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Haikyuu!! 60


+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 13, 2013 01:04 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 60

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) Whether between enemies or allies,
(center) there's an equal amount of drama.
(on Oikawa's jacket) Kitagawa Daiichi
(on Iwai's shirt) Where there's a will, there's a way
Volume 6 is a huge hit! & we've got center color for the turning point of the match vs. Aobajousai!!
Chapter 60: Progress | Furudate Haruichi
(right of tankobon) Hone in on this cover!!
(below tankobon) Volume 6 is on sale now and really popular!!


Announcer: --And now, some closing remarks from the tournament chairman...
(sfx) Clap clap clap
Box: The final tournament
Box: of junior high 3rd year.

(on plaque)
Best Setter Award
Oikawa Tooru
In recognition of your active participation as a leading player among the teams in this tournament.
Miyagi Prefecture Athletics Competition
Boys' Volleyball Division

Iwai: A genuine smile, how rare.
(sfx) SHOCK!!
Oikawa: My smile's always honest and pure!
Iwai: Hearing "honest and pure" out of you is already strange enough as-is.

Oikawa: Of course I'd be happy! I've never won something like this before!

Box: Oikawa Tooru
(left of Oikawa) Hehe~
Box: is fundamentally a frivolous man.

Box: But there were times he didn't laugh things off.

Box: He'd been blessed with more athletic skill than most people.
Box: A good sense for things, too.
Box: Of particular note was the outstanding progress he'd made since entering junior high.

ecture Junior High Volleyball
Annual Tournament
Box: Even so,


Box: There was an ever-present wall he couldn't overcome.

Box: The junior high section of Shiratorizawa Academy, which had become known as the strongest in the prefecture, and the "Herculean" Ushijima Wakatoshi,
Box: who numbered among its players.

Box: Competing against them always resulted in a loss.
Box: His team wasn't able to win so much as a single set.
Oikawa: Why can't we win!!!

Box: They were continually prevented
Box: from advancing and reaching further heights
Box: until his 3rd year of junior high.
Box: That was when

Box: a prodigy surfaced.
Tobio: I'm Kageyama Tobio from Akiyama Elementary. I've been playing volleyball since my second year there.
Player: Holy crap, that's early.
Tobio: I look forward to working with you.


Box: His sense for things was overwhelmingly spectacular.
Box: Most prominently were how utterly happy he was when his hands touched the ball, and,
Box: along with that, the massive difference between others' skill at handling the ball and his own.

Coach: He'd be capable of the basics for a number of positions, but
Coach: in the end, I bet he'll be a setter.

Box: After that, Oikawa devoted himself to practicing more than ever before.

Iwai: You're overdoing things! Yesterday, even the coach noticed it!!

Iwai: If you get injured, it'll all amount to nothing, dumbass!!
Iwai: C'mon, you're done. Go stretch!!
Box: It was as if he were in a furious rush.

Box: In a practice match,
Box: that impatience led to
Box: a number of combination misses never before seen up to that point.
Box: And then,

Coach: Kageyama, give it a try.
Tobio: Alright.


Player: In front!
Player: Alright!
Player: Way to cover it!!

sfx bubble: Tweet
Player: Nice serve!
Player: Nice spike!!

Coach: --We'll meet up tomorrow at the same time, 8:30. Dismissed.
Player: Thank you very much.
Player: Thaanks.

Player: Where's Oikawa?
Player: He said he's gonna stay for a while.
Player: He was really in rough shape today.

Player: He sure loves volleyball,
Player: huh.


Player: Just looking at him, you could really tell how frazzled he was.

Tobio: Oikawa-san,

Tobio: please teach me how to serve.

(Oikawa): Keep away.

(Oikawa): Keep away.

(Oikawa): Don't come near me.


Iwai: Calm down, dumbass!

Oikawa: ...sorry.

Iwai: --Kageyama, sorry, but that'll be all for today.
Tobio: Ah... okay.

Iwai: That substitution today was to let you clear your head.
sfx bubble: Sliiiide... thunk
Iwai: Just take some time and--

Oikawa: There's no way I can do that when I can’t possibly win against Shiratorizawa the way I am now!!

Oikawa: I want to win and go on to the nationals! In order to win, I have to--
(sfx) Twitch

Iwaizumi: All of that "I, I" crap is annoying!!!
(sfx) KA-BAM!
Oikawa: NGAAH?!


Iwai: Are you planning to fight by yourself? This isn't some joke, you dumbass!
sfx bubble: Throb throb

Iwai: Your results and the team's results are the same! If you're gonna get all conceited, I'll sock you one!
(above Iwai) GRAR!
(Oikawa sfx) Drip

Iwai: We've got nobody who could win against Ushiwaka 1-on-1!!
Iwai: But volleyball's got 6 people on the court for a reason!!

Iwai: Whether the opponent's a genius 1st year or Ushiwaka,
Iwai: with "6 people," the strong are even stronger, you dumbass!!!

(Iwai sfx) Wheeze wheeze

Oikawa: ..."with 6 people, the strong are even stronger."
Oikawa: ......Fu.


Oikawa: Fu... fufufu... ahh...
Iwai: Sorry, did I headbutt you too hard? You alright?!
Oikawa: Haaah... yeah... I don't know why, but...

Oikawa: All of a sudden, I feel invincible.

Oikawa: By the way, Iwa-chan, is "dumbass" the only insult you know?
Iwai: How about I make your other nostril bleed, too.

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Player: Nice course!!
Oikawa: One more!
Coach: I don't know how to put this, but...
Coach: Oikawa looks like a burden's been lifted from his shoulders...
Coach: Indeed.

Tobio: Oikawa-san, please teach me how to do a serve toss.
Oikawa: Don't wanna, stuuupid!
Iwai: Oikawa, don't pick a fight with the 1st year!
Box: And then, several months later,

Box: in their final tournament of junior high,
Box: they faced the Shiratorizawa team
Scoreboard, right: Shiratorizawa
Scoreboard, left: Kitagawa Daiichi
Box: and won a set for the first time.

Box: They came in second to Shiratorizawa in the results,
Box: and it was there that Oikawa received the Best Setter Award.


Oikawa: This award is proof that our spikers showed their full strength!
Iwai: And yet Ushiwaka is still ahead of us. Dammit...
Oikawa: Yeah, well...

Oikawa: --When we're high schoolers,

Oikawa: we’ll definitely knock Shiratorizawa down a peg…!!!
Iwai: Absolutely.

Oikawa: And Tobio-chan!

Oikawa: I don't know how far you'll go after this, but
Oikawa: when we battle someday, I'll definitely crush you, so you better be ready.

Iwai: Blow your nose before you say a signature phrase like that.
Tobio: Would you like a tissue?
Oikawa: Shut up.
(left of Oikawa) Hooonk
Announcer: Continuing on, we will now recognize the 2nd place winners,

Announcer: Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School.


Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!
Player: C'mon, bring it!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Player: Make it a good one!!
Player (half-hidden): Go for it!
Crowd: Gooo! Go go Seijou! Go go Seijou!!

Takeda: --Now it's
Takeda: Oikawa-kun's serve...!

(above box) ※ Current rotation
Box, top:
Azumane | Sawamura | Hinata (Nishinoya)
Tsukishima | Kageyama | Tanaka
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom:
Kunimi | Kindaichi | Iwaizumi
Hanamaki | Matsukawa (Watari) | Oikawa

Shimada: --Still, if he makes a mistake here, they'll lose the set,
Shimada: so won't this quickly turn into a battle of wills...?

Iwai: The 2nd opponent you want to knock down a peg is right in front of you.

Iwai: You can give it everything you've got.

Oikawa: I know.


(Shimada): A full-power smash right by the sideline...!!
(Shimada): Are you kidding me?!



Shimada: He got it!
Taki: But
Taki: gaah!

Taki: He ended up sending it right back to the other team!!

(Noya): Even though a mistake on this serve would mean they'd lose the set,

(Noya): what an incredible serve.

(Noya): That guy's amazing.


Watari: Free ball!
(Tobio): Who will it be?

(Tobio): Who...!

(Tobio): The receive was perfectly returned to the setter.
(Tobio): Their best bet would be

(Tobio): a quick strike from the center...!

(Tobio): --Is probably
(Tobio): what I would do,
(Tobio): but

sfx bubble: Tug

(Tobio): when Oikawa-san is driven into a corner like this,


(Tobio): he'll toss to Iwaizumi-san!!

sfx bubble: Tweet

(white sfx) Tweet tweeeet
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Box: End of the 2nd set

(numbers go here)
(Aobajousai) (Karasuno)

Crowd: Karasuno took back the set... no way...


Iwai: Sorry!!
(left of Hana) No biggie, we'll get the next one.
Oikawa: Ha ha ha.
Iwai: What the hell're you laughing at! I'm gonna sock you one!
Oikawa: You should really stop immediately saying you'll hit someone, Iwa-chan.
Iwai: Don't worry, I'll only say it to you and only hit you, too!

Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back!
Oikawa: A quick
Oikawa: from the center would have been the better attack just now.
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back!
Iwai: Hah?

Oikawa: But Tobio probably
Oikawa: read that I would toss to the left.
(left of Noya) Goood good good good
Oikawa: ...do you know what that means?

Oikawa: He isn't just thinking mechanically like he's done up to this point.
Oikawa: The endgame, the fact that the situation wasn't in our favor,
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back, push'em back!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left (half-hidden): Aobajousai
Oikawa: and the immense level of trust between you and me...
Iwai: Like hell we have something like that.

Oikawa: He made a comprehensive judgement based on all those things...!

Oikawa: That "refreshing guy"
Oikawa: must have taught Tobio something.


Oikawa: To think that a mere dictatorial king
Oikawa: would try to become a righteous ruler.

Oikawa: What is this?
Oikawa: I’m really worn out, and yet,
Oikawa: this feeling…!

Oikawa: Hurry up!
Oikawa: Let’s do it!
(left) To the decisive battle!!!

Oikawa: The final
Oikawa: set!!!

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