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Assassination Classroom 41

Talent Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 27, 2013 03:58 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Assassination Classroom
Chapter 41: Talent Time
Matsui Yuusei
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Takaoka: Your eyes must be going bad, Karasuma.
Takaoka: Choosing that shortie, of all people.

Karasuma: Nagisa-kun,
Karasuma: Takaoka is very familiar with how to fight unarmed against a knife.
Karasuma: You need to swing with all your strength, or you won't even graze him.
Nagisa: ...Right.

(left) They need to deliver a blow to the fighting pro from the military, Takaoka, or they'll have to obey him unconditionally!! Is Karasuma's nomination a reckless gamble, or...?!


Box: An excellent instructor can instantly tell the capability of each individual in a group.

Box: This brat is, without a doubt, among the weakest of the boys here.
Box: His physical abilities are mediocre.
Box: His constitution and strength are equal to a girl's.

(Takaoka): And on top of that, he's using a real knife.

Box: An amateur first becomes aware of what that means
Box: when he turns a real knife on a person.
Box: Balking, his normal strength decreases by 10% or more.

Box: This is a match I could win with my eyes closed.


Irina: Has Karasuma lost his mind?
Irina: Why would he send Nagisa out for that?

Korosen: If you look at the situation, you'll understand.
Korosen: The answer Karasuma-sensei has given is correct.

Korosen: Under those conditions, even I...
Korosen: would likely nominate Nagisa-kun.

Karasuma: Listen,
Karasuma: you'll win if you hit him with the knife or stop just short of doing so.
Karasuma: If Takaoka overpowers you bare-handed, it will be his win.
Karasuma: Those are the rules he has set in place.


Karasuma: However, in this match,
Karasuma: the greatest difference between you two is not who has the knife.
Karasuma: Do you understand?

Korosen: ...In any case,
Korosen: this match will undoubtedly be decided in an instant.

Sugaya: Oi...
Sugaya: Do you think Nagisa's gonna pull it off?
Kimura: ...Impossible.
Kimura: When we train with Karasuma-sensei, that much is obvious.

Kimura: Not to mention...
Kimura: There's no way he can use a real knife.


(Kayano): ...Nagisa!!

Takaoka: Come at me!!
(Takaoka): This will be a public execution!!

(Takaoka): After I dodge all of his attacks, I'll make him suffer so much that
(Takaoka): all of the students will fear me...
(Takaoka): and obediently follow my training.


(top, sfx) Silence

(Karasuma): Listen,
(Karasuma): to Takaoka, this match is "warfare."

(Karasuma): That's because his goal is to make you into an example.
(Karasuma): To ensure that the class doesn't oppose him a second time...
(Karasuma): it's imperative that he fight while displaying his strength.

(Karasuma): As for you, this is an "assassination."
(Karasuma): There is no need for you to show your strength.
(Karasuma): You just have to hit him once.


(sfx around dialogue) Ba dump
(Karasuma): Therein lies your chance for victory.

(Karasuma): He will let you attack however you'd like for a little while.
(Karasuma): Since he'll be making a point of showing off his combat techniques,
(Karasuma): I expect he will start to bait you, bit by bit.

(left, star) Volume 4 goes on sale 5/2 (Th)!!

(Nagisa sfx) Badump badump
(Karasuma): In other words, your greatest chance will lie in your opening attacks, which he won't counter.
(Karasuma): I believe you will be able to strike in that window.


Box: He'll realize the ramifications
Box: of holding a real knife soon enough.

Box: "Wait a second."
Box: "If you stab someone with the real deal, he'll die."
Box: "I'm fine with holding it, but there's no way I can use it seriously!!" and the like.

Box: I truly love
Box: when complete amateurs realize that and their faces go pale.

Box: Now, let me see it.
Box: The face of despair!!


Box: I have
Box: a real knife in my hand.
Box: I'm a bit lost about how I should move with it.

Box: I remember Karasuma-sensei's advice.

Box: That's right.

Box: I don't need to fight and win.

Black Box: --- I'll win if I kill him. ---


Box: So I'll

Box: smile,
Box: and approach him by walking normally.

Box: As normally as if I were walking

Box: to school.

(hand sfx) Bump


Box: It was the first time that Takaoka-sensei


Box: seemed to realize
Box: that he was about to be killed.


Box: It frightened him so much that his mind fell into chaos.

Box: Anyone would be afraid if they were about to be killed.
Box: Even Korosensei would feel the same way.

Box: Once his center of gravity had shifted to the back,

Box: he was felled by a tug on his clothes.


Box: When going in for the kill,

Box: prey can defend itself if you go in from the front, so

Box: by circling around behind it, you will definitely...


Takaoka: Ah...
Takaoka: Guh...
Nagisa: Gotcha.


Box: How the...
Box: He went far beyond my expectations!!

Box: This is a talent which would absolutely never...
Box: be discovered during the course of a normal school life!!


(gray box) No matter what methods I have to use.
(gray Korosen bubble) Pla...
Box: A talent for drawing closer while hiding one's bloodlust.

(gray Nagisa bubble) And yet it looks like you've never killed someone before.
Box: A talent for making one's opponent falter through bloodlust alone.

Box: A talent for being at ease "acting in front of an audience"!!

Box: That chill I felt during training...
Box: wasn't training at all.
Box: It was a real assassination!!


Box: This is neither a talent for combat
Box: nor a talent for violence.

(above Nagisa) Huh?
Box: It's a talent for assassination!!
(right, star) This isn't a study or a sport... it's an "assassination classroom"...!!

Box: Isn't this...
Box: a talent which should be fostered?!
Nagisa: Was I not supposed to
Nagisa: use the back of the blade, Karasuma-sensei?



[page 14]
He was felled by a tug on his clothes - Here, the "koro" part of the verb 転ぶ (korobu, to fall) has been replaced with 殺. I opted to use "felled", as I've done before, since it maintains the dual meaning.

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