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Assassination Classroom 42

A Time of Uncertainty

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 10, 2013 04:07 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Holy crap, a translation finished on the same day I got the raw? What madness is this?!



???: That's enough!!

(top center)
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(top right)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 42: A Time of Uncertainty
Matsui Yuusei
(right, star) Mission complete!!
(sfx) Lift
Korosen: The match has been decided,
Korosen: Karasuma-sensei.


Character Introduction
Moves at mach 20, aka 135.593 times faster than "TORQ Roadster", the world's swiftest 3-wheeled electric monster of a car.

Korosen: Seriously...
Korosen: Making a student carry a real knife, you must be out of your mind.
(sfx) Munch munch
Korosen: And what would you have done if he'd gotten injured?

Nagisa: Haha...

Box: Heh.
Box: If it seemed he would be hurt, you'd have jumped in at mach 20 speed to save him.

Box: ...Well, be that as it may...
Sugino: You really did it, Nagisa!!
Kayano: I'm so relieved!!


Isogai: That was amazing.
Isogai: You had no trouble seriously swinging that knife around.

Nagisa: Nah...
Nagisa: I just did as Karasuma-sensei had told me.

Nagisa: He said that Takaoka-sensei's strong, so...
Nagisa: I had to swing for real or I wouldn't be able to catch him off guard.

Nagisa: Ow!
(sfx) Whack

Nagisa: What was that for, Maehara-kun?!
Maehara: Er, sorry...
Maehara: I kinda didn't believe it was actually you.

Maehara: But thanks, Nagisa!!
Maehara: That assassination just now was really refreshing!!


Box: The way he goes about it, you can't tell how strong he is.

Box: That's exactly why
Box: Takaoka was caught completely off-guard and was slow to react.

Box: To an assassin...
Box: the ability to "look weak" is actually a strength!
Naka: Jabbing the knife with a smile on your face and saying "gotcha"...
Naka: You're a real carnivore despite appearances, aren'tcha, Nagisa-kun.
Nagisa: That's not...
Nagisa: I was just relieved it went well!!

Box: Moreover,
Box: having the sense to approach naturally, with a normal gait,
Box: looking at an opponent's capabilities, and being able to aim at his vitals are all excellent decisions.


(Karasuma): They are talents that could only be used for assassination!!

Box: But...
Box: is that really something to be happy about?!
Box: Developing his talent as an assassin in this day and age...
Box: Here in Class E aside, would that truly have a positive impact on his future?

Korosen: Karasuma-sensei,
Korosen: You certainly seem wholly lost this time.
Korosen: How unlike you.
Karasuma: That bad, is it.

Korosen: Not at all.
Korosen: ...but you know, Karasuma-sensei,


(Takaoka sfx) Haah haah haah

Takaoka: You little brats...
Takaoka: Turning against me, who is practically your father...
Takaoka: You're that pleased over that fluke of a win, are you?
(sfx) Twitch twitch

Takaoka: One more match!!
Takaoka: This time, I definitely won't let my guard down!
Takaoka: I'll smash both your spirits and bodies to pieces!


Nagisa: ...If we
Nagisa: fought again, I'm sure I'd be the one to lose.

Nagisa: ...but Takaoka-sensei, it should be clear that

Nagisa: Korosensei is our "classroom teacher",
Nagisa: and Karasuma-sensei is our "training instructor."
Nagisa: That will absolutely not change.

Nagisa: I feel that Karasuma-sensei, who devotes himself to being professional,
Nagisa: is much kinder than Takaoka-sensei,
Nagisa: who forcefully passes himself off as a father.


Nagisa: We're grateful that you gave your all trying to make us stronger, but
Nagisa: I'm sorry.
Nagisa: Please leave.

Irina: Then what am I to all of you?
Take: Our bitch.

Korosen: The happiest moment you can have as a teacher
Korosen: is when you're uncertain and your students...
Korosen: provide you with a clear answer from the very teachings you have given them.


Takaoka: You think... I'll
Takaoka: just listen to this crap...
(sfx) Twitch twitch twitch
Takaoka: For a lowly brat...
Takaoka: to say such things to an adult...

Korosen: And then, Karasuma-sensei,
Korosen: the teacher must also give his students...

Korosen: a clear answer in response.

(around Takaoka) GUAAAH!


Karasuma: I apologize...
Karasuma: for the trouble my colleague has caused.

Karasuma: Don't worry about the rest.
Karasuma: I will negotiate with the higher ups so I'll be able to serve as your sole training instructor.
Karasuma: If it becomes necessary, I'll even threaten them with a gun to get their agreement.

Students: Karasuma-sensei!!

Takaoka: Kuh...
Takaoka: Like hell I'll let you.
Takaoka: I'll talk to them first, and...


???: Negotiations won't be necessary.

Students: Board Chairman...?!

Korosen: Why are you...?

Asano: I came to see the state of affairs, as the proprietor.
Asano: I was interested in the new teacher's abilities, you see.

Box: ...This is bad.
Box: Judging from his teaching policies...
Box: won't he want Takaoka, who utterly exhausts Class E, to continue on?


Asano: But, you know, Takaoka-sensei,
Asano: your class was horribly dull.

Asano: Fear is a necessary element for instruction.
Asano: A top-notch educator would know how to use that fear skillfully and efficiently.

Asano: However,
Asano: the sort of teacher who can only cause fear through violence...
Asano: is even less than third-rate.

Asano: Once you lose to brute force weaker than your own,
(sfx) Scratch scratch
Asano: your lessons are stripped of all persuasive power.


(sfx) Shove

Asano: This is your notice of dismissal.
Asano: You will be unable to teach here from this point on.

Asano: You at the Ministry of Defense do not have the power to appoint teachers to this school.
Asano: Do not forget that everything here is under my jurisdiction.

(Takaoka): Shit...
(Takaoka): Shit shit shit

(white text) FUUUUCK.


Kimura: Takaoka got the boot...
Chiba: Then that means
Chiba: Karasuma-sensei will be our teacher like before.

Students: ALRIIIIGHT!!!!

Sugino: Man, the Board Chairman does some good stuff every once in a while.
Nagisa: Y...yeah.
Nagisa: That's even scarier, though.

Box: By dismissing Takaoka, he made it perfectly clear who has sovereignty here.
Box: No matter how we try to change things, we're still in the palm of his hand, huh...


Korosen: As usual, there isn't any uncertainty in that man's teaching methods.

Karasuma: If Nagisa-kun

Karasuma: told you "I want to be an assassin in the future",
Karasuma: would you still train him without any sort of hesitation?

Karasuma: He hasn't noticed it himself, but he has the talent for it.
Karasuma: Whether he will be useful in your assassination is anyone's guess, but...
Karasuma: against normal humans, he could undoubtedly become a capable hitman.

Korosen: That's difficult to answer.


Korosen: But
Korosen: a good teacher has his moments of indecision.

Korosen: While you may be utterly lost in your own thoughts over whether
Korosen: you're truly giving them the best answer...

Korosen: In front of the students, you must be resolute and confident in your teaching
Korosen: so that they never realize your uncertainty.

Korosen: That's all the more reason
Korosen: why the teaching profession is so cool.


Student: By the way, Karasuma-sensei~

Naka: Thanks to the students' hard work, you were able to return as the P.E. teacher, sooo...
Naka: shouldn't we get some sorta special reward?
Kura: Yup, yup~
Kura: That was really the only thing Takaoka-sensei was good at.

Karasuma: ...Heh.

Karasuma: I don't know a thing about sweets.
Karasuma: I've got my wallet out, so tell me what you want to eat when we get to town.
(above students) HELL YEAH!

Korosen: Nyuaa! Sensei wants in on that reward too!!
Tada: Huh? What did you do to deserve it, Korosensei?
Maehara: You really weren't all that involved this time around~


Korosen: No, you see!!
Korosen: I let Karasuma-sensei know the rewards of being a teacher, and supervised things...
Kura: Let's just forget about him and go, Karasuma-sensei!!
Box: I might

Box: have also ended up getting attached to this classroom.
Box: Despite my uncertainty, it's enjoyable to train people.
(sfx) Thump

(Korosen sfx) Inch inch inch inch
Student: He's following us while bowing dogeza-style!!
(left, star) It's the new school of kowtow, the walking dogeza!!
Student: He wants to eat sweets that badly?!



The word used in the title and frequently throughout the chapter, 迷い (mayoi) and its verb form 迷う (mayou) have a number of potential meanings. I translate it several ways during the chapter, based on the situation, so anytime you see uncertainty/hesitation/feeling lost/indecision, it's the same word in the original Japanese. Additionally, it's also used in Korosensei's line on page 16, which I translated as "that's difficult to answer."

[page 7]
Classroom teacher / training instructor - The two words used would more or less mean the same in English. Nagisa calls Korosensei their 担任 (tannin), which refers to the teacher in charge of a class and/or a homeroom teacher. He calls Karasuma their 教官 (kyoukan), which basically just means instructor/teacher. It's also used to refer to military instructors, which is the sort of meaning I think Matsui was going for.

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