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Assassination Classroom 37

Art Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 4, 2013 02:21 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 37

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


???: It's July 1st.
???: From today onward, we're wearing our summer uniforms!
(bottom) [Assassination Classroom]

Okajima: Skin has such a dazzling color...
Okajima: This time of year is really harsh for healthy junior high boys.
Nagisa: If
Nagisa: you say so, Okajima-kun.

Korosen: That won't do at all.
Korosen: You mustn't let the season of exposed bodies distract you.
Student: You're one to talk, you pervy octopus!!

Student: ...Oh...
Student: I hadn't accounted for the fact that we'll be in short sleeves starting today.

(left, star) Koro! Say! Summertime stirs up the emotions!! With this killer change of clothes, hearts dance a deathly jig!!


Sugaya: I didn't want this left arm,
Sugaya: which was sealed by the gods, to be revealed...

(Class): ...Wh...
(Class): What did you do, Sugaya?!


Assassination Classroom
Chapter 37: Art Time
Matsui Yuusei

(center, star) Let's polish off some conceptional art!!
Volume 3 is really selling well!!
The paperback editions of "Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro" are coming out one after another!!
For all the latest news, check the official twitter account!! -> @ansatsu_k


Girl: Wow!
Girl: This was painted on!!

Sugaya: It's called a henna tattoo.
Sugaya: Once you've set the pigment, it can't come off for about a week.

Karma: Ooh, that's something they do in India, right?
Girl: You know about it, Karma-kun?
Karma: My parents are crazy about India and come back with henna tattoos whenever they travel there.

Korosen: O-oh good...!!
Korosen: Sensei is definitely glad there aren't any students from this class turning delinquent.
(right sfx) Badump badump
(left sfx) Hah hah
Kayano: ...as usual, you're a real chicken about this kind of stuff.
(white book, bottom right) The difference between delinquents and non-delinquents
(gray book, bottom right) Why is my youngster turning to crime?
(white book, above box, half-hidden) Teenage worries that lead to misbehavior
Korosensei's weaknesses #10
He's worried about appearances
(white book in Korosensei's hand) Counseling for dummies


Box: Sugaya-kun is really skilled at drawing and sculpting.
Box: Everything from posters to disguise masks comes easily to him.

Sugaya: If you'd like, how about I draw one on you too, Korosensei?
Sugaya: I still have some material left.
Korosen: Nyuaa! Would you really?

Naka: Huh.
Naka: It's just like drawing with melted chocolate.

Korosen: I'm really looking forward to it.
Korosen: I've always wanted to try getting a pseudo-tattoo like this.


(sfx) Gloop
Students: GYAAAA!!
Korosen: GYAA!!

Students: GYAAAA!!

Students: GYAAAA!!

Student: I see...
Student: You ground some anti-sensei bullets into a fine powder and then mixed it in with the henna paint.
Student: Sensei definitely let down his guard, but...
Student: he'd have to sit still long enough for you to kill him like that.
(above Korosen) GYAAAA!
Sugya: ...Hrm. No good, huh.


Korosen: The idea is an interesting one, Sugaya-kun,
Korosen: though it's as effective as a pinprick.

Korosen: ...but I
Korosen: really wanted you to draw a cool design on me normally...
(sfx) Sob
Sugaya: I-I'm sorry!
Sugaya: I'll draw one on with normal henna, okay?

Irina: Fufufu.
Irina: Summertime exposure and using feminine wiles go hand in hand for an assassin.

Okajima: Oh man...
Okajima: Bitch-sensei's damn hot...
Karasuma: Irina...
Karasuma: why is your chest rustling like that.
Box: By enchanting men with this bare skin,
Box: I'll finish up my portion of the work the way I want to.


Irina: Revel in my charms, boys!
Irina: Good
Irina: mogyaa!!

Irina: Wh
Irina: Why the hell are you all putting on monster makeup!!
Sugaya: Ah...
Sugaya: Everyone seemed to want me to paint some on them after they saw mine.

Korosen: He said that the pigment will set in a little while, once we remove the paint.
Korosen: I'm so excited, I can't focus on class.
Irina: You're supposed to be their homeroom teacher, dammit!!


Korosen: By the way, Sugaya-kun,
Korosen: Watching you draw those has made me want to try doing it too.

Sugaya: Sure, but...
Sugaya: I ended up drawing on everyone already, so...
Sugaya: there aren't any blank canvases left.

Korosen/Sugaya: Ah!

Korosen: That's one, isn't it...
Korosen: A large canvas area we can paint on to our hearts' content.
Irina: Wait a...

Irina: Quit screwing around!
Irina: Who would ever let...

(sfx) Slip
Irina: Ah!


Irina: GUEH!

Students: ...ah.

Student: Bitch-sensei ended up passing out on her own.
Student: Let's let her rest for now.

Korosen: And while she's resting...
Korosen: I'll take this arm,
Korosen: and Sugaya-kun can have that arm.
Sugaya: Oho~
Sugaya: Planning to compete with me, are you?

Okuda: This is amazing, Sugaya-kun.
Okuda: The entire classroom ended up taking on your style faster than you can blink.
Nagisa: Yup...


???: There was a time when his artistic tendencies ended up making him stand out too much, like earlier.
???: It was the reason he was treated as a delinquent during his 2nd year.

(top of paper) Sugaya Sousuke
(note: in Japan, check marks denote wrong answers)
Teacher: Between someone with only poor grades
Teacher: and someone who, on top of having poor grades, is needlessly good at drawing pictures,

Teacher: which do you think will be more highly valued when they enter society?

Teacher: This is the very reason you're headed for Class E.

Sugaya: ...well,
Sugaya: she's right, though.


Sugino: Ooooh~
Sugino: Just what you'd expect from Sugaya!
Sugaya: It was meant to be fashion art in the first place,
Sugaya: and going outside with the finished product leaves you with a great feeling.

Girl: Bitch-sensei should be more grateful than angry with this, shouldn't she?
Girl: I know, right~?

Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: Sensei won't lose, either.
Korosen: Have a look at the right side.


(arm manga)
Man: This is the season to change into summer clothes, Mr. Octopus.
Octo: I want to change clothes, too!!
Man: Aaalrighty, leave it to me!!
Octo: So, how're you gonna do that?
Man: By giving you a "trim" and a new "coat"...

(Students): Why the hell is it a manga?!

Korosen: Well...
Korosen: I'm bad at art and fashion, so I went with my forté.
Korosensei's weaknesses #20
He can only draw simple pictures
Students: If you're just going to make excuses, then don't draw!!

Student: Look...
Student: The two sides don't match at all.
Student: Bitch-sensei won't be able to go out in public anymore.


(right, star) He's fueled by rice and fan letters!! You can only read Matsui Yuusei-sensei's works in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Sugaya: Nah...
Sugaya: There are people who consider manga as a revival of pop art, too.
Sugaya: If I play around with the borders a bit...

Students: Oooooh!!

Korosen: Hm...
Korosen: If the end result is too pretty, it will only make her smug.
Korosen: We need to put something somewhere that'll get laughs.
Student: Why are you competing like that?

(on forehead) Medium-sized
Student: She'll definitely see that!!


Student: Erm...
Student: The mustache isn't as tasteless as the round glasses.
Student: Put a design on the frames...

Student: Well...
Student: it's more like these materials are hard to draw with.
Student: Then we'll use markers and cardboard...

Student: We kinda got out of hand.
Student: Now what?
Student: I mean, this stuff won't come off for a week.
(below peach drawing) Giant peach
(right of duck drawing) Kneecap
(above monster drawing) Moocher

Sugaya: There's a way to sorta remove it, but
Sugaya: it's a pain.
Korosen: W-well...
Korosen: Maybe there's a chance she'll be happy with it...

(eye sfx) Open

Student: Ah,
Student: she woke up.


Student: She's checking herself out.

Student: She left.
Student: I guess she actually liked it?
(sfx) Sliiide

(Maehara sfx) Peek

Student: She absolutely hated it!!
Student: Those are real guns!!
(above monster drawing) Moocher


Irina: DIE!!
Irina: I'm going to slaughter the lot of you!!
Korosen: I...
Korosen: I'm sorry, we just really got into it...
Korosen: But please stop with the real bullets, or the classroom will be destroyed!!

Sugino: Stop it, Bitch-sensei!!
Sugino: It's supposed to come right off if you don't set it!!
Irina: SHRIEK!!
Irina: My long-awaited summerwear debut is ruined!!

Nagisa: If you'd done all the drawing, she wouldn't be so angry, though.
Nagisa: It's all because Korosensei added in unnecessary stuff...
Sugaya: ...seems like it.


Sugaya: Y'know, normally,
Sugaya: if I doodled on the back of an assignment, it kinda pissed me off if it was ignored.

Sugaya: But that octopus adds improvements to my pointless drawings.
Sugaya: And he has fun with it, to boot.
(image, top) Look powerful
(image, right) Looks mean
(octopus bubble) Close!
(image, bottom) This is of Rembrandt's self-portrait, isn't it! It'll be even better if you add horns and a cigarette!

(right of Korosen) Now, now...
Sugaya: There's no reason that doodling would make me lose points.
Sugaya: We're supposed to come here to kill him, anyway.

Sugaya: If you think about it, it's only natural.


Sugaya: In this class, even guys who are a bit unconventional are considered normal.
Sugaya: This killing thing
Sugaya: isn't so bad.

Nagisa: ...Nope.
Box: It's July.

Box: With the start of summer fully underway,
(center, star) To the likes of Karasuma, this behavior is not okay... next issue, we have the cover and lead color!!
Box: there are now 8 months left to assassinate Korosensei!!



[page 1]
Koro! Say! Summertime stirs up the emotions!! With this killer change of clothes, hearts dance a deathly jig - First off, the original Japanese actually has "Koro! Say!" written in English as well. It's a clever play on words, since it's pronounced the same as "korose", or the imperative form of the Japanese verb "to kill." I couldn't think of a suitable replacement, so I just left it as-is. Next, in the third sentence, the words for "clothes" (koromo) and "heart" (kokoro) have both been written in katakana so as to make use of the "koro" insertion. Likewise, I added in "killer" and "deathly" to keep the same intent.

[page 2]
Let's polish off some conceptual art - More wordplay. Here, the first two characters of "conceptual" (コンセプチュアル, konsepuchuaru) have been replaced with 殺 (koro). However, "koroceptual" sounds a bit awkward and isn't as obvious a combination as other wordplay in the series. Instead, I opted to use the phrase "polish off", which can mean both "to finish up something" and "to off (kill) someone."

[page 13]
By giving you a "trim" and a new "coat" - What the man actually says here is "by cutting off your arms and covering you in batter", but in a way that the octopus won't realize he's going to cook it. The word he uses for arm can also mean "sleeve", while the phrase he uses for "covering in batter" can also be interpreted to mean "wearing clothes."

[page 14]
She'll definitely see that - The phrase used here,それ見た事か (sore mita koto ka), implies a mistake made by ignoring others' warnings which will be evident to one's opponent.

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