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Haikyuu!! 57


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 20, 2013 03:13 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 57

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top) The results of the 1st "Haikyuu!!" character popularity contest!!

(below Noya)
3rd place
5704 votes!!
"Karasuno's guardian deity"
Nishinoya Yuu

There were a whopping 26,370 entries!!
And those who came out on top were...

(below Tobio)
1st place
6639 votes!!
"The king of the court"
Kageyama Tobio

(below Shou)
2nd place
6058 votes!!
"The strongest decoy"
Hinata Shouyou

(bottom right, pink/white text) Karasuno's stars, all in one place!! The protagonist combo take the top two spots!!
(left, black arrow) The rest of the results are on the next page!!
The results of the 1st character popularity contest, with center color!!
Chapter 57: "Break"
Furudate Haruichi


The lineup of popular characters!!!
Those in 4th place and onward are listed right here!!
(top left, spiked bubble) A free for all battle!!

(right side)
4th place
"The indomitable setter"
Sugawara Koushi
5568 votes

5th place
"The grand king"
Oikawa Tooru | 5050 votes

6th place
"The scheming captain"
Kuroo Tetsuro
4035 votes

7th place
"The revived ace"
3418 votes | Azumane Asahi

8th place
"The clever blocker"
Tsukishima Kei | 3407 votes

9th place
"The head of Karasuno's attack squad"
Tanaka Ryunosuke
3384 votes
Tanaka: HELL YEAH!!!

10th place
"Nekoma's brain"
Kozume Kenma | 3256 votes

(left, box)
Just one step away from the top ten!!
11th - 20th place!!
11th place
Iwaizumi Hajime | 3097 votes

12th place
Sawamura Daichi | 2646 votes
15th place
Yamaguchi Tadashi | 1993 votes
18th place
Shimada Mart | 1488 votes

13th place
Shimizu Kiyoko | 2460 votes
16th place
Futakuchi Kenji | 1592 votes
19th place
Takinoue Electronics | 1162 votes

14th place
Yaku Morisuke | 2211 votes
17th place
Ukai Keishin | 1535 votes
20th place
Fukunaga Shouhei | 1048 votes

(left, large box)
And all sorts of other characters, too!? Spots 21 - 50!!
21st place Aone Takanobu 1003 votes | 37th place Izumi Yukitaka 246 votes
22nd place Ennoshita Chikara 954 votes | 38th place Ushijima Wakatoshi 199 votes
23rd place Michimiya Yui 928 votes | 39th place Sekimukai Kouji 195 votes
24th place Kunimi 856 votes | 40th place Shibayama Yuuki 183 votes
25th place Hanamaki | 41st place The vice-principal 181 votes
26th place Furudate Haruichi 706 votes | 42nd place Nekomata Yasufumi 169 votes
27th place Takeda Ittetsu 571 votes | 43rd place Nakashima Takeru 136 votes
28th place Moniwa Kaname 558 votes | 44th place Honda Kiyoko (the fake Kiyoko) 128 votes
29th place Kindaichi Yuutaro 466 votes
29th place Yamamoto Taketora 466 votes | 45th place The Shimada Mart pig 110 votes
31st place Kinoshita Hisashi 367 votes | 46th place Mizoguchi 103 votes
32nd place Inuoka Sou 360 votes | 47th place The Small Giant 100 votes
33rd place Kamasaki 338 votes | 48th place Mori Yukinari 98 votes
34th place Kai Nobuyuki 324 votes | 49th place Mori 96 votes
35th place Ikejiri Hayato 303 votes | 50th place Suzuki 95 votes
36th place Narita Kazuhito 275 votes | 50th place Sasaya 95 votes

Shou: Thanks
Shou: for voting, everyone!!

(bottom, star) Check page 468 to see the winners of the raffle! Thank you so much for all your entries!


Ref: Block-out!
Player: Nice one, Asahi-san!!

(Ukai): Those blockers are sure keeping pace with our guys...

Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Boy: Wow... the 2nd set's pretty even.

Oikawa: Way to read their attack, Kindaichi~
Kin: O-Osu!

(Oikawa): That "refreshing guy" is also by no means a weak setter, but
(Oikawa): he plays things safe and the attacks he sets up are all completely by the book.


Oikawa: Karasuno's basic offensive power is certainly top quality, but
Oikawa: just how many times to date have they competed as that sort of team?

Oikawa: Well, then. Let's go take the lead.

Player: Nice receive!

Shimada: Things are kinda going back and forth, huh.
Taki: Yeah.
Taki: But...

Taki: I've got a feeling that
Taki: Karasuno's setter will make even more mistakes a result of the other side's spikes...


Girl: The game's really seesawing back and forth...
Girl: Is there a time limit in volleyball?
Girl: Dunno~

Girl: Umm... sorry to keep bothering you like this.
Taki: Bother me as much as you'd like!!

Girl: Does volleyball have a time limit?
Taki: Nope!
Taki: Even if one side reaches 25 points, there has to be a 2-point difference between their score and their opponents', or the game will just keep going past 25 points until that condition is met.
Girl: That's when they're in "deuce", right!
Taki: Yup!

Taki: By the way, remember how I said that it's easier for the side receiving a serve to score points?
Box: Serve
Box: Receiving side attacks first
Girl: Yes.

Taki: The situation just now is an example of that. The side receiving attacks, scores, and gains control of the ball.
今がその状態だよね サーブを受けた方が攻撃->得点して交互に点が入ってる
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Taki: That shift in the side serving is called a "side out."
Taki: ...and then

Player: Nice, Oikawa-san!
Player: Nice one!!
Taki: There are onsecutive points...
Taki: In other words, when the serving side scores,
Player: Focus!
Player: Nice serve!!


Taki: and that balance crumbles in an instant.

Taki: That's called

Taki: a "break"
Taki: in volleyball.

Girl: ...was that it?
(small text) A break...
Taki: ...yeah, it was.
(small text) A break...

Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
???: Seijou's gotten the lead for the first time this set.

Girl: That "break" thing is kinda cool~
Taki: I've been hearing that a lot lately, even in televised matches...


(Taki): This break will start to shift the flow of the game...

Player (half-hidden): One more, nice!
(Taki): Don't let Seijou set the pace...!!

Mizo: Since they changed setters, Karasuno's been using the lefthand spiker more frequently.
Irihata: That's because Karasuno's left are both quite strong.

Irihata: However,
Irihata: that's probably easier to combat than #10's constant motion.
(left of Shou) One more!

(Tobio): --I can feel
(Tobio): my throat constricting, bit by bit.

(Tobio): But strangely enough, I feel calm.
(Tobio): There's no impatience clouding my concentration.
(Tobio): The reason is undeniably because I have a clear sense of "purpose."

(Tobio): I'd thought that my being benched
(Tobio): was proof that I had outlived my usefulness.


(bubble): Go
(bubble): sit on the bench already.
(Tobio): That is truly what I'd thought back then.

(Tobio): And yet...

(Suga): Right now, I have you waiting in the wings.
(Suga): That in itself is incredibly reassuring.

(Tobio): The things that Sugawara-san and I are capable of differ, but
(Tobio): our purpose might just be the same.

Player: Nice receive!
Player: Cover it!

(Tobio): I want to go out there.

(Tobio): I want to be there.
(Tobio): I want to play.
(Tobio): I want to be in the match.
(Tobio): I want to hold the ball.
(Tobio): I want to fight.
(Tobio): Give me anxiety on the court.
(Tobio): Give me labored breathing.
(Tobio): Let me stand out there among it all.


(Suga): I want to stay out here longer.
(Suga): I want to fight alongside my comrades.
(Suga): I want to toss the ball with my own hands.

(Tobio/Suga): As many times as possible.

(???): In that case,

Suga: I'll fight in a way that's best for me,
Suga: and you'll fight in a way that's best for you.
Suga: That is


(Suga/Tobio): how we'll be able to win the match before us.

Player: Nice receive!
Player: Yesss!

(Kin): Karasuno keeps attacking from the left...

(Kin): It's about time they put a quick--


(Kin): in there.

Kin: YESSS!!!
Player: Kindaichi, nice block!


Girl: Ah! Another "break"!!
(right of girl) Break.
(above girl) A break.
Taki: This is bad... they're getting dragged under by the other side's pace...!

Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreobard, left: Aobajousai

Suga: Sorry, Hinata. That quick just now was a bit too slow.
Shou: Ah!
Shou: Er.
Shou: It's okay.

Crowd: Oh,
Crowd: Karasuno

Crowd: called over #9.
Crowd: Looks like they'll be changing setters.

(Suga): Looks like I've only got... 1 play left.
sfx bubble: Grip


Asahi: Suga,

Asahi: send the next one to me.
Asahi: I'll definitely score.

Suga: You got it!!

Player: Nice serve!


Crowd: Wow...

(white sfx) Tweeet
Karasuno High School
Member Change


#9 Kageyama (S) in
#2 Sugawara (S) out

Suga: ...it's a bit frustrating, but

Suga: Hinata's face looks different
Suga: hitting my toss versus hitting yours.

Suga: ...I think you know this already, but


Suga: this is all
Suga: because our comrades are undeniably strong.

(sfx) Nod
Tobio: ...Osu.

Suga: Good!
Suga: We--

(Suga): "We can win this."

Suga: We'll win this.

Tobio: Osu.


(Suga sfx) Bow
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back! Push'em back, Seijou!
Crowd: Go go Seijou!

Ukai: You sure fought toe-to-toe with Seijou, didn'tcha!
Suga: That's because our guys are strong.

(below panel) ※ For Karasuno, that would be Hinata and Tsukishima's position

Ukai: But, y'know,
Ukai: next time, you should probably use that center position* more aggressively.

Suga: Yes!! Thank you very much!!

Ukai: What the heck...?

Takeda: The words "next time"
Takeda: are bound to make Sugawara-kun incredibly happy, aren't they?

(Suga): --If we can draw out everyone's power, then we can even stand against Seijou.
(Suga): But


(Suga): to get one step closer to that point,
(Suga): we really do need the "strongest decoy" that Karasuno prides itself on to function at 100% capacity.

(Suga): The only one who can accomplish that

(Suga): is you, Kageyama.
(left) Their "victory" has been entrusted to him!! Kageyama takes to the court once more!!

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#1. by missingsin ()
Posted on Apr 21, 2013
Suga and Kageyama's by-play was awesome.

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