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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Haikyuu!! 59

"Direct Communication"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 30, 2013 23:19 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 59

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Taki: Alright~ 20 points! This is the home stretch...!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Player: Nice serve!
Player! One more!
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
(above box) ※ Current rotation
Box (top):
Hinata | Tanaka | Kageyama
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
Box (center): Net
Box (bottom):
Oikawa | Matsukawa | Hanamaki
Iwaizumi | Kindaichi (Watari) | Kunimi

Player: Hinata, make it a good one!
Taki: Karasuno's gotta win this set or it's all over, after all...!
(left) The 2nd set nears its climax!!
(bottom right) A big poster using Furudate-sensei's illustrations will be on display in Shinjuku station from March 29th to May 5th!! Come see it, everybody!!!
(bottom left)
Volume 6, the newest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 5/2!! It's right around the corner!!
Chapter 59: "Direct Communication"
Furudate Haruichi

(white sfx) Tap
Shou: Yeek!

(white sfx) Drop

Player: Net-in!
Player: Forward, forward!
Matsu: Hrg!
Oikawa: Nice cover, Mattsun!!


Noya: Free ball!!

sfx bubble: Float

Tobio: How was-
Player: Asahi-san, nice spike!
Asahi: Toss it a little higher.
Tobio: Got it!

Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
(white sfx) Tweeet
Boy: Oh, so Seijou's calling a time out now, too.

Aobajousai High School
1st Time Out

Irihata: There was no helping that just now.
Irihata: You're all still keeping your cool, right?
Team: Yes!
Irihata: Then you'll be fine.

Crowd: Gooo! Go go Seijou!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!

Matsu: When #10 [Hinata picture] moves to the back and #11 [Tsuki picture] joins the vanguard, Karasuno starts using that center line less and less.
Oikawa: Yup. It's simply a matter of Tobio being bad at dealing with that lanky guy, isn't it?


Oikawa: In both yesterday's match and today's, they gave the impression of not having any direct communciation at all.
(gray bubble) Nice one, Tsukishima!
Oikawa: Of all Karasuno's spikers, that lanky guy is probably the one Tobio is able to make good use of the least.

Matsu: ...Like I thought, I really wouldn't wanna be friends with you.
Oikawa: Why?!
Hana: 'Cause it seems you can figure out people's weaknesses.
Oikawa: Why would I do that to my teammates!!

Crowd: Gooo! Go go Seijou!
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back!

(Enno): I think he's able to see each spiker's expression, tell how they're doing today, and the like.

(Tobio sfx) Stare stare stare
Tsuki: What.

(Tobio): Even if you tell me to read his expression,
(Tobio): I can't see anything more than a "pissed-off face"!!
(white sfx) Tweeet

Box: Time Out over
Suga: Kageyama!
Suga: Start off by talking!

Suga: For Tsukishima in particular,
Suga: "direct communication" is the key.

Tobio: Right.


Player: Hinata, one more! Focus!
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak

Noya: Ryu!!
Tanaka: Urg!!

Player: Matsukawa, nice spike!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Boy: Neither side's giving in...

(Daichi): Now Seijou's also at 20 points...
sfx bubble: Hoo...
(Daichi): If we lose this set, we're finished...

(Daichi): --I've gotta stop thinking unnecessary things!
(Daichi): Keep cool!
Daichi: Got it.
Player: Daichi-san, nice receive!


Hana: Alright!

Shimada: It's still in play!
Shimada: They're going to counter!

Ukai: Tsukishima kinda seems like he's got poor hitting form.

Crowd: They scored!! That's two consecutive points for Seijou!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Crowd: They've caught up to Karasuno!!
Crowd: Push'em back, Hajime! One more!


Girl: It's a "break."
Girl: Definitely a "break."
Taki: Dammit...!

(Ukai sfx) Clatter
Ukai: Sensei!
Takeda: Right!

(white sfx) Tweeet
Crowd: Time Out for Karasuno, huh.
Crowd: Guess it's to change the flow of the game.
Karasuno High School
1st Time Out

Crowd: Karasuno sure has it rough when #10 [Hinata picture] isn't in that spot~
Crowd: Way to go, way to go, Seijou!
Crowd: Way to go!

Ukai: Hey, quit with that stiff expression! Calm down! You're moving just fine!
(above Tanaka) GYAA!
Ukai: It'll be fine.

(Suga): "For Tsukishima, direct communication is key!!"

Tobio: ...Oi.

Crowd: Gooo! Go go Seijou!
Tobio: How the hell was that toss just now, huh?
Crowd: Push'em back! Push'em back, Seijou!


Tsuki: Why are you talking like Tanaka-san?
Tanaka: The hell was that, huh?!

Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!

Tsuki: It pisses me off that you're practically telling me "just shut up and hit the toss, peasant."
Tobio: HAAH?!

(Suga): Tsukishima's at it again! Have some tact!!
(small text) So childish!!
(Suga): We don't have time for them to quarrel...
Suga: Oi--

Tobio: What do you mean?

(Tsuki): He's really pushing it today...
Tsuki: ...I have a way of doing things too, so
Tsuki: I'd like a more uniform toss.

Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back Seijou! Go go Seijou!
Takeda: Um... What is he talking about...?


Ukai: --He probably means when Kageyama tosses the ball to him for an A-Quick.
Ukai: The arc in which the ball is hit is determined by the toss.
Ukai: If the ball is hit in a location on the setter's side, it's a cross.
Box: Cross
Box: Turn
Ukai: If it's further away, it has the feel of a turn.

Ukai: Kageyama went with the toss he thought would be easiest to score with
Ukai: and Tsukishima tried to hit it, but I guess he found it difficult.
Ukai: Which one is better all depends on
Ukai: the spiker's personality and ability.

Tsuki: ...you aren't the only one "thinking."

Tsuki: The opponents' defensive formation.
Tsuki: The sort of attack that suits you best today.
Tsuki: Everyone is thinking something or other.
Tsuki: Even Hinata thinks every once in a while, and that's what allows you to also use a normal quick, you know?
Tsuki: Just barely, though.
Shou: What do you mean, even!
Shou: And what's with that "just barely"!!
Suga: There, there.

Tobio: Alright.
Tsuki: You're really docile today. Are you sick?!


Tobio: I won't know which is better
Tobio: if I don't give it a try.
(white sfx) Tweeeet
Box: Time Out over

(Suga): Tsukishima probably isn't used to being confronted directly,
(Suga): so he can't back out of it.

Daichi: We're definitely going to take this set!!
Team: YEAH!

Player: Nice receive!

(Tsuki): I'd like a more uniform toss.
(Suga): This is all because our comrades are undeniably strong.


(Matsu): A feint...!!

Kazu: YEAAAH! Right in the empty zone behind the blockers!
Kazu: They really did it!
Hisashi: Seijou must be pissed!


(above Enno) Ooh.
Enno: Right up until then, I wasn't sure if he was going to smash it or not...
(right of Suga) Nice!!
Suga: Tsukishima really livens up when he outwits his opponents~
Shou: Livens up?
Yama: It's hard to tell, but that's a pretty high-spirited expression!
Shou: Really?!

Player: Nice receive!
Player: Center, center!!

Player: Tsukishima, nice one touch!!

Tanaka: Free ball!!

(Watari): Another feint...!!

sfx bubble: Whomp
Watari: Urg!
Player: Good one, Watari!!
Player: It's coming back this way! Free ball!


Crowd: Another feint! Man, #11's good. You're not sure whether he's gonna smash it or not until the last second.
Crowd: Still, Seijou's blockers are tall, so isn't this avoiding a head-to-head battle with them?
Crowd: If they're pulling feints, then to some extent there's no getting out of it.

(Irihata): So now Kageyama's using #11 on purpose?
Player: Left, left!

Asahi: YEAAAH!!
Player: Asahi-san, nice spike!!

Oikawa: Nice one, Mattsun!
(Ukai): Dammit, taking back that point like it's nothing...


Player: Nice receive!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Player: Setter,
Player: #11!!

sfx bubble: Shwip

(white sfx) Twitch
(Watari): Another feint!!

(Watari): Alright, this time I'll be able to get it.

Crowd: Nice receive, Watari!!
Crowd: Yeah, just how many times do they think they can fool us!

Crowd: I guess #11 can only avoid the blockers after all, huh?
Crowd: That sorta thing would really get our coach angry.
Crowd: He'd be like "quit running away" and "don't be lazy"
Crowd: and all that.


Tanaka: Hurng!

Player: Tanaka, nice receive!
Tanaka: Sorry, it was a little short. Cover it!!
Kin: Dammit...!

Taki: Careful, caaaareful~
(Shimada): If they want to be sure they'll get this point, then...

(Shimada/Kin): they'll go for the ace, right...?!
(white sfx) Glance

(Tsuki): "Everyone is thinking something or other."


(Watari): #11 again...!!

Irihata: No!
Irihata: Don't go any further!!


(Irihata): From a series of consecutive feints,

(Irihata): to a smash!!

Tanaka: Damn youuu!!
Tanaka: You bastard!

Irihata: We were so guarded against a feint that our defense was too far forward...
Irihata: They really got us.
Watari: I'm sorry!
Matsu: It's OK, we'll get the next one!

Tobio: N
Tobio: Naf
Tobio: Nifss
Tobio: Nice.

Tanaka: Don't trip over that word, Kageyama!!
(above Kageyama) Whack
Player: Ooh... Kageyama praised Tsukishima...!

Tanaka: Just how bad at doling out praise can you be!
(left of bubble) Wahaha!
(Daichi): Kageyama is also
(Daichi): undeniably changing...!

Crowd: It's Karasuno's set point!
Crowd: Seriously?!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Box: 2nd set, Karasuno High School's set point


Shou: Just one point!
Yama: One more!

Iwai: Like hell I'll let you!!
Crowd: Way to go, Hajime!
Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back! One more!!

Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Boy: They're sure making a racket...
Boy: Even though everyone at Seijou is top-class, thanks to Oikawa,
Boy: they don't stand out at all...

Takeda: Don't worry! It's 1 point... If you steal one point like always,
Takeda: you can take this set!!

Takeda: --That should be the case, but...


Takeda: now it's Oikawa-kun's serve...!
Box (top):
Azumane | Sawamura | Hinata
Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama | Tanaka
Box (center): Net
Box (bottom):
Kunimi | Kindaichi | Iwaizumi
Hanamaki | Matsukawa (Watari) | Oikawa
(below box) ※ Current rotation

Player: Focus, give'em a good one!
Shimada: If Seijou makes a mistake here, they'll lose the set,
Shimada: and right after that strong victory, too...

Hana/Iwai: Put everything you've got into it.

Oikawa: I will.
(left) He's a formidable enemy precisely because he stands in their way!! Next time, we have center color!!

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