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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 38

Training Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 9, 2013 03:10 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

I'm a bit sick at the moment, so any mistakes can be chalked up to that. @_@


[p000 (cover)]

(left, above lined box) Charming and distinguished classmates!!
(lined box, from right to left)
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo
One Piece
Sket Dance
Kuroko no Basket
Medaka Box
Saiki Kusuo no Sainan
Assassination Classroom
Cross Manage
Hungry Joker
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Shokugeki no Soma
Koisuru Edison
World Trigger

(right, blue) Students willing to kill
(on Korosen's tag) Korosensei
(center, blue) are always welcome
(center, small blue) Nurufufufufu...
Sliding right into a new school year!!! Lead color!!!
Assassination Classroom

(left, circles) Congrats!! A new school year!!
(left box, black) Congratulations on entering Jump Academy!!
(left box, blue) Full of campaigns for the occasion!!


PM: It is already July.
PM: Has there really been no progress whatsoever in killing him over these past 3 months?!
PM: It's being said that the Japanese government is simply sitting back and watching without doing anything.

Man: Prime Minister!!
Man: He has formulated a plan in regards to that.
Man: It is a hidden ball trick courtesy of our Information Bureau.

(sfx) Bow

Man: Oho.
Man: Hopefully it will live up to your expectations.

(bottom right) [Assassination Classroom] with lead color!!
Box: Karasuma Tadaomi!!

(left, star) There are only 8 months left until Korosensei blows up the earth!! The government's new assassin is somehow connected to Karasuma...?!


(bottom right) Matsui Yuusei
(bottom, box)
You won't pass Golden Week in boredom!! Volume 4 goes on sale 5/2 (Th)!!
The paperback edition of "Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro" is selling like crazy!!
Get all the latest information on the official twitter account!! -> @ansatsu_k

Sliding right into a new school year!!
With lead color!!
(bottom left) Assassination Classroom
(bottom, arrow) The manga continues on page 25!!


Karasuma: Keep your eyes peeled!!

(top) Chapter 38: Training Time
Karasuma: Predict your target's next move!!
Karasuma: If all of you anticipate his movements, you will cut off his means of escape!!

(center) --Assassination Training progress report --

(center, star) Karasuma reports!!
Box: In the four months since I came here...
Box: The number of students with "potential" has increased.


Character Introduction
Travels at mach 20, aka 133,333.33 times faster than the speed of falling sakura petals.

Box: Isogai Yuuma and Maehara Hiroto.

Box: They're a combination who get along well and have excellent reflexes.

Box: These two alone...
Box: have increased the number of successful knife hits against me.

Karasuma: Good!!
Karasuma: You two each gain 1 point!
(right of Maehara) Alright!
(on paper) Scorecard
Karasuma: Next!!


Box: Akabane Karma.

Box: At first glance, he comes across as being a lazy sort, but...
Box: there's a strong sense of mischief in his eyes.

Box: In some respects, he believes that...
Box: dealing a decisive blow against me will bring about my humiliation, but

Box: does he truly think it will be that easy?
Karma: ...Tch.


Box: As for the girls...
Box: There's Okano Hinata, a former member of the gymnastics club, who can catch you off-guard with her movements,

Box: and Kataoka Megu, who possesses both momentum and a constitution equal to a boy's.
Box: Both are beyond excellent as close-range attackers.

Box: And then there's Korosensei.
Box: He is surely my ideal image of a teacher.
Box: Who would ever think of killing such a noble man!!

(sfx) Whisper
Karasuma: Don't fabricate others' thoughts.
Karasuma: Get lost, target.


Box: The bratty trio of Terasaka Ryoma, Yoshida Taisei and Muramatsu Takuya
Box: still lack enthusiasm when it comes to training.

Box: Still, since all three have good builds...

Box: if they took this seriously, they would become great fighters.

Box: Looking at the class as a whole,
Box: the students' assassination skills are improving at an exceptional rate.
Box: Although none of the other students stand out...


(snake sfx) Slither


Nagisa: ...Ow...

Karasuma: Sorry.
Karasuma: I swung a bit too hard.
Karasuma: Can you stand?
Nagisa: Ah.
Nagisa: I
Nagisa: I'm fine.

Sugino: That was dumb~
Sugino: It's 'cause you weren't paying enough attention.
Box: ...Shiota Nagisa.
Nagisa: Urg...


Box: He is somewhat agile as a result of his small build, but
Box: he is a mild student with no other physical abilities worth mentioning.

Box: ...could I have imagined
Box: that strange presence I'd felt just now?

(on Korosen's shirt) Korosensei

Karasuma: That's all!
Karasuma: Today's P.E. class is now over!!
(left) Thank you very much!


Kimura: But man, I just can't hit him at all!
Okajima: Karasuma-sensei doesn't leave even a single opening!

Kura: Sensei!
Kura: Come have tea in town with everyone after school!!

Karasuma: ...Ah.
Karasuma: I'm happy you're inviting me, but
Karasuma: I'm expecting a communication from the Ministry of Defense after this.

Boy: His private life doesn't have any openings, either.

Girl: ...It's more like...
Girl: when he's with us, we're separated by some sort of wall.
Girl: It's as if he's keeping us at a distance.


Kura: He's strict, but kind.
Kura: He takes good care of us, but

Kura: I guess things...
Kura: just don't go beyond that because this is only his duty.

Korosen: That isn't true at all.
Korosen: He is certainly...
Korosen: an agent sent in for the sake of my assassination, but

Korosen: the blood of a splendid teacher flows within his veins, as well.


Man: Karasuma,
Man: you having been assigned to this mission means...
Man: that we value your skills.

Man: Your performance in the airborne forces was top-class,
Man: even as a demonic instructor, you demonstrated your abilities,
Man: and your espionage activities out of uniform were brilliant.

Man: ...But what of the current situation?
Man: You weren't able to make use of our secret weapon, the assassin transfer students.

Man: No matter how great you may be, it would appear that
Man: between giving guidance to the assassins and training the students, this is too much for you to handle alone.


Man: At present, we don't have the slightest inkling of how to assassinate him.
(sfx) Squeaaaak

Man: He's even calmly washing the windows like this.
Man: We're definitely being underestimated!!

(Man): In order to break this deadlock, we'll be adding one more member to your personnel.
(Man): There is a man well-suited for the job.

(Karasuma): ...I heard he'll be coming today, but...

(sfx) Sliiiide


Man: Yo,
Man: Karasuma!
Ministry of Defense, Special Services Division
Takaoka Akira

Box: Takaoka!!


Student: Who's that guy?
Student: He's huge...

Takaoka: Hey there!
Takaoka: My name's Takaoka Akira!!

Takaoka: Starting today, I'll be working here to help out Karasuma!
Takaoka: Nice to meet all of you in Class E!

Student: ...Wh-what the heck.
Student: There are cakes and drinks and stuff in here.


Kayano: These are éclairs from "La Hermes"!!
Girl: Over here are "Monchhichi" roll cakes!!

Isogai: Is it alright to give us stuff that's this expensive?
Takaoka: Sure, eat up!
Takaoka: I planned to empty my wallet, so don't hold back!!

Takaoka: Please don't think of it as some sort of trap.
Takaoka: I don't want to waste any time getting along with you guys.

Takaoka: Plus...
Takaoka: Food tastes best when you sit around and eat it with everyone!


Yada: But... erm, Takaoka-sensei,
Yada: you sure know your brands when it comes to sweets.
Takaoka: Well, to be honest, I love sugar.
Student: That's kinda cute, coming from such a huge guy.

Korosen: Ku...
Takaoka: Oh! Korosensei, you eat up too!!
Takaoka: I'm gonna end up killing you, though. Hahaha~

Kimura: Even though you guys work together, you and Karasuma-sensei are completely different.
Hara: You're kinda like a neighborhood father figure.
Takaoka: Hahaha! That's not bad at all!

Takaoka: Since we're all gonna be in the same classroom...
Takaoka: we're kinda like a family, right?


Woman: ...Karasuma-san, you have a message from the chief.
Woman: He says he would like you to focus solely on providing outside guidance to the assassins.

Woman: It appears that...
Woman: Takaoka-san will handle all things related to the students' training from now on.

Woman: As a fellow member of the Ministry of Defense, I worry for the students.

Woman: That man is an extremely dangerous deviant.
(bottom, star) What sort of talons could this twisted "hawk" be hiding...?!



The list of "classmates" is actually a chronological listing of the series in the magazine (Toriko isn't listed because it was absent this issue), from the oldest on the right to the newest on the left.
In Japan, the school term begins in April.

[page 20]
What are the talons that this twisted "hawk" is hiding - The first character in Takaoka's name means hawk/falcon.

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