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Haikyuu!! 52

What Makes an Ace

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 12, 2013 15:17 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 52

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) A heart of steel,
(on Tanaka's tongue) THE unspectacular.
(left) and a burning soul.
Volume 5, the latest from Jump Comics, is an explosive hit and we've got center color!!
Chapter 52: What Makes an Ace | Furudate Haruichi
Black box: The serialized novelization is on the official "Haikyuu!!" website!! Go head over to this URL right away!! ➤ http://www.j-haikyu.com/


(right) A memory of the past...
(sign) Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School
???: Oikawa-san!

Tobio: Please teach me how to do a serve toss!
(sfx) Fwip
(right) "Serve toss"
Box: Kageyama Tobio (Junior High 1st year)

Oikawa: Hm? What was that?
Oikawa: You said you want to hear my motto?
Box: Oikawa Tooru (Junior High 3rd year)
Tobio: No,

Tobio: teach me how to do a
Oikawa: "If you're going to attack, then keep it up until your opponent breaks!!"

(Tobio sfx) Irritated

Tobio: ...Is that so. Teach me how to do a
Oikawa: No way! Why do I have to foster someone with my own hands who'll be a threat in the future!
Oikawa: I don't wanna, stuuupid!
Iwai: Oikawa, don't go picking a fight with a 1st year!

(Tobio sfx) Irritated

(Oikawa): --"If you're going to attack,


(Oikawa): then keep it up until your opponent breaks."

Player: Don't worry about it, we'll get the next one!
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Boy: Oh maaan, that was seriously impossible...


(Oikawa): Consecutively missing the serve receive will considerably increase the pressure.
(Oikawa): First, I'll silence that energetic monk cut-kun,

(Oikawa): after that, the ace,
(Oikawa): and once the two on the left, the pivot point of attack, have been broken,

(Oikawa): their excellent decoy will also be rendered meaningless.

sfx bubble: Tweeeet
Oikawa: Feh.

Crowd: That was quick! Karasuno called an immediate time out.
Crowd: Even when things are going well, the flow of the game goes Aobajousai's way, after all... they've got to change that, and fast, or they won't be able to recover.

Crowd: I really feel for that guy who's being targeted.
Crowd: It's definitely a big responsibility.

Ukai: Just get it in the air!
Ukai: Even if you can't return the ball to the setter, as long as you get it in the air, the rest can cover it some way or another!

Tanaka: Osu!!

Ukai: --By the way, Kageyama-kun.
(sfx) Gulp


Ukai: That "dump shot" just now.
Ukai: What the hell was that.

Tobio: I apologize!
Tobio: I lost my cool!!

Ukai: ...well, as long as you're aware of it.

Ukai: There's nothing wrong with dump shots.
Ukai: Forcing your opponent to stay on their toes by using a wide variety of attacks is an effective tactic.
Ukai: Still,
Ukai: if they can tell that you're going to do a dump shot, it's almost guaranteed to be stopped, so it's high-risk.
Ukai: Choose when to use it carefully.
Tobio: Osu.

Ukai: Also,
Ukai: don't forget who you're facing.
Ukai: It isn't "Oikawa", but "Aobajousai."

Ukai: On top of that, you aren't the only one fighting.
Ukai: It's all of "Karasuno."

Tobio: ...Osu.
(sfx) Nod


(white sfx) Tweeet
Box: Time Out Over

Player (half-hidden): Nice serve~
Player: One more!

Tanaka: Hoo...

Tanaka: Urgh!!


Takeda: It's in the a-

Taki: Augh, a direct attack...!
Taki: He ended up returning it to the other side of the court...

Crowd: Way to go, Yuutaro!
Crowd: Push'em back, Yuutaro!
Crowd: One more!
Daichi: It's okay, you're getting it in the air, Tanaka!
Tanaka: ...Osu!

(white sfx) Tweeet

(black sfx) Squeak squeak squeak


Noya: Ryu!!

Shimada: Alright! If it comes straight at him, he'll get it one way or another!

Takeda: It's in the air!
Ukai: Hinata, cover it!

Shou: Got it.

Shou: Tanaka-san!!!

Player: #5, it's #5!!
Player: All 3 blockers, over here!

Ukai: Sensei-
Takeda: Right!

Karasuno High School
2nd Time Out
(sfx) Tweeet
Crowd: Yikes.
Crowd: Karasuno's already using their second time out.

Taki: Changing the flow of the game is of the utmost priority here...
Shimada: Augh... this is just painful to watch...

Shimada: ...Receives are the lifeblood of volleyball,
Shimada: and when you have a consecutive series of misses on the crucial serve receive,
Shimada: it's not unusual to feel guilty or isolated... and once the time out's over, he'll continue to be targeted, to boot...
Shimada: On top of that, the real kicker is how it's an absolute shutout*...
(right) ※When all attempts are completely blocked.


Shimada: I wonder how
Shimada: that buzzcut guy is taking it...?

(Shou): ...I should probably say something...
(Shou): Tanaka-san always says something to me whenever I seem depressed, so...

(Shou): I'll also do something.
Shou (half-hidden): Tana
(white sfx) Smack!!


Tanaka: I'm sorry!!

Noya: Ryu!!
Noya: It's not like you could've helped it!
Noya: That toss just now was tough, and there were 3 blockers on you.
Noya: I also didn't follow-up...

Tanaka: Just now, I
Tanaka: didn't call for the toss!!!

Tanaka: For a moment there, I was scared. Dammit!!!


Tanaka: I'm gonna regret it like hell when the match's over!!
Tanaka: I, who have no real redeeming qualities,
Tanaka: can't help but get in the way when you guys go and get depressed over your mistakes!!!

Tanaka: Next time, I'm gonna succeed!

(left of Ukai) Wahaha!!
Ukai: Being able to say that just now is enough of a redeeming quality!!

Tanaka: Ah.
Tanaka: Osu.

Ukai: That's exactly why there are 6 others on the court with you!
Ukai: If you try to receive using just your arms, the ball will ricochet right off, so move your feet!
Ukai: You're getting the ball in the air, so it's not like that's an issue. Even if it doesn't go far, someone will be able to cover you!
Team: Osu!!!


Noya: You should become more like Ryu, Asahi-san!!
(around Noya) Means well
(above Asahi) Gah!!
Asahi: I would if I could! But it's not so easy!
Daichi: You've got that right.

Daichi: I think it's amazing to endure the usual amount of tension
Daichi: all while being targeted by a powerful serve and dealing with an absolute shutout.

Crowd: Geez, Seijou's gonna win like this. It's the same pattern as always, isn't it?
Crowd: They'll repeat it step by step, with Oikawa's serve as the clincher.
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Crowd: A jump serve is easy to screw up, but
Crowd: that Oikawa guy tends to keep going strong for 4-5 points before that happens...

Crowd: Whether Oikawa messes up or not,
Crowd: unless Karasuno lucks out and he hits the serve right to someone, like earlier,
Crowd: it'll be impossible for them to receive and, once they fall apart, it'll all be over.

Crowd: ...Say,
Crowd: it was the same during the previous time out, but...

Crowd: Doesn't that Oikawa guy look strange?


Boy: Oh! I've heard about that before.

Boy: The team mostly calls time out
Boy: for the sake of the spin on that dangerous serve of his.
Boy: They do it even if they're not in a deadlock... anyway, he uses the time out for his serve cut.

Boy: When the time out starts, he concentrates intensely on the aspects that are easiest to screw up,
(sfx) Tweeet
Boy: and what he's doing now is to prevent himself from losing any of that concentration.

Crowd: Huh. But can he really do something like that?
(left) Fight! OSSU!!
Crowd: The coach allows it too, so he must be able to, I guess?
Box: Time Out Over

(Ukai): I thought that if he's physically spinning the ball,
(Ukai): then it would slowly chip away at his concentration, but

(Ukai): it looks like that's not the case, either...


Tanaka: Sorry I said all that earlier on my own!!!
Tanaka: I'll count on you guys to cover me!!

Players: Yeah!
(Ukai): "You aren't the only one fighting."

Players: Alright, bring it on!!!
(Ukai): "It's all of Karasuno."

(Tanaka): It's curving.


Tanaka: Hrng...

(sfx) Gyaa!
Crowd: Yowch!
Crowd: He took it in the chest?!

(Tanaka): Dammit.

(Tanaka, half-hidden): It's falling.


Shou: Oof.

Tobio: Urgh
Tobio: hyaa!!!


Takeda: Ooooh
(left of Takeda) Nice job, guys!!
Takeda: They returned it...!!!

Kin: Oikawa-san.

(Shimada): --Was that receive pose just now on purpose?! Certainly, if you expand the "surface area" receiving the ball,
(Shimada): then the probability of it ricocheting will likely decrease, but

(Shimada): if you're careless, it'll smack you in the face, you know?!

Player: Watari!
Watari: Got it!
Watari: Hanamaki-san!

Player: It's a back attack!!


Tobio: Nice receive!!
Noya: Sorry, cover it!!
Tobio: Got it!

Tanaka: LEEEEE
Tanaka: FFFTT!!!

Tobio: Tanaka-san!!!

(Ukai): It's not as if he generally has very few screwups.
(Ukai): He immediately gets riled up when provoked, too.
(Ukai): However,


(Ukai): in the team, his power is second only to Azumane's, and,
(Ukai): above all,

(Ukai): when driven to the edge,
(Ukai): he has the mental strength to continue without a drop in performance.

(Ukai): That is undeniably
(Ukai): what makes an ace.

(above crowd) Woaah!?
Crowd: Oooh! Oikawa-san had had a flow going...
Crowd: but Karasuno's buzzcut guy himself

Tanaka: cut right through it...!!
(left) The beginning of a counterattack, seized through tenacity!!!

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