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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 40

Nomination Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 21, 2013 21:07 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Karasuma: Stop, Takaoka!
(bottom) [Assassination Classroom]
(left, star) The deviant licks his chops...!!

Karasuma: Are you alright?
Karasuma: Is there any pain in your neck?
Kanzaki: Karasu...ma-sensei...
Kanzaki: I'm okay.

???: What about Maehara-kun?
Maehara: I...
Maehara: I'm fine.

Takaoka: I'm making sure to hold back, you know, Karasuma.
Takaoka: They're my precious family, so that's a given.

???: No,


(right) Striking first Maehara and then Kanzaki, the new teacher Takaoka showed his true colors!! What is his next move...?!

Assassination Classroom
Chapter 40: Nomination Time
Matsui Yuusei
- Volume 4 comes out 5/2 (Th)!!
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Korosen: they are not your family.
Korosen: They are my students.

Class: Korosensei!

Takaoka: Heh.
Takaoka: Is that a complaint I hear, monster?


Takaoka: I'm fairly certain I was the one put in charge of P.E.
Takaoka: Additionally,
Takaoka: the punishment just now was perfectly within the bounds of a training session.

Takaoka: This is all to raise them, in a short span of time, into assassins who will kill you.
Takaoka: It's only a given that things will be tough.

Takaoka: Or, what?
Takaoka: You would attack a man who hasn't done a thing to you...
Takaoka: just because his teaching methods are a little different?


???: ...the students will end up a wreck like this.
(around students) One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

Korosen: It would be an easy feat for me, as a super creature, to eliminate him, but
Korosen: that would be inconsistent in the students' eyes.

Korosen: From my perspective, he's mistaken, but...
Korosen: he has his own way of teaching.

Korosen: Therefore, as a fellow P.E. teacher,
Korosen: I would like you to refute his methods, Karasuma-sensei.


(Karasuma): Refute...
(Karasuma): So that means telling him that his way of doing things is wrong.

Korosen: I mean, look at this schedule!!
Korosen: I can't play with the students after school anymore!!
Irina: Yeah!!
Irina: I don't have any boys to carry my shopping bags for me anymore!!
Karasuma: There are so many things wrong with the teachers here.

Box: It's frustrating, isn't it, Karasuma.

Box: Having me snatch away the students you've been looking after.


Box: You, who were the best of the best in the unit...
Box: never paid a bit of attention to my strength, did you.

Box: That very person...
Box: has robbed you of any chance at a promotion.

Box: It doesn't matter if this destroys the majority of them.
Box: If I form those that remain into an elite corps, and they kill that octopus,

(on banner) Raised by Taka
Box: As the hero who raised such heroes...
Box: I'll be able to order you around!!


Sugaya: Th...
(sfx) Haah haah
Sugaya: This is no fucking joke...
(sfx) Haah haah
Takajima: 300 squats right from the start...
Takajima: We're gonna die...

Kura: Karasuma-sensei...

Takaoka: Oi,
Takaoka: Karasuma isn't part of our family.
(sfx) Loom

Takaoka: Children who don't rely...
Takaoka: solely on their father must be punished.


Karasuma: Don't...
Karasuma: be any rougher with the students.

Karasuma: If you want to get violent,
Karasuma: I will be your opponent.
(sfx) Grip

Students: Karasuma-sensei!!


Box: ...Karasuma.
Box: I figured you would step in.

Box: It's about time I used "that" move...
Box: The one which will silence
Box: both Karasuma and the students, and allow me to definitively seize leadership over them.

Takaoka: I told you already, didn't I?
Takaoka: This isn't violence.
Takaoka: It's training.

Takaoka: I don't intend to fight with you using violence.

Takaoka: If we're going to have a showdown, it will be as teachers to the very end.


Takaoka: You guys haven't accepted me yet either, right?
Takaoka: Your father's reluctant to continue like this, too.

Takaoka: So how about this!!
(sfx) Broing
Takaoka: We'll decide things with this!!

Okuda: ...A knife?

Takaoka: Karasuma,
Takaoka: choose one student you would recommend out of those you've raised.

Takaoka: They'll fight against me, and if they're able to hit me even once with the knife...
Takaoka: I'll acknowledge that your teaching methods were better than mine.


Takaoka: Then I'll leave their training entirely to you and leave!!
(sfx) Thump
Takaoka: A man doesn't go back on his word!!

Takaoka: But, of course,
Takaoka: if I win, I won't allow any further meddling, either...

(sfx) Drop
Takaoka: This isn't the knife we'll be using.


(Students): A
(Students): real blade?
Takaoka: I, a human, am the one you're going to kill.
Takaoka: The knife used has to be the real deal.

Karasuma: Stop this!!
Karasuma: They aren't trained or prepared to kill a man!!
Karasuma: Even if they hold a real knife, their bodies would just freeze up and they wouldn't be able to stab at all!

Takaoka: Don't worry.
Takaoka: Even if they stop just short of cutting me, it'll still count.
Takaoka: I'll be unarmed, too, so you couldn't ask for a better handicap.


Box: This move was very effective, even in the army.

Box: Unarmed, I completely knock down...
Box: the frightened recruit, who is holding a knife for the first time.

Box: "Even with a knife, we're no match for the instructor when he's unarmed."
Box: At that point, each and every one of them realizes the difference in our strength,
Box: and they all ultimately come to respect me.

Takaoka: Come, Karasuma!
Takaoka: Choose one!!
Takaoka: If you don't like it, then obey me unconditionally!!


Takaoka: Will you abandon the students, or present one as a sacrifice!!
Takaoka: You'll be an awful teacher either way!!
Takaoka: HAAHAHA!!

Box: I am...
Box: still uncertain.


Box: Is merciless training like his needed...
(right of Takaoka) Here!
Box: in creating assassins to save the world?

(sfx) Thunk
Box: I'm filled with uncertainty where this teaching job is concerned.

Box: Takaoka is a man who once belonged to the elite corps.
Box: There's no way the knife of a middle school student who has only trained for 3 months would be able to touch him.

Box: Among them, there is

Box: only one student who has the "possibility" of succeeding...

Box: I'm having trouble deciding whether or not I should put him in danger.


Karasuma: Nagisa-kun,
Karasuma: will you do it?

(Students): Wh...

(Students): Why...
(Students): Nagisa?!

Karasuma: If I must choose, then it would probably be you, but
Karasuma: before you answer, I want you to listen to my thoughts on the matter.


Karasuma: As part of the same group entrusted with the mission of saving the earth...
Karasuma: I think of you all as fellow professionals.

Karasuma: As professionals,
Karasuma: I believe the barest minimum you should receive as compensation
Karasuma: is the guarantee of a normal middle school life.

Karasuma: That's why
Karasuma: there is no need for you to force yourself to take this knife.
Karasuma: I will endeavor to request...
Karasuma: that Takaoka maintain that "compensation."

Takaoka: Kukuku.
Takaoka: If you bow down to me dogeza-style, I'll consider it, Karasuma.


Box: I like this man's eyes.

Box: There is no one in our family who would look me straight in the eye when he talked.

Box: There are
Box: probably a lot of things being kept from us about this situation.
Box: I don't know why he chose me, either.

Box: But
Box: if this teacher is the one handing me the knife, I can trust his judgment.


Box: That aside,
Box: I have to get this guy back for what he did
Box: to Kanzaki-san and Maehara-kun, or I won't be able to feel at ease.

Nagisa: I'll do it.

Takaoka: Well, well...
(left) Nagisa steps forward!!

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