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Haikyuu!! 56

The Select Few

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 14, 2013 22:22 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 56

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Suga: Hoo...
(Suga): ...We can't lose this set...

(left) The fierce battle moves into its 2nd set!!

(below panel) [Haikyuu!!]

(Suga): I guess we should wait to see what the other side does before switching blocker positions and the like...
(Suga): We won't be able to use any surprise attacks for a little while, either.

(Suga): This might be getting to me more than I thought it would... but, well...
自分で思ってるよりテンパってたのな俺...いや でも
Daichi: SUGA!

Daichi: Don't go into that mode where you overthink things!

Daichi: We'll definitely take this game back in the 2nd set.
Daichi: To do that, the first order of business is...
Suga: Yeah.

Suga: Counteracting Oikawa's serve,
Suga: for sure.


(center) These two backs. Their lives revolve around keeping the ball connected.
The highly anticipated volume 6 goes on sale 5/2!!
Chapter 56: The Select Few
Furudate Haruichi
(bottom left, star) Newsflash!! The serialized novel version from the official "Haikyuu!!" website has gotten such a huge reception that it's going to be made into a book!! Stay tuned for a follow-up report in next week's Weekly Jump!!!


Ukai: --So, other than that,
Ukai: this is the formation we'll use when Oikawa's serving. Got it?
(left of Ukai) Thanks.
Team: Right!

Ukai: When not doing a jump serve,
Ukai: he'll generally target the spot just vacated by the rear guard setter.
Ukai: Keep that in mind!
Team: Right!

Ukai: If we're able to carry out receives equal to the share of points they stole with service aces in the 1st set,
Ukai: we'll shorten their lead that much faster!
Ukai: We will definitely pull off the serve receives we couldn't do during the 1st set!
Ukai: Go out there with that intent!
Team: Right!

Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back!
Crowd: Push'em back, Seijou!

Shimada: ...Hm?

Shimada: Karasuno's rotation for the 2nd set is a bit different.
Shimada: And Seijou's is the same as in the 1st set.
Box (top):
Hinata (Nishinoya) | Tanaka | Sugawara
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima
Box (bottom):
Iwaizumi | Oikawa | Matsukawa
Kindaichi (Watari) | Kunimi | Hanamaki
(below box) ※ 2nd set starting rotation

Shimada: But why did they change it?


Shimada: Well, either way, if they can't pull off those serve receives, they'll be sitting ducks...
Taki: Yeah.
(white sfx) Tweeet!

Player (half-hidden): Bring it on!
Taki: If they don't do something about Oikawa-kun's serve,
Taki: then frankly,
Taki: Karasuno won't even stand a chance of winning...
Player: Good job!

Player: Nice receive!

Suga: Nice one, Tsukishima!
Tsuki: Ah,
Tsuki: Sure.

Shou: Sugawara-san really lays on the praise when you score!
Tobio: ...is that so.


Enno: It's not like he's doing it to "get along" with everyone, you know.
Yama: Nice serve!

Enno: While he's calling out like that,
Enno: I think he's able to see each spiker's expression,
Enno: tell how they're doing today, and the like.
(small text) In a casual way.

Enno: Tsukishima in particular is different from the 2nd and 3rd years, since there's a lot about him that Sugawara-san doesn't know.
Enno: Well, however you look at it, Tsukishima isn't a "simple person", so I guess there's no real need to worry.

Enno: Why do I have to suck up to the others (especially Tsukishima), dumbass.

Enno: ...is the sort of face you're making.
(right of Tobio) I wouldn't say that!
Tobio: And something like that isn't really...

Enno: Still, Kageyama,
Enno: when Hinata seems to be having a hard time hitting a toss, you adjust it, right?
Tobio: ? Yeah, since he misses easily.


Enno: Hinata’s technique is still…
Enno: Erm…
Enno: Well…
Shou: really bad.

Enno: S-
Enno: Sorry. Yeah. And because of that,
Shou: It's alright!
Enno: if he wasn't in sync with you, it's clear that he'd end up failing.

Enno: However, everyone else is reasonably skilled, so
Enno: even if they think it'll be a bit hard to hit, they figure they can just hit it as-is.

Enno: Come to think of it, during practice, you kept pressing Asahi-san to tell you "how that toss was just now."
Tobio: Azumane-san, how was that toss just now? Was it too high? Too low? What did you think?
Tobio: ...If there were blockers to deal with, we'd end up worrying about them, so...

Enno: I'm not one to talk, but

Enno: I think our spikers are at a pretty high level.

Tobio: I...think that... too...
Enno: Well then,

Enno: if they were able to properly hit tosses at full power,
Enno: don't you think that they'd be able to really put up a fight
Enno: against the blockers standing in their way?


(white sfx) Woah!

Crowd: Way to go, way to go, Hajime! Push'em back, push'em back, Hajime!
Crowd: One more!
Oikawa: Nice spike, Iwa-chan!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Aobajousai
Player: Nice one!

Shou: Ah!

Watari: Nice one!

Shou: It's the Grand King's turn to serve...!

Shimada: Ooh.
Taki: Huh?!

Crowd: Uh... isn't
Crowd: Karasuno's serve receive formation... kinda different from the one in the 1st set?


Crowd: Their serve receive...
Crowd: is centered around those two...!

(Ukai): --Since our greatest concern is Oikawa's serve,
(Ukai): We're changing things so our defense will consist of those few best suited to it.


Ukai: Until now,
sfx bubble: Pass

(circle): Net
Ukai: we've had a 4-person serve receive configuration, no matter what sort of serve we were up against.
Ukai: However, where Oikawa's strong jump serve is concerned,

(circle): Net
Ukai: we're going to have 2 people handle it.

Ukai: The end of the 1st set had those campfires, and
Ukai: when you're up against that super fast serve, a moment's hesitation or doubt is fatal.
Ukai: So
Ukai: I think we'll leave it to Nishinoya and Sawamura, who excel at receives.

Ukai: This is a formation we haven't used even once during practice.
Ukai: Even so, I'm sure you guys--

Daichi/Noya: We can do it.

(above Shou) So cool!!


Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back!
Crowd (half-hidden): Seijou!
Ukai: Alright!
Ukai: Decide beforehand how you'll handle the serves used in the meantime!
Ukai: All that's left is to call it!
Team: Right!
Ukai: Also,
Ukai: it happened before too, but when the ball to fall slowly in front off a feint, the rest of you make sure you cover it!
Crowd (half-hidden): Go go Seijou! Go go Seijou!
Team: Osu!!

Shimada: --This 2nd set rotation...
Shimada: started off shifted a bit from the one in the 1st set
Shimada: in order to set up
Shimada: this positioning during Oikawa-kun's serve...?!

Shimada: You have the libero and captain, who are both skilled at receives, in the rear guard,
(above box) ※ Current rotation
Box (top):
Azumane | Sawamura | Hinata (Nishinoya)
Tsukishima | Sugawara | Tanaka
Box (center): Net
Box (bottom):
Kunimi | Kindaichi | Iwaizumi
Hanamaki | Matsukawa (Watari) | Oikawa
Shimada: and at the same time,
Shimada: there's the two who have the highest offensive ability... the buzzcut guy in the lefthand position, where it's easiest to hit a spike,*
Shimada: and the long-haired niichan in a position to jump from behind with a back attack.

(below panel) ※ For a right-handed spiker, it's fundamentally easier to hit a toss delivered from their right-hand side

Taki: Oikawa-kun's serve is insanely strong and fast, right?
Girl: Yes.

Taki: Up to this point, they've had four people dealing with that serve receive, but
Taki: rather than defending with a large jumble of people, they've changed it to two people who are particularly skilled at it.


Shimada: At the same time, the remaining spikers focus solely on attacking.
Girl: Can they really defend with only two people?

Shimada: In top-level teams, it's a standard practice
Shimada: to have 2-3 people deal with jump serves.

Shimada: Still, I've never seen Karasuno use this formation before...
Shimada: Could it be possible that they haven't practiced it at all...?

Girl: If you work out the numbers, each person's defense area
Girl: would double, right...?
(small text) Since there were 4 people before...
Taki: That's true. Each of them has to have a high defensive ability.

Taki: Ukai's probably making a gamble, too...
(left of Ukai) Defense!!

(Ukai): Oikawa's serves threw us into disarray
(Ukai): and in the 1st set alone, stole 5 points from us with service aces...
(Ukai): Since that first one targetted at Nishinoya, he didn't serve much, but
(Ukai): by aiming between players or where the receives were weak, he was able to rack up even more points.


(Ukai): I say he didn't serve much, but 20% of their points in the 1st set were due to his serves.
(Ukai): We have to conquer that serve,
(Ukai): or we won't be able to win against Seijou.

Daichi/Noya: Bring it on!!


???: Daichi!


Ukai: Yesss!!

Suga: Daichi, nice receive!!

(Suga): Us hitting a spike off Oikawa's serve is of
(Suga): incredible significance.

(Suga): Without a doubt, this is an invaluable receive Daichi has given us.
(Suga): If we score, that point will hold a lot of weight.

(Suga): A point that's both important and loaded with pressure.
(Suga): I'll...


Suga: Tanaka!!

(Suga): Since he single-handedly broke the flow set by Oikawa's serves in the 1st set,
(Suga): Tanaka has been in excellent form.

(Suga): I'll

(Suga): entrust this to you!!!

Ukai: Uooh!


Crowd: Woah?! They got a point off Oikawa's serve...!

Oikawa: ...as expected of the captain.


Takeda: This means we've cleared the first hurdle... right?!
Ukai: There'll be plenty of other hurdles we'll have to overcome after this, though...
Ukai: Still, with this,

Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Ukai: we can fight them at the same level, right out of the gate...!

(Enno): "I'm not one to talk, but
(Enno): I think our spikers are at a pretty high level."

(Enno): If they were able to properly hit tosses at full power,
(Enno): don't you think that they'd

(Enno): "be able to really put up a fight against the blockers standing in their way?"


sfx bubble: Grip

(Ukai): The morale over here is excellent, too...!

(Ukai): When it comes to experience and basic technique, Seijou is undeniably better.
Iwai: It's only one point!
Team: Osu!
(Ukai): It will be undeniably difficult for us if they gain a lead.

(Ukai): But if we hang in there,
(sfx) Squeeze
(Ukai): the flow of the game will go our way, without fail.

(Ukai): Until then,

(left) Karasuno commences pursuit!! Next time, we have center color!!
Ukai: hunker down and don't give in!!!

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