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Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 11

How PSIspicious! The Dark Reunion!

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 11, 2013 00:27 | Go to Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 11

Translation reserved for Dark Murmur Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


???: 16... 17...?
???: Hm!
???: So there was one more behind the tree...

Shun: Did you think you could hide like that...?
Shun: That makes a total of 18 people... kukuku...

Shun: This is sure getting interesting...
Arrow Box: He's just counting the number of people on campus
???: What are you looking at?

Boy: Over here.

(below panel) [The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki]

Boy: What, so you really hadn't noticed, after all.
Boy: It seems you're far from "tribal" mastery in your current state...

(left) A manga for those who brazenly say that people-watching in their hobby

Shun: Wha...?! What the hell are you?!
Boy: "What", you ask?
Boy: Fufu...


(top, star) There will be a vomic from the phantom volume 0 in August~!! If you request volume 0 at the bookstore, they're surely probably likely to have it on hand!!
(right) A sudden terrible confrontation on the early afternoon rooftop...!! Now, a premonition in the form of a raging turbulent wind...!!

Boy: You should know the answer to that...
Boy: I've known about you since before you were born, and you've known about me since before you were born...
Boy: "Cross Chaser", "Moonlight Butterfly Eyes", "Kaijin"...are you familiar with these terms?
Boy: "Who" am I? And "who" are "you"?
There will be an extra story appearing in Jump NEXT!, on sale 8/11 (Sat)!! Details on page 126!
The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki

(below panel, star) The highly-anticipated "The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki" volume 1 goes on sale 9/4!!

Boy: Now, remember...
Boy: Jet-Black Wing...!

(below panel) It's truly rare, so you just have to preorder!! The bonus for doing so is "the sense of superiority at being able to buy it the day it goes on sale"!!

Shun: Bastard...!
Shun: Don't tell me you're...
(Shun): That being said, I don't get it at all... What the heck is this guy saying...?

(bottom right) It's not broken | Asou Shuuichi
(bottom left) Chi 11: How PSIspicious! The Dark Reunion!


Nendou: Murg...!
Nendou: 5 more minutes... urm...
Box: You're using the school bell like an alarm clock.

Nendou: Yaaawn...
Nendou: Okay! How 'bout we go eat some ramen, partner!
Box: That's seriously all you ever think about, isn't it.

Nendou: Ooh! Hey, shortie!

Summary of Last Chapter
Character Introduction
Saiki Kusuo
A PSI user. Taciturn.

Nendou: You wanna come with us?
Nendou: If you say you wanna come no matter what, we might letcha tag along.
Box: Don't make it sound as if I intend on going.

Nendou: It's not like I wanna tell ya about my favorite shop, y'know~
Nendou: But if you say you've just gotta come, then...
Shun: I can't today.

Shun: Sorry, Saiki...
Shun: I have a "gathering" to attend...!


Kaidou Shun
Calls himself the Jet-Black Wing

Shun: I can't speak about why yet, but the world will soon change in a big way...
(sfx) Slide
Shun: Well, when the time comes, I'll explain it to you, Saiki...
Shun: I'm not gonna tell you anything, though.

Nendou: The heck's with him...
Nendou: Let's just leave him and go to Oushou!
Box: Hm, what's this...?

Box: Was he actually able to make a friend?

(Shun): All clear...!

(door sfx) Knock knock

Boy: Thurisaz = Isaz = Hagalaz


Shun: Sowilo Gebo =
Shun: Fehu...!

Boy: Eihwaz...

Boy: So you've come...

Boy: I assume you weren't followed...?

Shun: Hmph. I wouldn't make such a mistake.
Boy: That pride will be your downfall...

Boy: Don't ever take the Dark Reunion lightly...!
Boy: Jet-Black Wing...

Shun: ...Tch. My bad, "Jade Eye"...
Shun: Don't worry. I made sure of it.

Jade: Wait!
Jade: Isn't there something you should be doing before taking your seat?


Jade: The "Chalice Ritual"...
Jade: How many times must I tell you...
Jade: Upon entering this room, first you must perform the "Chalice Ritual"...

Jade: I believe I already explained that.
Jade: This room contains a special barrier...
Jade: Anyone who doesn't perform the "Chalice Ritual" within 66 seconds will be annihilated.
Shun: Y-yeah...

Shun: That's right... I'll do it now.
Jade: Alright.

Shun: Laguz!
(sfx) Clap clap

Jade: Good...! You may sit.


Jade: Well?
Jade: It has been one week since then, but
Jade: have you sorted out your feelings or not?

Shun: It's not so easy to do!
Shun: Tch... this is all like a bad dream...!

Shun: That I was once an A-rank soldier of the Dark Reunion...

Shun: That upon learning of the organization's true goal of "weeding out humanity",
Shun: I stole "Panalyze", the stone of ruin needed for their plan, and fled...

Shun: That when they cornered me, I used the forbidden secret art "Phantom",
Shun: and was reduced to nothing more than a spirit...

Shun: And that that spirit then shifted to another dimension and entered my body before I was even born as Kaidou Shun...
Shun: No kidding! That's definitely it!!
Jade: You seem pretty happy.

Shun: I...I'm not happy at all!!
Jade: Well, either way.
Jade: Have you come to believe me somewhat?

Shun: More or less... for a long time now, I've felt that I was different from other people...
Shun: If what you're saying is true, then everything would make sense...!


Jade: I see. Well, from here on out, we will cooperate with you so you can regain your memories.
Jade: Your power is essential to overthrowing the Dark Reunion, after all...

Shun: What do you mean by "we"?
Shun: Are there others coming?
Jade: ? What are you saying?

Jade: It's the 4 people right here...
(right chair) Amber Fang
(left chair) Crimson Blade
(bottom right chair) Nearly-Transparent-Blue Horn
(bottom left chair) Golden Thunder

Jade: Naturally, they are all "Phantoms."
Jade: Normal people can't see them...

Jade: Huh...? You couldn't possibly be saying that you can't see them, right...?
Jade: If you can't see them, then we're done here...
Shun: O...of course I can see them!!

Shun: I... meant their physical bodies!!
Jade: Ah, so that's what it was.

Jade: True, their physical bodies won't be coming.
Jade: The other members don't trust you yet...
Jade: Speaking of trust, have you carried out the "purification ritual of sworn allies"?


Shun: Ah... you mean this?
Shun: Yeah, I did all of it.
Jade: Oooh!!

Jade: Ohh... oho!!
Jade: What the?! This sort of solution...
Jade: Incredible!! As you'd expect of the Jet-Black Wing!!

Jade: The "purification ritual of sworn allies" is a "rite of passage" for those who would become our comrades.
Jade: By carrying out this "purification ritual of sworn allies" several times, you'll gain the members' trust,
Jade: clear their suspicions, and can become our comrade.

Jade: With this, I bet you'll be acknowledged as a comrade in no time...
Shun: R...
Shun: Really?!

Shun: If that's all, I can do it as many times as you need! But the contents seem like...

Jade: Stand back!!
Shun: Huh?

Jade: Mannaz!!
Jade: Ingwaz!!


Jade: Wunjo!!

Shun: D...did something... happen?

Jade: Something very bad...

Jade: The Dark Reunion has gotten wind of this location...!
Shun: Wha?!
Jade: We were attacked just now.

Shun: A...attacked?!
Shun: A-are you alright?!
Jade: Yeah... I'm safe.

Jade: But all four of the others were killed...
Shun: EHH?! Even though they're "Phantoms"?!
Jade: Even despite that!!
Shun: Wh...what are we gonna do?! At this rate, things are gonna get really bad, aren't they?!

Jade: Yeah... at this rate, we'll also be in danger...!
Jade: I'm going to put up a stronger barrier...! Please work with me!


Shun: A...alright!
Shun: What do I have to do?!
Jade: Okay...! First, remove any metals you're carrying!!

Jade: We absolutely can't have any precious metals interfering with the barrier!! Put them all in that bag over there, which was made from a special sort of cloth!!
Shun: R...right!!
Shun: Erm... coins, too?!
Jade: Of course. Hurry!!

Shun: Ah!! Wait! If I'm only putting the change in, then...!
Jade: There's no time!! Just put your wallet in there along with the change!!
Jade: Quickly!! The next attack is coming!!

Jade: Alright! Now, copy my movements!!
Shun: O...okay!!
Jade: Ansuz = Jera!!
Shun: A...Ansuz = Jera!!

Jade: Eihwaz!!
Shun: Eihwaz!!

Jade: It seems we managed to put up the barrier safely...!


Shun: I see... that was dangerous.
(above Shun) Phew.
Jade: Still, you should probably head home for today.

Jade: Even though we've set up a barrier, you can't let your guard down when you leave.
Shun: Ahh... so, could you give back that bag from before?

Jade: No, not yet.
Jade: The barrier is still unstable, so removing the bag would be dangerous.
Shun: Oh...

Shun: But my commuter's pass is in my wallet, among other things...
Jade: You really saved me today...!
Jade: If you hadn't been here, the barrier wouldn't have been as successful and I'd undoubtedly have died...

Jade: As expected of the Jet-Black Wing. You are truly our savior.
Jade: I'll be counting on you from now on, as well.
Shun: Heh. Of course.
Shun: Leave it to me.

Jade: Well, then, come here again tomorrow at the same time.
Jade: Oh, and continue with the "purification ritual of sworn allies."
Shun: Right.
(sfx) Slam

(Shun): Heh... Savior, huh... That doesn't sound too bad.
(Shun): I'll try bringing Saiki along with me tomorrow... he'll likely be able to do the "purification ritual of sworn allies", too... but... what does a "purification ritual of sworn allies" even mean...?

(Shun): The contents seem like homework from school, too...
Jade: Ku... ku....ku...


Jade: AHAHAHA!! Heeheehee!
Jade: That guy's seriously a moron!!

Jade: What's with all that Jet-Black Wing stuff! Kukuku!!
(above Jade) AHAHAHA!
(left sfx) Bam bam
Jade: That chuunibyou of his is just too much!!

Jade: Fufu...
Jade: Haah.

Jade: Thanks ever so much for doing this homework,
Jade: Jet-Black Wing-chan.

Jade: Maaan, I never thought this would work so well~
Jade: I just did what made the most sense when we were talking, but
Jade: seriously, what the heck is that Dark Reunion stuff?! Gyahaha!

Jade: Plus, he put his wallet in here, too...
Jade: WOAH!! There's a 10,000 yen bill in here!!

Jade: Maaan, it'll probably be bad if I steal it~
Jade: No!

Jade: It'll be fine! It'll work if I say the Dark Reunion did it!!
Box: Sheesh...


Box: He should really choose his friends more wisely.
Jade: I tip my hat to you, Dark Reunion!

Box: This is just some advice from a friend.
(sfx) Click

Jade: Wh...
Jade: What the?! The lights just...

Jade: A power outage, huh~ what a pain...
Box: No,

Box: It's the Dark Reunion.


Shun: Sowilo Gebo =
Shun: Fehu...!

Shun: ...? Huh?
Shun: S-sowilo Gebo = Fehu!
Shun: So...err?! Fehu!! Fe...Fehuuu!

(sfx) Clack
Shun: ! Huh? It's open.

Shun: WHAA?!!
Shun: What happened here...?!

Shun: Th...that mark...!

(Shun): The Dark Reunion...! To think they would make a move this quickly...
(Shun): Am I... their next target...?! Where? Where are they...?

(Shun): Even now, the Dark Reunion is creeping up on me...?!
Box: Correct.
(bottom right) Next time, we have center color to commemorate summer break!!

(left) A massacre courtesy of the opposition... the dreaded Dark Reunion!!



[page 2]
Kaijin - A variant of "kaiju", which is a word frequently used for monsters in Japanese films and tokusatsu shows. Kaijin are basically humanoid kaiju.

[page 4]
Thurisaz / Isaz / Hagalaz - These are all letters of runic alphabets which appear in the Rune Poems. I chose to use the Proto-Germanic spellings for all of them. Thurisaz corresponds to the "th" sound and originally referred to the Frost Giants of Norweigan myth. It later became associated with thorns. Isaz corresponds to the letter "i" and means "ice." Hagalaz corresponds to the letter "h" and means "hail" (the weather kind).

[page 5/6]
Sowilo Gebo / Fehu / Eihwaz / Laguz - More runes. Sowilo corresponds to the letter "s" and means "sun." Gebo corresponds to the letter "g" and means "gift." Fehu corresponds to the "f" sound and means "wealth" (of the old-fashioned variety, ie. cattle). Eihwaz corresponds to a vowel sound somewhere between "ei" and "ae" and means "yew." Laguz corresponds to the letter "L" and means "water."

[page 9/10]
Mannaz / Ingwaz / Wunjo - Even more runes. Mannaz corresponds to the letter "m" and means "man/person." Ingwaz corresponds to the "ing" sound, as well as the letter "x" and was an old name for the god Freyr. Wunjo corresponds to the "w" sound and means "joy/bliss."

[page 11]
Ansuz / Jera - Take a wild guess. Ansuz corresponds to the letter "a" and refers to either an old Germanic god or "oak/ash." Jera corresponds to the letter "j" and means "year/harvest."

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#1. by Amchi ()
Posted on May 11, 2013
I really adore this manga!

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