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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Soul Catcher(S) 2

I Need to Be in Love

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 28, 2013 20:36 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

-> RTS Page for Soul Catcher(S) 2

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Just a quick note: I've changed the reading for the school's name to Meien as per a kanji reading given in this chapter.



(top left, star) Hyper-visual instrumental graffiti!! Center color and an increase to 25 pages for the new serialization's 2nd chapter!!
(center) I didn't understand the meaning behind these "eyes". From meeting you, I might be able to catch hold of it.
(bottom right)
Opus 2: I Need to Be in Love
Shinkai Hideo


Kamine: B...become a conductor...
Kamine: What are you saying all of a sudden!!
(right) Tokisaka's enthusiasm!!
Box, left side: Summary
Box, right side: Kamine is a boy who is unfortunately able to "see" people's hearts. In the midst of his despair over finding no meaning behind this ability, he meets Tokisaka, a sax player from the concert band, joins forces with him, and is successful in saving someone's heart for the first time. Tokisaka then extends an invitation to him...!?

Kamine: I'd... definitely be able to tell where everyone can improve...
Kamine: But that would have to come from someone who knows a lot about music, wouldn't it?!

Toki: You can study as much musical knowledge as you want later.
Toki: Listen, Kamine!! A conductor is

Toki: the one who brings the whole piece together, so that the feelings of passion, joy, comfort, determination, courage, resurgence and willpower contained within
Toki: can reach the hearts of the audience!!

Toki: It's especially fitting for you,
Toki: who has suffered from "seeing" people's hearts...!!


Box: Tokisaka... he...

Box: His heart is in a completely neutral state.
Box: He doesn't have any malice or ulterior motives, and he's not lying, either.
Box: He believes everything he just said...

Box: Really...?
Box: Would I...?

Kamine: Stop it.
Kamine: Don't... make me out to be something I'm not.


Kamine: These "eyes" aren't as great as you think...
Kamine: and I'm not cut out for that sort of thing.

Kamine: Just
Kamine: forget about it.

(right, star) You can only read Shinkai-sensei's manga in Shounen Jump!!

(on sign) Today's the last day
Announcer: --Today,

Announcer: from 1 PM onward, there will be a special stage set up above the entranceway
Announcer: and we'll hold the main event, "I've Got Something To Say".


Announcer: Latecomers are welcome, and anyone who wants to participate should go to the festival committee office...
(on sign) "I've Got Something To Say" Information Desk
Boy: Yes, it will be broadcast throughout the school via microphone.

Boy: You can say whatever you'd like in front of everyone...
Boy: Words of thanks, love confessions, even a challenge to fight. Anything's fine.
Boy: Please shout it out from atop the stage.

Announcer: We will be beginning shortly.
Announcer: Please gather outside the entranceway in a timely manner.
Girl: Crap!! Hurry up, let's go!
Girl: Wait! We have to tidy up...
Girl: We can do it later!

(on sign)
Meien festival stockroom
Authorized personnel only

(sfx from outside) Yaay! Whoo!

Announcer: Is everyone enjoying the culture festival?!
Announcer: Still not much of an audience yet, huh... Call even more of your friends out here!!
(panels below stage) I've Got Something To Say
(crowd sfx) YEAAAH!


Announcer: What about the people who don't have any?!
(sfx) Wahahahaha!
Announcer: Is there anybody like that?!
Box: There's one right here.

Box: I don't get involved with anyone,
Box: and I don't let anyone get involved with me, either.

Box: I should just keep to myself.
Box: That's what I'd decided.

Box: Having someone who'd come to trust me
Box: experience anger and pain as a result... is something I can't stand to see.

Box: I tried telling him...
Box: that I wanted him to be careful because a wickedness was starting to arise in his heart.
Box: ...I'd thought I was saying it for his own sake.
Box: The only thanks I got for my well-meaning remark was...


Boy: You really believe I'd think something like that?!
Boy: Don't shoot off your mouth as if you know everything!!

Box: Everyone finds me creepy and distances themselves from me.
Box: That's why I can only view getting involved with hearts as a bad thing.

Box: ...Nah.

Yama: 1st year class 4's Sasai Yuki-saan!
Yama: I love youuu!!
(left) Way to go, Yamaichi~

(right) I'm really sooorry.
(sfx) Hahaha
Announcer: Ah! Thank you very much!

Box: I'm fine with this...
Announcer: Well, then! Next person, go ahead!
Box: It's for his own good...

Announcer: Please shout the name of the person you want to hear this!!


Toki: 1st year class 4's
Toki: Kamine Shoutaaa!!!

Kamine: Wh...

Kamine: To...
Kamine: Tokisaka?!

Kamine: What the heck is he doing?!
Kamine: And in a place like that...

Toki: Let's make music in the concert band together!!
Toki: I need your "eyes"!!

Girl: ...Huh? Is that... an invitation?
Boy: ...Eyes...?

Kamine: You id... Saying that in front of people...!!
Toki: You...


Toki: might think that those "eyes" and your own existence are pointless.

Toki: You might think that
Toki: people's hearts can't be changed and that the world is cruel.
Boy: ...What is he talking about?
Boy: ......No idea...

Kamine: It's no use, Tokisaka!!
Kamine: You're souring their hearts!!

Toki: I believe that isn't the case.
Girl: Kamine is that gloomy guy who's always alone, right?
Crowd: I'm not following this at all...
Crowd: What the heck?
Crowd: Who?

Kamine: Stop it...

Crowd: I kinda... don't get what he's trying to say.
Crowd: Sigh... this's boring...

Kamine: Stop it, Tokisaka... don't make me see something like this!!

Crowd: Isn't that enough? I mean, it's just soliciting.
Crowd: Do it somewhere else.
Crowd: Why do you have to do it here?
Crowd: Just finish already.

Kamine: Please...
Kamine: Just stop it...


Toki: What's wrong with inviting a friend to be in a club with you!!!

Box: ...just now,
Box: what did he...
Toki: Kamine, are you listening?!!


Toki: To you, who has suffered for 16 years because of those "eyes"!!

Toki: You, who went so far as to face such painful emotions
Toki: and save both myself and Moko!!

Box: ...You're wrong.

Toki: I want to be friends with you!!
Toki: I want to play music together!!

Box: You're wrong!! I just
Box: didn't want to let... your "sound" be obliterated...!!

Toki: I ended up thinking about it, and this is the result!!
Toki: "Just forget about it"?! Like I could!!

Toki: After all, even though you
Toki: were struggling so desperately that time, I...!!


Toki: I had so much fun, I thought I'd die!!!
Toki: Sorry, I just couldn't help it!!!

Box: ...so you...
Box: did
Box: too...

Toki: I can't tell whether this will reach your heart, but
Toki: just listen to one song.

Toki: This is the first and only time I'll do a performance for your sake.
Toki: That's because you are no longer a "spectator."


Toki: You're going to become the "conductor"
Toki: who directs my performance!!


Box: He rapidly captures the hearts of the audience
Box: who had mocked him only moments before.

Box: He finished what he wanted to say, even though they had turned against him.
Box: Saying "I had fun"
Box: about making music with me...

Box: And that
Box: we're "friends"...


Woman: ...The Carpenters'
Woman: "I Need to Be in Love", huh.

Woman: ...Tokisaka?


Toki: Ka-
Kamine: Frankly,

Kamine: I don't want to look at hearts anymore... or have anything to do with them, either.

Kamine: ...but

Kamine: what happened with that girl wasn't just some miracle.
Kamine: If by directing your music... I can see that sort of thing again, then...!

Kamine: Performing music with you
Kamine: wouldn't be so bad...!!!


Toki: Welcome
Toki: to the concert band.

Toki: We shouldn't waste another second! C'mon! Let's go to the faculty advisor's office
Toki: and get permission for you to join!
Box: ...I'm

Box: probably stepping onto a pretty unexpected path.
Box: For me to get involved with hearts of my own accord... it's entirely possible that I've lost my mind...

Box: Still, if moving people's hearts will leave me with a feeling of satisfaction from here on,
Box: then let's keep moving forward!

Music Storage Room
And the advisor's workroom!!!
Assume that I'm always in - Kodama
???: ...first of all,
???: how about I give you 3 reasons that won't work.


Woman: This is a club for playing instruments,
Woman: such a big responsibility is the advisor's duty,
Woman: it's impossible for a beginner to lead a musical group,
Concert Band faculty advisor
Kodama Yuuko

Kodama: and the club members likely wouldn't acknowledge you!
Boy: Sensei, you turned it into 4 reasons.

Kamine: Isn't there... anything we can do?
Boy: I've never heard of someone joining the concert band for the sole purpose of directing it.
Concert Band, Band President
Souma Shunpei

Kodama: We were once a "championship school", you know.
Kodama: There are plenty of kids who chose Meien High School just to be in this band.
Kodama: Come what may, they want to respond in kind to the emotions of the conductor, who strives to take all aspects of school life and layer them together.


Kodama: The conductor unites all of such kids into one cohesive group, you know?
Kodama: Would you be able to do that?

Kodama: If you're just fooling around,
Kodama: then I won't approve of your joining.

Toki: He isn't fooling around
Toki: at all.

Toki: Kamine... you weren't able to see it, were you?
Toki: I saw it as clear as day.

Toki: A future where you and I compete together on the world stage!!
Toki: I want... to reach that future, whatever it takes!!


Kodama: ...It's as if you're a completely different person then you were yesterday...
Kodama: What happened, Tokisaka?
Kodama: Even "what you played earlier"... What was with... that sound?

Kodama: It's so good that yesterday's performance
Kodama: doesn't even begin to compare...!!

Souma: ...Definitely! That was the first time I'd heard a sound like that from Tokisaka-kun...!
Souma: It had much more appeal...!

(Kodama): No way.


(Kodama): Is this kid the very reason that
(Kodama): that Tokisaka would go this far...?!

Souma: Sensei, Tokisaka-kun, let's stop with the scary faces... we finally have someone interested in joining, so
Souma: wouldn't it be alright for him to join up normally for now, starting out with a single instrument?

Kodama: ...Alright.
Kodama: I'll permit you to join as a musician. ...and

Kodama: I'll give you a test to see
Kodama: whether or not you can fill a conductor's role.

Kamine: Th...thank you very much.
Souma: Are you sure, sensei?!

Kodama: Souma... we'll be bringing these two along
Kodama: to the meeting after this.


Souma: I...isn't that a little too sudden...?
Kodama: If he's going to be a conductor, he'll have to face them anyway.

Souma: But, well...
(Kodama): ...I know, okay? Usually, I'd just ignore something like this.
(Kodama): I guess... I'm getting desperate...

(Kodama): Still... there was something clearly different about Tokisaka's sound.
(Kodama): Maybe I need to make absolutely sure...

Kodama: --Understand? I'm going to
Kodama: introduce you

Kodama: to them
Kodama: as an "aspiring conductor."

Kodama: The conductor unites all of the performers together.
Kodama: This won't be decided by me, as the faculty advisor, on my own.
Kodama: You need do only one thing to pass this test!


Kodama: Gain the approval
Kodama: of every single section leader!!!
(left) The state of the leaders' "hearts"... however you look at it, this is beyond dangerous!!!

(bottom) The first section Kamine joins will be...!? Next time, the new serialization's 3rd chapter has an increase to 23 pages!!

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