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Assassination Classroom 34

Time to Bat First

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 14, 2013 03:46 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

[p000 (cover)]

(right) This teacher is
(left) dynamite on a cosmic scale!!!
Volume 3 is selling like crazy & the new developments' popularity explodes onto opening color pages!!
Assassination Classroom


Announcer: Class E is batting.
Announcer: First up is the third baseman, Kimura-kun.
Scoreboard, top: Class E
Scoreboard, bottom: Baseball Club

Kimura: This sucks.
Kimura: I'm first up in the most away game you can get, with the school's star player as an opponent.

Shin: Hmph.
Shin: So they're starting off with small fry, huh.

(left) Play ball!! What is their secret strategy to a runaway victory against the champion baseball club...?!

Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: Come, let's give them a taste
Korosen: of a baseball hell dyed in killing intent and tentacles.
(bottom right) [Assassination Classroom] with opening color!!


(bottom right)
✰Volume 3 is on sale now!! The cover features a pink Korosensei!! Hurry to the bookstore at mach 20!!
✰The "Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro" paperback & remix editions are also on sale!!
✰Get all the latest info at the official twitter account -> @ansatsu_k

Assassination Classroom
Chapter 34: Time to Bat First
Matsui Yuusei
(top, yellow) ✰We have opening color to celebrate volume 3's release and the start of the ball game tournament arc!!
(left, blue) A clear killing
(left, orange) intent and blue sky...

(bottom left) The manga continues on page 19!!


(right, star) Give'em a killer of a hit!! HEY HEY HEY!!

(crowd sfx) Oooh
Announcer: Just the sort of fastball you'd expect of the amazing pitcher Shindou-kun!!

Announcer: Class E's Kimura is just standing there!
Announcer: If you don't swing the bat a little, you'll look really lame, y'know~!!
(girls sfx) Giggle

Boy: ...our junior high's superstar is sure fast.
Boy: Apparently he pitches at 140km/hr.
Boy: 140?!
Boy: That's on the same level as the pros!!


(right, star) Baseball season arrives at mach 20!! Volume 3 of Jump's only genuine tentacle baseball manga is selling amazingly well!!

Boy: Since his second year of junior high, he's steadily built up his body, and now he stands at 180 cm.

Boy: He's the sort of guy you'd call a chosen one.

Box: Small fry don't matter.
Box: The only one to be careful of is Sugino, but

Box: during practice matches, Sugino was also completely unable to hit my pitches.
Box: Well, it's only natural.
Box: We're on different levels.

Man: Hmm.
Man: Shindou will bring the top of the 1st to an end with 3 out,
Man: and in the bottom of the 1st, we'll score 10 points and it'll be a mercy rule win.
Baseball Club advisor
Terai Kiyoshi


(Kimura): ...Roger.

(Korosen sfx) Fwoop

Announcer: Here comes Shindou's second pitch...

Announcer: There it goes!


Shindou: What?!

Announcer: Aaand it's a bunt!!

Announcer: It rolled to a good spot!!
Announcer: The infielders were confused for a moment over who would get it!!


Box: Our first batter, Kimura-kun, is Class E's fastest runner.
Box: By doing something unexpected, he'll likely be able to get to the base with ease.

Announcer: He's safe!!
Announcer: This is surprising. Class E's gotten to first base without any outs!!

Shindou: Tch.
Shindou: Tricky brat...
Player: Don't let it bother you. That's an amateur's way of thinking.
気にすんな いかにも素人の考える事だ
Player: So long as we stay vigilant, they won't be able to bunt at all.

Announcer: Batting second is the catcher Shiota-kun.


Announcer: This time it's a strong bunt down the third-base line!!
Announcer: It went right past the third baseman in front of the plate!!

Box: Champions or no, they're still junior high students.
Box: Even those at the professional level have difficulty dealing with bunts.

Announcer: With this, Class E has runners on first and second, and no outs!!
Boy: ...H-hey...
Boy: The flow of the game's kinda off, isn't it?


(Shindou): Wh...
(Shindou): Whaaaat...?!

Box: How are those guys able to pull off a bunt like that?
Box: It might seem easy to the untrained eye, but...

Box: With a fastball from someone of Shindou's level, it's next to impossible to hit it exactly where you want it to go.
Box: And they only had Sugino and that slow pitch of his to train against!!

Maehara: ...must be what they're thinking.

Maehara: It's 'cause we...

Maehara: practiced with that as our opponent.


???: Koro-Pitcher throws a ball that travels 300 km/hr!!

(above sitting Korosen) Are you going to make it~?
(left of Korosen) It's all yours.
(left of Korosen) Oh no, you go ahead and get it.
???: The Koro Infielders form an iron wall of defense through duplication!!

???: Koro-Catcher will disrupt batters' concentration through whispering tactics!!
Korosen: You secretly played air guitar behind the main school building, didn't you.
Korosen: It certainly put you in high spirits, Mimura-kun.


Korosen: Now that you've experienced sensei's mach baseball...
(sfx) Haah haah haah
Korosen: Next, we'll study the opponents you'll be facing.

Korosen: I've had Takebayashi-kun doing reconnaissance over the past 3 days.
Take: ...it was a pain.

Take: Shindou's maximum pitching speed is 140.5 km/hr.
Take: He pitches straights and curve balls,
Take: and during the practice matches, 90% were straight balls.

Sugino: If we're talking about that insanely fast straight of his...
Sugino: At the junior high level, they'll end up winning with just one kind of pitch.
Korosen: That's true.
Korosen: But on the other hand, if you can tell whether the pitch will be a regular straight or not, victory will be yours.


Korosen: And so, in the practices from here on out,
Korosen: sensei will use the same form and pitches as Shindou-kun,
Korosen: throwing them just as exceptionally slowly as he does.

Korosen: After having seen sensei's pitches just a little while ago,
Korosen: the likes of Shindou-kun's will seem as if they're standing still.

Korosen: As a result, you'll be at a suitable enough level to master it, even if only through bunting.


Announcer: Th... the bases are loaded!!
Announcer: Cou...
Announcer: Could something be off with Shindou-kun?!

(Shin): Sugino...!!

(white sfx) Glance


Box: Wh...
Box: What's with these guys?!
Box: It should've been no contest against a team like this.

Box: It's as if their eyes are those of a hunter, unhesitatingly watching his prey.

(Shin): Am I really...
(Shin): playing baseball right now?


Box: Earlier, you talked about being good at literary and military arts, Shindou.

Box: It's true
Shindou: ...Gotta calm down.
Shindou: Like hell I'll let you bunt anymore.
Shindou: I'll scare the pants off them with a high inside straight.
Box: that I'm no match for you when it comes to armed might.

Box: But

Box: even the weak

Box: can take down
Box: a massive force in one blow, if they aim carefully.

(Shin): He's hitting it?!
(Catcher): Shit, that was his goal all along!!


(white sfx) Crack!

Announcer: He hit it!!
Announcer: It's heading deep into the outfield!!
(Sugino): Right now, this...


Announcer: It's a bases-clearing triple!!
Announcer: Wh-what the hell, this's unexpected.
Announcer: Class E's taken the lead with 3 points!!
(Sugino): is the type of studying we're doing in Class E!!

Box: Impossible...
Box: How are they completely able to see and react to my pitches?

Box: This is supposed to be where I show my power to the entire study body.
Box: Why am I, a chosen one, suffering such a disgrace...?!

???: You don't look well at all, Terai-sensei.
???: Are you feeling ill?


Asano: You should take a rest right away.
Asano: The club members will be filled with worry and unable to give their all, you know.

Terai: B-Board Chairman!
Terai: N-
Terai: No,
Terai: as you can see, I'm feeling just...

Asano: It's a good thing you're ill.

Asano: Because if you weren't...
Asano: My school would never employ the sort of coach...
Asano: who would allow the public to see such a disgraceful sight.

Asano: Ahh, just as I thought. You have a terrible fever.
Asano: Would someone take him to the infirmary?
Asano: In the meantime, I will act as coach.


Asano: Umpire, time out.
Terai: Wh...

Terai: What are...

Asano: Come, now.
Asano: I'm just going to provide a little education, is all.
(left, star) Rushing toward the 2nd round of the heated Kunugigaoka Baseball Killasic!!



[page 4]
Give'em a killer of a hit!! HEY HEY HEY!! - This is parodying a phrase from the anime Toradora. In the series, the first part of the phrase is 一発かましたれ (ippatsu kamashitare), which roughly translates to "give'em a hell of a hit". Here, it's been changed to 一発殺したれ (ippatsu koroshitare).

[page 18]
The type of studying we're doing in Class E - The reading given is "studying", whereas the kanji used are those for "assassination."

[page 20]
Kunugigaoka Baseball Killasic - First off, there's obviously wordplay going on here. The word this time is クラシック (kurashikku, aka the English word "classic"), which has been changed to コロシック (koroshikku). However, since "korossic" isn't quite close enough to "classic" for an English speaker to recognize it as such, I opted to go with "killasic" instead. Secondly, this is actually referencing an international baseball tournament called the World Baseball Classic. It's relatively new (started in 2005), and the final series of 2006 and 2009 rank among the highest-rated sporting events in the history of Japanese TV.

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