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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Assassination Classroom 36

Time to Get Close

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 25, 2013 21:06 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Announcer: The baseball club is turning Class E's own bunting hell against them!!
Announcer: Since it's the same move, the baseball club's version is leagues better!!
(center, star) It's the climax of the Kunugigaoka Baseball Killasic...!! How will Class E handle the dark clouds looming over them...?!

Kimura: Augh! Shit!
Announcer: And Class E's defense is subhuman!!

Announcer: The runner takes the base with ease!!
(left) [Assassination Classroom]
Announcer: Hey, Class E! That is how you bunt!!


Box: Usually, the students watching wouldn't approve...
Box: of the baseball team bunting against a novice opponent.

Box: However,
Box: you having done the same earlier created a justifiable excuse.
Box: In other words, "showing how it's done."

Box: It may be a simple technique, but it gives an impression of "strength"
Box: and, on top of that, a definitive ability to win.

Box: Korosensei,
Box: this is how the truly strong win.


Announcer: In hardly any time at all, the bases are loaded with no outs!!
Announcer: It's exactly the same situation Class E was in at the top of the 1st inning!!
Scoreboard, top: Class E
Scoreboard, bottom: Baseball Club
Announcer: The greatest difference is

Announcer: that the batter now stepping up to the plate...
(center, star) A dangerous scent!! Shindou advances...!!
Announcer: is the pride of our school, the superstar Shindou-kun!!
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 36: Time to Get Close
Matsui Yuusei


Shin: I'm going to crush you...
Shin: Sugino!!

Announcer: These two originally competed within the same baseball club!!
Announcer: However, Sugino was dropped into Class E and banished from club activities!!
Announcer: Is a loss the fate awaiting him here, as well?!

Box: I have been educating him...
Box: since the top of the first inning, all in preparation for this stage!!
Box: The decisive act will not be a bunt,
Box: but a swing from the strong, who occupy the lead role!!


Box: How will you get out of this one,
Box: you homeroom teacher of hitmen?

Korosen: Karma-kun,

Korosen: The time has come to make use of your earlier provocation.

Karma: Ah... I see now.

Karma: Isogai,
Karma: coach has instructions for us~

Isogai: You're kidding.

Announcer: Thi...


Announcer: This defensive positioning is...!!

Karma: We're obviously defending from a position that will disrupt the batter's concentration, but

Karma: the other side did the same thing earlier and the umpire didn't say a thing about it.
Karma: You don't have any problem, right, Board Chairman?

Box: I see.
Box: Directing that protest toward me earlier...
Box: was a preparatory tactic enabling them to repeat what we did, while preventing me from raising a complaint.


Box: A fielder coming into contact with the bat...
Box: would clearly be regarded as interference.
(wikipedia note: In baseball, interference is an infraction where a person illegally changes the course of play from what is expected)

Box: The umpire judges whether the fielders' interference is a disruption to the batter's concentration...
Box: is considered an obstruction, but

Box: since he dismissed the earlier complaint, he has no choice but silent consent this time.
Box: The same holds true for the spectators.

Box: It's well thought-out...
Box: albeit sly.

Asano: Feel free to do so.
Asano: Those who have been chosen won't let a thing like defensive positions ruin their composure.


Box: Through my teachings...
Box: Shindou Kazutaka's powers of concentration have been raised to their utmost limits.
Box: He will smash through your tricks and reveal the true ugliness of the weak.

Karma: Huh,
Karma: you went and said it.

Karma: Well, then.
Karma: We won't hold back.

(Shin): Th...


(Shin): They're really close!!

Announcer: They're playing so far in that there's absolutely no distance between them and the batter!!
Announcer: It's a position where he's sure to hit them if he swings the bat!!


Shin: .........wha?

Box: Haha
Box: Sorry, Shindou.
Box: With this sort of defense, anyone's concentration would end up broken.

Karma: Don't mind us. Go on and hit it, superstar.
Karma: We're not standing in the pitcher's way, after all.

Asano: Fufu.
Asano: What an absurd bluff.

Asano: Please pay them no mind and swing, Shindou-kun.
Asano: Even if you break their bones, Class E will be the ones hindered by it.

(Shin): ...you've...
(Shin): you've gotta be kidding...!!


Box: Mocking me like this...
Box: If I scare you off with a huge swing, you're bound to retreat!!


(Asano): Dodging it while hardly even moving would mean...!!

Box: Kinetic vision trained through attempted assassinations on me, with my mach 20 speed!
(sfx) Stir stir
Box: Those two have pluck and kinetic vision that's top class, even among their peers.
Box: To them, a little thing like dodging a bat is far easier than bunting.

Karma: A slow swing like that just won't cut it.

Karma: Hey, next time,
Karma: could you swing with an intent to kill?


Box: At this point, Shindou-kun's body

Box: will have become unable to continue following the board chairman's strategy.

Box: Both the runners and spectators
Box: have been enveloped by this strange spectacle in the form of baseball.


Shin: U-
Shin: Uwaaa...

Announcer: It's a swinging bunt!!

Karma: Nagisa-kun!!

Isogai: Third base runner is out!!
Isogai: Nagisa, throw the ball to 3rd base!!


Player: Sh-
Player: Shit!!

Player: Second base runner is out!!

Sugino: Kimura, over to 1st base next!!
Sugino: Shindou isn't running, so you can take your time!!
(Shin sfx) Flop

Umpire: The batter and runners are out...
Umpire: ...it's
Umpire: a triple play...


Announcer: G...game over...!!
Announcer: ...Somehow...
Announcer: Class E has ended up beating the baseball club!!

Girl: Kyaa! They did it!!
Naka: You guys are awesome!!

Boy: What the heck. How boring...
Boy: That baseball club, going and losing to the likes of Class E.
Boy: How the hell do you lose with such a huge gap in strength?


Box: The people watching had no way of knowing
Box: that behind the scenes...
Box: the two coaches were having a clash of tactics.

Box: Counting the midterm test, we're now at one win, one loss each.
Box: Let's settle this next time, at the end of the term.

Sugino: Shindou,

Sugino: Sorry about that.
Sugino: It turned into a ridiculous wreck of a baseball game.


Sugino: Still, I know full well
Sugino: that as a baseball player, you're way stronger than I am.
Sugino: I don't think of this as a win against you at all.

Shin: Then...
Shin: why did you go so far to win?
Shin: Wasn't it because you wanted to say that you're stronger than me, with this result?

Sugino: ...Hrm...

Sugino: Nagisa always
Sugino: helped me practice my breaking ball pitch,

Sugino: and Karma and Isogai's reflexes,
Sugino: as the way everyone's bunting improved, were all amazing.

Sugino: But
Sugino: if we didn't get results, I wouldn't be able to convey all of that.
Sugino: ...Well, in short,


Sugino: I kinda wanted to brag
Sugino: to my old comrades a little
Sugino: about my current ones in Class E.

Shin: You better remember this, Sugino.
Shin: The next time we do this will be high school.
Sugino: You got it!
(left, star) The purity of emotion carried by the ball, and the long struggle toward assassination...!!

(Sugino): Assuming the earth lasts that long.
(sfx) Shoop



[page 19]
The purity of emotion carried by the ball, and the long struggle toward assassination - This is a take-off of a phrase from the old baseball manga "Kyuudou-kun" by Mizushima Shinji. The phrase used in the series, 球けがれなく、道けわし (tama kegarenaku, michi kewashi), roughly translates to "a ball without impurities, and a steep road." Probably the best way I can explain the meaning is through translating an answer I found online to that very question:

"The ball without impurities, in other words, the white ball, represents the sort of player who has pure/genuine emotions toward playing the game, strictly adheres to fair play and shows a diligent, hard-working attitude. In order to become someone like that, it's important to steadily continue putting in a great deal of effort every day - and that's what makes it a steep road."

As you might have guessed, the "road" part has been replaced with "assassination".

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