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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 7

Hot-Blooded Dodgeball! (Part 2)

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 28, 2013 04:22 | Go to Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 7

Translation reserved for Dark Murmur Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Box: I hate
Box: drawing attention to myself.

Box: Being in the spotlight would be suicidal for me,
Boy: We'll catch it...
Boy: Right!
Box: as I don't want others to know of my PSI powers.

Boys: You can do it!!
Box: And now here I am, the center of attention for the entire class.

Box: It's because of a dodgeball game, though.
Crowd: We're definitely gonna catch it!!
Crowd: Go for it, Saiki!!
Crowd: Show some guts!
Crowd: Let'em have it for real, Saiki!
(bottom) Chi 7: Hot-Blooded Dodgeball! (Part 2)


Box: Now, then...
Team Rock, remaining members | Team Paper, remaining members
7 | 1
Box: How shall I go about this...

Boy: Man, this's really gonna be tough...
Boy: Yeah...

Boy: Team Paper certainly started off with a 1-point lead thanks to Hairo, but the instant the ball passed to Nendou on Team Rock, he annihilated 6 people in one hit. To make matters worse, when Hairo was injured because of Saiki and had to leave the game, that left Saiki as the only one left on his team... Pulling off a turn-around like this is gonna be tough...
Boy: Yeah...!
Box: Thank you for that summary of the last chapter.

Box: However, that isn't what's going to be tough.
Box: Rather, just as I said in the beginning, drawing attention is the real issue.

Box: To be blunt, winning would be simple.
Box: I could finish this easily within 5 minutes.
Box: But what would happen as a result?

Box: My favorability rating would instantly skyrocket to hero status,
(on papers) Club Registration
Box: and I would spend every day as the center of attention, pursued by club solicitations and female students.


Box: That would be troublesome.
Crowd: Give it to'em!
Crowd: Don't you dare lose!
Box: On the other hand, if I lose like this without doing anything, it's obvious what will happen.

Box: Along with Hairo, I will be marked as a war criminal.
(sign) Idiot
(sign) This bastard fixed the game
Box: My favorability rating would drop below that of a stink bug, and I'm sure I would attract attention as a target of bullying.

Box: Whatever the outcome, I'll end up attracting more attention. The game itself has already become irrelevant.
Box: It's a battle of how to get through this situation

Box: as inconspicuously as possible!!

Box: "41", huh... it's a little low...
~Favorability Ranking Meter~
An ability which uses telepathy to read the minds of everyone in the vicinity, calculate how they feel toward the user, and convert it into a numerical value!!

Box: "41" is generally at a level where they wouldn't pick up your eraser for you if you dropped it.
Box: It's still an acceptable range, but...

Box: Depending on the outcome of this throw, that could drastically change.
Player: Ooh?! Is he gonna do it?!
Player: You scaaared?
Box: The target is "50."


Box: To that end, I'll defeat...
Player: Here it comes!!
Player: I'll definitely... catch it!!

Player: He threw it!!
Box: at least one person!!

Players: Goddamit, quit screwing around!!
Player: What the heck're you doing!!
sfx bubble: Beep
Box: "20", huh. It didn't take any time to decrease...

Box: A favorability rating of "20" is at a level where the girl who ends up next to you when seats change will scream and complain.

Player: You're gonna do that sorta throw again, bastard?!
Player: Play seriously!!
Box: It's true that I am bad at throwing balls.


Box: Why? Because there is too much of a difference in output speed between a normal person and myself.
Box: An ordinary person can throw a baseball at 120km/h at most, but

Box: My output speed is ten times that.
(bottom right): (basically, at the speed of sound)
Box: To me, 10km/h and 100km/h are the same 10% margin of error.

Box: Hence, I am extremely serious, even about that super slow ball just now.
その為 この超スローボールもいたって真面目である
Player: Alright!! It's all mine!!
Box: However...

Box: This time differs from the last,
Player: Geeeez, you really suck, Saiki...
Player: Haah, it's all over.

Player: Put some oomph in it, man~
Box: because I put some oomph in my throw.

Player: Okay, that's...
Box: Not with power,

Box: but with spin.


Team Rock | Team Paper
6 | 1
Player: You're out!!
Player: Ehhhh?! Why couldn't I get a hold on that just now?!

Player: Was that a miracle ball or what?! Hey!!
Player: That's way too much of a miracle!!
Box: Alright. My favorability rating has recovered.

Box: I can be hit out like this, and even if the number goes down a bit, it will end up right around "50."
Box: Okay. Let's end this by getting hit with the next throw.
Kaidou: Kukuku...


Kaidou: The ball has finally come down to me...
Player: Go for it, Kaidou!
Player: Get'im!
Player: You know what this means, right?

Kaidou (half-hidden): It's all over for you.
Player: Hit him with it, Kaidou!
Box: Hm? Sorry, could you repeat that?

Kaidou: Don't think badly of me, Saiki!!
Player: Gooo!
Box: Sheesh, so I'm going to get hit by this guy's throw, huh...

Kaidou: Take this...!! Meteor Spike
Kaidou: Genocide...

Kaidou: Ball! Hyaa!!



Player: What the heck're you doing, Kaidou!!
Player: You wasted a perfectly good throw!!
Box: He doesn't seem to have any athletic ability...

Box: Well, whatever. So long as I take the hit, the game will end.
Crowd: Maan, you sure are lucky, Saiki!
Crowd: That'll be easy to catch!

Crowd: I'd seriously flip if he somehow ended up getting hit with that.

Box: I won't be able to end it with this ball...! It's no good!!
Box: The throw's too weak! If I take the hit and we lose,

Box: my favorability rating will drop "20" points!!
Box: A rating of "36" is at the level where they won't take your chair down even though they've finishing cleaning.

Crowd: Alright! The ball's back on our side again!!
Crowd: Things are getting interesting!
Box: Ugh... the ball ended up back in my hands.

Nendou: What the hell're ya doing, bastard!!
Kaidou: Tch... my old wound acted up again...
Box: Should I throw another rotating ball...?

Box: No, that will definitely arouse suspicion.
Box: Besides,


Box: it'll be bad if my favorability rating goes any higher than this...
Box: "65" is at a level where the class will gather around if you come to school with a buzzcut.

Box: Hm?

Boy: Saiki, send it over here!!
Boy: I'll take care of everything!!
Box: A pass...!

Box: That's right, if I pass it, I'll be able to keep my rating from changing!
Box: Moreover, if more of my teammates are over here, I won't leave as much of an impression on those watching!

Box: When you're passing, a slow ball isn't strange at all.
Box: Still, it'll be a problem if it can't reach... I'll put a little...

Box: strength into it...


Crowd: What the hell was that ball just now?!
Crowd: Saiki's dangerous!!
Team Rock | Team Paper
5 | 1
Box: I've done it now...

Crowd: Wasn't that even faster than Nendou's throws?!
Crowd: Who knew he could throw like that.
Box: "73", huh... it's gone up far too much...

Box: A rating of "73" is at the level where others will immediately return your greeting, even its gibberish.
Boy: Chori chori nuun!
Boy: Chori chori nuun!
Boy: What the heck's that!
Box: This is bad...

Boy: Kuh...!! Don't get overwhelmed!!
Boy: We've got Nendou on our side!!
Nendou: So you can do it after all...!

Nendou: That's exactly why you're my partner!!
Box: There's no need to do anything else.

Box: So let's end this.
Player: Ahh!!

Boy: A sudden turnaround's really impossible, after all.
Boy: Yeah, seems like it.


Box: So the end result is a "55", huh... good enough, I guess.
(sfx) Uoooooh
Box: Hm?

Hairo: OSSHAAAA!!!
Crowd: What the...?! Th...that butt means...

Crowd: Hairooo!!
Hairo: Phew... just in time...

Box: You again...
Crowd: Uoooh!! Hairo's back!
Crowd: Is his injury alright?!

Hairo: You did a good job holding out until my return, Saiki...!
Hairo: And I was able to see
Hairo: that throw before, brimming with spirit and determination...

Hairo: I'm so moved!!
Box: I really don't care about your favorability rating of me.


Hairo: Just leave the rest to me!!

Hairo: Take that!!
Boy: Guwa!!
Team Rock | Team Paper
4 | 2
Crowd: Woaaah!!

Boy: Crap, this guy's turning everything around in seconds!!
Boy: Dammit... I'm not gonna lose here!!

Hairo: And another!!
Boy: Gah!!

Hairo: One more!!
Boy: Argh!!

Crowd: You're amazing, Hairo!!
Crowd: At this rate, it'll be a complete turnaround!!
Hairo: NUOOOH!!!

???: Your counterattack's over...


Nendou: Don't lump me in with those small fry, y'hear?
Kaidou: Same with me...

Hairo: We'll continue what we started earlier...!!

Hairo: Bring it on...!
Box: Uh oh, this is dangerous...

Box: I hadn't thought Hairo would come back...
Box: Though, with that leg, catching the ball will be impossible for him...

Box: If we win here, my favorability rating will end up increasing all the more.
Nendou: URYAAAAA!!!

(left of Hairo) Cough


Box: But there's no helping it. I am the cause of that knee injury, after all.

Box: I hate attracting attention, but

Box: I hate owing someone even more.
(Hairo): ?! My knee doesn't hurt... Here I go...!!
Hairo: NUOOOH!!!

Nendou: Ooh?!

Hairo: DORYAAAA!!!
Nendou: Guh!!
Kaidou: Blarg!!


Crowd: Uoooh!!! They really did it!!
Crowd: A sudden turnaround!!!

Crowd: That was awesome, Hairo!!
Crowd: It's our win!!
Box: Sheesh...
Crowd: That's just like you!!

Box: So the final result is an "82", huh... I've ended up becoming extremely popular...
Crowd: Saiki!
Crowd: You really did it!!
Box: Guess I'll lower it slowly without standing out until the excitement cools down...

Boy: Saiki! That last toss of yours was amazing!
Boy (half-hidden): Hey, Saiki!
Nendou: Partner!!!

Nendou: Just what you'd expect from my partner... I was utterly defeated this time...!
Nendou: That was a good game, partner...!!

(Crowd): Urgh...

(Crowd): What's with that... how gross...
(Crowd): You sure get along well with Nendou... Saiki...
Box: My favorability rating went down easily enough...

[bonus page]

Zolbe: Woah, so he eez Nendou's friend~
Zolbe: That eez a downer... It can't be true...

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#1. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2013
Much thanks Lynx, and very speed too. Appreciated greatly :)

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