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Assassination Classroom 43


+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 23, 2013 04:05 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Assassination Classroom
Chapter 43: Summertime
Matsui Yuusei

(top right)
Did you get it yet?! Volume 4 is on sale now!!
The VOMIC version of chapter 2 will be released in June!!
(mid right) Working to death for my students' sakes...

(left) "Assassination Classroom" will be making an "Ichiban Kuji" appearance!! The release date is set for 7/4 (Th)!!


(right, star) Class 3-E is hot in the summer... with about 9 months left for their assigned project, will an assassination method reveal itself...?!

Student: So hoooot...

Mimura: Nowadays...
Mimura: a classroom with no AC is hell...

Korosen: How undisciplined...
Korosen: It's a given that summer will be hot!!

Korosen: We live in a humid subtropical climate, so we just have to tolerate it.
Korosen: By the way, after school, sensei will be making a run to the arctic.
Korosensei's Weaknesses (21)
Heat fatigue
Students: No fair!!


Kura: But the pool opens today, right?
Kura: I'm really looking forward to P.E.~

Kimura: Nah...
Kimura: That pool would be hell for us in Class E.

Kimura: The pool's only in the main building anyway, so
Kimura: we'd have to make a 1 km. round trip along the mountain road under the blazing sun.

Kimura: People call it the "Class E Pool Death March."
Kimura: In particular, when we climb back up the mountain after wearing ourselves out at the pool...
Kimura: without any strength, all we can do is become food for the crows.


Student: Ugh...
Student: C'mon, carry us to the main building, Korosensei.
(sfx) Scratch scratch
Korosen: Geez, guess there's no helping it...
Korosen: ...is what I'd like to say, but

Korosen: you can't rely on sensei's speed!!
Korosen: There are plenty of things that can't be done, even with mach 20 speed!!

Maehara: ...true, that...

Korosen: ...Still, I understand how you feel.
(on book) Geography
(sfx) Drop

Korosen: Oh well.
Korosen: All of you change into your swimsuits and follow me.


Korosen: There's a small stream nearby, along the other side of the mountain, right?
Korosen: Let's go there and cool off.

Student: So the other side of the mountain had a stream, huh.
Chiba: ...Sorta.
Chiba: Even if you call it a stream, it's about ankle-deep at best.

Sugino: Well...
Sugino: We'll be able to play around and splash water on each other, so it's a bit better than nothing.


Karma: Nagisa-kun,
Karma: apparently you were pretty amazing recently.
Karma: I wish I could've seen that assassination you did!

Kayano: You should have~
Kayano: It's all because you skip classes that seem like they'll be a pain, Karma-kun.
Karma: Aww, but I didn't like that fatass at all~

Box: Still,
Box: even if it works against a human opponent, it's meaningless in this classroom.

Box: We all
Box: try one method of assassination after another on a daily basis, but

Box: even now, we're still
Box: not able to assassinate him once and for all.


Korosen: Now then, everyone!
Korosen: I said it earlier, right?
Korosen: That there are things you can't do, even with mach 20 speed.

Korosen: One such thing is taking all of you to the pool.
Korosen: Unfortunately, it would take an entire day.

Isogai: A day... you're exaggerating.
Isogai: It's a 20 minute walk to the main building's pool...

Korosen: Hmm?
Korosen: Who said anything about going to the main building?


Korosen: Seeing as I dammed up the small stream...
Korosen: it takes 20 hours for the water to accumulate!


Korosen: The 25 meter-long course is perfectly maintained.

Korosen: If we drain the water out during the off-season, it will revert to its previous state,
Korosen: and if we adjust the water level, we'll be able to keep and observe fish here.


Korosen: 1 day for its creation, 1 minute to get here,
Korosen: and in 1 second, you can jump on in.

Students: Y...
Students: YAHOOO!!

Box: Because he does things like this for us,
Box: it's going to be hard to bring ourselves to kill our teacher!!


Kayano: This is fun, but I feel kinda down.
Kayano: I'm no good at swimming...
Kayano: and my swimsuit is really form-fitting.

Okajima: Don't worry, Kayano.
Okajima: Someday, somewhere, that sort of body will also be in demand.
Kayano: ...right.
Kayano: How about you stop acting like a gentleman while readying a camera for peeping, Okajima-kun?

Naka: Nagisa...
Naka: So you're

Naka: really a guy.
Nagisa: You're saying that now?!
Girl: ...well, it was hard to tell.



Korosen: Kimura-kun!!
Korosen: You mustn't run by the poolside!!
Korosen: It'll be dangerous if you fall!!

Kimura: Ah.
Kimura: S-
Kimura: Sorry.

Korosen: Hara-san and Nakamura-san!!
Korosen: Don't go overboard with your diving!!
Korosen: I'm worried you'll dive too deep and drown!!
(sfx) BEEP!
Hara: K-
Hara: Kaay...


(sfx) BEEP!
Korosen: And Okajima-kun's camera is confiscated!!

Korosen: Hazama-san, don't just read books. Please swim a bit!!
(sfx) BEEEP!
Korosen: Sugaya-kun!!
Korosen: If this were a normal pool, you wouldn't be able to go in with body art!!

(Students): He's...
(sfx) Beep! Beep beep beep! Beeeeeep! Beep! Beep beep!
(Students): so fussy...

Student: Man, he's really
Student: one of those types who ends up acting like a king when he's in the fields he created.
Student: Yeah...
Student: I'm thankful and all, but this is making my level of gratitude sink.


Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: From the choice of location to the layout, this carefully-planned design, which makes use of nature,
Korosen: will make sure everyone plays in an appropriate and orderly manner.
Korosensei's weaknesses (22)
He's very strict about poolside manner

Kura: Don't say such stuffy things, Korosensei.
Kura: C'mon, get wet!!
(sfx) Splash

Korosen: KYAAN!

Student: Er...
Student: What was with that shriek just now.


(hand sfx) Grab

Korosen: KYAAA!
Korosen: Don't shake it! I'll fall in!!
(chair sfx) Rattle rattle rattle

Box: Korosensei...
(sfx) Haah haah
Box: Don't tell me he...!!


Korosen: ...I mean, I just don't really feel like swimming
Korosen: and it's not like my tentacles get all bloated underwater and I can't move, or anything.

(center) Korosensei's weaknesses (23)

Mimura: But you've got a kickboard with you.
Mimura: You must really want to swim...

Korosen: This isn't a kickboard.
Korosen: It's fugashi.
Students: What is that, your afternoon snack?!

(center) He can't swim

Box: Most of us had a hunch
Box: that this was the most "useful" of his weaknesses to date.


Box: Aquassination!!
(sfx) Nom nom
Box: It seems that will become this summer's sole theme of study.

Kayano: Ahh! Yeep, it's tipping!


Maehara: Geez...
Maehara: You moron, what're you doing, Kayano!!
Okajima: Are you telling me you're so short that you can't even stand?!

Korosen: K-Kayano-san!!
Korosen: Grab onto this fugashi and...


(Kayano sfx) Lift

Kataoka: There, you're alright now, Kayano-san.
Kataoka: Let's go over where it's shallow now, okay?

Kayano: I'm saved...
Kayano: Thanks, Kataoka-san!!

(left) Aquassination Unit, Kataoka?!
Kataoka: ...Fufu.
Kataoka: If we're in the water, this just might be my turn to shine.



[page 1]
Working to death for my students' sakes - This is a play on part of Miwa Akihiro's song "Yoitomake no Uta." The opening lyrics follow a pattern of "for X's sake, heave-ho" (Xのためならエンヤコラ, X no tame nara en'yakora). Here, the word used for "heave-ho" has been changed from "en'yakora" to "en'yakoro". In order to keep that bit of wordplay as well as the original intent of the song, I opted to translate it as "working hard/working to death" instead.

[page 17]
Fugashi - A Japanese snack composed of batter cut into long blocks, twice baked, and then covered in brown sugar.

[page 18]
Aquassination - The Japanese here combines the characters for water and kill to form 水殺 (suisatsu), which isn't an actual word. So I combined "aqua" (which refers to liquids on its own and is Latin for "water") with "assassination."

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