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Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan Special : Volume 1 extras


Translation reserved for Dark Murmur Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

These are the extras at the end of volume 1. All pages are numbered based on the raws, to make things easier for the scanlators.



(bottom, left) Special Oneshot
(bottom) The Disaster of PSI User Kusuo Saiki


Box: My name is Saiki Kusuo (15).
Box: I am a "PSI user."

Box: By now,
Box: you probably don't need me to explain about PSI powers.
Girl: Morning~
Boy: I'm gonna be late.
Box: They're special abilities that enable me to do things which are impossible for the average human,
Box: like bending spoons and seeing through cards.

Box: I first awakened to this power when I was 1 year old.
Box: I went to the park with my parents and got lost.

Box: They frantically looked for me,
Box: and, after about a 5-hour search, what they discovered...

Box: was that I had undergone a complete change.


Box: I became proficient at hovering in the air before I could "toddle", and, after that,
Box: I was able to do things that no human could.
Box: It was all because I had become a "PSI user."

Box: People would undoubtedly think these powers I have to be "enviable."
Boy: Heeey.
Girl: Morning~

Box: However, I ultimately wanted to get rid of these powers as soon as possible.

Box: For instance, let's take my power of "telepathy."
(Man): Crap, I haven't bought Jump this week yet.
(Man): NEXT! is out this week, so it's on break.
Box: A power which enables communication between people without exchanging words... it is an ability that allows you to hear the other person's inner voice, making for quick conversations.

Box: Upon hearing that alone, my friend Shimoda-kun...
Shimoda: Oho~ that'd be awesome! I'd peep on my beloved Mariko's innermost thoughts as much as I'd like!
Shimoda: Guhu... Buhihi...
Box: said that.

Box: However, the reality isn't so great a thing as that.
Girl: Saiki-kun.

(Saiki): ! It's Nakajima, the class rep...
Box: So, basically...


Naka: Morning, Saiki-kun!
(Naka): Yo, shit for brains.
Box: it's like this.

Naka: You're sure early, aren't you~
Naka: Hm? Is something wrong?
(Naka): This guy sure starts the morning with a gloomy look...
(Naka): I greeted you, you know? Be happy about it!
Box: As you would expect, people's inner thoughts reveal their true intentions, leaving nothing hidden.

Box: And, even if I don't want to hear these inner thoughts, usually I end up being able to hear them anyway.
Naka: Let's do our best today, and everyday.♡
(Naka): What's with this guy, giving me the cold shoulder! Don't you realize that the school idol is talking to you?!
(Naka): C'mon, look at this stuff shooting out! I'm beaming!

(Naka): And what are those things on your head, anyway? Antennae?
(Naka): That'd seriously be gross, lol.
Box: At any rate, I've heard them since I was a child.
Box: If a normal person heard them, he would undoubtedly have a mental breakdown after 3 seconds.

Box: Additionally, this power's key feature is its uselessly wide radius of 7 km.
(Boy): I wanna go home...
Boy: Morning~
(Boy): Haah, so sluggish...
(Girl): Stop walking next to me, you moron.
Girl: Hurry up~
Boy: Didja bring it?
(Boy): I wanna quit school...

Box: To use a metaphor, it would be as if "the entire student body participated in a message board on an underground school site, where software read their sentences aloud, spewing it out 24/7."
(white round box)
hara???'s a pain in the ass
just quit school already
>>39 agreed
what a pain
destroy the earth
>>41 hara???'s coming
(black round box) Underground School Site
Box: Now then, everyone.


Black box: Are you truly jealous of such a power?

Teacher: English is just a bunch of words!
Teacher: If you think of it like that, anyone can do it!
(Teacher): Oh man... I sure said something wise there! Well, I ripped it off from someone else, though!
Box: You'll be unable to trust your teachers' advice,

Man: For all you citizens! For this very country!!
Man: I promise that I will work myself to the bone in devotion to this nation!
(Man): Boobs.
Box: unable to trust the words of politicians,

Woman: What~~ I want~~ to convey to you~
(Woman): I'll~~♪ Beat you~~ all to death~~~♪
Box: and unable to trust what singers say, either.

Box: Of course, there's the possibility of projecting outward, but...
(Boy): Hrmm. What was it... I'm positive that Akamaru Jump changed its name... Ermm...
(Boy): Jump Load? ...that's not it... hmm...
(Saiki): It's Jump NEXT!
Girl: Senpai, is something bothering you?
Girl: Even your troubled face is amazing!
(Boy): !! That's it! It's "Jump NEXT!"!! ......wait, huh?
Box: there's just no point.

(Boy): Kuku... You can hear me, can't you? I know you can...

(Boy): Did you think I wouldn't notice? You're one of the Black Shadow's allies, aren't you...
(Boy): Show yourself... I'll kill you with the Violet Enhancer in my right arm before you get me and... Tch...he ran away, huh...
Box: Oh, it's just a case of chuunibyou.


Boy: Ow!

Boy: P-pardon me...!
(small text) Ehehe...
(Boy): That seriously hurt!! Where the hell're you looking when you walk, you gorilla pig!!
(Boy): I'll make mincemeat outta ya!!
Box: You're free to think whatever you'd like internally.

Box: It's only natural. After all, you don't think it will be audible to others, and, above all, you can't dress up what's on the inside.
当然だ 相手は聞かれるとは思ってないし何より心まで着飾る事は出来ないのだから
Box: Rather, this power that enables you to hear others' true thoughts is in the wrong.
Box: Be that as it may...

(Naka): Yo, shit for brains.
(Boy): I'll make mincemeat outta ya!!
(Student): It's like your house is haunted or something.
Arrow Box: Persecution complex
Box: there are things which undeniably irritate even a mild-mannered guy like me.

Box: Guess there's no helping it...
(Girl): Siigh... I wanna go home...
(Boy): I wanna go home...
(Boy): I wanna go back home and play games...
Box: How about I give you a somewhat better understanding...

Box: of the power of a PSI user!!!


(gray sfx) Badump

(Girl): Wh...
(Girl): What was that...

(Saiki sfx) Smirk
(Girl): My head...

(Girl): J-just what's going on?!

(Boy): M...my head... this is....
(Boy): Kuh...

(Boy): M...my head... I...

(Students): I can't get the song from the LOTTE "Fit's" commercial out of my head!!
(Song): No~zo no~zo Nozomi~♪
(Song): Bite down, and~♪ Funyan funyan~
(Song): Funyan nyanyan funyan~♪

Box: Every now and then, you'll suddenly get a song of some sort stuck in your head that just won't leave you alone, right?
(Song): Bite down, and funyan funyan~♪
(Song): Funyan nyanya~n♪
Box: That would be entirely due to my power.

Box: With this, I won't be bothered by others' internal thoughts for a little while.
(Song): Bite down, and~♪
(Song): It's chewy♪
(Song): LOTTE's...
Box: Even so,

(Song): Fit's! Fit's~
Box: it's a given that I'll be nuisanced by something else.


Black box: Chapter 2

Box: My name is Saiki Kusuo (15),
Student: Oho~?
Box: and yes, I'm a PSI user.

Girl: Yumiko, hasn't your chest gotten bigger again?
Yumiko: That's why my bra's been so tight lately~
Girl: Ah~ it really has~♪

Girl: Argh! How irritating~! Take this~!
(Girl): Fall off, you damn boobs!!
(sfx with hearts) Kyaa kyaa
Yumiko: Kyaa~ geez, Hiromi!
Girl: Ahahahaha~♪
(Girl): Rot away, you damn boobs!!

(Yumiko): They're perking up!!
Girls: Woww~ they're so soft~
Girls: Geez, enough already!
Box: I'll just come right out and say it...

Hiromi: Let me touch them, too~
Yumiko: Idiot!
Box: I can see everything!!!

Box: This is an ability known as "clairvoyance."
Man: A watermelon?
Man: Correct.
Box: It is a power that enables you to see what can't be seen. Using my power, seeing through one or two layers of cloth is an easy feat.


Box: Upon hearing that alone, my classmate Shimoda-kun....
Shimoda: Oho~ that'd be awesome! I'd peep on my beloved Sachie's naked body as much as I'd like...
Shimoda: Guhihi... fuga fuga...
Box: said that, but

Box: conversely, allow me to ask you this:
Box: Would you enjoy looking at, say, a "nose"?

Box: Would you get all hot and bothered looking at the nose of someone you liked?
Box: Looking at their nostril, would you think "heheh... what a lewd hole..." and looking at their snot, would you think "fuhihi... man, this sow is sure leaking..." and the like?

Box: If that applies to you, then please just forget this conversation.
Box: Anyway, since the time I was 1 year old, I considered seeing such things to be a matter of course.
Box: Briefly put,

Box: I was already tired of looking at girls' naked bodies by the time I was 3.
(left of Saiki) I was already tired of looking at girls' naked bodies by the time I was three.
(small black box) Saiki Kusuo

Box: Even though I am capable of clairvoyance, there is nothing good about it.
Boy: Hey, what're you all talking about?

Boy: Heheh... whose chest was it that got bigger~~?
(small text) Haah haah...
(Boy): There might even be a chance she'll let me touch it...
Box: Rather, the unwanted aspects far exceed anything else.

Hiromi: Hey, no eavedropping!!
Boy: Uwah?!

Boy: Uwaaah!!
(sfx) Clatter
Box: For example...


Boy: Oww...
Box: something like this.

Box: You can watch things you enjoy seeing over and over again and think nothing of it, but
Boy: What was that for!
Hiromi: You just don't get it! You're the one at fault!!
Box: no matter how many times you see something that makes you uncomfortable, that feeling won't change.

(sfx) Annoyed
Boy: I'm telling ya, that was no reason to push somebody!
(Boy): Maybe I'll get her to let me touch her boobs as an apology...!
Boy: Don't push your luck!
Boy: You better apologize by...

Boy: Uwaah?!!

Boy: Uwawawaaah!
Box: That's right.

Boy: Oww...
Boy: Ah, sorry, Saiki-kun.
Boy: No matter how many times, that feeling won't change.

Boy: A...anyway, you lot...

Boy: Let me rub your boobs, willya!!
Girl: WUAH! He stripped!
Girl: Call the teacher! TEACHERRRR!
Box: At any rate, this sort of clairvoyance only enables you to see that which you would rather not.


Box: There are still other things I can see despite not wanting to.
(sfx) Crinkle
Box: I can see with this power by letting my eyes lose focus, but

Box: regulating "how much to defocus" is difficult.
(sfx) Chomp
Girl: Yumiko!
Box: There are times when I intend to only look through someone's clothes, but...

Box: if I relax my eyes a little too much, I end up seeing through both that and the person's skin.
Girl: Moorning~

Box: Just as you'd expect, looking at a Body Worlds exhibit makes me lose my appetite.

Box: Thanks to this ability, one thing has become painfully obvious:
Box: The "things you can't see" are "things you shouldn't see."

Box: For example, take the popular Fukuda-kun over there.
(around girls) Kyaa kyaa kyaa

Box: The fact that he actually looks like this
Box: is something you should never have to see.

Box: As another example, take the quiet Kikuchi-kun, who sits in front of me.
Student: Lemme see your homework~
Kikuchi: Sure.


Box: The fact that he has such an incredible tattoo on his back
Box: is something you should never have to see.

Box: The fact that Fujita-kun, who should be a boy, is actually a girl
Fujita: You lot! The teacher will be here soon! Hurry up and take your seats!
Box: is something you should never have to see.

Box: Basically, as I've shown,
Boy: Ah, there's the bell.
Boy: I made it in time~
Boy: Man, today's just as boring as always.
Boy: Isn't it?
Box: even though I'm capable of clairvoyance, there's nothing good about it.

Teacher: Heey! The bell's rung~ take your seats!

Teacher: Oh! Good job, Saiki. You're sitting already.
Teacher: C'mon, you guys! Follow Saiki's example and take your seats!

(sfx) Stare
Box: If I had to come up with one good thing about it, then...


Teacher: Okay, then. I'm going to start class~

Teacher: So, continuing from where we left off yesterday...
(voice): I should have a doctor check my heart...

Box: You've had a "sense of foreboding" before, haven't you?
(Teacher): ...what was that just now...?
(Teacher): A doctor... my heart...?
Student: Sensei?
Box: That's right, it's all due to my power.

(Teacher): Guess I'll try popping into the hospital for a bit...
Teacher: Nevermind. So, continuing on...
Box: Well, this would suffice as a good aspect.


Black box: Chapter 3

Box: My name is Saiki Kusuo (15).
Box: At the risk of sounding repetitive, I'm a "PSI user."

Box: I have already introduced "telepathy" and "clairvoyance" as the completely useless powers they are, but
Students: Go for it, Tanaka!
Students: Stop him, Marcus!
Students: You've got a free shot, Tulio!
Box: this time, I'll be introducing a power that's slightly more useful.
Box: Or rather, I should say that it isn't particularly problematic.

Box: To use a metaphor, it's like having a Q-tip inside the additional smaller pocket
Box: of your regular right-hand jeans pocket.
Box: Even if it wasn't there, you wouldn't be particularly bothered.

Box: The power is "telekenesis."
Box: It's also known as "psychokinesis."
Man: Hah!
Man: Into the air with the dustpan!
Man: Ooh, it's floating.
Box: A standard PSI power which enables you to move or destroy objects without physically touching them.

Box: Upon hearing that alone, Shimoda....
Shimoda: Oho~ that'd be awesome! I'd flip my beloved Megumi's skirt up as much as I'd like...
Shimoda: Buhihi~ fugu fugu gepu...!
(on bag) Chips
Box: said that.


Box: This power is certainly convenient.
Box: However, to be honest, it is also a power I can't completely master.

(box below panel) Note: wrong clothes

Box: When I was 7
Box: and didn't have the remote, I tried using this power directly on the TV.

Box: The sight that resulted wasn't a program, but the scenery outside.

Box: The strength of this power is difficult to regulate.

(Saiki): Honda-kun...

Box: Even so, it's been 8 years since then, and now...

Box: I've become just a bit better at managing it!

Student: Honda! The ball's heading your way!
Box: However, if I lose even the slighest bit of focus...


Students: UWAAAAH!!
Student: What the?!
Student: An overhead kick?!
Box: it ends up like this.

Student: It went in! Goal!!
Student: That was amazing, Honda!!
Student: What the heck're you doing, Saiki!!

Student: You really can do it, huh, Honda!!
Student: Were you always this good at soccer?!
Honda: Huh? Was that... me just now?!
Box: This power truly is hard to regulate...

Box: It has only two settings: "strong" and "weak."
Box: "Strong" is enough to partially destroy your house and slice up your clothes, but...

Box: on the other hand, "weak" is incredibly feeble.
Box: It is as lacking as the weakest crane game arm ever created.

Box: Even so, it is incredibly exhausting and makes my nose bleed.
Box: To put it bluntly, this power is absolutely useless.

Box: But this time, I won't give up!!
Box: Today will be the day that I show this power who's boss!!


Box: Whatever it takes, I'll tie...
Student: Nice one!
Student: Way to go, Honda!
Box: Er... wrong power...
Box: I'll tie Honda-kun's shoelaces!

(Honda): I wonder what that was about before... It's as if my body moved on its own...
Student: We're counting on you for the next one, too! We're gonna send the ball your way!
(Honda): It must've been a fluke... these guys are all misunderstanding things...
Honda: Erm...
Honda: R...right...
(Saiki): They're surprisingly stiff...

(Honda): What should I do...
Student: Run!
Box: ...Alright. Time to concentrate.

Box: Go!!!
Student: Pass it! Pass!

Student: It's all yours, Honda!!
Honda: Whaa?!
(Honda): Woah!! They really sent it to me!

Box: That's it! Grab it!

Students: Oooh!!

Student: Incredible!! He caught it with his foot and stopped it just like that!!
Student: He makes it look easy!!

(Saiki): Yesss!
(Saiki): I caught it!!
Small box: Magnified


Students: Stop him, stop him!!
Honda: Eh?! EHH?!
Student: Don't let your guard down!!

Box: Alright... no letting your guard down...
Box: First, like this.

Honda: UWAAAH?!
Student: He got past one of them!! He outplayed Sugino, who's got relatively good reflexes!!

Box: Good, good... next is the loop...
Box: There!

Honda: UWAAH?!
Student: He's gotten past a second one!!
Student: This time it's Ootawara, who's part of the soccer club's starting lineup!!

Box: A...after that is... this... like this...
Box: There!!

Honda: YEEK??!
Student: And a third!!!
Student: He's even gotten past Shibusawa, who, in his year as captain of the soccer club, has taken up the mantle of "ace" in the national under-17 soccer team!!!


Box: And then something... like that!!!
Student: And he's overtaken a fourth!!
Student: This time it's Matsuda, who had a sweeping victory as the youngest member of the J-league and is called a Heisei-era Beckenbauer!!

Box: A...and finally....

(Honda): S...somebody stop meeee!
Student: And finally...!

Box: THIS!!!!
(arrow box) Saiki (goalkeeper)
Student: He's gotten it past a fifth person, the goalkeeper!!
Student: It's a Maradona 5-in-a-row!!

Student: You did it, Honda!!
Student: You really pulled it off! A complete turnaround!
Student: Saiki, what the hell're you doing!
Box: I... I did it...!

Student: Way to go, Honda!
(Honda): M...my soccer skills are...
Box: Several years later, Honda-kun, having awakened to the game of soccer, would go on to become one of Japan's representatives in the World Cup...
Box: but that's a completely different story.

Student: What do you think you're doing, Saiki.
Student: Don't just go spacing out like that...
Box: At any rate,

Student: He sure is a useless bastard.
Box: it sure is a useless PSI power.


Black box: Chapter 4

Box: My name is Saiki Kusuo (15).
Box: I'm a "PSI user." Got a problem with that?

Box: Well, then. Up to this point, I have introduced one useless power after another, but
Box: now,

Box: it's about time for the most unnecessary power of them all...
Box: Allow me to explain this PSI power which is "king of all things unnecessary."

Box: "Psychometry" is a well-known ability thanks to a certain Mr. Eiji from Bodansha.
Man: You ate my pudding, didn't you?
Man: Eh? H...how did you know?
Man: Psychometry, of course...
Box: By merely touching an object, you are able to read the lingering thoughts still attached to it.

Box: Upon hearing that alone, that sleazebag Shimoda....
Shimoda: Buhuhehee, that'd be awesome! If I touched the stuff in my beloved Hiroko's room, I'd be able to peek into her private live as much as I'd like.
Shimoda: Gugabofuo!! Gugabofuo!!
Box: said that.

Box: However, this power isn't quite so simple.
Box: For example, it's a matter of course to hold "chopsticks" in order to eat your meal.

Box: But when I only touch them like this...


(voice): Shimoda, you sure like that stuff, huh~
(Shimoda): Yup!
(Shimoda): It's yummy~

Box: My appetite completely disappears.

Box: Still, with only this, there will be no problems if I bring "my own chopsticks" with me.
Box: Thus, I finish my meal without seeing others' lingering thoughts and, above all, I remain "eco-friendly." Everyone else should bring "their own chopsticks," too.

Box: And on that note, I'll deal with these chopsticks that have been infested with Shimoda bacteria.
Box: Eco-friendly? That has nothing to do with it. This is a matter of my "ego."

Box: That being said, thanks to "my chopsticks", my trusty partner, I can finally eat in peace.
Box: At this point, there is only one other thing to be careful of:

Box: Not letting the food touch my hands until I have picked up the utensils. Chopsticks aren't the only thing scary at mealtime.

Student: Ah, sorry about that Saiki-kun.
Box: If I were to touch the food,


(on label)
Expiration Date
(voice): Oh man, it's really far past the date, huh. Well, whatever...
(voice): ACHOO!
Box: it would become like this.

(voice): Shimoda, you sure like that stuff, huh~
(Shimoda): Yup!
(Shimoda): It's yummy~

Box: And my appetite completely disappears.


Box: However, the most terrifying thing about this power is yet to come.
Box: Even when I calmly wash my hands,

(boy): You okay, Shimoda?
(sfx) Cough cough cough
(Shimoda): Hyaho~♪ Hoi hoi~
(boy): Shimoda, what... the heck are you doing?
(Shimoda): Phew... huh?
Box: I see things like this.

Box: Even a towel.

(Shimoda): Phew, I forgot my towel.
(boy): Shimoda, hurry it up already!
(Shimoda): Coming~

Box: I'll end the explanation of my powers here.
Box: Now, then,


Box: dear readers,
Box: have you developed a better understanding

Box: of what is meant by the term PSI powers?

Box: And why I would want to get rid of them?
(Student): What was that...
(Student): I wanna go hooome.
(Student): I forgot my homework!
(Student): The school food sure tasted good~
(Student): Yaawn~
(Student): I think I'll buy a game and go home.
Box: Starting with the "psychometry" just now,

(Shimoda): Craap, I forgot my towel again~
Box: there's "telepathy",


Box: "clairvoyance",

(Shimoda): I can just use the one by the sink again...
Boy: Shimoda~ I'm heading for the clubroom~

Box: and lastly,

Box: "psychokinesis."

Boy: Huh?

Box: They are all completely useless.
Boy: Shimodaaa?!!
Box: Do you now understand that PSI powers and the like are utterly good for nothing?

(bottom) The Disaster of PSI User Kusuo Saiki (end)


Saiki Kusuo
Height: 167 cm (can vary)
Weight: 52 kg (can vary)
Birthday: August 16
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite Food: Sweets
A PSI user.


(right side)
Saiki Kurumi
Height: 145 cm.
Weight: Secret
Birthday: May 14
Blood Type: O
Dream: World peace
She's scary when she snaps.

(left side)
Saiki Kuniharu
Height: 175 cm.
Weight: 64 kg.
Birthday: May 13
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: Sucking up to his boss
Crappy salaryman.


Nendou Riki
Height: about 191 cm
Weight: used to be 79 kg
Birthday: May 9?
Blood Type: either O or B
Childhood Dream: to be a carpenter
A mysterious idiot.


Kaidou Shun
(The Jet-Black Wing)
Height: [crossed out]161 cm[/crossed out] 159 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Birthday: Unknown (October 3)
Blood Type: Secret (AB)
Favorite Color: Jet-black
A solitary chuunibyou sufferer.


Yumehara Chiyo
Height: 156 cm
Weight: --kg
Birthday: June 11
Blood Type: B
Embarrassing Past: She maintained a website during her 3rd year of junior high which contained a novel she'd written with herself as the protagonist (it has since been closed)
A romantic maiden.


Hairo Kineshi
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Birthday: June 18
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Sport: Tennis
A hot-blooded energetic boy.



English is just a bunch of words! If you think of it like that, anyone can do it! - This is the "catchphrase" of Yasukochi Tetsuya, one of the most well-known English teachers in Japan.

Gorilla pig - The boy calls him ブタゴリラ (buta gorira), which is likely a reference to Fujiko Fujio's series "Kiteretsu Encyclopedia." That's the nickname of one of the characters.

LOTTE "Fit's" - Fit's is a type of gum, and the commercials all feature variations on the same catchy song.

Body Worlds - Body Worlds is a traveling exhibition that makes use of a preservation technique called plastination to reveal the anatomical structures within the human body. It's been considered rather controversial, since it makes use of actual human corpses. It can be a bit macabre at times, but do a google image search if you're interested in seeing what the exhibit looks like.

Tanaka / Marcus / Tulio - Marcus "Tulio" Tanaka is a Brazilian-born Japanese soccer player.

Mr. Eiji from Bodansha - "Bodansha" here is a parody of the publisher "Kodansha", and "Eiji" refers to the manga Psychometrer Eiji, whose main character has the power of psychometry.

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