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Haikyuu!! 53

Oikawa Tooru is Not a Genius

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 19, 2013 20:18 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 53

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Box: When I began attending junior high, they already had an amazing player.
Box: I thought it was because junior high itself was amazing,

Box: but that wasn't the case at all.
(on plaque)
Best Setter Award
Oikawa Tooru
Miyagi Prefecture Athletics Competition
Boys' Volleyball Division
Box: That player was the amazing one.

(Tobio): If I surpass him...

(left) The genius' starting point...

Box: I'll be the best setter in the prefecture.
(bottom right)
Volume 5 is an explosive hit and on sale now!!!
Chapter 53: Oikawa Tooru is Not a Genius
Furudate Haruichi


(above Shou) Tanaka-san!!!
Tanaka: HELL
Tanaka: YEAAAAH!!!
(above Noya) Ryu!!

Boy: There's something weird about how excited Karasuno gets when that buzzcut guy scores.
あのボーズが決めると盛り上がり方が違うなぁ 烏野は
Player: Tanakaaa!
Player: Nice one!
Tanaka: Nice follow-up, guys! Thanks!
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Box (top):
Oikawa | Matsukawa (Watari) | Hanamaki
Iwaizumi | Kindaichi | Kunimi
Box (center): Net
Box (bottom):
Azumane | Sawamura | Hinata
Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama | Tanaka

Oikawa: And I was planning to get 3-4 more points like that, too~

Tanaka: Uoooh... that was the first time I really saw the block...!

Tanaka: Once in a while,
Tanaka: when you're in the air, it's as if you can see the opponent's block in slow motion.
Tanaka: It's like there's this "whoosh" and you see right past them.
Tanaka: It doesn't happen every time, though.
Shou: Oooh...!


Shou: Tanaka-san,
Shou: you're so cool...!!

Tanaka: Wahaha!! That's 'cause I'm a senpai!!
(above Tanaka) WAHAHAHA!
(right) Tanaka, your serve.
(above Shou) Oooh!
(Tobio): Alright, we've changed the flow of the game! From here, we'll get back on our feet...!

(Tobio): Oikawa-san really is amazing. Still, we have to prevent them from getting even more of a lead.

(Tobio): Our side can hold its own
(Tobio): when it comes to offensive ability, too...!

Player: Nice receive!

Player: Kunimi!
Player: Nice one touch!!

Tanaka: Free baaaall!!


Shou: Bring it on!

(Oikawa): "We'll have just one person mark shorty when they do the supernatural quick strike."

(Iwai): I already knew it was fast, but damn is it ever...!

Enno: Nice one, Hinata!!

Iwai: ...Oi, you better not say you're "no match when it comes to tosses" again.
Oikawa: Against Tobio?
Oikawa: It's true, though. I can't toss it with such pinpoint accuracy!


Player: Tanaka, nice serve!
(sfx) Pissed
Oikawa: Gyaa! Don't get angry!

(white sfx) Tweeet
Oikawa: Even if I'm no match for him in terms of talent,
Oikawa: I'm confident in my ability to perform the tosses that are easiest for each of you guys to hit.

sfx bubble: Bump
Oikawa: I won't lose to him as a setter.

(Tobio): From above the blocker again...
Player: Kindaichi, nice one!

(Oikawa): Don't be so surprised.

(Oikawa): This is Kindaichi's "natural best place to hit the ball", after all.


Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Player: Nice serve!
Player: C'mon, bring it!!

(Tobio): A 7-point difference...
(Tobio): We have to shorten it somehow...

Player: Right side!

sfx bubble: Whoosh

Takeda: Oooh. It kinda feels like they're
Takeda: moving faster than usual~!

Player: Daichi-san, nice one!
Player: Nice~
(Tobio): Dammit... 2 blockers... they're doing a pretty good job of following along... if we're stopped here, they'll likely set the pace of the game again...
(Tobio): We need to at least drop it down to 1 blocker...!

Box: Hinata's serve
Box: Nishinoya out
Box: Tsukishima in


Box: --When I was a 2nd year in high school, I heard the nickname which had been given to my outstanding kouhai from junior high.

Box: "The King of the Court."
Box: I'd thought it was quite the esteemed nickname.

Box: However, I came to understand that "it had a different meaning" while watching his matches.

Box: He has power,
Box: skill,
Box: and a desire to win which are
Box: far greater than anyone else's.
Box: Those are Tobio's strengths,

Box: and they become his sole weakness.

(Oikawa): You try to solve things on your own far too often, Tobio.
(Oikawa): A habit like that can't be so easily fixed in just under 2 months.


Player: Hanamaki, nice one!!
Player: One more!

Suga: Hinata!
Hinata out
Nishinoya in

Suga: It's about the signals you've been using. We're gonna have a change of strategy.

Shou: Uooh!
Shou (half-hidden): Are we gonna get new-
(sfx) Smack!
Player: Cover it!!

Player: Matsukawa, nice block!
Noya: Got it!
sfx bubble: Bump
Player: Try it again!

Taki: Hey...


sfx bubble: Whoosh
Taki: aren't Karasuno's attacks kinda
Taki: steadily getting faster and faster?

Taki: Overall,
Taki: it looks like they're acting without any forethought...

(Taki): That acceleration gives me a bad feeling... and they've already used up all of their time outs, too.
Ukai: Take it slow!
Ukai: Don't get impatient!

Irihata: ...A speed influenced by mental strain...

Irihata: Wholeheartedly wanting to escape from the blockers, such that
Irihata: you end up unintentionally prioritizing "speed" over "easiness to hit."
Irihata: Unconsciously... increasing the speed just a little, bit by bit.
Irihata: But soon,

Irihata: that becomes a large gap.

(Oikawa): Tobio, you are a genius.


(Shou's card, top) Hinata Shouyou
(Shou's card, body)
162.8 cm.
• Power: 1
• Jump: 5
• Speed: 5
• Stamina: 5
• Intellect: 1
• Technique: 1
(Shou's card, bottom - half-hidden) Karasu 1
(Oikawa): You're the only one who could pull off such a quick strike with that shorty.

(Asahi's card, top) Azumane Asahi
(Asahi's card, body)
184.7 cm.
• Power: 5
• Speed: 2
• Stamina: 3
• Intellect: 3
• Technique: 3
• Jump: 3
(Oikawa): But what of the others?
(Oikawa): If you tossed the ball for #3 just a little slower, he'd be able to beat out the blockers. You're capable of that, aren't you?

(Tsuki's card, top) Tsukishima Kei
(Tsuki's card, body)
188.3 cm.
• Power: 2
• Jump: 3
• Speed: 3
• Stamina: 3
• Intellect: 5
• Technique: 3
(Tsuki's card, bottom) Karasu 1
(Oikawa): Does glasses-kun trust in your toss and hit it with all he has?

(Oikawa): The one who draws out
(Oikawa): 100% of each individual spiker's power

(Oikawa): is the setter.


Taki: That side really feels like they're at ease...
Player: Nice one, Hanamaki!

Player: Kunimi, nice serve!
Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Player: Nice serve!!

Player: It's falling! Forward, forward!
Tanaka: Hurg!

Player: Good one, Tanaka!!

(Daichi): It's going over the net...!!
Daichi: Push it over, Kageyama!!


Crowd: They're jostling for it!

(Shimada): Using his opponent's own force to push it back over...! He's good...!


Yama: ...Kageyama kinda doesn't seem like his usual self...

(Suga): "In other words, you view Kageyama as the "strongest" in your generation."
(around Shou): Hmm... Ye- errmm...

(Tobio): Dammit...
(Tobio): Dammit...!!


Asahi: Daichi!
Player: Nice receive!

(Tobio): There's no way I'll lose here...!
(Tobio): There's no way I'll lose here...!

(Tobio): I'll win,
(Tobio): and continue to stay on the court!!!

(Shimada/Taki): A miss...!!


Asahi: Urgh!

Noya: Nice follow-up, Asahi-san!!

Player: It's coming back this way!
Player: Free ball!
Player: Iwaizumi!

(Irihata): --Oikawa has a good sense of judgment and doesn't scrimp on effort.
(Irihata): It's just that, when compared to the "mass of talent" that is Kageyama, his junior by 2 years,

(Irihata): Oikawa is excellent, but not a genius.

(Irihata): Even so, I can assert
(Irihata): that at the current stage, it is Oikawa who excels


(Irihata): at being a setter.

Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

(black sfx) TWEEET

Crowd: Ah.
Crowd: Karasuno...

Crowd: is changing setters.
Karasuno High School
Member Change
#2 Sugawara (S) in
#9 Kageyama (S) out

Suga: Don't get depressed.
Suga: This is just to change the rhythm a bit.
Kageyama: ...Sorry.
(sfx) Squeeze

(Suga): ...I'm worried about Kageyama too, but
(sfx) Glance


(Suga): In this situation, it must be hard to look at the one you consider
(Suga): your "strongest rival", who won't lose to anyone...

(Suga): If both of them
(Suga): break down here, then...

Shou: I already said that
Shou: I'm definitely gonna be the one to defeat you!!!

Yama: Hinata!
Yama: You're gonna piss him off!

(Shou): Whether it's 10 years from now, or 20,
(Shou): however long it takes!!!


Shou: Until then, you're not allowed to lose to anybody else!!!

(Shou sfx) Huff huff

Tobio: --The match
Tobio: isn't over yet,
Tobio: so I haven't lost, either.

(Suga): ...I guess there was no need to worry.

Ukai: Kageyama, make sure you look at things carefully from out here.
Ukai: Take the time to calm yourself,
(right of Yama): I'm telling you, he's gonna get pissed!!
(sfx) Drag

Ukai: and watch your senpai's plays.
(left) Sugawara heads onto the court!! Next issue, we have center color!!!

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