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Haikyuu!! 55

"What's Best for Me" and "What's Best for You"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 1, 2013 03:58 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 55

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Scoreboard, right: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left: Karasuno
Player: Nice one!
Player: C'mon, bring it!
(top, star) The end of the 1st set!!!
Volume 6 goes on sale 5/2!!!
Chapter 55: "What's Best for Me" and "What's Best for You"
Furudate Haruichi

Box, right: Aobajousai
Box, left: Karasuno

Box, right: Aobajousai
Box, left: Karasuno

Girl: Umm, excuse me.
Taki: What can I do for you?!

Girl: I've been wondering about something.
Girl: It's about those those hand motions Oikawa-kun and others have been doing.
Girl: What are they?


Oikawa: A-Quick
(Kin sfx) Nod
Taki: Those are
Taki: signals that the setter uses to tell each spiker
Taki: "do such-and-such sort of attack next."
Oikawa: Delayed spike
(Iwai sfx) Nod

Box: Setter
Circle: A-Quick
Circle: Delayed spike
Taki: The spikers run toward the net with the intention of performing the attack that was signalled to them.
Taki: The setter decides which of them he'll toss to.

Girl: Ohhh.
Girl: So then the ones who don't get the toss just swing at empty air?
Taki: Yep. Well, they'll inevitably end up becoming a "decoy."
Girl: I see...
Player: Nice receive!

Player: Nice, Kindaichi!

Suga: Hey, give me a second!

Player: Nice serve~
Player: Nice.

(Tobio): ...Dammit. Now it's


(Tobio): Oikawa-san's serve...!

(white sfx) Tweeet
Scoreboard, right: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left: Karasuno
Boy: Just 3 more points, and Seijou will take the first set...
Boy: I bet the first set...

Boy: will end here, with Oikawa's serve...

Tanaka: Bring it on!!

Tanaka: ORYAAAA!!!

Noya: Leave it to me!!!


Takeda: A campfire*...

Noya: My bad! I was going for it!
Tanaka: Sorry, I was too far out, too!
Taki: So this time he's targeting the "space between"...!
Taki: That's a damn excellent place to hit it...

(below panel) ※When multiple players yield to each other in getting the ball, and it ends up hitting the floor instead.

(Players): Where will the next one be...?


Ukai: Urg!!
Ukai: In front!

(Ukai): He did a soft hit that would
(Ukai): drop lightly in front,

(Ukai): after he'd already given the impression that it would be a strong serve...!


Aobajousai High School
Set Point
Scoreboard, right: Aobajousai
sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, left: Karasuno
Crowd: Just one more point and Seijou will take the 1st set...!

Taki: Dammit, just how many points is he going to steal with that serve of his...!

Girl: Oikawa-kun's really amazing, isn't he?
Girl: Ah! Hey, wait! They're rooting for the guys in the black uniforms!

Shimada: Yeah.
Shimada: I think he is, actually.

Shimada: --In volleyball,

Shimada: it's easier to score points for the side receiving a serve,
Shimada: since they end up being the ones to attack first.
Box: Serve
Box: The receiving side attacks first
Shimada: The side that scored this time is the one serving,
Shimada: so if things went normally, you'd expect the other side to score next.

Shimada: However, that Oikawa-kun
Shimada: is racking up a large number of points with only his serve.


Shimada: If volleyball were to have an "ultimate play",
Shimada: I think it would involve scoring all 25 points with only serves.
Shimada: Well, I doubt it would ever happen, though...

Shimada: Not even giving your opponent the chance to attack.

Shimada: That's what it means to hit a service ace.
Oikawa: This will be the final blow!!!

Team: YEAAH!!

sfx bubble: Swish

Crowd: Seijou's sure fired up~
Crowd: I mean, this set's already as good as theirs.

(Oikawa): Since Karasuno changed setters, they've gotten 3 consecutive points.
(Oikawa): Even if they were due to surprise attacks, Karasuno has undeniably regrouped.

(Oikawa): I won't let you springboard off that momentum in the 2nd set.


(Ukai): This time it's inbetween Sawamura and Azumane...!

Daichi: I've got itttt!!!


Asahi: Right!

Player: Nice receive, Daichi-san!

(Iwai): With #10 as a decoy,
(Iwai): they'll go with #5 from the right...

(Iwai): No,


(Iwai): it's a back attack...!

Shimada: Uhyaa! That's a heavy blow!!

Hana: Urg!!
Player: Hanamaki, nice receive!


Tobio: Hinata, direct spiiiike!!

(Shou): It's my first time
(Shou): doing a direct spike...!!

Shou: Hyah!
sfx bubble: Wobble


Shou: Geez, shut up!!

Iwai: Hurgh!

Oikawa: Iwa-chan, nice receive!
Crowd: Oooh.
Crowd: They're kinda disrupting Seijou's rhythm...


(Tobio): Are they going to go with Kindaichi's quick strike...?!
(Tobio): The one that's hit from above the blocker...!

Suga: Hey, give me a second!

Suga: The timing of Seijou's quick strike seems to be just a bit slower than ours,
Suga: so

(Shou): take a little bit
(Shou): longer before you

(Shou): jump.

(above crowd) WOAAH?!
Crowd: That #10

Crowd: blocked it again?!!

Mizo: Behind you!!!

Mizo: Get it!!!


(above Taki/Shimada) GAAAH!
Shimada: Augh!
Shimada: It was out?!

sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, right: Aobajousai
Scoreboard, left: Karasuno
(white sfx) Tweet tweeet
Box: End of the First Set | 25 (Seijou) - 15 (Karasuno)

Ukai: Dammit.


Tanaka: You almost had it, Hinata! You'll stop the next one!
Shou: Thanks.
(sfx) Whack
(Kin): Damn, that was a close one...!
(Kin): He'd completely matched my timing...!

(right of Suga) Hinata, that was nicely done!!
(Oikawa): Since #2 joined in,
(Oikawa): even that shorty, who I'd thought acted on instinct alone, seems to be thinking before he makes a move...

Crowd: Way to go, Seijou!

Crowd (half-hidden): Way to go, Seijou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Way to go, Seijou!
Ukai: Alright! Up until the second half, they'd come across as being one step above you guys, but
Ukai: let's carry that flow you guys created near the end into the 2nd set!
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back!
Ukai: You're starting to get the hang of the opponent's timing for attacks!
Ukai: Sugawara, good job watching them so closely!
Suga: Th-thanks!
Box: Changing courts

Ukai: We'll go with this same lineup for the 2nd set!
Shimizu: Here.
Shou/Tobio: Osu!
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!!

Ukai: --Well.
Ukai: Our greatest concern
Ukai: is Oikawa's serve, but


Ukai: We're changing things so our defense will consist of those few best suited to it!

(on box) Aobajousai
Player: --Y'know, about Karasuno's attacks...

Iwai: When you think about them using Kageyama and #10's quick as a base,
Iwai: having a "normal, thought-out attack" like this is unsettling.
Matsu: You've ended up watching #10 way too much~
Oikawa: Using your brain when you're dimwitted will only make your head hurt, Iwa-chan!

(above Oikawa) Ow!
(Irihata): --It's true that both during the practice match and now,
(Irihata): we've only paid close attention to Kageyama.

(Irihata): To think that they had
(Irihata): such a reliable setter among them...

Tobio: Sugawara-san!
Suga: Yeah?!


Tobio: Kindaichi's... er... that shallot hea.... uhh...
Tobio: The timing of #12's quick strike kinda might be a bit slow.

Suga: I think so too!
Suga: It's as if he watches the ball up to a certain point,
Suga: and then strikes!
Suga: Like that.
Suga: A-also, since I stepped on the court before, I've been thinking...
(Tobio sfx) Nod nod

Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!
Crowd: Go for it! Go go Seijou!

Ukai: ...I honestly think that
Ukai: the merit to Sugawara joining in is how the rest of the group
Ukai: regains their peace of mind... it has a big impact on
Ukai: the mental aspect of things.

Ukai: Still,
Ukai: by removing the Kageyama-Hinata combo attack, which the opponent is likely wary of,
Ukai: and putting in Sugawara, a control tower that is completely unknown to them,
Ukai: it will definitely confuse them.

Takeda: Because of the gap between him and Kageyama-kun, right?
Ukai: Yeah.
Ukai: Moreover,
Ukai: Sugawara's calm manner of dealing with Seijou, a higher ranked opponent, makes our surprise attacks a success.

Ukai: Even if this becomes a different sort of match,
Ukai: I'm sure that will still hold true...!
Crowd (half-hidden): Go go Seijou! Go go Seijou!
Suga: Kageyama.
Tobio: Yes?


Suga: This has kinda become a situation where we appear to be "rivals vying for the same position",
Suga: in actuality the position is still in dispute,

Suga: and I still want to play in a lot of matches.
Tobio: Yeah, me too...

Suga: But now that I'm on the court,
Suga: the opponents are tall, their spikes are quick, and they target me.
Suga: Frankly speaking, it's scary.
Crowd (half-hidden): Push-em back, Seijou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Go go Seijou! Go go Seijou!
Suga: Being in front of them wears me down,
Suga: but
??? (half-hidden): Lemme see the lineup sheet.

Suga: right now,
Suga: I have you waiting in the wings.
Suga: That in itself is incredibly reassuring.

Suga: The points gained while I'm on the court
Suga: combined with those gained while you're on the court
Suga: make up the entirety of Karasuno's score.

Suga: I'll fight in a way that's best for me,
Suga: and you'll fight in a way that's best for you.
Suga: That is how we'll win against Seijou.

???: The 2nd set's gonna start soon!
Tobio: Osu!!


Shou: Is Kageyama-kun depressed?

Tobio: Like hell I am!!

Shou: What the heck! And here I thought "poor guy, being pulled out of the game like that"!
(above Tanaka) Go get'im!
(left of Noya) It's a fight!
Tobio: Worry about yourself! Like that pathetic direct spike from earlier!
Shou: S-shut up! That was the first time I'd ever done one!
Ukai: ...Oi.
Suga: Ah, that's them fighting in a good way.

Tobio: When I go back in, I'll make you hit spikes like crazy,
Tobio: so be ready for it!!

Shou: YEAH!

(right) Now, onward, to a counterattack in the 2nd round!!
Box: Start of the 2nd set
(white sfx) TWEEEET
Daichi: Let's do this!!
Team: YEAH!

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