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Haikyuu!! 54

The True Strength of a "Senpai"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 25, 2013 02:30 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 54

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) A move to turn things around,
(left) brought about with a smile!!
Volume 5 is a runaway hit!! Center color for the fierce battle vs. Aobajousai!!
Chapter 54: The True Strength of a "Senpai" | Furudate Haruichi
(below tankobon) Volume 5, the latest from Jump Comics, is on sale and really popular!!


(right) The indomitable setter is finally thrown into the mix!!

Scoreboard, right: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left: Karasuno

(white sfx) Thump
Suga: Alright,

(white sfx) Grind
Suga: Alright,

Suga: Alright,
(white sfx) Shoonk

Suga: Alright,
(white sfx) Bop

(white sfx) Smack!
Suga: Okay!!!


Suga: It'll be fine!
Suga: We'll break their streak in one go!!

(white sfx) Deeply moved

(above players) YEAAAH!!
Shou: Oooh...

Shou: ...hrm...
Tobio: What.
(white sfx) Glance

Shou: Geeez, your face's scary.
(left of Shou) Haah, this is what I'm talking about.
Tobio: This is the face I've always had!!

Shou: You get all irritated, and you hardly talk at all, either~


Shou: I mean, I know you're thinking something, but
Shou: if you don't speak up, I can't tell what~

Tobio: Haven't I been voicing my thoughts?
Shou: Nope.
Shou: At least, not compared to the other matches we've had so far.

Shou: Geeez...
(sfx) Gloom
(Tobio): Dammit.
(Tobio): Did I really lose my composure to such an extent that even he'd say something about it...?!

Player: Focus!
Player: Nice serve!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back!
Crowd: Push'em back, Seijou!!
Player: Go for it!
Suga: Daichi,

Suga: you haven't been speaking up like you usually do.
Suga: What's everyone else going to do if the captain loses his composure?
Daichi: Ah, sorry.

(Asahi/Tanaka): Suga(-san) is the only one who can lecture Daichi(-san)...

Crowd: --Hey, about that setter Karasuno just sent out...

(paper, top) Player Roster
(paper, list; rows 8-12 are partially hidden)
Sawamura Daichi
Sugawara Koushi
Azumane Asahi
Nishinoya Yuu
Tanaka Ryunosuke
Ennoshita Chikara
Narita Kazuhito
Kinoshita Hisashi
Kageyama Tobio
Hinata Shouyou
Tsukishima Kei
Yamaguchi Tadashi
Crowd: #2... ah, he's a 3rd year.
Crowd: Geh!
Crowd: Then that means his place in the starting lineup was snatched away by that genius 1st year who's been on the court all this time?!


Crowd: Man, that's rough...
Crowd: Poor guy...

Shimada: I'm begging you, don't let them score any more consecutive points~!

Shimada: Still, this rotation has the strongest defensive power, so
Shimada: I want to think...... it will
Shimada: be alright...

Suga: Tsukishima.
(Oikawa): ...I don't know anything about that "refreshing" #2-kun's abilities, but

(Oikawa): from watching them practice, he seemed the "diligent and courteous" type. His movements were generic, too.
(Oikawa): As it stands,

(Oikawa): he doesn't even compare to Tobio.

Oikawa: Iwa-chan, we'll do a straight spike while that #2-kun is a blocker.
Oikawa: He's short, so aim for him.
Iwai: Got it.


Oikawa: Nice serve!

Asahi: Nice receive!

Suga: Tanaka!
Player: It's a parallel toss...!

Tanaka: Dashaaaa!!

Watari: Oof!
Player: Nice receive, Watari!


Shimada: Damn, he kept it in play.
Shimada: But they're in disarray!
Taki: He's coming from the left!!

Oikawa: Iwa-chan!
Player: Left, left!

(Iwai): A straight spike aimed at...

(Iwai): the short blocker.

Oikawa: Iwa--!


(above crowd) Oooh!!
Crowd: He knocked it right down...!

Shimada: Oho!
Shimada: I guess he realized there was a straight spike coming his way?!
Taki: Guess so!
Taki: And what a great counter for it! Just before the opponent's spike, the blockers

Taki: switch positions!

Suga: Nice block, Tsukishima! Good job!
Tsuki: But... you were the one who...

Suga: When we play against strong teams, they generally target me, since I'm a short blocker.
Suga: So I figured it would probably be the same this time, too~

Suga: Being next to a tall person is definitely reassuring!

Tsuki: That's, well...
Tsuki: Sure...

Iwai: My bad.
(above Hana) No worries!
Oikawa: Sorry, Iwa-chan.


Scoreboard, right side: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Player: Tsukishima, give'em a good serve~
Box (top):
Hanamaki | Kunimi | Kindaichi
Matsukawa (Watari) | Oikawa | Iwaizumi
Box (center): Net
Box (bottom):
Hinata | Tanaka | Sugawara
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
(below box) ※ Current rotation

Box: Hinata in
Box: Tsukishima's serve
Shou: Aaaalright!
Box: Nishinoya out

Suga: Hinata.

(Oikawa): Even though Tobio's benched, shorty is back in play anyway.
(Oikawa): That's surprising.
(white sfx) Tweeet

Player: Nice serve!

Oikawa: Kunimi-chan.
Kunimi: Got it.
Player: Nice receive!

Shimada: Argh.
Shimada: It's been perfectly returned to the setter...!
Taki: Are they gonna do a quick?!


sfx bubble: Float

(Shimada/Taki): An A-Quick!!


Shou: Woaaah!
(below Shou) I blocked it!

Crowd: That's consecutive block points for Karasuno!!
Crowd: That #10 who blocked just now is only 162 cm!
Crowd: Seriously?!
(below bubble) Wow!

Suga: Hinata, way to go!!
Shou: It was just like you said, Sugawara-san!

Suga: For the next one, if their receive cleanly returns the ball to the setter, they'll likely come up the center with a quick.
Suga: Still, take your time and don't jump any sooner than you normally would.
Suga: It sure did~

(Irihata): ...The serve that Karasuno's #11 always uses
(Irihata): never misses, but is weak power-wise.
(Irihata): Going right into a quick strike from a perfect receive is an effective strategy...


(Irihata): So that block was based off the expectation that #11's serve would have a perfect receive...

(Irihata): It must have been frustrating to watch from the sidelines, but
(Irihata): I have a feeling that the entire time, he was able to regard the game with far more composure than those actually playing.

(Irihata): His time spent not playing in matches has also aided
(Irihata): in his development.

Yama: Wow.
Yama: Hinata's amazing!
Noya: That just now was probably due to Suga-san's instructions.
Yama: Really?!

Yama: Wow, that's just what you'd expect of a 3rd year!

Takeda: The tension has really skyrocketed, hasn't it!
(sfx) Glance
Ukai: Yeah...


Takeda: Don't worry, he'll be fine.

Ukai: Huh?
Takeda: You were concerned that Kageyama-kun, who seems to have a lot of pride,
Takeda: would end up sulking because he was benched, right?

(right of Ukai) Bull's-eye
Takeda: He'll be fine.

Takeda: I think the main factors contributing to Kageyama-kun's strength and skill are
(sfx) Stare...
Takeda: his strong sense of pride
Takeda: and, even surpassing that,
Takeda: his intense desire to advance onward.

Player: Tsukishima, one more! Nice serve!
Scoreboard, right: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left: Karasuno
Player: We'll stop them with the next one!
Player: Yeah!

(Shou): Let's see...
(Shou): The next attack is...
Player: C'mon, bring it!
sfx bubble: Shift
Player: Give'em a good one!


Suga: I'm going to give copies to the other 1st years later, but...

Suga: These are hand signals.
Suga: Since I don't have the skill to perfectly match my toss to your movements, like Kageyama does,
Suga: I want to set up hand signals beforehand to tell you "next, we'll go for this sort of attack."
(paper, right) C-Quick
(paper, left) B-Quick

(top sfx) Tweet

Player: Nice serve!
(right of Shou) Nod
sfx bubble: Bump
Player: Nice receive!


(Daichi): From an outsider's perspective, Suga might seem like "a pitiable 3rd year
(Daichi): "a pitiable 3rd year who gave up his regular spot to a genius 1st year",
(Daichi): but


(Suga): "When Kageyama is exhausted, or when something or other happens,
(Suga): whether it's as a stopgap measure or a substitute,
(Suga): even if others think 'poor guy, and he's a 3rd year to boot,'
(Suga): as long as it gets me in the game, none of that matters."

(Players): He's not saying "bring" or "send"?!

Oikawa: Tobio isn't here, so there won't be any superhuman quick strike either!

(Players): He's right!!!
(Players): Dammit, we got confused...


(Daichi): Suga,

(Daichi): who has

(Daichi): always done simulations of his time on the court,


(Daichi): is Karasuno's other setter.

Crowd: Ooooh!
Crowd: A C-Quick!! That's Karasuno's 3rd consecutive point...!!

(Suga): Compared to Kageyama, I'm inferior in both technique and physical ability, but
(Suga): I have spent just a little more time watching the team.
(Suga): If it were "me" vs. Aobajousai, I would be absolutely no match, but

(Suga): "my comrades" are
(Suga): undeniably strong.

Oikawa: Their streak ends here!
(left) In hot pursuit...!!
Team: YEAH!!

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