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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Shiinake no Hitobito 18

In that case, I'll give you an order

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 20, 2013 03:11 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 18

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Natsumi: Geez, sorry the house is so dirty.
Natsumi: My brother's always cleaning it up, but...
Natsumi: Over summer break, he's just been playing all the time and basically ignoring the house.

Man: Fuofuofuo.
Man: Come now, that does not bother me in the least. More importantly, Natsumi-chan... do you play Shogi?
Natsumi: Shogi? I don't really know the rules.

Man: Come now, it is quite a simple game.
Man: Quite... simple.


(bottom) Chapter 18: In that case, I'll give you an order


(sfx) Sound of cicadas
Box: My name is Shiina Haruhiko.
Box: It's been 1 month since the battle with Akira-san, and August is nearing its end...
Box: Things have been very peaceful lately.

Box: This might be considered the calm before the storm...

Haru: I'm back!
Haru: Er... nobody's here?


Utsuki: Um... Haruhiko-sama,
Utsuki: May I turn on the air conditioning?
(sfx) Fizzle
(left of Utsuki) That thing with the cold air...
Haru: Having long hair on such a hot day is a real trial.
Haru: Sure, go cool yourself off.
(small text) Do you know how to use the remote control?

Yayoi: Hmph. You fools, depending on modern science.
Yayoi: At a time like this, you should take a bath!
(left of Haru) Oh well.
(Utsuki sfx) Totter totter


(Haru): What the... something kinda feels off...

Haru: Well, whatever. To keep the heat in check, let's make some unaju, too.
(unaju is a variation of unadon, a Japanese eel dish)

Haru: Huh?

(Haru): I'd cooked some rice before we left, and yet...
(small text) I guess the ninjas ate it...

Haru: No helping it now.


Haru: Just a second, Utsuki-chan!!

Haru: What's the meaning of this?!
Haru: Why is ink coming out of the faucet tap!!

Utsuki: Umm... when I turned the switch on, an Inagawa Junji-type ghost story came out...
(from air conditioner) And I thought "huh? That's strange"...
Haru: That chills me in a different sense!!

Utsuki: Come to think of it, your followers are nowhere to be found.

Haru: ...no way.


(black sfx) Clack

(gray sfx) Kerchack kerchack

Yayoi: ...it seems that
Yayoi: an enemy has taken up residence in our stronghold...

???: Fuofuofuo.

???: Well? How do you like it?


???: I am Satsuki, of the Juunigesshuu!
???: As you can see, my specialty is traps.

Satsuki: Still, what a rude brother...

Satsuki: Even though you have visitors in your living room...
Satsuki: you're not going to greet them?


Haru: ...brother?!

Satsuki: Isn't that right?

Satsuki: Natsumi-chan was quite kind, you know~~ even going so far as to rub the shoulders of an unfamiliar old man.

Haru: ...!! What have you done with Natsumi?!
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama!!
Utsuki: Please don't move!

(white sfx) Toss


(large white sfx) Crackle

Satsuki: Don't worry, she's sound asleep elsewhere.

Satsuki: Well, while I was waiting, I tinkered with the house a bit.
Satsuki: Fuofuofuo.


Satsuki: If you wish me to return your sister,
Satsuki: how about bringing some tea and pastries to me?

Yayoi: Hmph.
Yayoi: Did you think you could capture Yayoi of the Juunigesshuu with a trap of this magnitude?

Yayoi: I'll bust through
Yayoi: this door in one strike!!

(black sfx) Clack


(on slab) Earthworm

Yayoi: Wha?!
(Yayoi): How magnificent...!!!

Yayoi: This flexible body... this beautiful line!
Yayoi: A sexy pink...
Yayoi: I...impossible.
Yayoi: I can't destroy such a thing...!!

(above Yayoi): DAMMITTTTT

Satsuki: Did you know, San?


Satsuki: The master here
Satsuki: doesn't intend to take part in the scramble for pieces.
ここの主はの 駒を奪い合うマネはせんとな

Satsuki: It's an interesting thing to say, but...
Satsuki: Those are words that should only come from someone with skill.

Satsuki: By blocking off his pawns, gold general and rook,
(small text) The gold general is just on a business trip, though...

Satsuki: All that remains in his hand now is a bishop.

Satsuki: If you don't have the strength to back up your words,
Satsuki: then I shall deliver your pieces to my master as a present,

Satsuki: Shiina Haruhiko.


Haru: ...Utsuki-chan.

Haru: Even if we're still scared by this trap, we don't have a choice!!
Haru: Let's prepare ourselves and push forward!

Utsuki: Yes!!

(left) Juunigesshuu Ninja Arts...


(right) Shigatsuki no Ame!!
(lit. April rain)

Satsuki: Oho.
Satsuki: Using brute force, huh.
Satsuki: How childish...

Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama! Please make certain you stay right behind me!
Haru: Got it!


(Haru): Though she generally lacks common sense...

(Haru): she keeps her focus on the struggle between masters.
(Haru): I'm only just realizing that Utsuki-chan and the rest have been protecting me all along!

(Haru): Thank you, Utsuki-chan.
sfx bubble: Click


(Haru): Sorry, Utsuki-chan...
(Haru): I take back what I just said!

Haru: Woah!!

sfx bubble: Clack
sfx bubble: Clack


Utsuki: No way?!
Haru: All this, even though we just want to go down one floor?!


Satsuki: ...That was quick. Already giving up, are they?

San: They've
San: disappeared somehow?!

Utsuki: Um.
Utsuki: Are you alright, Haruhiko-sama?


Haru: Yeah... but to think a place like this was under the house...
(small text) Just when did these renovations (?) take place...
Utsuki: It's a good thing we were able to get here,
Utsuki: as this passage leads right to the living room.

Utsuki: So before our enemy realizes...
(sfx) Plop

Haru: Still,
Haru: it's really hot in here...

(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama's...
Utsuki: ...it is.


Haru: If we continue forward like this, where in the living room will we end up?

Utsuki: Huh?
Utsuki: Er...m...

Utsuki: Ah...

Utsuki: Well...

Utsuki: Around the kitchen area...
Utsuki: Um...


Utsuki: I!!
Utsuki: I'm sorry! That's, well... it's because of the heat! It made me act strangely!!
Haru: Act strangely... that's not something you'd be able to do with a reason like that, Utsuki-chan.
Utsuki: I'm sorry! Forgive me! P...please just forget about it! I'm begging you! Please!!

Haru: It's because of the injuries you got earlier, when you protected me, right?
Haru: You're all beaten up, aren't you!!

Haru: Sorry...
Haru: I should be the one doing that...


Utsuki: You mustn't, Haruhiko-sama.

Utsuki: A shinobi's worth lies in being used by their master.
Utsuki: They exist in order to protect their master!

Utsuki: I am always prepared to risk my life.
Utsuki: It is problematic if you fuss over me.

Haru: I get it.
Haru: In that case, I'll give you an order.


Satsuki: Fuofuofuo.
Satsuki: Be certain to steel yourself, San.
Satsuki: They will definitely launch a sudden attack.

Satsuki: Will it be from the front?

Satsuki: The window?

Satsuki: The cracks in the furniture?

Satsuki: The ceiling...?


(Satsuki): No...if my experience serves me,
(Satsuki): there is an odd breeze coming from over there.

(Satsuki): The kitchen's ventilation duct!!


Satsuki: Fuofuofuo.
Satsuki: Very good, San.
Satsuki: Slowly draw them over here...

Satsuki: Once that Utsuki person is close enough,
Satsuki: I will trigger the trap I have saved for this very occasion!

Satsuki: The "ultimate move", which will envelop everything!
Satsuki: With this, it's "checkmate."


Satsuki: Strange.
Satsuki: Why does she not attack?!


Haru: Because of my orders.

Haru: I told her "I will attack, so focus solely on evading."

Satsuki: ...Nuo!!


Haru: I apologize for not bringing out tea!


Satsuki: Wait, San.
Satsuki: Not yet.

Satsuki: How surprising.
Satsuki: Sneaking up unnoticed, immobilizing the enemy's arm, and aiming for his neck...

Satsuki: I wouldn't have thought a master would use "ninjutsu"...

Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama has been training in it,
Utsuki: in order to prevent himself from becoming a burden!
(right of Utsuki) We're also returning to this today!


Satsuki: Oho...
Satsuki: So this

Satsuki: would be a "sign of your determination", despite disliking the scramble for pieces, hm...

Haru: You know about me?
Satsuki: Fuofuofuo.
Satsuki: Allow me to give you a little advice.

Satsuki: A war between shinobi is one of information.
Satsuki: You can assume that your address, personality and weaknesses are all widely known.
Satsuki: Therefore, winning a war of information means either making others realize you are "invulnerable"...


Satsuki: or "tricking" them.

(on button) Death

Haru: !! Crap!! The switch is over there...!

Satsuki: Checkmate!


Yayoi: ...eh?!


(right of Satsuki) Sorry...
Satsuki: ...I made a mistake.
(small text) Wrong switch...


Yayoi: What's with those sorrowful expressiooons!!!

Haru: Pl...
Haru: Please give back my si...ster.
Satsuki: Fuo...
Satsuki: Fuofuo
Satsuki: I... won't go down so eas...ily...

(around Yayoi) Haah haah


San: ...it's enough already, grandpa.
???: Let's go home.

(top of paper) Summer break homework
(bottom of paper) 3-3 Shiina Natsumi, Itsuki San

Haru: Homework for... summer break?

San: We were doing an... independent research project.
San: I just
San: came to give this to Natsumi...

(Haru sfx) Staaaare


Haru: AH!!
Haru: This girl's one of Natsumi's friends!!
Utsuki: EHH?!

Haru: Then what about Natsumi...?!
Satsuki: I already told you.

Satsuki: She's sound asleep.

Satsuki: Fuofuofuo.
Satsuki: Weeell, my apologies.


Satsuki: We only intended to pay a visit, but
Satsuki: to think you would actually welcome the likes of us...

Haru: It's not like you came here on your master's orders, after all.
Satsuki: My master is even more laid-back than yourself.
Satsuki: He is quite the sedentary sort.

Yayoi: Shiina Haruhiko! You're befriending an enemy again...
Haru: Naah, as I expected, they don't seem like bad people...
(small text) And Natsumi's friend is among them, too.

Satsuki: Do not misunderstand matters, Haruhiko-kun.


Satsuki: There is no good or bad when it comes to fighting.
Satsuki: There is merely a clash of each side's beliefs.

Satsuki: Even though we are eating together like this now, if my master ordered it, this would probably become the worst "bloodbath" you can imagine.
Satsuki: No matter how friendly we become, we are still on opposing sides.

Haru: But
Haru: if you're not ordered to, you won't "kill", right?

Haru: That makes you a good person in my book.

Satsuki: ...what an interesting fellow you are.


(above ninjas) Wahahahaha!
Satsuki: Well... for now, I shall avail myself of your hospitality.

Mom: Haru...
Mom: 10 kilos of rice seem to have disappeared during the time I was out...

Satsuki: Phew.
Satsuki: We certainly ate to our hearts' content, San.


???: P...please!! I'll hand over the piece, so spare me...!!
???: My, my.
???: You were the ones who attacked first, weren't you?

Satsuki: Fuofuofuo. This is quite a small town.

Satsuki: You can see fireworks all over the place.
Satsuki: It would appear that all of the master candidates have gathered here.

Satsuki: This isn't the time for us to be lounging around, either...

(Mina): Damn...!! Who is he!!
(Mina): Has such an outlandish guy always been here?!


Boy: What's the matter? You're not going to come at me anymore?
Boy: If you've accepted defeat, then I'll have you give us some information.

Boy: About that Shiina Haruhiko guy...
Boy: and Utsuki.

Satsuki: Now, then.
Satsuki: Which will be the greater sight to see?


(above mask) That damn Utsuki...!!
(sfx) Snap
(on bottle) Glue

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