hanamaki, nice one!
Player: One more!
(white sfx) Bam

Player: Kunio, nice serve!
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Player: C'mon, right here!

Takeda: Ah!

Takeda: Now that Oikawa-kun is in the vanguard...
Takeda: we'll have to watch out for dump shots again...

Oikawa: #3, #3!
Matsu: Nice one! Again!
Hana: Nice serve~

(Tobio): Damn... what incredible pressure...


(Tobio): There's already a 4-point difference, too.
(white sfx) Glance

(above box) ※Current rotation
(box, top half)
Kunimi | Kindaichi (Watari) | Iwaizumi
Hanamaki | Matsukawa | Oikawa
Box: Net
(box, bottom half)
Kageyama | Tsukishima | Azumane
Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura
(Tobio): Hinata won't be in the vanguard for 2 more rotations.
(Tobio): We have to hurry and shift him up here...!

(white sfx) Tweeet

Daichi: Alright!
Player: Nice receive!

(Iwai): A dump shot...!


(Tobio): Dammit...!

Tobio: Sorry about that!!!
Player: Don't worry about it! Let's take it slow, okay!
Oikawa: A dump shot is sure easy to stop when the setter loses his composure~
(right of Watari) Nice block!

Player: In front!
Player: Nice receive!

Right Box: Aobajousai
Left Box: Karasuno

Player: Tsukishima, nice one!

Right Box: Aobajousai
Left Box: Karasuno


Shimada: A 5-point difference, huh... hang in there...!
Taki: Don't get disheartened, now~

Tanaka: SORYAAA!!!

Tanaka: Take that!


(right of Tanaka) WOO WOO WOOO!!
Crowd: Man, they're sure lively...
Crowd: Ah, it's that loud buzzcut guy again.

Boy: Oh!

Shou: Here we go!!
Box: Hinata IN
Box: Tsukishima's serve
Boy: Now #10's back in the vanguard!
Box: Nishinoya OUT


Shimada: With that buzzcut guy here, they're not gonna get dispirited at all.
Tanaka: Just 4 points, and we'll turn this thing around no sweat!!
Taki: Not a bit.
(above Shou) C'mooon!

Oikawa: They're so energetic~

Oikawa: And that's exactly what makes them bothersome~

sfx bubble: Whoosh
Player: Nice receive!

Shou: Send it over here!

(Kin): "When he says [send], we'll watch where the toss goes"...

(Kin): and then jump!!


Shou: Funyaa!
sfx bubble: Bounce

(Tobio): ...just as I thought, they've figured it out, haven't they...?

Player: Kageyama, your serve!
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Player: Focus!

(Tobio): This time, I won't miss...!
Takeda: Kageyama-kun, relax!

(gray sfx) Tweet!


(Ukai): His serve toss is a little too far forward*...!

(below panel) ※It's a foul to step on or over the end line when serving

Player: Forward, forward!!!

Ukai: Yess!
(Ukai): He did a great job switching to another serve!
(Ukai): Seijou was prepared for a jump serve, so their defense is practically empty in front...!


Takeda: They're scrambling!
Ukai: What a lucky break!

Tanaka: Free baaall!

Iwai: Oikawa, the last hit's yours!
Oikawa: You won't be getting a chance

(Oikawa): at this freebie so easily, because I won't let you!!

Tobio: Guh!


Takeda: Kageyama-kun had the first touch...!

Player: Left!
Daichi: It's up to you, Tanaka!
Player: The left side's coming! All 3 of you, follow him!
Takeda: He can't do a toss...!

(Ukai): ...a seemingly simple tactic that also prevents scoring,

(Ukai): and instantly changing a tough situation into an opportunity...
(Ukai): The strength of being able to do such things in real time

(Ukai): is completely unlike what they're used to in matches...!!


Tanaka: Dammit!!

Player: Don't worry about it!
Tanaka: One more!
(sfx) Flip

Takeda: Ah!

Takeda: Now it's...
Takeda: Oikawa-kun's...

Takeda: serve once again...!

(Suga): He probably won't target Nishinoya anymore...
(Suga): So who will it be...?!

Oikawa: If the one who always sets such a lively mood
Oikawa: is silenced, it will really drag everyone down, now won't it.
(white sfx) Tweeet

sfx bubble: Fwip

Player: Tanaka...!
(left) Oikawa's sudden attack!!! Next issue, we have center color!!!

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