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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 35

Huddle Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 18, 2013 01:58 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

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Naka: Maaan, that was close!
Kata: There were a few times where we could've won.
Kata: Next time, we'll get our revenge!

Kayano: Sorry.
Kayano: I ended up dragging everyone down.
Kata: That's not true at all, Kayano-san.

Kayano: When I saw the club captain's breasts bouncing around like that...
Kayano: I was filled with such anger and killing intent that the world went red.
(right of Kayano) Clutch
(above Kayano) Yeeeek
Girl: What's with your hatred of big boobs, Kayanocchi?!

Girl: So,
Girl: how's the boys' baseball game going?
Mimura: Yo.

Girls: Woah!
Girls: They're winning against the baseball club!!
Class E
Baseball Club
(left) [Assassination Classroom]
Boy: Yeah,
Boy: this far, anyway.

(left, star) It's the ball game tournament exhibition match!! Before Class E, which has set the game's pace with their hellish bunting tactics, what will that man do...?!


Boy: But
Boy: the last boss has made his appearance right in the first inning.
(center, star) The teacher pulling the strings on these grounds enters the fray...!!
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 35: Huddle Time
Matsui Yuusei

Player: ...B...
Player: Board Chairman...


Box: Class E must absolutely not be allowed to win here.

Box: Little by little, they are starting to brim with confidence.
Box: All of it is due to that monster's machinations, but...

Box: that just won't do.
Box: They cannot be allowed to think "we can do it if we try,"
Box: if I am to have them live while always looking down.

Box: Because if those who should not surpass others begin to do so...
Box: my educational ideal will be thrown into disarray.

(left, star) Aim for Koroshien!! Volume 3 of Jump's only genuine tentacle baseball manga is on sale now!!


Announcer: According to the information I've just received,
Announcer: The baseball club's advisor, Terai-sensei, fell seriously ill before the match...
Announcer: and the club members were too worried about him to even think about playing.

Announcer: Unable to stand idly by, the board chairman apparently hurried to take the reins!!

Student: He's sure cool, being able to go out there no sweat at a time like this~
Student: Do your best from here on out too, baseball club!!

Asano: ...let's see.
Asano: To start, I have reset the atmosphere for you.


Shin: Board Chairman...
Shin: Thank you very much.

Asano: It seems that Sugino-kun, who was no longer able to participate in club activites,
Asano: has joined the city's club team.
Asano: He's certainly putting in the effort, in his own way.

Asano: But what of it?
Asano: Anyone can put in a little effort.

Asano: Chosen ones like all of you are destined for greatness.
Asano: In your life from here on out,
Asano: you will need to trample over hundreds of thousands of opponents like these, in order to continue onward.


Asano: You shouldn't think of it as playing "baseball."
Asano: This is the "process" of trampling a mere ten people among many thousand.

Asano: Now come. Let's huddle up
Asano: and then teach them how this process works.


Announcer: After giving a few instructions, the Board Chairman has left the field!!
Announcer: Let's see how they're...

Announcer: Wh-
Announcer: What's this?!

Announcer: The entirety of the team has gathered in the infield!!
Announcer: I've never seen such an extreme preemptive defense strategy!!


Okajima: They've already figured out that all we can do it bunt.
Okajima: ...And it's just impossible with them being so close!!
Okajima: As soon as a batter sees that, he won't be able to concentrate at all!!

Take: According to the rules, they're free to stand guard wherever they like, as long as it's in the fair zone.
Take: It's a different story if the umpire decides it's not acceptable, but...

Take: the sensei acting as umpire is on their side.
Take: There's no use getting our hopes up.


Maehara: Urgh...!

Announcer: Looks like the pressure from the infield has scared Class E's #5, Maehara!!
Announcer: He hit the ball right overhead them, for one out!!

Okajima: You've gotta be kidding!!
Okajima: There's no way we can bunt with the infield like this!

Okajima: What'm I supposed to do, Coach Koro! Give me instructions!!


(Okajima): There's no way around it?!

Announcer: Aaand just like that, it's 3 outs!!
Announcer: The third base runner wasn't able to move so much as an inch!!
Announcer: Pitcher Shindou-kun is back in perfect form!!


Asano: That's the way, Shindou-kun.

Asano: You should continue pitching only four-seam fastballs.
Asano: Please throw in such a way so as to overwhelm them with your stature.
Asano: None of the students, save Sugino-kun, can send your pitch into the outfield.
Shin: Right!

Asano: Let me repeat that this is not baseball.
Asano: It is a means of asserting dominancy.

Shin: Yes!!

Box: That man is an accomplished educator, as well.
Box: He has a good memory for the students' faces and abilities...
Box: and his teaching and motivational skills are both outstanding.


Box: Their ways of doing things are very similar.
Box: And yet, how...
Box: can they be so different as educators?

Box: I'm somewhat interested...
(on Irina's book) Rule Book
Irina: I get it now, Karasuma!!
Irina: Basically, you use a ball and bat to get "outs" instead of "ins"!!

Box: in this confrontation of their leadership.


Batter: Urgh!

(Batter): What was with that curve?!
(Batter): Where did Sugino pick up a pitch with a change of speed like that!!

Sugaya: Don't let'em hit one, Sugino~~
Sugaya: If the ball comes back out here, we've got no confidence we can get it.
(sfx) Catch
Sugino: Gotcha.

(sfx) Wham!
Announcer: That's 2 consecutive strikeouts!!
Isogai: Still, Sugino sure is something.
Isogai: At this rate, we might actually be able to win, y'know?

Maehara: I don't know about that.
Maehara: Take a look at the baseball club's bench.


Asano: Let's try repeating after me.
Asano: "I am strong."

Shin: I am strong.

Asano: "I will throw with a strong windup."
Shin: I will throw with a strong windup.
Maehara: The Board Chairman is diligently rebuilding Shindou...
Maehara: whose power is on an absurd level even under normal conditions.
Asano: "I will force them to surrender."
Shin: I will force them to surrender.
Asano: "I will crush them."
Asano: I will crush them.

Korosen: Karma-kun.

Karma: ...Don't pop up at my feet, Coach Koro.
Karma: Do you want me to step on you?

Korosen: You'll be the first to bat next inning.
Korosen: Let's try shaking them up with some of your provocation.


Announcer: It's the top of the 2nd!!
Announcer: And they're going with the same iron wall of a wheel play!!
(wheel play is a baseball strategy designed to defend against bunts)

Umpire: What's the matter?
Umpire: Go on and step up to the plate.

Karma: Heeey,
Karma: isn't this unfair, board chairmaaan?

Karma: You're defending by getting in the way like this, and yet
Karma: the umpire isn't paying one bit of attention to it.
Karma: Don't the rest of you find that strange?


Karma: Oh, that's right~
Karma: You're all idiots, so
Karma: stuff about defensive positions just goes right over your heads.

Crowd: Quit bitching about the small stuff, Class E!!
(sfx) BOO! BOO!
Crowd: Don't go complaining about the defense when it's just an exhibition match!
Crowd: If you've got a problem with it, then why don't you try showing us some results, huh!!

Box: Looks like it's no use, coach.

Box: That was just fine.
Box: It's important to clearly voice your objections.

Announcer: In the top of the 2nd, Class E got 3 outs without being able to do a thing!!
(bottom) Look for a way out


Announcer: And now for the bottom of the 2nd!!
Announcer: In excellent form, even Shindou-kun's batting is on fire!!
Announcer: Class E's bad defense allows for an extra-base hit!!
Mimura: Ack...

Mimura: Sorry, Sugino.
Sugino: Don't worry about it!
Sugino: All we practiced were bunts, after all.
Announcer: With this inning's rally, they've taken back 2 points to make it 3-2!!
Announcer: They're catching up to Class E!!


Box: Thank you,
Box: Korosensei,
Box: for working in conjunction with my teaching methods.

Box: Between the weak, who try to win only through trickery,
Box: and the overwhelmingly strong, who crush them with ease,

(Asano): which do you think the students will wish to be?

Announcer: In the top of the 3rd, Class E's three batters struck out in rapid succession once again!!
Scoreboard, top: Class E
Scoreboard, bottom: Baseball Club
Announcer: And now it's all up to the baseball club's final turn at bat!!!


Asano: Hashimoto-kun.

Asano: Please show them how it's done.

Box: You have my gratitude for your cooperation, Korosensei.
Box: Allow me to teach you the right way to win.

(right, star) Turning their bunting hell back on them?!
Announcer: What's this, a bunt?!
Announcer: This time, it's Class E's turn to see hell!!



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Aim for Koroshien - Koshien is a nationwide baseball tournament held twice a year in Japan to determine the top high school team in the country. It's basically the goal of every young baseball player. Here, the "ko" of Koshien has been replaced with "koro".

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