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Assassination Classroom 39

Affection Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 17, 2013 17:33 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Student: Starting tomorrow, you'll be teaching gym, Takaoka-sensei?
Takaoka: Yup!
(bottom) [Assassination Classroom]

Takaoka: We're dividing up the labor to lighten the load on Karasuma.
Takaoka: He's going to devote all his attention to office work.
Takaoka: Isn't that right?

Takaoka: Don't worry!
Takaoka: I said the same thing before, but we're a family!!
Takaoka: Put all your trust in me, the father, and I'll take care of everything!!

(left) Takaoka Akira, the Ministry of Defense's new appointee to Class E!! It's said that a "dangerous deviant" lies behind that smiling face, but what does that mean...?!


Karasuma: Takaoka Akira.
(top left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 39: Affection Time
Matsui Yuusei
(right, star) What is the meaning behind that smile...?
Karasuma: He and I were colleagues in the airborne forces.
(bottom left)
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Karasuma: I've heard that he...
Karasuma: far surpasses me as an instructor.


Chiba: What do you think?
Kura: Eh.
Kura: I like Karasuma-sensei better.

Okajima: But
Okajima: there's really no way of telling what Karasuma-sensei's thinking, y'know?

Okajima: He's always got that stern expression, and
Okajima: if we invite him to eat or play around...
Okajima: he could at least hang out with us once in a while.
誘えば たまにつき合ってくれる程度で

Okajima: On that note, Takaoka-sensei is just a naturally friendly guy.
Okajima: This training might end up being a real blast all the time.


(right, star) He's fueled by delicious rice and fan letters!! You can only read Matsui Yuusei-sensei's works in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Takaoka: I saw the results of your training earlier, Karasuma.

Takaoka: After 3 months' worth, they should be much further along.
Takaoka: In the army, it would have only taken a month to reach their current level.

Karasuma: Don't confuse them with professional soldiers.
Karasuma: Their primary role is that of junior high students.

Karasuma: Any more training than that, and it would interfere with their studies.
Takaoka: Geeeez.
Takaoka: You're so laid-back, even though the future of the world is at stake!

Takaoka: Listen, Karasuma,
Takaoka: what you need is enthusiasm.


Takaoka: When an instructor gives his all, it gets his pupils fired up!!
Takaoka: The training might be a little harsh, but...
Takaoka: the students respond to enthusiasm like that.

Takaoka: You just wait. We'll have your head in no time, Korosensei!
(sfx) Toss
Takaoka: I'll finish turning the students...
Takaoka: into first-rate assassins much faster than Karasuma would.

Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: What a naive sensei.
Karasuma: I don't want to hear that from the one being fed sweets.


Korosen: As far as P.E. is concerned, since you are both so adamant about it, I'll leave the matter to you.
Korosen: That being said, I'm not going to criticize this change of leadership, but

Korosen: you are Class E's P.E. teacher, Karasuma-sensei.
Korosen: I believe it can't be anyone else but you.

Irina: ...Are you really alright with this?
Irina: That big guy's personality seems kinda forced.

Takaoka: ...Okay, everyone's here!
Takaoka: Well, then, from today onward, we'll start our new P.E. class!


Takaoka: I think it might get a bit harsh, but...
Takaoka: When we're done, I'll treat you guys to some tasty snacks again!

Naka: You're just saying that because you want to eat them, right?
Takaoka: Pretty much~
Takaoka: That's how I got this wide around~
(sfx) Giggle

Takaoka: And let's decide on a shout to get everyone fired up!
Takaoka: When I say "1, 2, 3"...
Takaoka: you guys all make a peace sign and yell "victory!!"

Sugino: Woah.
Sugino: That's pretty old-fashioned. And a rip-off, too.
(sfx) Hahahaha
Takaoka: You nitpicker!!
Takaoka: I'm not ripping anything off, it's a homage!!

Box: He's magnificently winning them over.
Box: It appears he's able to properly differentiate between the students and army troops.


Box: The training will likely progress smoothly as well.

Box: Have my methods been wrong all this time?

Box: As a professional, I've kept a clear distinction between us and retained my distance.
Box: Maybe treating them as family, like he's doing, would be...

(Karasuma): Another photograph...?


Takaoka: Now, then!
Takaoka: Along with a complete overhaul of the training program, Class E's schedule has also changed.
Takaoka: Pass this around to everyone.

Sugaya: Our schedule?


(paper, top) Kunugigaoka Junior High School, Class 3-E's New Schedule
(top row; / indicates a new box) M / T / W / R / F / S
(row 1) Integrated Studies / Self-Study / English / Math / Ethics / Japanese
(row 2) Social Studies / Science / Home Ec. / Japanese / Math / Training
(row 3) Music / English / Health / Special Activities / Art / Training
(all of the dark gray boxes in rows 6-10) Training

Girl: You're... kidding, right?

Isogai: 10 periods...

Nagisa: Training until...
Nagisa: 9 PM...?


Takaoka: This much is a given.
Takaoka: I got the board chairman's approval, too.
Takaoka: He said "the earth is in a time of crisis, so there's no helping it."

Takaoka: If we follow this curriculum, your abilities will grow by leaps and bounds.
Takaoka: So without any further delays...
Maehara: Just a...
Maehara: Hold on a second! This schedule is impossible!!

Takaoka: Huh?
Maehara: If this is all the time we'll get to study, our grades will drop!
Maehara: The board chairman knew that when he approved it!!

Maehara: And there's no time for us to have fun, either!!
Maehara: There's no way in hell we can do this!!


(Maehara sfx) GUAH!

Takaoka: It's "we will",
Takaoka: not "we can't."


Takaoka: I told you, right?
Takaoka: That in our "family",
Takaoka: I am the "father."

Takaoka: Is there...
Takaoka: a single family in this world where the father's orders aren't absolute?


Karasuma: ...That bastard...!!

(Woman): ...I don't think he would be unreasonable toward junior high students, but...

(Woman): Takaoka-san appears to feel very competitive toward you.

(Woman): He was inferior to you as a contemporary...
(Woman): and discovered instructing as a means of escaping that reality.

(Woman): He was apparently able to produce elite, loyal troops in a short span of time
(Woman): by connecting with them as a tightly-knit family,
(Woman): and, at the same time, standing atop a dictatorial regime as a violent father.


Takaoka: Okay!
Takaoka: First up is three sets of 100 squats each.
(sfx) Clap clap

Takaoka: Anyone who wants to quit is free to do so.
Takaoka: If you do, I'll use my authority to fill the gap with a new student.

Takaoka: There are plenty of strong soldiers who I raised personally with loving care.
Takaoka: Even if 1 or 2 of you are replaced, that octopus won't run away.


Takaoka: But
Takaoka: I really don't want to do that.
Takaoka: You're all my precious family, after all.

Takaoka: As the father, I don't want to lose even a single one of you!

Takaoka: Let's all save earth from this crisis together, as a family!!
Takaoka: Okay?

Box: To bring students under your thumb, you have to give them just two things.
Box: "Affection" and "fear."


Box: They are given in a ratio of 9 "sticks" (fear) to 1 "carrot" (affection).
Box: Soldiers who have been continuously hit with the "stick"...
Box: will weep with joy over a mere sliver of "carrot."

Box: At the outset,
Box: if you smack them when they defy you

Box: and praise them when they obey, it will be ingrained in their minds.

Takaoka: Alright?
Takaoka: You'll follow your father, won't you?

Kanzaki: ...W
Kanzaki: Well, um...
Kanzaki: I...


Kanzaki: I don't want to.
Kanzaki: I'd rather have class with Karasuma-sensei.

(Nagisa): ...Kanzaki-san!!


Sugino: Kanzaki-san!!

Takaoka: ...you guys just don't seem to get it at all.
Takaoka: "Yes" is the only thing I should hear out of you.

Takaoka: If you have a problem with that, then how about we let our fists do the talking?
(sfx) Ha ha ha ha ha
Takaoka: That's your father's forté!!
(bottom right, star) Those clear eyes are insane...!!



[page 5]
What a naive sensei / the one being fed sweets - This is a bit of a pun in the original Japanese. 甘い (amai) can refer to either naiveté or literal sweetness.

[page 16]
To bring students under your thumb - The verb used here, 手なずける (tenazukeru) can mean both "to win over" and "to tame".

[page 17]
A ratio of 9 "sticks" (fear) to 1 "carrot" (affection) - This is a reference to the "carrot and the stick" behavioral approach. Here, the kanji used for "affection" has the reading for the "carrot" half and the kanji for "fear" has the reading for the "stick" half.

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